11 Best Genesis Child Themes For Bloggers

For anyone blogging, new or pro, it is a much-accepted fact that your blog is your house and office.

People visit you at your blog and talk to you there.

What if your house was a dirty or messy place?

In blogging, choosing a theme is the most important factor of the blog setting-up process. And for WordPress, we have millions of themes to choose from. But, here again, our choices and our needs are varied.

Different bloggers need themes of different types in order to serve their purpose.

Here I present to you top 11 best genesis child themes for WordPress users.

Why Choose Genesis Theme?

Genesis is the brain product of Copyblogger Media, the people behind Copyblogger, the religious blog for all bloggers and writers.

Genesis is the most secure and SEO optimized WordPress theme framework and this does not imply it is nerdy or not beautiful.

Themes on Genesis look elegant and optimized for conversions, may it email leads or AdSense CTR.

The best and elegant responsive themes are the household norms amongst the genesis developers. All of their themes are with lifetime support, means free update to every new changes.

Want more about Genesis, why not? I have a detailed review of Genesis where you’ll learn why you should use Genesis theme for your WordPress blog.

Though genesis itself is a framework and there are literally 1000s of genesis child themes and Studiopress, the site selling genesis themes, has so many well designed and secure themes to choose from. Here are the best genesis child themes to install on your genesis framework.

1. Parallax Pro

Parallax Pro is the theme for any enterprise business or portfolio website.

If you are looking for an elegant and a theme that will convert your reader into a customer through a powerful call to action button, then go for parallax.

Parallax Pro Genesis Theme
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Parallax theme is 100% responsive so that you don’t miss a single reader on mobile.

The developers have coded it as to have the best vertical design of content that is related to each other. The viewer is lead through different parts of the content to a final call to action button that has full chances of capturing him into a lead.

See Live Demo of Parallax Pro Theme

2. Foodie Pro

Foodie theme is for people looking for a great experience with the security of Genesis framework. It is one of the fastest loading themes. Foodie theme has three color options to choose from and Ads ready.

Foodie Pro WordPress Theme
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The ample ad space can be used to display ads of affiliate products and AdSense ads. The responsive design and widgetized home page makes it suitable for designing it into a layout of your choice.

Foodie Pro theme is recommended for magazine-style blogs, news, and entertainment blog and also for food blogs.

See Live Demo of Foodie Pro Theme

3. Executive Theme

This theme understands the need of displaying your projects and portfolio to your audience in order to entice them. Executive Pro theme is particularly recommended for engineers and businessmen.

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You have a custom header and custom background setting that is not available in most premium themes.

This can be utilized to place your company or office view in the background in order to show your authority and create a real office-like environment. This elegant yet minimalistic genesis child theme is perfect for businessmen and officials.

See Live Demo of Executive Theme

4. Lifestyle Pro

Lifestyle theme is genesis’s best gift for magazine and news bloggers.

If you are someone from the entertainment niche or you run a blog for lifestyle topics or light feminine niche, this responsive theme is perfect to display your content like articles and awesome videos without taking a chance with the design.

Lifestyle Pro Genesis-Theme
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With over six color facilities, this lifestyle theme gives you the flexibility to choose from featured slider layout, three column layout, and magazine layout.

The ad spaces designed to give a high CTR meaning, they are so embedded within the layout that users will be attracted towards them thus helping you to earn a lot.

See Live Demo of Lifestyle Pro Theme

5. Enterprise Pro

Enterprise theme is yet again an exclusive and classy theme for the business people.

Enterprise theme can be used by freelancers and web designers to give a whole new approach to their online business.

enterprise pro wordpress theme
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The header itself is a big approach of defining what you do for your clients and what they can expect from you.

You can place what services you offer to your clients right on the homepage so that this becomes your most conversion optimized business theme.

A must-have Genesis child theme for the busy business people who want a rock-solid framework and security of trust from the world’s leading theme selling company.

