Food Blogger Pro Review: Is it the Best Food Blogging Course?

I have a confession to make. 

When I’m not writing blog posts, I’m taking online courses about marketing and specific blogging niches.

Food blogging happens to be my most recent field of interest. 

It’s one of the blogging spheres where you absolutely need to be passionate about what you’re doing. Otherwise, it will be nigh impossible to establish a brand that people will trust. 

This post is a full-on Food Blogger Pro review — the online course that sparked my fascination with food blogging.

Let’s dig in.

Food Blogger Pro: An Introduction

Food Blogger Pro is founded by couple Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom. 

The site was a response to everyone who was inspired by Pinch of Yum — the blog that started it all. 

Pinch of Yum Homepage
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Just like any other blog, Pinch of Yum had a modest start. 

Back in August of 2011, the site made only $21.97 in its first month with the Foodie Blogroll ad service. It wasn’t until March 2012 when they made over $1,000 a month for the very first time.

Pinch of Yum Income Report
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Fast-forward to today, Pinch of Yum remained one of the biggest and most popular food blogs in the industry.

The Ostroms called it “The Food Blog Money Making Experiment,” and it captured the interest of countless aspiring food bloggers.

If you’re interested in checking out their income reports yourself, click this link.

With so many people asking the Ostroms how they did it, they eventually decided to launch Food Blogger Pro. 

That brings us to today. 

Why Am I Doing This?

There are two reasons why I decided to sign up for Food Blogger Pro and give it a review.

First off, it’s partly out of sheer curiosity. 

Second, I often get questions from readers who are interested in food blogging.

To provide them with more detailed and insightful advice, I turned to Food Blogger Pro to refine my knowledge. 

In this review, I will rate Food Blogger Pro with five factors in mind:

  • Community
  • Course Value
  • Website Usability
  • Extras (Podcast and Tools)
  • Pricing

To grade each factor, I’ll use a scale of one to five — higher is better.

Read on to find out about my Food Blogger Pro experience. 

1. The Community (5/5)

Upon signing in, I was led straight to their “Community” page. It acts as the central hub where members can post specific questions, share information, discover tools, and so on.

Food Blogger Pro Community Page
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It’s completely understandable if you want to jump into the “Courses” page right away. But before you do, bear in mind that an active community can teach you stuff that recorded materials can’t. 

With that being said, let me give you a quick tour of Food Blogger Pro’s forum sections: 

General Discussions

If you’re new to the site, the “General Discussions” section is a great place to start.

It’s where members go to ask general questions or request feedback about anything related to food blogging.

General Discussions Forum
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As a member, the general discussion forum will allow you to learn something new every day.  You may also browse this forum and reply to posts in order to get acquainted fast with other members.

Getting Started 

If you haven’t gotten into building your food blog yet, the “Getting Started” forum will put you right on course.

The topics discussed in this section range from web hosting to site migrations. 

Getting Started Forum
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You should expect to visit this page often, especially in the early stages of your food blogging career. 

Building Traffic 

With your website up and running, your next goal is to generate traffic to your food blog. 

The “Building Traffic” forum is packed with ideas, sites, and tools that can help you do this. It’s updated almost every day, so you’ll never be left out when the next “hot tip” emerges. 

Building Traffic Forum
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Like it or not, food photography is an essential piece to the food blogging puzzle. 

Let’s face it, it’s physically impossible to convey taste through the internet. You can only simulate it with the help of two other senses — sight and sound.

In the “Photography” forum, you can tap into the Food Blogger Pro community to hone your food photography skills. Some of the topics you’ll come across include photo editing software, website image quality, cameras, and photography tips.  

Photography Forum
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Photo Feedback 

Feedback — be it positive or negative — is key if you want measurable improvements. 

If you are determined to master the art of food photography, the “Photo Feedback” section is the place to be. It lets you leverage the collective wisdom of members and super-friendly administrators to spot improvement opportunities and sharpen your craft. 

