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  1. Nazmul Hasan RAsel says:

    Thanks a lot. I did it for my blogspot.

  2. Mba Christian says:

    Great tutorial.Please what kind of text do I add to the robot.txt to make all my blog post display in search engines or crawlers. Thanks

  3. Hello Ankit Singla Ji,

    iam new for blogging and iam facing some technicle problems like iam net getting trafic from search engines and one more thing recently i went for domain for my blog after that scene is more worst for me…plz help me thank u.

  4. Please Help me

    how to remove blocked by robots txt in blogger

    How to Unblock Robots.txt file ?

    Google not showing my site in search result. And also Index Status
    Blocked by robots

  5. Gaurav Kumar says:

    Thanks bro finally added robots txt to my new blog 🙂 …

  6. So I just remove Disallow: /search under the User-agent: * code to allow google to index everything in my blog, or do I replace Disallow: /search with Allow: /search ?

  7. Chaithanya says:

    Very nice article. Thanks for explaining about robots.txt in a simple manner.

  8. Ezhil Maran says:

    can i remove Disallow: /search in robot.txt please tell me

  9. Satender Kumar says:

    Hi Ankit, I am blogger and this is the link of my site “http://birthdayhdcard.com/” and I want to add robots.txt to my blog. As you explained how to add robots.txt for blogger but I am using WordPress CMS so how can I add robots.txt to my blog.

  10. HI, what if you have more than 3000 posts? What should I add please?

  11. Anupam vincent says:

    Hey Ankit I bought custom domain and linked it with blogger about a month ago and then I added basic robots.txt file but when there is some problem. Whenever I search for the robots. txt page and error pops up saying that versatileblogger.com closed unexpectedly. Could you please help and tell where the problem could be?

  12. Nice article sir,
    I would like to ask you,
    How can I create About Me, Contact, and other pages for my website and add it to Navigation Menu.Kindly reply me, sir
    Would you please like to resolve my issue regarding robots.txt, sitemap and robots header tag.

  13. Martin Derek says:

    Hello sir, please my website on Google search is showing “A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.txt”. It has not been like this since.please I need your help.

  14. I have 40 post on my blog. When I test sitemap with feeds/posts/default?orderby=UPDATED, only 26 submitted status.
    how to resolved that issue.

  15. Hi Ankit, thank you for this tutorial. It was really helpful. I went through the steps and added the code as you have explained in the tutorial but when I tried to check the robots.txt crawler on my blog post I got a message saying “Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.” What should I do?

  16. Hi Ankit, thank you for this tutorial. It was really helpful. I went through the steps and added the code as you have explained in the tutorial

  17. Hey Ankit,

    Your post helped me to figure out my bloggers settings and important pages for getting indexed correctly.

    Keep Writing!! Stay Safe.

  18. Thanks Ankit. It was very helpful blog specially for new bloggers like me.
    In blogger,,,, when you go settings….under crawlers & Indexing….there is….
    custom robot text……. when you go inside… the box opens up and where you can type anything ( 10240 characters max).
    what should i type here?
    Pls. reply