106 Best Food Blogs and Bloggers To Follow in 2021

Looking for the best food blogs to boost your cooking skills? In this post, I rounded up 106 of the top food blogs on the internet. 

In case you didn’t know, the food blogging niche isn’t exactly small. Googling something simple like “pecan pie recipe,” for example, gives us over 27 million results.

Pecan Pie SERP
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With so many food blogs out there, I decided to help my readers sift through the noise.

Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, I guarantee that you’ll find the right blog in this post. We’ve got them all covered — from general cooking to vegetarian food blogs. 

Best General Cooking Blogs

First off, let’s talk about the best food blogs that aren’t tunnel-visioned towards a specific cuisine or niche.

These blogs also cover some general cooking tips — from food budgeting to meal planning. 

Just a quick reminder: the food blogs listed below are in no particular order. 

All of these blogs do amazingly well in their respective spaces. And when I created this post’s outline, I added them to the right category as they came into mind.

1. Pinch of Yum

Founder(s): Bjork and Lindsay Ostrom

Pinch of Yum
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Pinch of Yum is among the most popular food blogs on the web today. Their goal is to help home cooks create hearty and delicious dishes at home with their massive recipe library. 

For newcomers, Pinch of Yum is brought to you by the makers of Food Blogger Pro.

2. Damn Delicious

Founder(s): Chungah Rhee

Damn Delicious
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Damn Delicious is a clean and simple food blog with a diverse collection of recipes for all seasons. The site also covers travel-related topics, like things to do in Hong Kong and what to eat in South Korea.

3. The Pioneer Woman 

Founder(s): Ree Drummond

The Pioneer Woman
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The Pioneer Woman is more than just a food blog that discusses cooking tips and recipes. Ree also loves to write about her other passions on the site — from dogs to the country life.

What amazes me the most about Ree is that she never lets digital marketing alter her content in any way. Everything she posts, including her bio box, is 100% just her enjoying honest, unadulterated writing. 

4. Cookie and Kate

Founder(s): Kathryne Taylor

Cookie and Kate
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Kathryne’s approach with her blog, Cookie and Kate, is to make the right recipe easy to find for readers. Apart from categorizing recipes by cuisine and course, she also sorted her content by diet, ingredient, and even season. 

5. Gimme Some Oven 

Founder(s): Ali Martin

Gimme Some Oven
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Gimme Some Oven may sound like another baking-focused blog, but it’s not. The site supplies readers with truckloads of recipes for all occasions — from Vietnamese noodles to peanut butter cookies

6. My Name is Yeh

Founder(s): Molly Yeh

My Name is Yeh
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My Name is Yeh is proof that establishing a personal connection with readers is key. 

By structuring her blog content like diary entries, Molly wasn’t just sharing recipe ideas and tips to her readers. She’s also giving them a sneak-peek into her daily life — making her content exponentially more relatable. 

7. Food52

Founder(s): Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs

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Food52 receives and tests out recipe submissions from their community. The blog also talks about kitchenware, travel, and everything that makes meals more memorable. 

8. Two Peas and Their Pod

Founder(s): Maria and Josh Lichty

Couple-run food blogs like Two Peas and Their Pod have an advantage that not a lot of people realize. Since their recipes are taste-tested by children, you’re guaranteed to find recipes that your whole family can enjoy every time.

9. Chef in Training

Founder(s): Nikki Barton

Chef in Training
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One of the things that drew me to Chef in Training is the creativity injected into each and every recipe. This blog is a must-see if you’re hungry to do something different in the kitchen.

Some of the most popular Chef in Training recipes include the strawberry shortcake trifle and strawberry Jell-O poke cake. 

10. Chocolate & Zucchini

Founder(s): Clotilde Dusoulier

Chocolate & Zucchini
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Although Chocolate & Zucchini publishes a lot of vegetarian recipes lately, you’ll find loads of non-vegetarian dishes as well. Some of my favorites on the site are the “cheeseburger with a twist” and “ramen-style pork belly instant pot.”

11. Simply Recipes

Founder(s): Elise Bauer

Simply Recipes
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As one of the longest-running food blogs in the industry, Simply Recipes undoubtedly deserves a spot in this list. You’ll find timeless classics like buttermilk biscuits, Indian dishes like the chicken tikka masala, and everything in between.

12. Our Best Bites

Founder(s): Sara Wells and Kate Jones

Our Best Bites
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Our Best Bites features a wide range of food-related content — from recipe videos to “quick tips” listicles. The blog also includes posts that document the travel experiences of founders Kate and Sara. 

