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  1. Dike Divine says:

    Great themes, Ankit. I love the themes that you shared.

    1. Vivek Sinha says:


      WordPress is the perfect platform for building a Website it is better than html. All of the features that are required are readily available and there are many themes with the features already built in. In fact, the vast number of themes in it. It uses making all Website. I like to suggest a site with many absolutely new, free but premium quality WordPress theme, Find it @ KopaTheme .

      Thanks, Vivek Sinha

  2. Hii, Ankit
    your article is very nice. Thank you for sharing this with us. I totally agree with you that may be free themes may contain some malicious hacked code that will hack our all data like user names passwords and database of users and our blogs if we are a good blogger and know that our blogs will gonna hit than we should use premium themes it is safe and good looking also.

    1. Hi Aditya,

      Thanks for accepting my views on using the free WordPress themes and yes, they might not be coded well.

      It is always better to use the paid resources to perform well in the blogosphere.

      Thanks for getting the time to read my guest post, glad you liked it.

  3. Imran Khan says:

    Nice collection of Premium WordPress Themes for Bloggers.
    Thanks to sharing this awesome list of themes with us.

    1. Hi Imran,

      Thanks much for checking the themes that I have listed in this post. Cheers, you liked them.

  4. I’ve used Thrive Themes, MyThemeShop, and StudioPress. All of them are good, but Thrive Themes is the best. It has everything to create a beautiful and conversion optimized blog.

    I’ve been using FocusBlog by Thrive Themes for few months. I am highly satisfied with its features. Thrive Themes is the best choice for bloggers and internet marketers.

    However, Thanks Ankit for sharing this excellent list.

    1. Hello Istiak Rayhan,

      Great to know that you have been using several premium themes for your blog. Yes, I agree that the thrive themes are best. I’m familiar with its awesome features and planning to get it for my blog.

      Thanks for looking at the best WordPress theme list, you are welcome.

  5. Do you recommended Genesis? I have loved themes from MTS and Thrive themes though.

    1. Hi Ronit,

      Yes, I recommend Genesis themes as well. They have amazing features and well secured as well. I’m using it for my blog, it is pretty good. Thanks for coming by.

  6. I am hosting my wordpress blog on bluehost. It is one of the recommended hosting provider by wordpress. However my website loads pretty slow. I am using basic theme and an seo plugin. Can you suggest me some tips to make my website load fast.

    Thanks in Advance,

  7. Rocky Murasing says:

    hi Ankit,
    I am using WordPress for my site, and I can certainly say there is no other tool that can beat wordpress in smooth managing a site. Their themes are also just great. The best part, there are many free themes available.

    1. Hello Rockey,

      Most of the bloggers prefer WordPress CMS as it has several user-friendly features.

      I would recommend any of these best premium WordPress themes for bloggers that I have consolidated in this post to make a passive income from blogging.

      Thanks for getting time to read my post. Keep visiting!

  8. Hi!
    Nice collection of Premium WordPress Themes for Bloggers.
    Thanks to sharing this awesome list of themes with us.. you help me for my blog why not search to blog tital

  9. Hi Ankit, all themes are great, which one you recommend? please advice

    1. Hi A zee,

      If you want lightning fast loading themes, prefer MyThemeShop themes.

      To get more leads/sales, go with Thrive Themes

      To Win reader’s heart and make them to come back for sure, purchase the paid themes from ThemeForest.

  10. As a blogger I think it will be a better option to start from a free wordpress theme. We all know many of the bloggers dont want to invest money on the themes straight way. But yes if I have to choose one premium theme for my site I will definitely look at two things first 1 mobile responsive and 2 Theme loading speed.

    1. Hi Sanjib,

      If any one wants to make serious blogging and trying to meet the monetary benefits, then he/she should get the paid theme to please the search engines and the visitors as well.

      It is worth investing money in getting premium WordPress themes as it is more likely to make huge profits later.

      Yes of course! Mobile responsive and speed loading are not the optional factors for the blogging themes, bloggers should get a responsive premium themes that loads fast.

  11. Hi Ankit,

    Great post. I am personally using mythemeshop for my blog in the last two years. So far I am pleased with it. They provide good maintenance even for free themes. I am using premium one though and glad to make the decision.

    I guess if we serious with blogging, premium theme are best choice.

    1. Hi Nob,

      Cheers with your kind appreciation! Thanks!

      Yes, I totally agree with you that if anyone wants to blog for making income, then it is essential to get the paid blog template.

      Great to know that you are using the premium theme for your blog.

      Keep coming to leave your thoughts.

  12. Muhammad Imran Nazish says:

    Hi Ankit,

    You have done a great job. All the themes are awesome, in fact, I already purchased ThriveThemes, Spike, Schema, and some others listed above.
    Thanks for sharing. Thumbs up 🙂

    1. Hi Muhammad,

      Great to know that you have already bought the thrive themes to rock in the blogosphere. Share its performance in search engines. Is it doing well?

      I know about Schema, I’m using it for one of my blogs. It is a clean coding theme that would give a precise look to a blog.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Hi Ankit ,
    This is really a nice collection of premium themes. Premium themes are always best for any blog or website and the themes you mentioned are really awesome. Thank you for your time collecting and sharing the list of such an awesome list of themes.


