How To Make Money Blogging: Guide For New Bloggers [With Examples]

$5 Million.

That’s how much Ramit Sethi made from his blog in one week.

While he is making millions, most bloggers make nothing from their blogs.

The reason?

They don’t know what they are doing.

Making money from your blog is all about knowing what to do and when to do it.

If you don’t want to hit the ground running and avoid the mistakes most bloggers make, keep reading…

Why Most Bloggers Never Make a Dime?

“I started my blog 6 months ago and I have only made $50 dollars from it.”

I receive emails like this all the time.

Here’s the most common reason why most bloggers fail to make any money from their blog:

They don’t stick with a single strategy.

Rather than focusing on one or two techniques to drive traffic and monetize their blogs, they keep jumping from one boat to another.

“If you want to make your blog successful, try one technique to see if it works for you.”

If it works for you, keep doing it until it stops working for your blog.

That’s it.

That’s all it takes to build a successful blog.

Instead of trying everything at once to get more traffic to your blog, try just one thing like Facebook Ads or Blogger Outreach.

Instead of trying to make money from your blog in a thousand different ways, try only one or two of the strategies laid out below.

The more you complicate your process, the less success you will have.

Keep things simple and you can have all the success you want.

How Much Do Bloggers Make?

Blogging has helped thousands of people quit their jobs and travel the world.

Not only that, it has helped some of them build multi-million dollar business empires.

Although it is difficult like any other good thing in life, it is possible.

According to a survey I did into MasterBlogging Facebook community, majority of bloggers struggle to make even $100 per year.

Make money blogging stats
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But don’t get discouraged by those numbers.

That is the amount of money the average blogger makes.

The average blogger only works on their blog when they feel like it, which translates to roughly 2-4 hours a month.

The amount of money you can make from your blog depends on how much time you invest in your blog.

Here is what you can expect at different stages in your blogging journey:

  • First 6 Months: This is where you lay out the foundation for your blogging career. Most bloggers don’t make any money in the first 6 months but if you work hard, you can start generating a passive income.
  • 6-12 Months: You will start to see your work pay off. You will start receiving checks for the hard work and time you have put into your blog. Most bloggers start pulling in $500-1000 a month at this stage. You will also start receiving some free traffic from Google.
  • 12-24 Months: At this stage, if you have put in enough work, you will start making more than a passive income from your blog. Most bloggers are able to make a full-time income at this stage.

Although the above numbers sound great, it all depends on how much time and effort you put in.

If you are only spending like an hour or two every month on your blog, don’t expect to see any quick results.

I have trained hundreds of bloggers in their journey to becoming a pro blogger. And this is the advice I offer to all of them:

“If you want to pull a serious income from your blog, you will need to pump out high-quality content consistently. You might not see any results in the beginning. But don’t get discouraged. Focus on your blog’s content and the money will follow.”

The Best Way To Make Money With Your Blog

Most people try to overcomplicate monetizing their blogs when they are just starting out.

If you are just starting out, it’s not the time to test out a dozen monetization techniques to find the perfect one. It’s time to start building your audience.

Once your blog starts receiving a good amount of readership, you will have all the time to perfect your monetization strategy.

Every time I talk about monetization, the first question I hear is:

What is the best way to monetize my blog?

The answer is simple:

It depends on how much traffic you get on your blog.

Here are some suggestions for when deciding which of the following monetization techniques to go with:

  • Ads: This is the strategy I recommend most beginners to start out with. It is the easiest to set up and takes up next to no maintenance every month. It is perfect if you are looking for a set and forget option.
  • Affiliate Marketing: You can start promoting affiliate products right from the start but I don’t recommend doing so. Most beginners who start with affiliate marketing soon get greedy and start publishing content that doesn’t add any value to the reader. That is the surefire way to making sure no one reads your blog.
  • Selling Your Own Courses: Only start working on this when you have a big enough audience and you know what your audience really wants. You don’t need thousands of email subscribers or social media followers for this to work. But having a few hundred people on your email list who frequently visit your blog will make sure that your first course doesn’t fail.

Although I recommend starting with advertising if you are a beginner, read this article through the end to build a vision in your mind of what you need to do on every stage of the journey.

The 3 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

1. Make Money From Every Visitor With Ads

Time Investment: Next to nothing.

Income Potential: 5-figures.

The simplest and the easiest way to make money from a blog is to slap a few ads on it.

Although it sounds simple and easy, most people don’t do it right and then they cry when they don’t make any money from it.

The amount of money you can make from ads will vary depending on what industry you are in and what type of ads you put on your website.

Here’s how you make money with ads:

  1. Sign up for Adsense or any other ad network.
  2. Place a few ads on your website.
  3. Publish interesting articles that will attract a lot of readers.
  4. You will not only make money for every click, but you will also get paid a few cents for every visitor who sees the ad on your website.
  5. The more clicks the ads receive, the more money you will make.

