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  1. Deeply content but I think blogger is out of the market nowadays and all recommend to the premium domain name and hosting. What you say about my fact?

    1. Daniyal Mughal says:

      Yes it is like that, but this guide is for newbies who can’t premium hosting and domain.

  2. Thanks for your great post .. I want to ask you for guiding me to Networks​ that paid me when I publish live stream in blogger ..

  3. thank you, sir, you are my favorite blogger especially for my blogger setting I have read all your articles related blogger platform.

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Thanks, Shakil.

  4. Pankaj Khanna says:

    Suppose i want to have my domain and address whats the cost i need to bear.

  5. You are always awesome,
    I wish I had this guide back in 2015 when I stepped into Blogging.
    It’s a big gift for Beginner bloggers who want to start blogging and want to learn and earn something.

    Keep the good work up.

  6. Hi Singla,

    Thanks for this wonderful post on blogspot. However, it seems so many bloggers have ditched blogger for wordpress all in the name of SEO, I’m not exception though but do you think wordpress is far better than blogger in terms of SEO? Meanwhile, when talking about SEO I also mean website load time, responsiveness, and the like.

  7. Hello Ankit, I always choose wordpress for blogging,i heared of blogger.com but never knowed how to use it. But your informations are very useful to me the understanding was very easy,thanks for the informative write up.

  8. Really a great resource for beginners, it will definitely help them to start a blog. Thanks for sharing such valuable post.

  9. Hi, Ankit.
    nice and informative post. Blogspot is great for a newbie who wants to try blogging. This blog will new bloggers clearing the first hurdle which is learning curve. You have really shortened with your article. I will recommend this to my users for sure.

  10. Prashant Singh says:

    Hey ankit ,
    Thank You so much for such a informative blog but i want to know that is godaddy is better as compare to namecheap in order to get my first hosting and domain because the prices are nearly same but i’m still confused in between Better and Best.

  11. Bharath Varun says:

    Hello Ankit,
    nice information to new bloggers , i didn’t see more templates compare to wordpress and how tables formation in content posting , can we able to do it.

  12. Thank You, Ankit, For sharing this article. Can i monitize it with ads provider other than Google Adsense?

  13. Once again, another nice blog post. Thanks!

    I just started messing around with blogger this year and managed to get some very professional looking sites off the ground using this platform.

    The more I play with it the more flexible it becomes and I find it a great way to start out especially since it’s a nice way to build up a free blog network which you can use latter on to give strong back links to future sites.

    Another thing I like is to add name cheap custom domains.

    That and adding your own custom favicon really seals the deal when it comes to making a free site that doesn’t look free.

  14. Blogger is the best platform for starting a blog….its totally free and a great a place with a very user friendly dashboard…my first blog was on blogspot and I really liked all its features….great post for all blogspot users…thanks for sharing!!

  15. Jason Williams says:

    Hey, Ankit.

    I didn’t know how easy it was to start a blog with Blogger. Now all that I need to know is how to create a custom domain for my site. Thank you so much for the help and the future help that you give.

  16. This is a great post to set up a blogger blog. But Ankit can you help me some more io optimize my blog such as designing and seo.
    and I want to add here that after a lot practice I’m unable to cross 350 visitors a day. so can you suggest me What to do?

  17. Yes, Blogger is the best option to start a FREE blog.

    I also start my blogging journey with blogger and 1 months ago, I have shifted my blog to WordPress because it provides more facilities as compared to Blogger.

    I am a regular reader of your blog and glad to say that I have learned a lot of blogging and SEO tips from your blog.

    Waiting for your next article!

    When will you publish your next article? Please reply…

  18. Hello Ankit,

    Blogger plateform is easy to use, I am also using it. This article is helpfull for those who suddenly created a new blog.

    I am big fan of you, just ask me how? Your english writing skill is quite easy for understand and learning. Every post I enjoy by written you.