By the way, Our Best Bites also have recipes under different ethnicities, like Asian, Italian, and Greek. 

13. Inspired Taste

Founder(s): Adam and Joanne Gallagher

Inspired Taste
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When I visited Inspired Taste, I immediately realized that their recipe library has something for everyone. There’s no shortage of meatless recipes for vegetarians, low-carb recipes for dieters, make-ahead recipes for busy parents, and more. 

14. Two Lucky Spoons

Founder(s): Jodie and Blaine Morgan

Two Lucky Spoons
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If you’re looking for big recipes you can do at home or on special occasions, check out Two Lucky Spoons.Most of the content you’ll find here are recipes for sharing, including tips regarding preserving, kitchen tools, and gardening.

15. Spoon Fork Bacon

Founder(s): Teri Lyn and Jenny Park

Spoon Fork Bacon
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When I binged through dozens of blogs for this list, Spoon Fork Bacon struck me with their creative food photos. The blog also discusses DIY tips and travel-related topics for home cooks and aspiring food bloggers alike.

16. Natasha’s Kitchen

Founder(s): Natasha Kravchuk

Natasha's Kitchen
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Natasha’s Kitchen makes sure readers never have boring meals again with recipes for appetizers, mains, desserts, and sides. It also includes recipes you can whip up in 30 minutes — perfect for a busy workweek. 

Best Baking Blogs

For home cooks, baking recipes are incredibly fun and rewarding to try. 

If you agree with me, then here are some of the best baking recipe blogs you ought to visit: 

17. Minimalist Baker

Founder(s): Dana Shultz

The Minimalist Baker
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As the name suggests, Minimalist Baker is created by Shultz out of her passion for baking. It’s now a leading, digital source of simple baking recipes that readers can easily replicate at home. 

18. Sally’s Baking Addiction

Founder(s): Sally McKenney

Sally's Baking Addiction
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Speaking of food blogs with personality, Sally’s Baking Addiction offers enjoyable and informative content about baking. You can browse the site for recipes along with baking tips complete with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials. 

19. Bakers Royale

Founder(s): Naomi Robinson

Bakers Royale
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To me, a baking blog’s value is directly tied to the creativity and originality of their recipes. Bakers Royaledoesn’t disappoint with its long list of ideas, like their Easter candy cupcakes and mocha swirl popsicles.

20. The Boy Who Bakes

Founder(s): Edd Kimber

The Boy Who Bakes
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Aside from knowing your stuff, being a successful food blogger also requires you to excel in your website’s design. The Boy Who Bakes perfectly complements their stunning food photos and delicious recipes with their clean and intuitive website.

21. Beaming Baker

Founder(s): Demeter Trieu

Beaming Baker
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The Beaming Baker is a collection of baking recipes with ingredients that are plant-based, gluten-free, vegan, and overall healthy. You’ll also find a number of no-bake and paleo recipes on the site. 

22. Maison Cupcake

Founder(s): Sarah Trivuncic

Maison Cupcake
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The majority of recipes in Maison Cupcake are desserts and baked goods like the polenta cake and gingerbread angel cookie. But to keep things interesting, the blog has been exploring other dishes as well — from casseroles and roasted cauliflowers.

23. My Baking Addiction

Founder(s): Jamie Lothridge

My Baking Addiction
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If you have a sweet tooth, I bet you’ll enjoy the content of My Baking Addiction. Besides the visual, step-by-step recipe instructions, the blog will also treat you to a little story regarding the recipe’s creation.

24. Sprinkle Bakes

Founder(s): Heather Baird 

Sprinkle Bakes
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If I have to pick out the most creative blogs in this list, Sprinkle Bakes would be in the upper echelons. I may not be able to replicate their aesthetic cakes and cupcakes, but they sure are fun to look at. 

25. Pastry Affair

Founder(s): Kristin Rosenau

A Pastry Affair
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A Pastry Affair sends you straight to the site’s baking recipe blogroll when you arrive. Its recipe index includes a lineup of recipes for cakes, bread, confections, ice cream, and so on.

26. Brown Eyed Baker

Founder(s): Michelle Lettrich

Brown Eyed Baker
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Brown Eyed Baker features hundreds of baking recipes across dozens of food categories, like cakes, pies, cookies, and Jell-O desserts. The site also has an “Unplugged” section where owner Michelle Lettrich talks about the life of a full-time blogger.

27. Call Me Cupcake

Founder(s): Linda Lomelino

Call Me Cupcake
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If you’re looking for Pinterest-worthy food photos for inspiration, Call Me Cupcake is the place to be. It exemplifies the notion that great cooking is an artform with eye-catching visual content and to-the-point recipe instructions.

