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  1. These are actually the real and meaningful mistakes that every blogger makes whether he is a professional or a amateur blogger.

  2. Andy Globe says:

    Very rich and informative blog. Including memes to explain things is such a unique way of telling what you are trying to say, Not just attracting the audience but keeping engaged.

  3. This is very useful content.

  4. John Ravi says:

    Hi Ankit,

    Amazing resource! This article has benefited me a lot. Unknowingly I was making some of these mistakes, and I will be taking steps to stop this. I think your article will help a lot of upcoming bloggers. They will be able to understand these common mistakes first hand and will be able to steer clear of them. I will definitely share this article with everyone in my network to help them avoid these common blogging mistakes. Thanks a lot for putting together such a great piece.