  19. Hello,

    Blogger is high page rank blogging site for sharing news and creating a beautiful blog…This article is very clear and useful all the users who started their career in blogging…

    Thanks Ankit Singla

  20. Beginners are always confused about where to start.
    and top Indian bloggers help this newbie is really good.

    Really good post-Ankit.

  21. Your blog has a lot of useful information for me, I enjoy this.I got good ideas from this great blog. I’m always looking for this type of blog post. I hope I will be reading more of your posts further ..Thank you.

  22. Hi Ankit Singla,
    Obviously, it’s a great piece of writing and ideal learning guide for newbie bloggers. It’s really illustrative and every step is presenting clear view of creating a perfect blog on blogger. My younger brother is interested to create a blog on blogspot. I will refer this content to him and I must say, he will do it by himself after reading this post. Also, I will advise him to subscribe your blog as you are ready to help newbie blogger. Thaks again Ankit Singla.

  23. I have followed all steps carefully & i have created my own blog. Really Thanks bro feeling awesome.

  24. Sir if i currently starts my blog on blogger..is it possible to move it on WordPress in future.??

  25. Marie Djounga says:

    I have just started a blog on blogger and found that blogger is very easy to use.

  26. Thank you for sharing this nice article. This Article helpful and useful for many people and in this article give information for became expert in seo and for that in this post step by step explanation in deeply that helpful for people who want learn seo. It’s wonderful information you shared.

  27. Hi you have awesome content please can you help me about SEO friendly site how I can do apply SEO on my site please please please help me shortly

  28. Krishna Ballabh Gupta says:

    thank you, sir, for such a great piece of information.

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      You are most welcome, Krishna. 🙂

  29. Well I believe most of the bloggers have used blogger.com in the past and most of the still using it as its free without any downtime. You have shared the complete detailed post in a single page.


  30. really nice tutorial for beginner who want to create blog. can you please suggest free external theme for blogger.com ?

  31. Hi Ankit,

    This is the most thorough guide on setting up a free blogspot blog I gone through on the web now. So much valuable for everyone who wants to start a free blog.

    I personally think WordPress.org is way more better than blogger but for beginners, it’s a great platform (or people with no investment). It’s also great for AdSense lovers.

    For everyone who is using Blogger, make sure to find some quick ways to monetize it and then migrate to WordPress to take your blog to the next level.

    Great post Ankit!

  32. Thanks for sharing this great article with us. Blogspot an great tools for beginners. Personally when I start my first blog then I used Blogger

  33. Great article Ankit, thanks for the share.

    I want to ask you.

    How important is the “about us” page for a blog?

    Kind regards,

  34. That was really interesting and good for me because I know I spend too much time reading a lot of things that aren’t really productive. Your first point of getting focused is something I really need to work on – and I will now, thanks!

  35. I was using Blogger as my blogging platform but as my interest in blogging started increasing up, I moved to WordPress (ORG) and today I’m really happy with this Open-Source platform.

    Every newbie that just getting starting should start from WordPress because it has a wide range of tools, prompt support and themes available and is completely SEO friendly.

  36. I also started my journey from Blogger.. Blogger is really best platform for new starters

  37. Hi Ankit,

    Thanks for this awesome guide. The custom re-direct is just a big takeaway.

    Many bloggers will be losing so much in ranking as a result. I’m sure this cutie will help them real good.

    Best regards.


  38. Thanks Ankit, for the nice one who love Blogspot for start blogging.

    Actually, as if WordPress is the best but blogger is the powerful blogging platform. Even googles product. For starting with low budget Blogger Platform is the best I think.

    So, this post can be a guideline for the newbie to start a blog in BlogSpot Blog. Thanks again..! 🙂

  39. Abhishek Verma says:

    Hi Amit,
    Thanks for this beginner friendly guide to start my own blogspot blog.
    Thank you so much.

  40. One of the few articles where there is no promotion of the paid products. Really shows how to start a blog for free!
    Thanks Ankit 🙂

  41. Hey Ankit,

    Greetings & Congratulations for the Blog Revolutionizing…
    Loved the Style & Design of your blog. It’s easier to read and get engaged, too.