28. Baking Bites

Founder(s): Nicole Weston

Baking Bites
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Baking Bites is another long-running food blog with a huge library of unique and classic baking recipes. The site also mentions other food blogs in the “Bites from Other Blogs” section for the reader’s convenience.

29. The Pink Whisk

Founder(s): Ruth Clemens

The Pink Whisk
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If you want more creative baking ideas to try in your own kitchen, give The Pink Whisk a visit. It’s home to tasty baking recipes along with tutorials on essential baking skills, like making pizza dough and puff pastry.

30. Hummingbird High

Founder(s): Michelle Lopez

Hummingbird High
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Hummingbird High is another example of a baking blog that aims to engage readers with short and relatable stories. Some may see it as fluff, but for readers like me, this writing style enhances the appreciation for each recipe.

As for Hummingbird High’s recipes, you’ll see a whole range of dishes that will surely delight taste buds. My favorites include the flourless chocolate and red wine Swedish cake and chocolate crinkle cookies.

31. The Vanilla Bean Blog   

Founder(s): Sarah Kieffer

The Vanilla Bean Blog
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To wrap up the baking blogs category, The Vanilla Bean Blog is a site with the tagline “A Baker’s Soliloquy.” The blog talks about Sarah’s experiences and thoughts on every recipe — be it her espresso Bundt cake or pumpkin donuts. 

Best Desserts Blogs

Looking forward to desserts during meals? 

You’re not alone. 

To make each meal’s finale extra special, here are some of the top dessert food blogs to follow: 

32. David Lebovitz

Founder(s): David Lebovitz

David Lebovitz
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David Lebovitz mostly blogs about desserts, beverages, and baked goods — drawing knowledge from his years as a professional cook. Fun fact: it was created to coincide with the release of his book, Room for Dessert. 

33. OMG Chocolate Desserts

Founder(s): Vera Zec

OMG Chocolate Desserts
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Despite the name, OMG Chocolate Desserts not only has delectable dessert recipes. You can also find dishes to try for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and special occasions.

34. Keep It Sweet Desserts   

Founder(s): Lauren Lilling

Keep It Sweet Desserts
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Keep It Sweet Desserts prove that brilliant desserts don’t need to be complicated. The blog offers tons of sweet and honest dessert recipes, like the simple cookie cake and apple cinnamon muffins.

35. Eat the Love

Founder(s): Irvin Lin

Eat The Love
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When I stumbled upon Eat The Love, I wondered if I should classify it under “general cooking blogs.” But looking past the blog’s amazing main courses, it’s clear that its specialties are desserts, cakes, and confections. 

If the countless recipes for brownies, cookies, and ice cream aren’t enough, you need to see “Marbled, Swirled, and Layered.” It’s Irvin’s first-ever cookbook about cakes, pies, bars, and various other desserts. 

36. Desserts with Benefits

Founder(s): Jessica Stier 

Desserts with Benefits
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The thing with desserts is that most people avoid eating too much of them due to health concerns. Desserts With Benefits aims to fix this by providing a lot of healthy and wholesome dessert ideas. 

Don’t believe it’s possible? Check out their sugar-free, high-protein velvet ice cream or high-fiber overnight dessert oats when you’re there. 

37. Dessert for Two

Founder(s): Christina Lane

Dessert for Two
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I’m sure some of you are excited to test recipes with someone special, reflecting the inspiration behind Dessert for Two. You’ll find a lot of “for two” recipes here, like crepes for two and raspberry brownies for two. 

38. Cookies and Cups

Founder(s): Shelly Jaronsky

Cookies and Cups
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Cookies and Cups contains pages upon pages of recipes for cupcakes, candies, no-bake sweets, pies, and more. If you’re not exactly an expert, visit the “baking tips” section to get your culinary journey in the right trajectory.

39. International Desserts Blog

Founder(s): Cate Brubaker

International Desserts Blog
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Appreciating the cultural significance behind a dish is a big part of the experience. That’s why International Desserts Blog doesn’t only focus on the recipes themselves, but also their origins.

Some of the noteworthy recipes I’ve seen on the site are the French Bûche de Noël and pavlova fruit wreath. 

40. Oh My! Sugar High

Founder(s): Emilie Pianfetti

Oh My! Sugar HIgh
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Oh My! Sugar High is a simple dessert blog for when you need simple recipes with big tastes. These include recipes for no-bake pies, birthday cakes, muffins, cookies, and holiday treats.

