8 Best Genesis Child Themes For Bloggers

The Genesis Framework is more than just a WordPress theme. 

It is a suite of site building tools that will help anyone create professional websites from the ground up. 

In this post, we’ll take a look at the best Genesis child themes to build your WordPress site with. 

As you may know, all Genesis themes are designed with usability, performance, and reliability in mind. But not all of them will complement your individual needs as a blogger.

Let’s dive in.

Important: Need more than one theme that too at a steep discount? Consider grabbing Genesis Pro to recieve all Genesis child themes created by StudioPress and their new Gutenberg blocks plugin. Alternatively, you can get them for free with your purchase of WP Engine Hosting.

Benefits of the Genesis Framework

Remember that the themes we’ll cover will only work if you own the Genesis Framework.

Don’t worry – I can personally confirm that it’s worth every penny. 

Genesis Framework
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The Genesis Framework takes your WordPress project to a whole new level with the following features:

  • Build SEO-ready websites – The Genesis Framework comes with basic SEO features like easy meta descriptions, customizable page titles, and Schema markup support. This eliminates the need for a third-party plugin like Yoast SEO, which adds bloat to your WordPress ecosystem. 
  • Maximize page loading speed – Each Genesis theme is created with clean and optimized code for maximum performance. Lightning-fast loading speeds, in turn, lead to improved user experience, reduced bounce rate, and higher conversions. 
  • Create mobile-friendliness in mind – Genesis child themes are all designed to be mobile-responsive right from the start. This significantly improves the experience of users on mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets.
  • Make the most out of Gutenberg – The Genesis Framework is equipped with features that let you take full advantage of the Gutenberg editor. That means less time spent on formatting and more time creating blog content. 
  • Customize your WordPress website with ease – All Genesis child themes have customization options, custom typography, and layout options right out of the box. There’s no need to hire a professional web developer to fine-tune your website’s look and feel.
  • Build with confidence using a secure framework – StudioPress brought in cybersecurity expert and WordPress developer Mark Jaquith to ensure the framework’s security. With the Genesis Framework, you’re protected against security breaches that not only hurt your revenue but also your brand’s image.

Impressed yet?

We’ve barely scratched the surface of what the Genesis Framework can do for you. 

But we’re not here to talk about that.

We’re here to look at the best child themes for the Genesis Framework.

Without further ado, here are the top 8 Genesis child themes worth installing on your WordPress blog:

Top Three Genesis Child Themes 

Allow me to start with my 3 personal favorite Genesis child themes:

Top 3 Genesis Framework Child Themes of 2020
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  1. Lifestyle Pro The best all-around Genesis child theme for magazine-style blogs.
  2. Minimum Pro An ultra-minimalistic Genesis child theme for a lean and fast website.
  3. Aspire Pro Modern and bold Genesis child theme for aspiring influencers and thought leaders.

8 Best Genesis Child Themes for WordPress Blogs

1. Lifestyle Pro 

Price: $99.95 

Lifestyle Pro
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Despite the name, Lifestyle Pro is a versatile theme that can suit blogs in any niche. 

Apart from the simple design that’s pleasant to look at, Lifestyle Pro has everything a blogger needs to thrive. 

Why Pick Lifestyle Pro?

  • Highlight your widgets – Lifestyle Pro’s efficient placement of widget areas make it easy to emphasize important elements, like email capture forms. This can help encourage readers to take action, be it through subscribing, visiting your social media, or clicking internal links. 
  • Showcase your most valuable content – You can use Lifestyle Pro’s preformatted featured post and category sections to make your best content easier to find. Readers will definitely stick around your website if they can find useful information fast.
  • Clean landing page template – Lifestyle Pro has a clean landing page template you can use for offers on your blog. The clutter-free design makes sure users will only have eyes on conversion elements, like your hero image and Call-To-Action button.
  • Ready for eCommerce – Lifestyle Pro’s streamlined design is flexible enough for product pages that look great and load fast. These two aspects are a must if you want to generate and grow your sales. 
Lifestyle Pro Landing Page Template
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Get Lifestyle Pro.

2. Minimum Pro

Price: $99.95

Minimum Pro
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If you’re looking for a minimal theme, Minimum Pro is as good as it gets.

It’s designed to be 100% clutter-free, providing a completely focused and captivating reading experience to users. 

Why Pick Minimum Pro?

