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  1. Nwosu Desmond Mavtrevor says:

    This is a trick i have been using for long to drive massive traffic to my blog, even though i didn’t use Google webmaster tools to discover my keywords. Thanks for pointing out i can do same with Google Keyword Tools.

  2. Suresh Khanal says:

    Good trick! Google Webmaster Tools can be used effectively for keyword research. I often use Webmasters tools, Adword Keyword Research Tool and WordTracker KeywordQuestion to find better keywords and post idea.

  3. Amit kumar says:

    Hiii Ankit,
    you have mentioned a impressive Article here about – Tricks to Increase Blog Traffic Using Google Webmaster Tools. after reading your above mention tricks, i have applied on my Blog and i hope it will obtain a good result.thanks again Ankit for your great suggestion….!!

  4. Hafeez Khan says:

    Amazing trick to get high rank in SERP by finding all those rich keywords in Google Webmasters tools and use them segnificantly in new posts, blog structure and also in links building…Doing so one thing sure you will must get rank better in SERP several times faster and Top positioning. Thanks Ankit for this valuable post.

  5. Muhammad saleem says:

    Hi Ankit,
    This article help me a lot because I really don’t that how to use webmaster to blog traffic but this post clear me that how to use it. I really appreciate you for writing such great post(for me).

  6. Shathyan Raja says:

    Hi Bro,

    Thanks for sharing this information. It was a great unknown trick for most of us. I have been just using Google Webmaster Tool just to know the indexing and crawling error. But first time, hearing that we can also use it for increasing our blog traffic.

    Yes, I do fin out the words for which my blog ranks from SEO tools and build more backlinks for it. But now it will be easy to know it from GWT and the search queries for which we are ranking for in Google and to work ore on it to increase the traffic.

  7. It is important to remove all those above comments which are just advertising here.
    I read something like this first time. I frequently check my Google Webmaster Tool but never thought about this. This is grate and awesome stuff you shared. This post will going to be super hit. Keep good trick coming bro

  8. This is a secret i have been using to harvest massive traffic to my blog for so long, the webmaster tool will reveal the topics you are doing well on, build more content around it and interlink them and see the magic of traffic generation.

  9. Ankit Brother,
    You have surely good job. Really it is more important to develop good keywords that are already getting good traffic from google. So your tips are awesome. Thanks for pointing out the importance of using search quires in webmaster tools.

  10. Hey Ankit,

    I think you nailed it mate. Great information and thanks for sharing. Lovely tips! Gonna try it out and see if that works 🙂

    Appreciate it mate!

  11. Anurag kumar says:

    Thank you. I already use webmaster tools like google analytics and adwords but I search for keywords through google trends. Targeting certain keywords is good. If you can rank for a single keyword on google first position then that is awesome. However, How to make dofollow backlinks ? it’s very difficult to make it in the year 2014. It was easy in 2008-09

  12. I think writing great posts that are optimized well for the search engines is the real key to increase blog traffic. Make sure to spend time on engaging with other blogs by also creating content. Always focus on user interaction and share others posts to increase your site exposure. Loved your tips Ankit!

  13. Hello Ankit, I am first time on your blog from one social share.
    First thing, you have got a nice blog, design is clean & good.
    Next, I completely agree that Brian’s skyscraper technique is really effective when it comes to traffic building. I used similar technique with couple of twists as per my need and always got good results. Even Quora has always been a good source of traffic for my sites.
    Though I don’t see anything good or at-least productive from Alexa (I don’t bother, may be because, I am not a core blogger).
    It’s truly a nice read Ankit, and thanks for sharing.

    Soumya Roy

  14. Hey Ankit,

    What an excellent post, covering almost all the effective tips to increase blog traffic. I really liked you idea of obtaining data from Alexa and using that to improve the existing content on your blog. I never thought of this before, but will give it a try now. And as far as long tail keywords are concerned, they can be valuable assets to drive in more traffic in a crowded niche. Anyways, thanks a lot for sharing this post. Got to learn a lot 🙂


  15. Hey Bro,

    Gotta say love your blog and your amazing posts. This post should be i fact made mandatory to newbies, will help them a lot :p

    Was looking for a keyword research tool, but it was like finding the gold when you in fact have it in your pocket :p


  16. Nisha Pandey says:

    Hi Ankit,

    Wow! Such an in-depth guide. I really enjoyed reading here and also learned few new things here.