41. Chocolate Covered Katie

Founder(s): Katie Higgins

Chocolate Covered Katie
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If you’re a real chocolate lover, the name Chocolate Covered Katie should be enough to pique your interest. 

You’ll be surprised at the number of ways one can get creative with chocolates and brownies. Even if you check out the “Breakfast & Dinner” page, you’ll find loads of recipes with chocolate left and right.

Best Healthy Recipes Blogs

Alright, that should be enough cakes and desserts for one food blog roundup. 

It’s time to cater to those who read food blogs with the intention of finding healthy recipe ideas. 

42. Love and Lemons

Founder(s): Jeanine Donofrio and Jack Mathews

Love and Lemons
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With health consciousness at an all-time high, you can’t have too many healthy food blogs like Love & Lemons. Apart from being healthy, the recipes you’ll get on the site are also easy to follow and budget-friendly.

43. Oh She Glows

Founder(s): Angela Liddon 

Oh She Glows
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Eating healthy never means you have to compromise on taste, and Oh She Glows has enough recipes to prove it. 

The recipes don’t have to be complex, either. Some of the simple examples would be the peanut butter cookie ice cream, vegan nachos, and raw almond butter cups.

By the way, Oh She Glows also have their own mobile app available for download. It’s a step that not many food bloggers have the commitment nor the courage to take.

44. My Darling Vegan

Founder(s): Sarah McMinn

My Darling Vegan
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If you’re worried about not having enough excitement in your vegan dishes, My Darling Vegan can straighten things out. Just looking at the recipe index will tell you that these healthy dishes are bursting with flavor. 

Perhaps it’s just the effect of exceptional food photography. Regardless, the overwhelmingly positive user feedback in each recipe page speaks for itself.

45. Oh My Veggies

Founder(s): Kiersten Frase 

Oh My Veggies
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Oh My Veggies started as a personal food blog, but it now has a handful of contributors spearheading content development. Besides the long list of healthy, vegetarian recipes, the site also publishes kitchen tips and product reviews.

46. Green Kitchen Stories

Founder(s): Luise Vindahl and David Frenkiel

Green Kitchen Stories
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The best recipes from Green Kitchen Stories require skill and finesse to recreate, which is why they’re also more rewarding. This includes the butternut, kale, and feta quiche and the beet with greens tart.

They also got food photography and web design right — a crucial combination if you want to win readers’ attention.

47. Sprouted Kitchen

Founder(s): Sara and Hugh Forte

Sprouted Kitchen
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Sprouted Kitchen makes healthy eating so much easier with its library of recipes with accessible and budget-friendly ingredients. They also have a short equipment guide to help those who plan to launch their own food blog.  

48. Healthy Happy Life

Founder(s): Kathy Patalsky

Healthy Happy Life
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When it comes to food blogs, I know that some readers tend to stick to a recipe they like in particular. Healthy Happy Life makes this tricky with several fan favorites like the watermelon smoothie, sweet potato burger, and arugula salad.

49. Eat Yourself Skinny

Founder(s): Kelly Gellner

Eat Yourself Skinny
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Still struggling to embrace a healthy diet? Perhaps Eat Yourself Skinny’s list of delicious and easy-to-make recipes can make the transition more manageable. 

It has something for every modern, healthy diet out there, including vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, and paleo. 

50. Delicious Everyday

Founder(s): Nicole Malik

Delicious Everyday
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If you’d like classic dishes with a twist, dive into the vegan recipes of Delicious Everyday. Some examples are the vegan French toast, chili, meatballs, lasagna, and up to 22 vegan pancake ideas.        

51. I Love Vegan

Founder(s): Brittany and William Mueller

I Love Vegan
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Delicious recipes aren’t the only things waiting for you in I Love VeganTheir broccoli casserole and tofu sandwich recipes are nice and all, but they also offer resources to new vegans.

If you plan on visiting their site, check out their articles about vegan diet nutrition, budgeting, and cooking supplies. 

52. The Stingy Vegan

Founder(s): Melissa Copeland

The Stingy Vegan
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There are two benefits to following The Stingy Vegan: it’s good for your health and good for your wallet. Here, you’ll find healthy and budget-friendly recipes like the curry lentil soup, oatmeal cookies, and stuffed tomatoes.

53. The Simple Veganista

Founder(s): Julie West

The Simple Veganista
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Just like a handful of vegan blogs in this list, The Simple Veganista proves that eating healthy shouldn’t be expensive. 

What makes recipes like the vegan avgolemono and vegetable lasagna affordable isn’t exactly the price of the ingredients. Instead, it’s the number of servings you can get from a single recipe. 