  • Smooth experience from hero image to footer links – With Minimum Pro, you can present readers with a distraction-free experience that puts crucial content front and center. This keeps them from clicking away or being disrupted by an unnecessary visual element.
  • Compact room for sidebar widgets – If you wish to use a sidebar, you can use Minimum Pro’s sidebar layouts while still maintaining that minimalistic look. Sidebar widgets seamlessly blend with your content to help readers focus on stuff that matters.
  • Full-page hero image above the fold – Minimum Pro’s homepage lets you display a full-page hero image to captivate your audience. The parallax scrolling effect creates a smooth transition between the image and page content.  
  • Clean portfolio page template – For photography bloggers, Minimum Pro’s portfolio page template will let your images do the talking. Its minimal design is incredible in making the colors and details of your images pop.  
Minimum Pro Portfolio Template
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Get Minimum Pro.

3. Aspire Pro

Price: $99.95 

Aspire Pro
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For a lot of bloggers, being a recognized expert in your industry is the end goal. 

Aspire Pro is a Genesis child theme that will push you to do just that. 

It’s modern and bold design will tell your audience that you mean business.

Why Pick Aspire Pro?

  • Single page design – The main reason to buy Aspire Pro is the single page design. This allows you to pack enough information to convert readers into customers from your homepage. 
  • Make your hero shot shine – Aspire Pro’s full-page hero image is guaranteed to put eyes on you or your product. Use it to win your audience’s trust as readers and build their confidence as buyers. 
  • Let readers know about your opt-in offer – Right after your hero shot, Aspire Pro follows up with an eye-catching opt-in offer with a clear CTA. This is perfect for promoting your new eBook, online course, or any digital product you can deliver by email. 
  • Sell products online – Yes, Aspire Pro has WooCommerce compatibility under the hood. This allows you to leverage your online authority to sell products online and turn in a profit. 
Aspire Pro Shop Page
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Get Aspire Pro.

4. Foodie Pro

Price: $129.95 

Recipe Blogger
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Looking to start a food blog? 

Foodie Pro is the most complete Genesis child theme for would-be food bloggers. It lets you create a visual recipe index for readers to sink countless hours into.

Why Pick Foodie Pro?

  • Beautiful recipe index – Foodie Pro’s recipe index features a clean layout along with a handy search bar. This makes it easy for readers to find something new to try and reward you with more clicks. 
  • Gutenberg optimized – All of Foodie Pro’s content elements are optimized to look great regardless of your Gutenberg editor configurations. You just focus on creating great content with high-quality photos and the theme will take care of the rest.
  • Card-based blog page – Foodie Pro treats your audience with a nice and crystal-clear view of your featured images. Whether you’re talking about utensils or an original recipe, the blog page layout ensures you get the clicks you deserve.
  • Instagram page template – You can modify what your audience sees when visiting your Instagram link through Foodie Pro’s Instagram page template. This allows for an effortless cross-promotion between your WordPress website and social media account.
Recipe Blogger Features
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Get Foodie Pro.

5. Academy Pro 

Price: $129.95

Academy Pro
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Take it from me – publishing quality online courses is a surefire way to win your target audience’s trust. 

Academy Pro is for online course creators and educational content marketers. It’s armed with the tools you need to create professional online course and membership websites. 

Why Pick Academy Pro?

  • Sleek and professional design – Academy Pro features a clean and aesthetic design that will help show your audience you’re the real deal. Highlight elements like testimonials, value propositions, and introduction videos to get their vote of confidence.
  • Beautiful shop page – Got some books, tools, and other products to sell? Academy Pro’s shop page template creates a fluid and visually-appealing experience that will help you get those student numbers up. 
  • Give users a peek at your lesson plan – With Academy Pro, you can create a simple lesson plan demo that will let users know what to expect. This is important if you want to get higher conversions and more satisfied customers.
Academy Pro Lesson Plan
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Get Academy Pro.

6. Studio Pro

Price: $129.95

Studio Pro
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If you’re promoting your own services or cloud-based software, Studio Pro is all you need for web design.

Its features let you launch a fully-functional online portal where potential customers can access your offers.

Why Pick Studio Pro?

  • Designed for businesses and creative agencies – Studio Pro features stunning page layouts and design meant to “wow” visitors. Despite the vibrant elements, the theme perfectly utilizes white space to preserve readability, which improves user retention and conversions.
  • Attention-grabbing gradient overlays – Gradient overlays on images make your website’s colors more consistent from top to bottom. They also make overlay text more readable – great for highlighting your value propositions and CTAs.
  • Works well with page builders – Studio Pro will look great regardless of the customizations you make with a page builder for WordPress. This gives you the freedom to build a unique and beautiful website that matches your brand’s identity.
  • Create pricing tables with ease – You can use Studio Pro to create clean pricing tables for your products and services. These may contain multiple columns with a highlight feature for “best deal” offers.
Studio Pro Pricing Tables
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Get Studio Pro.

