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  1. Very Valuable Knowledge Sir ❤️
    But I have a question. If i answered 5 question and i insert my article link in my 3 answers, then quora will count this work in spamming or not?

  2. Amazing share, Ankit. I have been ignoring Quora for a long time now but recently got hooked to it. I spend at least 1 hour a day reading other’s answers and found several of yours which led me to this article.

    Will follow the tips and see how it goes. Thanks 🙂

    Shafi Khan

  3. Hi Ankit,

    A great article. I use Quora to a certain extent and I really should use it even more in order to get quality, targeted traffic to my site. The visitors I do receive from Quora spend, on average, around 6 minutes on my site – not bad!

    I am going to re-read your article and put some of this into practice to leverage more from Quora. Thanks.

  4. Vishal Patel says:

    thank you so much Ankit for sharing this tips i am using Quora for Free traffic but i really don’t know about few tips that you add in this article. Your are my mentor in blogging keep sharing your all tips with us.

    And Give me some tips for grow Quora Followers. Thanks

  5. Hey Ankit,
    This is a Massive Guide about Quora that help me A lot. Currently I am getting 1k views on my answers every month.
    I sure after implementing these tactics, my Quora give great,
    To my site. Thanks for sharing this Ultimate Quora Guide.

  6. Quora has been my main traffic source and still is. Though organic traffic from Google is catching up fast. And I thought I knew quite a bit about Quora.

    For instance I was able to get lot of content ideas and included many related questions that appear on the side bar as sub headings.

    But as always your article has given me food for thought. Plenty to learn and implement. Thanks for the detailed article.

  7. Quora is a best platform for traffic. We can not ignore Quora because it provide better referral traffic and you can do personal branding on Quora. Thanks for sharing valuable information on Quora for getting organic and paid traffic…

  8. Meith Jain says:

    Thank you Ankit for this amazing article. Have been searching for ‘Quora Marketing Yips’ everywhere on the net but you solved all my doubts. I really appreciate your work. Thanks Man

  9. vikas arya says:

    Ankit, thank you very much,
    I did not know where I’m making a mistake in using the Quora. But by reading this article about the Quora available to you, this morning I understood what I have to do now.

  10. I was using Quora but stopped. Now created a new account and set up profile and topic looking at step by step guide on this post. Thanks.

  11. Such a nit and clean elaboration about QUORA!!!! I am using it to drive traffic on the website and its quite a good option too. But their ads cost is much more as I have seen that… Ankit brother is there anything way to optimize it properly?? If YES!! Please do not forget to share with us. CHEERS!

  12. That’s a nice write-up Ankit. I gave Quora ads a try last month, but the CPC is quite high even for Indian traffic. But rest assured, the quality of traffic will be very good in the case of Quora.

    That’s a clever hack to create a topic under your brand! 🙂


  13. Hey, Ankit,
    You have touched a great piece of content which really matters to every blogger. And the important thing for me that you have covered here is all about setting up one’s profile by filling all options like Bio, Link to Website, Topic & etc,…
    I am driving decent traffic to my sites and by implementing these tips i can boom in driving more and more traffic in a good way.

    Keep up the great work!!

    Karthik Reddy

  14. Ananya Chaudhary says:

    Hey, Ankit
    You have elaborated all about quora that how we can use it to reach our target audience. And one the important thing that you have covered here is setting up one’s profile by filling all options like Bio, Link to Website, Topic so that the quora community doesn’t consider you as spam or Fake.

    Keep up the great work

  15. I am also using Quora to get Traffic on my site. It generates mostly Premium traffic to site. In which case we can get high CPC on ads clicks.

  16. Hey, Ankit

    Thanks for sharing such amazing tips. I’ve been quora for a long time but I don’t take it much serious. I write about 2 or 3 times a month.

    But, now I will make more efforts to writing high-quality content quora and follow your tips.
    Hope it will work well.

    Tushar Dey

  17. Well done!

    I just created a brand page and optimized my profile thanks to you.

    These are little things I overlooked but will no doubt make a huge difference.