54. The Minimalist Vegan

Founder(s): Michael and Maša Ofei

The Minimalist Vegan
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The Minimalist Vegan aims to share the message that veganism takes more than just healthy eating. 

Of course, vegan recipes, such as the vegan Buddha bowl and tofu scramble, are the site’s core content. But for serious vegans, the website also offers a free podcast on the topic along with minimalism and productivity.

55. SkinnyTaste

Founder(s): Gina Homolka

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Just because you regularly eat meat doesn’t mean you’re incapable of eating healthy. Skinnytaste is a food blog built for those who want to manage their body weight via dieting. 

Besides wholesome recipes like the beef manicotti and Caprese salad, Skinnytaste has diet guides and success stories for inspiration. 

Best Kitchen and Lifestyle Cooking Blogs

Cooking is infinitely better if you love the kitchen you’re in. 

In this next category, we’ll look at food blogs that not only have delicious recipes and cooking tips. These blogs also provide information on how to spice up your home, kitchen, and life as a cook.

56. Kitchn

Founder(s): Maxwell Ryan

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Kitchn isn’t just another food blog aimed at readers who want to up their home cooking game. In addition to easy-to-follow recipes, the site also covers general topics like grocery buying, meal planning, and cooking tips. 

57. Spend with Pennies

Founder(s): Holly Nilsson

Spend With Pennies
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Spend With Pennies is a highly popular destination for simple, scrumptious recipes you can easily cook at home. Apart from tried-and-tested recipes, the site is also a go-to source of priceless kitchen tips. 

Some examples are how to keep vegetables fresh longer, creating a DIY dishwashing detergent, and cleaning the sink.

58. A Southern Soul

Founder(s): Donya Mullins

A Southern Soul
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Tasty recipes that are easy to do at home? A Southern Soul has them — along with ideas that can enliven your home and garden. 

The website also has several DIY guides for crafty individuals who aim to do more than cook.

59. Good Life Eats

Founder(s): Katie Goodman

Good Life Eats
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Good Life Eats won’t just teach you classy recipes like the Italian chicken skillet and spinach egg scramble. A huge portion of the blog also talks about DIY home projects, productivity, and travel tips.

60. Cook Smarts

Founder(s): Jess Dang

Cook Smarts
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It’s not just about recipes and cooking with Cook Smarts — a unique food website that offers a meal planning service. The site is actually developed to help home cooks provide exciting and fulfilling meals for the family. 

They publish a free, weekly meal plan that teaches everything, including what to cook and what to do with leftovers. 

61. Eating from the Ground Up

Founder(s): Alana Chernila 

Eating from the Ground Up
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Eating from the Ground Up showcases a multifaceted blog that covers recipes, travel, and life in the kitchen with kids. Most importantly, the blog serves as the digital extension of Alana’s everyday thoughts and musings. 

It serves as a reminder that, sometimes, people need to relearn what running a blog used to mean. That is to speak your mind and share your thoughts with an online reader base.

62. Barefeet in the Kitchen

Founder(s): Mary Younkin

Barefeet in the Kitchen
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Barefeet in the Kitchen is what you get when a travel lover, photographer, and passionate cook decides to blog. The site boasts over a thousand recipes along with kitchen tips like preserving garlic, de-boning chicken, and organizing your fridge.

Best Home Cooking on a Budget Blogs

Let’s face it, cooking to your heart’s content isn’t without drawbacks. 

It’s easy to get overexcited and blow over your food budget. This is especially true with food blogs as amazing as the ones on this list.

That’s why I decided to include a section for budget food blogs.

Take a look:

63. Budget Bytes

Founder(s): Beth Moncel

Budget Bytes
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Beth Moncel herself stated that she isn’t a professional chef nor a financial expert. She built Budget Bytes with her own skills and passion — discussing recipes and budgeting to thousands of readers a month.

64. Good Cheap Eats

Founder(s): Jessica Fisher

Good Cheap Eats
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Cooking on a budget involves four things: saving on groceries, meal planning, managing leftovers, and saving time. Good Cheap Eats can teach you about all of them — topped off with everyday recipes that won’t break the bank. 

65. Munaty Cooking

Founder(s): Muna Kenny

Munaty Cooking
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Munaty Cooking is an excellent starting point if you want to save and experiment with foreign flavors simultaneously. The site’s recipe index has traces of North Indian, Russian, Italian, Middle Eastern, and various other cuisines from overseas.

66. Don’t Waste the Crumbs

Founder(s): Tiffany Crumbs

Don't Waste the Crumbs
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Yes — this food blog is named after its owner. 

