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  1. Whenever you link your old articles with the new ones, you surely give your old articles a life. People who haven’t yet read out your old articles will give it a look, if it is relevant to the current article. In this way the internal links can increase your page views count.

    Very helpful post!

  2. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Good tips Ankit, I am making a renewed effort to get my internal linking game down after reading some uber authority sites which rank high.

    By linking to relevant, helpful content you will see many benefits.

    Thanks dude!

    1. Yes, Ryan. Authority sites take benefit of their authority and pass them to important pages via internal links. A wonderful strategy to rank pages without putting much efforts on building new links.

  3. Nwosu Desmond Mavtrevor says:

    Internal linking in a site is very important just as you have listed in the article. It helps share link juice within the linked pages and help you improve page ranks.

    Internal linking is also a very essential part of SEO most people don’t know about, it helps to create anchor links for keywords to rank easily.

  4. I really love applying this strategy on my blog, not only does internal linking improve your SERP, it also helps engage my readers and also increase traffic.

    1. That’s the interesting thing, Oscar. I use heatmap of my blog and observe that a lot of my readers click on my internal links. This is the best way to keep them for the longest time on our blog. The more time they spend reading our blog, the higher the chances of them to convert. 🙂

  5. Suresh Khanal says:

    Hi Ankit,

    No blogger can ignore to use internal linking. They are the natural means of distributing PageRank juice to the internal pages and let crawlers know they exist so that they can index and present whenever any searcher queries for them.

    Thanks for bringing in the benefits.

    1. Hi Suresh,

      Completely agree with you. The best thing I like about internal links is they support the SILO structure which is a smart tactic to improve our pages’ ranking. Glad you liked the article.

  6. Nirmala Santhakumar says:

    Useful post for the bloggers which insisting the usage of internal links.

    Yes, i used to link my old post with new blog post with exact anchor keyword.

    But I understood its benefits here.

    Thanks for sharing the nice post Ankit, keep doing it!

    1. Glad you found the post worth reading mam.

      One thing I would like to suggest is; instead of using the same anchor text all the time try to use different variations for internal links as I have explained in this article. It will help your posts to rank for all the different variations. Hope it helps.

  7. Vipin Pandey says:

    Yes Internal linking has many benefits. Reader can find similar post easily so this will increase the readers engage time on blog. By Good and relative internal linking One time visitors can be converted into Permanent readers.

    1. So true, Vipin.

      I try to link to my relevant and useful articles within the content and get average duration time of more than 5 minutes.

      Thanks to internal linking. 😀

  8. Marilyn Cada says:

    Hi, Ankit. I tend to stay more in websites that post articles with related posts links. internal linking shows how much knowledge does the blogger have concerning a specific topic. this increases the authority of each blogger.

  9. Shameem Thaha says:

    Hi Ankit,
    Internal linking most important part on optimization which helps in many cases as like you have mentioned in your post but some bloggers omit this method bcoz not aware i guess thanks for bringing the attention about internal linking

  10. Charlie Stelling says:

    Try installing plugin called Disqus, its works on WordPress, Drupal, Blogger as well as regular HTML code, it adds a module underneath the main blog content with some of your recent blogs allowing readers to view your other posts 🙂 I must admit adding internal links isnt something I straight away optimise… I really should. Thanks for your post!

  11. Samandar Nichari says:

    You’ve done a nice within this article while showing the importance of Internal Linking, I really like this type of linking in other manners also which I’m just aware of.

  12. Rana Irfan says:

    great post dear i am also using this method from beginning of my site. this is a great method to reduce bonce rate and increase page-rank. thanks Ankitther for sharing such kind of post with us.

  13. Hey Ankit

    Interlinking is most needed method for our promotion which can reduce the bounce rate and can see some ranking improvements.Most of the people not preferring to do this method or doing it wrong way this might can give some hints.Happy Blogging

  14. Sanjay Choubey says:

    Thanks Ankito for sharing your SEO experiences. I am going to install no-follow plugin to my site. earlier i had to go in text format. Thanks for the tips.

  15. Hey Ankit,

    Good guide about Internal linking. Internal linking is one of the most important ON-page SEO technique which never should be missed.

    Keeping relevant anchor tags is good when you are linking your other blog post so that readers can have idea what they will get after clicking.

    Nice write up!

  16. sasirekha says:

    First all i would like to thank you and appreciate you for sharing such an informative and clear post about Internal link building. I think all seo begginers should read this post twice to gain more info. Thanks again for sharing this post!

  17. Hey Ankit, Am a regular reader of your blogs and am a big fan of your writting. Thanks for providing such a usful blog source.