See Live Demo of Enterprise Pro Theme

6. Modern Blogger

This is a third party genesis child theme meaning that it is designed by designers outside the company. This shows that StudioPress themes are not limited to finite talent.

modern blogger wordpress template
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Modern blogger is a perfect genesis child theme for any blogger regardless of the niche. You can use it for health niche, entertainment niche or even technology niche.

It fits in and that is the beauty of the theme. I recommend it to anyone looking for the best mobile responsive and secure child theme. The homepage and sidebar are designed to hold ads naturally may it be big 250300 or smaller 100300 ad sizes.

This theme has a built-in portfolio page to showcase your abilities and is E-commerce ready. Yes, you heard it right. You can sell your products right from the blog itself.

See Live Demo of Modern Blogger Theme

7. Magazine Pro

Magazine theme is the most loved genesis theme for lifestyle and fashion blogs. The magazine layout and ads ready nature makes it so good that it is even used by many tech bloggers.

magazine pro genesis child theme
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Magazine Pro is flexible and premium at the same time. The gloss and style your content will emit on the theme will be a joy to read.

Magazine pro theme is by far the most AdSense optimized and ads ready WordPress theme and these features don’t decrease the elegance of the theme.

The responsive theme fits into the high-end devices of your readers like iPad and iPhones.

The homepage can be customized to three-column genesis child theme or simple blog layout genesis child theme. No wonder it oozes sizzle and style.

See Live Demo of Magazine Pro Theme

8. Swank Theme

Swank theme is one of world’s most used portfolio child themes of genesis. The open and airy look of the theme makes any client or lead feel at home. Exquisitely designed to give you portfolio the look it deserves.

swank genesis theme
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Swank theme is perfect for the freelance designers, home decor companies and interior designers who have full freedom to display their creativity.

This theme does not require 1% of your coding talent. Just drag and drop and you are done.

See Live Demo of Swank Pro Theme

9. Metro Pro

Metro is a sleek ultra-modern magazine-style genesis child theme perfect for any modern blogger. The social features and a powerful “about the author” widget makes it easy for the owner to create a brand of him in the blogging niche.

metro pro wordpress genesis theme
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Metro is the new in-thing in the town and its three-column widgetized footer enables you to get more of your readers at the time they are just drooling with your awesome content and site design.

It has a significantly big email sign up form that will surely boost the email list of the owner.

See Live Demo of Metro Pro Theme

10. News Pro

Have lots of content on your blog? News theme is here to let each of your articles grab an eyeball. Yet it is a fast loading theme.

The news theme is the highest degree of flexibility a genesis theme can offer. The homepage has featured slider option and heavily widgetized article section that is perfect for any multi-niche blog.

news pro genesis theme
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Each of your categories can display itself in the blog and yet leaving room for lots of spaces for ads to make your pockets warm.

It has a large leader board ad space of 728*90 in the header that is perfectly optimized for high CTR. A must have genesis child theme for technology bloggers and multi-niche bloggers.

See Live Demo of News Pro Theme

11. Whitespace Pro

White space pro theme is one of the recent themes that is designed for showing off your writing style.

whitespace pro genesis theme
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A great header for your picture or your company slogan, elegantly spaced articles layout and social buttons that’s it.

Can an author ask for more? This is by far the most beautiful and responsive theme I have ever seen. If writing is your niche, whitespace is your theme.

See Live Demo of Whitespace Pro Theme

Over to you:

So, these were the 11 top genesis child themes for WordPress blogs. The main reason genesis is so much popular and has no competitor when it comes to business is because it is the most secure and best after-sales service providing company.

There is no need of coding just drag and drop, still if you are confused they give you the best service and assistance in designing the theme as you want it to be.

PS: After selecting a theme of your choice, you might want to customize it according to your needs. To give your theme a unique and branded feel, follow my step-by-step tutorial on How to Customize Genesis Child Theme Without Touching Code?

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Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla

Hi, I'm Ankit Singla Founder of Master Blogging. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Facebook Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.