Price: $129.95

Navigation Pro
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Like Lifestyle Pro, Navigation Pro is actually a versatile theme that can be used for different websites. Its layouts and features can help you build amazing blogs in various niches like fitness, travel, photography, and local services.

Why Pick Navigation Pro?

  • Use powerful front page design features – Navigation Pro takes advantage of parallax backgrounds, color overlays, and other design features to help website owners create jaw-dropping homepages. In short, it has the design firepower to hook your audience while instantly establishing your brand’s credibility.
  • Use color underlays for quotes – You can use the color underlay feature to maximize the visibility of quotes, value propositions, or customer testimonials. Content boxes may also use their own colored backgrounds for emphasis.
  • Create pricing tables – Just like Studio Pro, Navigation Pro also lets you build native pricing tables for your products. Pricing columns are more uniform with clearer outlines to point your audience in the right direction. 
  • Blog under any niche – Navigation Pro is one of the few Genesis child themes that can be used for blogs under different niches. From aromatherapy to zoology, Navigation Pro has all the design features you’ll ever need. 
Navigation Pro for Law Website
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Get Navigation Pro.

8. Revolution Pro

Price: $129.95

Revolution Pro
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Minimal themes like Revolution Pro are tailored to the needs of photography bloggers. 

Whatever photography style you have under your sleeve, Revolution Pro will help you convey a compelling message with your artwork. 

Other than that, Revolution Pro’s design also works for online stores and creative agencies that rely on visuals.

Why Pick Revolution Pro?

  • Runs as smooth as butter – Revolution Pro’s visual style pushes the limits of Genesis as far as performance goes. Apart from the user experience, the fast and fluid design also boosts your audience’s likelihood to convert.
  • Great utilization of white space – Revolution Pro’s excellent use of white space ensures that your visual assets are the star of the show. This approach also puts emphasis on typography, which will definitely result in higher user retention.
  • Intuitive FAQ page layout – With Revolution Pro’s FAQ page layout, you can proactively address the most common questions and concerns regarding your brand. This will reduce friction in your potential customers’ journey towards making a purchase.
Revolution Pro FAQ Section
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Get Revolution Pro.

Genesis Framework: Frequently Asked Questions

Before we wrap up this article, allow me to address the frequently asked questions about Genesis child themes.

What is the Genesis Framework?

The Genesis Framework is a theme that comes with built-in SEO, performance, and security features. It includes a sample child theme, but you can also purchase an existing child theme design to save time. 

What is the difference between a WordPress theme and framework?

A framework enables much more advanced customizations to a WordPress website than an average theme. Frameworks typically include custom functions, features, and other assets used in theme development. 

What is a child theme?

In a WordPress site, a child theme is used as a layer that applies and saves the owner’s theme customizations. Its main purpose is to prevent changes from reverting whenever the owner updates the original or “parent” theme.

How much does the Genesis Framework cost?

The Genesis Framework can be purchased by itself for $59.95. You can also acquire the Genesis Framework along with add-ons through a Genesis Pro subscription, which costs $360 per year.

How do I install the Genesis Framework?

After purchasing the Genesis Framework, download the theme files, and upload them to your WordPress dashboard. There’s no need to activate the Genesis Framework theme unless you want to use the default child theme. 

Does Elementor work with Genesis?

You can use Elementor, Beaver Builder, or any other modern page builder with Genesis. Most child themes will look good even with customizations done through a page builder.

How do I update my Genesis Framework?

The Genesis Framework can be easily updated from the “Updates” page of your WordPress dashboard. Just be sure to click ‘Genesis’ > ‘Theme Settings’ and select ‘Check For Updates’ to enable updates.


Found a Genesis child theme you like?

Again, these themes will only work if you already own the Genesis Framework. 

Once you pick a theme you’re interested in, get Genesis Framework or Genesis Pro for a huge discount. Don’t forget to check out the live demo of each theme and see for yourself why it’s on this list.

Did I miss your favorite Genesis child theme? Have any other questions related to the Genesis Framework?

Whatever it is, remember that the comment section below is yours to use.


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Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla is a full-time blogger and founder of Master Blogging. You can learn more about him at Master Blogging about page. If you have any questions or comments for him, just send an email or leave a comment!

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