How to do it successfully:

Here’s what most bloggers get wrong about making money with ads:

They place ads in places where no one will see them.

If you want to make money with ads, you need to get people to click them.

And the only way people can click the ads is if they can see the ads.

Most bloggers place ads below the article or in the footer. Most people will never reach the end of your article. If you want to make sure more and more people see your ads, you need to place them in places where people will actually see them.

Here’s a great example of a well-placed ad:

Google Ads Example
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The ad is placed right at the top of the website.

You need to place your ads above the fold if you want to increase the chances of people clicking them.

Pro Tip: The area of page users can see without scrolling is called the above the fold area.

Here’s another great example:

Ads Above The Fold Example
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The ad is placed in the sidebar of the blog.

This is the second best area to place an ad on your blog. It will be visible as soon as the reader visits your blog.

Another place you should place ads on your blog is the beginning of the article like this:

Ads within Content
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Why there?

Because if someone has clicked the link to your blog post, then it means they want to read it.

When you place an ad right at the beginning of the blog post, it becomes the first thing they will see.

“Making money with your blog isn’t about cramming as many ads on your blog as possible but about placing the ads in the right places. Never place more than 4 ads on your blog or it will ruin the quality and look of your blog.”

A quick summary of where to place ads:

  • The header of your blog (if possible).
  • The sidebar of your blog.
  • The beginning of your article.

2. Make More Than Just a Passive Income Promoting Other People’s Products [Affiliate Marketing]

Time Investment: 2-3 hours a week.

Income Potential: 6-figures.

I love affiliate marketing.

It is my go-to strategy for making money from a blog.

With affiliate marketing, all you have to do is promote other people’s products.

When someone buys an affiliate product from your custom link, you receive a commission.

That’s it.

Promote other people’s products = Make lots of money.

When you promote other people’s products, you remove the need to provide support to your customers and dealing with any issues that might come up.

Hell, you don’t even have to make the product.

Here’s how you can make money with affiliate marketing:

  1. Find products in your niche that have an affiliate program.
  2. Sign up for the affiliate program for the product you wish to promote.
  3. Now, take the special link you received from the affiliate program dashboard and promote it on your blog.
  4. You make a commission on every sale you send to the product’s owner through your link.

Here’s how to do it successfully:

Here’s why most bloggers never make money from affiliate marketing:

They promote the wrong affiliate product to the wrong audience.

Finding an affiliate product to promote is easy. But promoting it is where most bloggers fail.

If you want to sell a product, be it your own or someone else’s, you need to promote it to the right people.

If I want to sell a sports car that’s worth $2 million dollars, I need to find the people who have the money to buy the car and actually want to buy it.

As you can imagine, most people won’t have that kind of money.

And that is why most people won’t be my customers.

The right kind of people to promote that product to will be millionaires and billionaires.

Similarly, if you are trying to promote a beginner’s video course on golf as an affiliate, you need to promote it to people who are just starting out with golf. Experienced golf players don’t need a course that is built for beginners.

How do you promote an affiliate product to the right audience?

Before you can promote an affiliate product, you need to attract an audience that will potentially want to buy your affiliate product.

What does this mean?

If you are promoting a product called “Beginner To Pro Golfer In 30 Days,” you need to write articles that will attract people who are beginners in golf.

If you simply write articles about Golf, you will attract all types of audiences including Golf Enthusiasts, Beginner Golfers, and Advanced Golfers.

But for our goal, we only want to attract the beginners who want to get better at Golf.

So, instead of writing an article on “How to select the best golf clubs,” which is of more importance to advanced golfers, write an article like “What to expect on your first day at the Golf course” or “How to make the most basic Golf shot for beginners.

Both of these articles will only attract people who are beginners.

Likewise, if you are promoting a product that is for advanced Golfers, you will need to write articles that attract advanced Golfers.

Once you start attracting readers to your site that are interested in the product you are promoting, you will need to actually promote the product.

The best way to promote a product is to promote it without actually promoting it.

Here’s a good example:

Affiliate Links Example
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The screenshot above is from a blog post on Juicing Recipes for weight loss. The link you see in the above screenshot is an affiliate link that is promoting a Vegetable Juicer.

The link in the above screenshot is a great example of promoting an affiliate product without making the whole article look like an advertisement.

If you were promoting a product on Golf, you should link out to the product in a similar manner.

Where To Find Affiliate Products To Promote?

  • Sign up with an affiliate networks like ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, Avangate, Rakuten etc.
  • Check what products blogs similar to you are promoting.
  • Search Google for “Your Niche” + “Affiliate Program.” For example, “Personal Finance” + “Affiliate Program”.

Like video? Watch this:

And follow these Affiliate Marketing tips to make most out of your blog traffic.

3. Make $5 Million In One Week Selling Courses

Time Investment: At least 1 hour a day.