Don’t Waste The Crumbs provides a transformative experience to readers through insightful and engaging content. It starts off by focusing on mindset changes, proper budgeting, and meal planning before getting to the catalog of recipes.

67. Paleo on a Budget

Founder(s): Liz Diamandis

Paleo on a Budget
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If you’re looking to adopt the paleo diet and lifestyle, Paleo On A Budget has all the resources you need. In addition to recipes, the site also has a “Paleo 101” section for readers who are new to the diet.

The blog also publishes posts related to the paleo lifestyle from time to time. 

68. Frugal Foodie Mama

Founder(s): Carrie Robinson

Frugal Foodie Mama
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Frugal Foodie Mama shows us that amazing food doesn’t need to have the most expensive ingredients. Even the leftover turkey you had on Thanksgiving could look like something you get from a five-star restaurant.

69. Penny’s Recipes

Founder(s): Penny Nicholson

Penny's Recipes
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Penny’s Recipes is a modest blog with inexpensive yet delectable recipes like the spicy sausage stew and the tuna steak. Penny also frequently talks about frugality, holidays, inspiration, and everything food-related on the site.

70. Savor + Savvy

Founder(s): Ginny

Savor + Savvy
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Here’s another example of a budget food blog done right. 

It’s not that Savor and Savvy only works with the cheapest ingredients. Rather, its lineup of budget-friendly recipes is backed with insightful posts about frugal living and home tips. 

71. $5 Dinners Blog

Founder(s): Erin Chase

$5 Dinners
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$5 Dinners is similar to Cook Smarts since they both offer a subscription-based meal plan service. The key difference is, the former puts more emphasis on cooking on a budget.  

If you’re curious about their recipes, $5 Dinners utilizes a range of ingredients, including beans, turkey, pasta, and so on.

72. A Mind “Full” Mom

Founder(s): Kristen Chidsey

A Mind "Full" Mom
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I like the way A Mind “Full” Mom approaches budget-friendly cooking. It gets straight to the point and teaches you honest, delicious dishes with inexpensive and accessible ingredients. 

73. Plant-Based on a Budget

Founder(s): Toni Okamoto 

Plant-Based on a Budget
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Depending on where you live, it may be difficult to go plant-based and save money at the same time. Plant-Based on a Budget will help you stick to both commitments with affordable, plant-based recipes. 

74. Workweek Lunch

Founder(s): Talia Koren

Workweek Lunch
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Workweek Lunch makes sure your health and food cravings aren’t compromised by a busy schedule and tight budget. While the core meal preparation program is paid, the site has enough free recipes and meal planning tips in store. 

Best Cocktails and Beverages Blogs

The eating experience isn’t complete without a nice beverage to wash down the grub. 

And if you love food, it’s never too much to ask for something other than water. 

That brings us to some of the best cocktails and beverages blogs I got the pleasure of visiting.

75. Drink of the Week

Founder(s): Jonas and Rachel Nico Halpren

Drink of the Week
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The success of Drink of the Week is largely attributed to the weekly cocktail recipes they send subscribers. Today, you can find countless beverage recipes and insightful posts about food, holidays, and even meal recipes.

76. Simple Green Smoothies

Founder(s): Jen Hansard

Simply Green Smoothies
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Despite the name, you’ll find recipes on Simple Green Smoothies that are neither “simple” nor “green.” The important thing is, all of them are nutritious, easy to make, and incredibly tasty. 

77. JuiceRecipes.com

Founder(s): Tracee Sloan

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JuiceRecipes.com makes juicing both easy and enjoyable with creative recipes like the “Peach Medley” and “Heart Beet.” It’s the perfect complement to those who follow vegan food blogs and want to try something new. 

78. The Drink Blog

Founder(s): Morgan Greenhalgh

The Drink Blog
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As a blogger, there are several things I like about The Drink Blog. Apart from the recipes themselves, it also exemplifies what it means to have a user-friendly website. 

This mainly has something to do with the site’s minimalistic and clear-cut design. There is absolutely zero visual-clutter — everything on the page is essential and contributes something valuable to users.

79. Healthy Smoothie Headquarters

Founder(s): Ryan Carmody

Healthy Smoothie Headquarters
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A true smoothie enthusiast cares about the positive benefits of the beverage to their health. Healthy Smoothie Headquarters believes in this principle and supplies readers with free learning resources. 

Their educational content tackles important topics like weight loss, the basics of making smoothies, and recipes for specific health conditions.