    With that being said, I answer a few questions each day some of which are long and others short.

    Is there a type of question or answer I should target to improve the likelihood of getting seen?

  18. Thanks for sharing sir,
    I have been using Quora for a long time now, but was not able to convert views into visit.
    This information is great and i will surely use it.

    Thanks again

  19. Hi Ankit,
    Thanks for sharing this great guide. I was using Quora but stooped two months ago. Now I am deciding to set a new account. Sir, I have a question. Is it Good to set a blog on Quora to divert traffic on our real blog?

  20. Quora is the best platform to drive traffic and for backlink too. Thanks for sharing valuable information on Quora for getting organic and paid traffic…

  21. Yes, Quora can also Increase traffic. Just answer you’re a relevant topic on Quora and link your relevant blog post to it, then you can share it on the Facebook group too. increase the quora upvotes.

  22. Hi Ankit,

    I never tried Quora neither ever posted anything on it for getting traffic. I was ( am ) only focused on Search Engine traffic even when one of my friend who write content on Quora regularly tells me but after reading this post, I think I should try to utilize this to drive more traffic to blog.

    Screenshot you added clearly showed what and how it help us getting referral traffic from free source.

  23. Vishwajeet Kumar says:

    Hello Ankit,

    Quora is definitely a great medium to drive huge referral traffic to your blog. I am using it from past few months and result is very positive. I am getting some decent traffic from it. It is really a cool way to drive traffic by answering questions.


  24. Hey Ankit,

    My quoara answer views status hits 2k last month. As my blog is brand new and I am getting good referral traffic from Quoara. I suggest newbie bloggers to try answering your niche related topics on quoara. Don’t simply answer just to get a link back, instead ensure to write answer that make sense to the question.

  25. Rahul Singh says:

    Hey Ankit,

    I wanted to ask you a question… Can you give a brief idea about the maximum how many months older questions should we answer! Suppose a question was asked a year ago on quora but the question sounds interesting to me and I want to answer it then should I answer that much older question?

  26. Thanks for this post, Ankit! I set up my Quora account a couple of years ago and answered a few questions. But then I often saw questions that led me to wonder if real people were genuinely looking for answers. Ultimately, because of so many repeat questions, I just assumed Quora probably wasn’t going to be a long-term hit or that beneficial to me. But after reading your post, I’ve learned otherwise. Now I have some catching up to do!

  27. Hello dear,
    Quora is presently one of the best platforms, to get traffic and to get views for a blog.
    You just not made a guide but an encyclopedia for newbies.
    By your article, they will learn how to properly use quora.

    1. Glad to hear your thoughts, Rinkesh. Quora is one of the best sources to drive targeted referral traffic. Try it out and I would love to know your results. 🙂

  28. Got to learn how to properly set up a Quora Profile.

    And leverage brand value as well.

    Good one Ankit bhai!

  29. Wow. This seems to be the most elaborate blog post I have read in the topic of using quora to drive traffic to one’s site

    Before now, I never knew one could run ads and even add videos on quora.

    Thanks for the insightful posts

  30. Hi Ankit, Quora is a very powerful tool for marketing and lead generation as most people go to Quora for answers.

  31. Hi, Ankit
    It’s a very in-depth article on quora. You did lots of research for writing this post. I recently started using quora that helped me getting some referral traffic within one month.
    Now I will implement your tips for more.

  32. Ankit great content. Although Quora seems like it is already saturated, I believe there are still many opportunities for those who can be consistent. Also, I like how you have represented everything very visually on the page.

  33. Great content Ankit. I was ignoring the power of Quora. But now I got it and will be using it to grow my blog. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Femi Olawole says:

    Thank you, Ankit, for this great piece. I just want to ask, is it advisable to copy my post and use it as answer on quora. Will this not be a case of not unique content for my blog?

    1. Hi Femi, some snippets are fine. Try to write helpful and unique answers based on the Quora questions. Personalization is always the key. Link to your content as a resource. That’s the way to drive maximum traffic from Quora.