Income Potential: 7-figures and more.

Ramit Sethi, the guy I was talking about in the introduction of this article, made $5 million in only one week by selling an online course.

Unlike affiliate marketing and putting ads on your site, selling courses online is a legitimate business. It can not only make you a full-time income but can turn your blog into a multi-million dollar business.

Ramit Sethi started his personal finance blog from his college dorm room with no intention of ever working on it full time.

But as his blog grew, he not only got interviewed on many different TV channels but also was able to turn his blog into a multi-million dollar business. He was able to do it with the help of online courses.

If you spend any time on the internet, you have probably come across at least a hundred online courses. Everyone is selling an online course from Real Estate investors to Personal Finance Advisors.

And there’s a reason why:

Ways to make money online
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As you can see in the above infographic by I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Online Courses not only offer the highest profits but also require the least amount of investment in both time and money.

Here’s How You Make Money With an Online Course:

  • You build an audience around your blog that likes your content.
  • You ask them to sign up for your email list.
  • Once your list has a few hundred people on it, you build a course and promote it to your email list.

Why Most Bloggers Fail At Making Money With Online Courses:

“Most bloggers spend months working on making the perfect course but when the time comes to sell it they find that no one wants to buy their course.”

Here’s the reason for that:

Most bloggers think they know what their audience wants.

But the truth is you don’t know what your audience wants. You only think that you know what your audience actually wants to buy from you.

The best way to build an online course is to first find out what your audience really wants and then build the course.

How To Build An Online Course Successfully:

If you want your first online course to be a success, you need to find out what your blog audience really wants.

To find out what your blog audience really wants, follow this process:

Step 1: Look For Clues

To find what your audience really wants, have a look at what type of articles in your industry get the most shares using BuzzSumo.

Visit BuzzSumo and enter the name of your industry/niche:

Buzzsumo product research
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Now, look for the keywords that tell you what your audience really wants.

If you were in the weight loss industry, you will find that most people want to lose weight “Fast” and want an easy solution like “Easy Recipes For Weight Loss.”

Step 2: Check Amazon Reviews

Once you know a little bit about what your audience really wants, search for eBooks on your topic on Amazon.

If you are in the weight loss niche, you will see something like this:

Amazon eBook ideas
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Now, open each of the highest-rated eBooks one at a time and look at the reviews that people have left:

Amazon ebook reviews
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Look for the common keywords that people use to describe what benefits they gained from the book and compile a list of all the benefits.

These benefits will tell you what your audience really wants.

When working on a product, keep these benefits in mind and make sure you make a product that includes these benefits.


Whether you decide to monetize your blog with ads or affiliate marketing or by selling your own courses, don’t forget to produce quality content.

Most bloggers start producing lower quality content once they start making some money from their blogs.

If you want to keep making money from your blog remember to keep producing quality content.

“If you are struggling to decide which monetization strategy you should use for your blog, start with Ads.”

Start with ads and then promote Affiliate Products on your blog.

And once you have a big enough audience on your blog, start selling your own courses.

Now, making money with a blog can be hard and can take a lot of time. Most people lose motivation when they get stuck in the process and give up the whole blogging thing.

If you don’t want your fate to end up like this, join my free private Facebook group where you can ask your questions related to blogging and monetization to professional bloggers like me.

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  1. Hi Ankit,

    I’ve found the best way to make money blogging is to do sponsored posts, and selling a product like an eBook on your own blog. I really like your point about getting an email list together as soon as you begin your blog (Something I had NOT done)…

    I have not done much affiliate marketing on my own blog but did on retail sites I once had and it did work pretty well there.

    Thanks for your tips Ankit – I may play around with a few of them and have a great day.

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    These are some great way to make money online.
    I prefer Affiliate Marketing, Adsense and Product review.
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    From my perspective one shouldn’t put Adsense ads on their blogs if he/she is really serious about adding value to the readers. They may distract readers with their irrelevant ads. Affiliate marketing is the best and coolest way to make some decent income. I agree that it doesn’t happen overnight but it is not an impossible thing. Thanks for the informative tips. 🙂

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    But there is a method that most bloggers don’t try and it works even on small blogs.

    Even if you run a small blog, there must be some articles that rank well on Google search. And if it does, you can really earn some extra money from these articles only. Dig into your Google webmaster account and find out some articles that rank on first page. Now list the keywords the articles are ranking for. Search them in Google and see if you find any advertisements or not.

    You will surely find some Adwords ads. Please understand these advertisers are paying Google to rank for the keywords your articles are already ranking for. They will pay you if you promote your articles to them. Just reach and let them know you have some of your blog articles ranked for the keywords they are targeting for their ads. If they want, they can get an ad-space inside those articles. If not all, many advertisers will be interested to work with you.

    I have personally used this method on my blog and it worked like a charm. I’ve already been paid several times.

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