80. Juicing for Health

Founder(s): Sara Ding 

Juicing for Health
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What makes Juicing for Health really intriguing is that each post elaborates  onthe health benefits of the specific recipe. There are also plenty of listicles about different smoothie recipes, their ingredients, and how they work from a scientific perspective. 

Best Indian Food Blogs

No matter what I achieve in life or how far I go, I will always stick to my roots. 

The moment I started planning the outline for this post, I knew that I had to include Indian food blogs. 

That said, I’m proud to share with you the best food bloggers from home: 

81. Mallika Basu

Founder(s): Mallika Basu

Mallika Basu
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Mallika Basu is a popular Indian food blog with well-loved recipes like chana masala and pork vindaloo. It’s a great entry point into the cuisine if you’ve never had Indian food before.

82. Veg Recipes of India

Founder(s): Dassana Amit

Veg Recipes of India
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If you’re unaware, India is known to have the biggest number of vegetarians in the world. That’s why sites like Veg Recipes of India, with recipes like carrot halwa and dal makhana, are unsurprisingly popular.

83. Sailu’s Food

Founder(s): Sailaja Gudivada

Sailu's Food
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Sailu’s Food specializes in Andhra-style dishes like their gutti dondakaya and gutti vankaya fry. They also have recipes that originate from other regions of India, like the southern muttai kulambu and northern bhindi fry.

84. Tasty Appetite

Founder(s): Jayanthy Kumaran

Tasty Appetite
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Want to learn the traditional dishes that us Indians have at home? 

Tasty Appetite will take you one step closer to our culture with beloved recipes like the korma, biryani, and sambar. Each recipe comes with multiple variations, so take your pick and dig in.

85. Hooked On Heat

Founder(s): Meena Agarwal

Hooked On Heat
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Aside from Mallika Basu’s blog, I recommend those with zero experience with Indian food to check out Hooked On Heat. The site is filled with home recipes that are not only healthy and affordable, but also full of flavor. 

86. Swasthi’s Recipes

Founder(s): Swasthi Shreekanth

Swasthi's Recipes
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Swasthi’s Recipes is the brainchild of a mom with decades of experience in traditional Indian home cooking. The site offers tried-and-tested, healthy recipes like the coconut chutney and paneer butter masala.

87. Spice Up The Curry

Founder(s): Kanan Patel 

Spice Up The Curry
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Even if you’re new to Indian food, Spice Up The Curry will have you making restaurant-quality dishes in no time. While the majority of recipes are Indian, you’ll also find fusions like the Indo-Chinese veg hot and sour soup.  

88. Kitchen of Debjani

Founder(s): Debjani Chatterjee Alam 

Debjani's Kitchen
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The Kitchen of Debjani will walk you through different recipe categories, such as desserts, vegetarian, festive, and comfort foods. The bulk of the site’s recipe index, however, is largely Bengali — like the bhetki macher dum and kosha pork.

89. Maunika Gowardhan

Founder(s): Maunika Gowardhan

Maunika Gowardhan
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Maunika Gowardhan is a professional chef-run food blog with a plethora of authentic Indian dishes to offer. It also discusses the most important spices in Indian cuisine, allowing you to experiment on your next dish. 

90. Rak’s Kitchen

Founder(s): Rajeswari Vijayanand

Rak's Kitchen
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Touring Rak’s Kitchen, even for a minute, will fill you up with exciting ideas for your next vegan dish. The recipes are neatly sorted according to ingredients like halva, laddu, and special occasions like Diwali. 

91. Yummy Tummy

Founder(s): Aarthi Satheesh

Yummy Tummy
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If you often crave Indian food but are open to exploring other cuisines, Yummy Tummy is the blog for you. Other than traditional Indian recipes, the site also covers other stuff like pizza, chocolate chip cookie recipes, and scallion rolls. 

92. Kannamma Cooks

Founder(s): Suguna Vinodh

Kannamma Cooks
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Just like Yummy Tummy, Kannamma Cooks also covers a range of cuisines, not just Indian. The blog also has Suguna’s recreation of movie dishes like the “Ratatouille a la Remy” and “Kung Fu Panda dumplings.”

93. Indian Simmer

Founder(s): Prerna Singh

Indian Simmer
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Indian Simmer also loves to fuse Indian food with other cuisines, like the saag paneer naan pizza shown above. But unlike Yummy Tummy and Kannnamma Cooks, there’s more emphasis on Indian ingredients. 

94. Archana’s Kitchen

Founder(s): Archana Doshi 

Archana's Kitchen
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The recipes in Archana’s Kitchen not only has Indian recipes, but also Mexican, Sri Lankan, Italian, Thai, Malaysian, and continental. This only proves how versatile we can be when it comes to healthy and delicious cooking. 