    It seems like a all in one trick to increase your blog traffic for newbies.

    Using long tail keywords can be good option to rank easily and grab lot of organic traffic.

    Thank you so much for the detailed guide. Have a wonderful day ahead!

  17. Apoorv Agrawal says:

    Hello Ankit! As usual you’re up with a boosting post which will help too like other post helped me. Recently I joined quora but i was confused what it is all about but will be going through every link that is been mentioned in this post by you and I’m sure it will drive a boosting traffic in my blog too. 🙂

    Have a great day!

  18. Hello Ankit,
    I completely bowled over this article written about tricks to increase blog traffic, not many would share these kind of tricks openly and i appreciate and thank your initiative. Thank you and keep up the great job.


  19. Few things play an important role while bringing traffic to any website…Such as
    Guest blogging
    Do SEO in your site
    Directory submission
    Share article on social networks
    Commenting on other blogs etc

  20. Nice article.. Really loved the way you explained everything in detail.. ! However, I feel building backlinks is one of the major headaches for every Blogger..! And Using Quora, that part is awesome.. Made me laugh 😛
    Building Email list, I’ve been struggling for it too. Hope I do well in the future. Thanks for this post again 🙂

  21. Anita rao says:

    Hey Ankit
    from this article I learn something new and must be increase the traffic from now with the help of this

  22. Vineet Kumar says:

    Ankit i read your all new article when you publish , Your all article always been very attractive and detailed. Traffic is more important part of blogging , because if your blog have no traffic means no money you can earn.

  23. We can also use Meta Tags to optimize Blog. But content is the only thing through which we can gain traffic. Reader only like healthy and rich content. Thanks for sharing this article.


    Rajat Sharma

  24. Hi Ankit,

    Use of the blogging communities also work effectively to increase blog traffic and let other blogs to know about your blog name.

  25. sagar nale says:

    Text content is loosing its shine as images and videos are emerging fast, Nowadays, video blogging is becoming as popular as traditional blogging and is a great way to engage visitors on your blog.
    Thanks for these awesome tips.

  26. Ishita Joshi says:

    Very good points. I agree with Ankit.

    I enjoy blogs that have a sense of community and people participate in the comment section. I aspire to do that with my blog, although it doesn’t always lend itself to lots of interaction.

  27. You are absolutely on the spot, some very important things explained very nicely.
    Once again its a very useful write . thanks

  28. hello Ankit

    my domain was active till 6 months. Then due to a mistake it got parked for a month. After that it came back to the active mode. But now as i can see am not getting any organic traffic though my site is indexed. Can you say why is it so? Is it due to the parking for a month?

  29. Hi Ankit:

    Very well written article. I am really impressed. You have mentioned all the points to get traffic in such an uncomplicated and simple manner.

    Thank you and regards.
    Veena 🙂

  30. Jagdish Jat says:

    Hello Ankit,

    This post is awesome and helps a lot to new blogger like me. I am Hindi blogger and not getting how to search keyword scheme for Google search.
    Shall I use Hinglish instead of Hindi. Please give your valuable advice.

    Thanks in advance !
    Jagdish Jat

  31. This is a nice trick to get traffic. Another tricks missing here is the submission of your blog URL to Google crawler and pingomatic for quick indexing…

    I found these two tricks working and most time I do such, I see my blog post usually indexed after 3 hours of publishing.

  32. Hi Ankit,
    Glad to read this in-depth article on blog traffic.
    Though I am using some of them well the platforms like Quora and Reddit I just neglected though I am a member there for many years never thought of its pulling traffic.
    This is indeed an informative post to me.
    Thanks for sharing.Will share with friends and colleagues.
    Keep writing
    ~ Philip

  33. Hey Ankit,

    Thanks for the insightful post. You have explained blogger outreach nicely. I have recommended your post in multiple club house conversation.