Ankit Singla

Hi, I'm Ankit Singla Founder of Master Blogging. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Facebook Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.
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  1. Hi Ankit,

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    Thanks to craft this best collection 🙂

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  5. Hi… you suggest Metro Pro, but the menu doesn’t look nice on mobile as no humburger menu. Wish they release update on this.

    • You can do tweaks in your theme or hire a developer to get it done for you.

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  8. Hii Ankit !!
    Again a useful article..
    What are your views on Studiopress i have purchased the Studiopress eleven theme but that theme is giving me hell lot of problems so i removed that one .. One more question which theme you are using in your site.. Because i like the structure and design of your site very much..

    • I love StudioPress themes. If you are facing problem in setting it up, consider taking help from someone.

      Right now, I’m using GeneratePress theme.


  9. Thanks Ankit for the list ! It is difficult to find curates list of themes so this post is quite useful.

    I am thinking of switching to Genesis soon as number of posts on my blogs grow. My current favourites themes are “Genbu” and “Evolve”.

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    I use News PRO in my website and I also written a similar article on my blog I wish you would check it bit.ly/1KVmTJW

  11. Theodore Nwangene

    Hello Ankit,
    All the wordpress themes by Studiopress are simply amazing. The 10 you listed here are indeed not exceptional and I’ve used some of them before like the Lifestyle theme and i really love how neat it is.

    Another of their theme that i really love a lot but you didn’t mention it here is Prose, its such a lovely theme.

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    Thanks for sharing this artical. Genesis Child theme is great for SEO. But they are not cheap . I want to a free best genesis child theme. Tell me if you know.
    Thank you so much.

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  15. Above mentioned all themes are perfectly suitable to any niche blog.

    You have missed Prose child theme….i am using Prose child theme on my blog and it is very well performing.

    Consider adding prose theme….

  16. Great list Ankit.

    Though I have seen live examples of Beautiful theme pro and magazine pro, but I have never heard before of Modern blogger pro.

    Well done! Keep posting such wonderful lists 🙂

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    I’m planning to purchase fodie pro theme. I think it will work for different blog types content.

  22. Hay Ankit, nice post. Thank you for providing the best themes in genesis.
    Could you please let me know a plugin which I can use to customize or edit some parts in the genesis theme.

    Waiting for your reply.

  23. Hi Ankit, I have recently used “The Daily Dish” child themes on the genesis platform. I have found it to be a great theme. I had to modify some code in the css file to suit my situation. The other themes that I like are “Magazine Pro” and “Executive Pro”. “Magazine Pro” and “The Daily Dish” are great for Google AdSense websites. “Executive Pro” is great for business websites.

    Enjoyed reading your post and comments!

  24. Genesis themes are the best for WordPress. The themes are relatively clean and loads very fast. They are also easy to customize and supports Woo-commerce but with an additional plugin.

    I’m currently using Lifestyle pro on my educational blog.

  25. I am planning to go with Genesis framework for my new tech blog and this article really helps me in choosing it and i would like to know whether Genesis theme is good for long run?

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    Great list as usual,
    Above mentioned all themes are perfectly suitable to any niche blog.

    But Can you please tell me sir,
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    I also used Magazine Pro theme on my blog when I was started. And it was amazing even with little to no customizations.
    Great work Ankit, keep educating us…

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    but I use child theme from magnus7

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    parallex pro theme is no. 1 theme and i love it also i have modified it as its code is too easy

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    Great list. I want to start my Amazon affiliate website. So, can you tell me, which theme should I use for my website?

    • Give Magazine Pro or Parallax Pro a try. 🙂

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  35. Genesis theme has been one of my favorite for a long time but recently I have switched to GeneratePress because of the customization and excellent customer support. Also the loading speed is very good.

    What is your experience with GeneratePress Ankit?

    Which one would you rather choose?

  36. This is the first time I have come to your blog.The list you provided is wonderful and much useful too for every newbie blogger. I am new to blogging field and loved the way represent information.
    Nice post.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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