95. Manjula’s Kitchen

Founder(s): Manjula Jain

Manjula's Kitchen
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For Indian vegetarian recipes you’d like to try at home, you should definitely check out Manjula’s Kitchen. I personally love the fact that the site includes authentic Indian street food, like dahi puri chaat and ram ladoo.

Best Asian Food Blogs

Did you enjoy the Indian recipes above? 

Why don’t we go further east and explore other Asian cuisines?

Here’s a list of the top food blogs to follow in 2021 if you’re into Asian food:

96. Panlasang Pinoy

Founder(s): Vanjo Merano

Panlasang Pinoy
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If you’ve ever been in the Philippines, you may be familiar with some of the recipes in Panlasang Pinoy. Every dish you can find in Filipino restaurants, from adobo to lumpia appetizers, can be found on the site.

97. The Woks of Life

Founder(s): Bill, Judy, Sarah, and Kaitlin Leung

The Woks of Life
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No matter where you are, Chinese cuisine is probably well-received in your area. 

The Woks of Life can save you the trouble of driving to the nearest Chinese restaurant. With easy-to-follow, visual recipe pages, you can make dishes like Hunan beef and Chinese soup dumplings right in your kitchen.

98. China Sichuan Food

Founder(s): Elaine Luo

China Sichuan Food
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Don’t be fooled by the blog’s name — China Sichuan Food has recipes for you from beyond the Sichuan province. Among the most popular recipes on the site are the authentic kung pao chicken and “jiaozi” or Chinese dumplings.

99. My Korean Kitchen

Founder(s): Sue Pressey

My Korean Kitchen
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The Korean cuisine is popular for its variety of barbecues, and you’ll learn all about them from My Korean Kitchen. You will also learn how to make Korean appetizers, drinks, kimchi, noodles, meat dishes, and even baby food.

100. Just One Cookbook

Founder(s): Namiko Hirasawa Chen

Just One Cookbook
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So far, we’ve covered blogs on the Filipino, Chinese, and Korean cuisines. 

What about the flavors of Japanese food?

For that, Just One Cookbook has got you covered. The blog can teach you about savory Japanese noodles, tasty sushi, traditional sweets, and more.

101. Spice the Plate

Founder(s): Emma Tang

Spice the Plate
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Reading the Spice the Plate blog is a great way to get into Asian cooking. 

On top of the authentic Asian recipes, the site also has a couple of guides and a shop section. These can certainly help home cooks get their feet wet in the Asian culinary arts.

102. Hungry Huy

Founder(s): Bryan Huy Vu

Hungry Huy
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You can’t forget about Vietnamese food when talking about Asian cuisines. 

Hungry Huy unpacks the science, culture, and recipes of the Vietnamese cuisine with easy-to-follow recipe pages. The recipe categories on the site are appetizers, snacks, main dishes, salads, desserts, and soups. 

103. Steamy Kitchen

Founder(s): Jaden Hair

Steamy Kitchen
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Steamy Kitchen will bolster your Asian cooking skills not just with over 1,000 recipes, but also with useful “Cooking Shortcuts.” These are guides that will help you make the most out of the Asian cooking experience.  

104. Chopstick Chronicles

Founder(s): Shihoku Ura and Elizabeth McClelland 

Chopstick Chronicles
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Chopstick Chronicles specializes in authentic, Japanese staple dishes like the udon noodles, ramen, and onigiri. They also have recipes for a variety of Japanese snacks, including mochi ice cream, dango, and Japanese custard pudding.

105. Japanese Cooking 101

Founder(s): Yuko Yagi and Noriko Yura

Japanese Cooking 101
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If you’re the sort of cook who likes to experiment with recipes, you can take inspiration from Japanese Cooking 101. The blog offers videos and detailed recipe pages not just for traditional Japanese dishes, but also a bunch of fusions.

106. Pickled Plum

Founder(s): Caroline Phelps

Pickled Plum
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Pickled Plum largely covers Asian recipes like the Hong Kong-style fried rice and Korean bibimbap bowl. However, the site also has French, Mexican, and a slew of western recipes — most of which with an Asian twist. 


There you have it — the best 106 best food blogs I’ve ever encountered. 

With a nigh uncountable number of food blogs on the web, it’ll be extremely difficult to create a definitive list. 

That’s why I need your help in making this post more complete.

Please, leave a comment below if you think I missed your favorite food blog. Also, don’t hesitate to post questions or share your feedback on what you just read.


Best Food Blogs
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Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla

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