  18. Thank you for sharing your internal linking experiences.
    I have question tho.
    What if I am not linking to sibling pages or posts within a post? Should I set these unrelated-internal links to nofollow?

  19. I personally hate navigating to another article while in the middle reading a content like links to related keywords link within article. I used to read the full article first then look for the related articles. at the end I do not like to go back to article that I read in search for links. Instead I prefer full headline links that are relevant given at the end of the article. May be keyword linking help in seo point of view.

  20. I think Internal Linking decreasing bounce rate. it attract visitor to retain on blog.
    It helps to increase the visitor’ time.
    Ankit, I have questions for u…??
    1.can i manually add internal links?
    2. Any plugin to make internal link with hindi content?

  21. Munna Hossain says:

    Internal links are really important for better search engine optimization. It helps us to get more visitors and it also decreases bounce rate.
    But there are many bloggers who ignore internal linking. I hope your article inspires all the bloggers who don’t know about the importance of internal links. I am really grateful to your for your informative article.

  22. Hello Ankit,
    Internal linking will help to send more targeted traffic to the linked pages and the visitor will also spend more time on our website as they will keep browsing the relevant linked content.

  23. Internal links really can change the SERP in Google. But I have an doubt that some of blogs never do internal linking just the same they rank easily in Google.
    So can you tell me that without Internal linking can we aachive ranking?

  24. This is cool Anikit!

    Learnt few new things on internal link building.

    Although, we all know how it could boost the SEO of any site. Well said, thinking of audience better experience and providing knowledge is the best way to go, SEO will be automatically done.

    Have a great day ahead!

  25. A WordPress SEO Plugin that I use always advise me about the internal linking value and sincerely i have to start to do it. Thank you for the tips about how to create internal link in a optimized way 😀
    Let’s see if it will improve my blog traffic.

  26. Internal links will help and attract users to drive from one page to the other.
    Which will ultimately improve the no. of pager per session and session duration, and hence it reduces the bounce rate.
    But Ankit I have some doubts.
    Our site is sports registration site where users will directly enter into their target page and get things done. We don’t have much text and internal links. So my doubt is will it increase the bounce rate. Please explain!!

  27. It is a very educative post. Appreciate for sharing your thoughts in simple words. In articles internal linking is immensely important. I do it for most of my articles in our website. Both the new article and the old one with which the page is linked fetch more views from readers.

  28. Hi Ankit,
    This post have been extremely helpful and immersive too.

    At a time, when I started out on the path of blogging, I wondered how I could get people to see and read relative posts that I’d made in the past about the same topic. But I was a bit rigid about adding internal links to my blog post with the thought that it’ll be better to have them read each post to the end without hopping from page to page.

    Little did I know that I was leaving a lot of value(and money too) on the table.

    As soon as I started internal linking, engagement and conversion went up, increasing revenue and readership too.

    Thank you for explaining this in an in-depth manner

  29. This is a great article. I’ve always heard of external backlinks and their importance but never had known much about the importance of internal links. Very eye-opening. I’m gonna have to work on my website.

  30. Nice post Ankit!

    However, I have a little concern with internal linking.

    I want to know if there is a limit to the number of internal links a blog post can have.

  31. Thanks for sharing this quality content online. I totally agree with the point that internal links are extremely important in order to improve site SEO score.
    Internal links not just only help to hold our audience for long but also helps search engine bots crawling through linked pages. Loved the way you have written this post. Looking for more amazing posts in the future… 🙂

  32. Hi Ankit,
    Internal links can be great ways to generate more affiliate sales as well.

    I spent my 15 mins in reading this article and learned a few new ways to build Internal link structure.

    I appreciate quality of the post and love reading your posts Ankit.

    You always add value to our knowledge base, keep it up.

    Amit Mishra

  33. Hi Ankit,
    Well you covered everything there is on internal linking. For me, the top two important benefits which we get right from the start of implementation are reduced bounce rates and increased traffic to internal pages and older posts. Rest of the benefits are SEO based and surely help in increasing search engine rankings, pagerank etc.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Vineet Saxena

  34. Hi Ankit,
    This is one of the best articles, I have ever read on internal linking. You have done a lot of research on internal link strategies.

  35. Piyush Yadav says:

    Hi Ankit,
    I am Piyush from askanydifference.com

    I have been using the internal link juicer plugin and it allows me to add words related to my post in the post editor.

    Then it scans other posts for matching text. If found, that text is automatically converted into an internal link.

    So I would go the plugin dashboard and see which post is getting unusually high amount of internal links and then I would adjust the text for it so as to balance out the internal links to it.

    I think some advanced users here can give this plugin a try and see if it helps them out. I have been able to set up quite complex rules about internal linking with that plugin.