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  1. Hey Ankit,

    This is exactly what I was looking for. I am used to check if there are any grammatical or punctuation errors in my post or not such as misplaced commas, missing end marks and run-on sentences.

    Up to now I was using PaperRater but now onwards I have different alternatives. Just because of you I can enjoy these free online Grammar checker tools.



    1. If you are a WordPress user, you can try After the deadline plugin or if you need a complete solution for Grammar checking, proofreading and plagiarism detection, then I suggest you go with Grammarly. You can read this Grammarly review for more information.

  2. Hello Ankit,

    Yet another great post with a list of great tools for online grammar checking. I always relied on the text editor’s online auto correction method. It was then I realised word and other text editors did what basic errors could be prevented with.

    Getting a bad grammar or a wrongly spelled word can seriously affect your business, especially if you are a freelance writer. So with a LOT of research I settled down for Grammarly. Though it costs a little foe the usage I suggest that every blogger and writer must use it as a must.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Finnich. I am also using Grammarly and no doubt it is the best in the market. I’ve also talked about Grammarly alternatives on my blog but Grammarly performs the best.

      The best thing is that it comes with a FREE browser extension that anyone can install and start using. It is enough for most of the people and for those who need more advanced features (the ones that I’ve mentioned in this article) can upgrade their account to its premium version.


  3. Hi Ankit,

    I’m using ‘after the deadline’ but I wasn’t aware of its WP plugin. I’ll download it now.

    Moreover, as I was looking for free grammar checker and a best punctuation checker tool online, my search ends here. Now I can do grammar check online with a perfect grammar checker tool which also works as comma checker, originality checker, spell checker and what not.

    I have decided to go with Grammarly which is one of the best grammar checker website (tool)

    Thanks for your wonderful grammar corrector tools list.

  4. Nezar Kamel says:

    Very useful post! thanks a lot.

    I think every Blogger / freelance writer should use one of these tools because one grammatical mistake can make a bad impact on their readers.

    I Google grammar check before writing anything on my android phone. If you know similar tools for Android then please share.

  5. Sam Michael says:

    Thank you, Ankit, it is vitally important for any business website to have a correct content. From my own experience I can say, that the tools will be useful for native English speakers, as well.

  6. Merion Rebeca says:

    Grammarly seems a good option, although not used so far but I’ll try this tool.

  7. Grammarly is an excellent tool. Great for vocabulary errors as well as punctuations.

    This is a really good post as you need to be 100% sure that your content is devoid of grammatical mistakes for a good reader experience. Thanks, Ankit.

  8. Really Nice post with mind-blowing grammar checker tools for error-free writing! Until now, I am using NounPlus as a sentence checker. I improved my grammar with the help of this site. Thanks for sharing with us such a wonderful blog.

    1. Glad, you liked these Grammar corrector tools. I use Grammarly in my day-to-day life and it helped me to improve my writing skills.

      Thanks for your comment.

  9. Thank you, Ankit for this great TOP grammatical correctors. I’m sure with this list people will be able to write a lot of wonderful articles with right grammar, orthography and spelling.

  10. Elina John says:

    Nice Post! The online English grammar checker is playing a vital role in our daily life. It helps in various ways in college offices.

    A few months ago, My English was not good. I was facing the problem with grammar, then I found an interesting site known as GRAMMAR CHECK FOR SENTENCE. I improved both my writing skill and grammar with the help of this site. Keep posting.

    1. Hi Elina,

      Glad to hear that you found the solution to find and correct your Grammar mistakes. I use Grammarly which is doing pretty awesome job for me.

      Thanks for your comment.

  11. Paul A Hosey says:

    Great list of grammar checking tools Ankit.
    These type of tools are really very needed while writing to ensure that your articles are error free especially if you’re the type that can hardly spot out errors on your writing.

    Among the list, I’m only familiar with Grammarly and its really a very credible tool, I’ve been using it for awhile now I love it :).

    However, I will try and check the other tools you mentioned here to see what I can do with them.

    1. Hello Paul,

      As you are already using Grammarly, then there is no need to use any other tool. Grammarly is the best Grammar checker tool and my all-time favorite too.

      If you are using Grammarly premium account, then it is best as it checks over 250 typical errors in writing.

      Thanks for your comment

  12. Tricia Mcphersonb says:

    Hi Ankit,

    You have created such a great list and these types of tools are necessary for writing error free articles.

    Grammarly is the best tool which I have ever used because it not only helps to check grammar mistakes but also check spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes and also improve the sentence structure and much more. Grammarly is a complete solution for write error free article.

    1. Hi Tricia,

      Thanks for your comment. Glad to know that you are using Grammarly. It is also my favorite.

  13. Vidhu Singh says:

    Dear Ankit,

    I knew most of the sites, but your blog still was helpful.

    Can you help me by knowing some online English to Hindi translation sites, I trust you have the ability to put things at right place.



  14. Roslia Santamaria says:

    Hey Ankit,

    Proofreading tools are certainly helpful to fix grammatical mistakes and improve our writing skills.

    I use Grammarly & GingerSoftware and I wasn’t aware of other tools. Will explore them as well. Thanks for sharing the list of best grammar checker apps.