    1. Hi Vikas,

      Glad you liked these premium WP templates. My pleasure to spend time in crafting the helpful piece of content for the avid bloggers and readers.

      Most welcome, stay tuned.

    1. Hi Ramyasri,

      Thanks for your comment. Glad you liked the font style of my blog.

  14. Manoranjan Paul says:

    Really, all the themes are of best choice.

    Is it a good idea to use a free theme?

    Does a free theme harms in seo.

    1. Hi Manoranjan,

      Thanks for checking the themes. I would suggest you get the premium themes to perform better. I have given the valid reasons why should you opt the paid WordPress themes.

      Free themes may not load fast and precisely coded. So, chances are there that the SEO of your blog would get affected. So, buy the premium template and stay professional in the eyes of your readers and search engines as well.

  15. Great blog! And thank you for sharing the essential features of WordPress themes that bloggers should look while choosing it.

    1. Thank you Shweta for reading the post, glad I could help you learn some essential stuff in picking the best theme for a blog. Keep coming!

  16. Thank u so much ankit for this post i was very confused which theme to use now I know what to do.

    1. Hi Sufyan,

      Thanks for checking the best paid themes that I have listed here!

      It’s worth trying those templates for your blog to perform well. Keep visiting!

  17. Lifestyle says:

    Thank u so much ankit for this post i was very confused which theme to use now I know what to do..

    1. Glad I could help in knowing and selecting the best paid WordPress blog theme, stay tuned!

  18. Jaidayal Saraswat says:

    Hey Ankit, You forgot to add Voice theme in this list 🙂 Voice is Awesome theme when it comes to creating a Blogging niche or Tech blog, it comes with lots of inbuilt Features !!! Check it out

  19. Thank you so much, Muhammad for your motivating comment. It inspires me to write the helpful matters for my loyal readers.

    Hey, it is really good that you bought the Thrivethemes and Schema from MyThemeShop.

    I have schema theme, but i would like to go with Thrive themes to generate more leads.

    Thanks again for coming by!

  20. Hi Jaidayal,

    I agree that the Voice theme has impressive features. I just wanna make a crisp list for the bloggers so that they could choose the better one without any hassle.

    Anyway, thanks for adding value to my guest post, keep leaving your valuable thoughts here!

  21. Thanks for sharing the valuable information here. So i think i got some useful information with this content. Thank you and please keep update like this informative details.

  22. Awesome article. I am new in WordPress. I am using thrive theme. It is really good and helpful. But I think there are other better options in your article. I get confused what theme should I use? Thank you very much for your information.

  23. Hi Ankit, it’s really a great post. I really liked the way you have mentioned some essential features to look for while purchasing a new theme. However, I would like to add that buyers should never go for newly launched theme. Website theme must have a good track record and it must be atleast 6 months old.

  24. Extraordinary web journal! What’s more, thank you for sharing the key elements of WordPress subjects that bloggers ought to look while picking it.

  25. Hello Ankit,
    Great illustration, mate!
    It will be great resources for selecting best ROI oriented blogging theme.
    Beside, i do bit research each time while buying premium theme. I do research on :
    1. Theme speed ( should be light theme)
    2. Integrated premium plugins
    3. Responsiveness
    4. Customer support
    5. License Type


  26. Nice collection.
    A doubt I have is how to choose which theme to choose? Ex Themeforest or Genesis?
    A price comparison would also be helpful.

    1. I do not see anything in your post which subject you want, but I can advise you on a black Friday great shopify themes

  27. Prajjwal Dixit says:

    Hello Mam,
    I have just started a blog. I want a free clean and responsive theme . Can you please tell me which theme will be the best?

  28. Ankit,
    I have a doubt.
    In terms of Thrive and Theme forest. Which one is best to adapt for a tech blog.?
    Which perform fast loading. Thrive themes or theme forest themes?

  29. Why Genesis themes are not supporting the best fonts like Muli, is there any other scripts or plugins to configure the best fonts as we require.

  30. Can you provide me masterblogging.com blog theme?? I am ready to pay you..

  31. Hey Ankit,
    Great Piece of Content. I just loved all the themes that you have explained. Can you please tell me which theme is your website using?

  32. Vishal Verma says:

    Which theme this website is using can u tell please

  33. Thank you so much ankit for publishing such great content please keep up the good working. Really loved it .. 🙂

  34. Purvi Singh says:

    Nice collection, really helpful. Thanks Ankit for sharing.

  35. Hi Ankit,
    You are just amazing really. I’ve been struggling with hours of research and asking people of fiver and upworks and now its all laid out clearly by you. Thanks a lot.
    Also two quick questions – if i want both blog and online course which is the ideal option. Divi has the right look/feel but am not sure about the speed – i checked in my research most themes like divi, astra etc were showing low score on pagespeed sites, but since am a beginner i don’t know. what will you suggest if ease of creating by yourself, speed, and online course is a factor.
    Many thanks again, your approach & content quality is just next level.

    1. Hi Harsh, all these themes are almost equally good for blogs. My top three favorites are GeneratePress, Kadence, and Astra. Talking about the course, I haven’t hosted my course on WordPress before. I personally prefer using an LMS like Teachable. You can explore LearnDash which would help you host your course on WordPress.