Photo Feedback Forum
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Beginners can also browse this forum to gain photo ideas for their blog. On a more personal note, I also find it enjoyable and stress-relieving to look at other members’ submissions. 


Producing videos can be intimidating for novices, but it’s an important skill if you don’t want to rely on freelancers.

The “Video” forum can make things a little less frightening by addressing real-world problems that bloggers have with video production. Some examples are finding royalty-free music for video content, fixing issues with video quality, and learning video editing.

Video Forum
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Social Media 

As a blogger myself, I can guarantee you that social media marketing isn’t as easy as it seems. 

Don’t believe me? Perhaps you’ll be convinced once you realize that the “Social Media” forum has over a thousand posts. 

Social Media Forum
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Essential Tools 

I’m a big fan of online marketing tools, which is why the “Essential Tools” forum drew my attention. 

It’s filled with posts about topics I’m highly familiar with, like keyword research tools, Google Search Console, and WordPress plugins.

Essential Tools Forum
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If you ever want to do something with your blog, a swift visit to this section is a must. 

Remember, cloud-based tools help save you time. And in the blogging business, time saved can be money earned.

Generating Income 

In my career, I lost count of how many times I’ve been asked this question: 

How can you make money blogging?

In the food blogging industry, the same question is in everyone’s mind. That’s why Food Blogger Pro members post questions to the “Generating Income” forum almost every single day.  

Generating Income Forum
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I have an upcoming post that discusses food blog monetization in detail, so stay tuned.

Creating an eBook 

Speaking of monetization, a lot of food bloggers also generate revenue by selling recipe eBooks. 

I know — most food bloggers consider the field because they have innate writing skills. However, creating a full-length eBook is a challenging task even to veteran bloggers.

If you need advice, tools, and other resources regarding eBooks, the “Creating an eBook” forum will be of great help. 

Creating an eBook Forum
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Essential Plugins

If you built your own website, chances are you used WordPress to get the ball rolling.

The “Essential Plugins” forum can help you find the WordPress plugins you need for specific functionalities. 

Essential Plugins Forum
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You can also use the forum to request assistance if you need help troubleshooting an issue. Other members can also provide their input in case you can’t decide between two similar plugins.

Guidelines and How-tos

Lastly, the “Guidelines and How-tos” forum contains only two posts — “Guidelines and Rules” and “Mission Statement.

Both were created by Bjork Ostrom himself. They were written to inform new members about the existing forum rules, guidelines, and the company’s mission statement.

Guidelines and How-tos Forum
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Other forums

Aside from the main forum pages listed above, Food Blogger Pro has two additional boards under the “Members” category.

The “Intros and Promos” forum gives newcomers the opportunity to introduce themselves. I don’t know about you, but it’s indeed a nice touch that strengthens the sense of community on the site.

The “Community Connect & Roundups,” on the other hand, lets members form connections outside of Food Blogger Pro. This is where you can find professional social media groups and potential partners for collaborative projects. 

My thoughts on the Food Blogging Pro community

To me, the worth of an online message board is based on four things: 

  • User interface
  • The overall friendliness of members 
  • The staff (admins and moderators)
  • And the fruitfulness of conversations

Food Blogging Pro manages to check every box community-wise.

For that reason, I’ll give it a score of five out of five for the community aspect.

2. Overall Course Value (5/5)

The community aspect of an online course is important and all, but what about its actual educational value?

That’s what we’ll examine next. 

To check out Food Blogger Pro’s online course offerings, click ‘Courses’ on the top menu.

Food Blogger Pro Courses
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From there, you’ll be given an overview of Food Blogger Pro’s online course library. 

The course videos are organized into categories to help members stay on track. The categories are as follows: 

  • Getting Started
  • Building Traffic
  • Food Photography
  • Photo Editing
  • Food Video
  • Social Media
  • Essential Tools
  • Essential Plugins
  • Generating Income
  • Creating an eBook
  • Bootcamps
  • Mini Courses
Online Courses Page
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I appreciate how Food Blogger Pro sorts the online courses based on what you should learn first. That’s another point earned for being beginner-friendly. 

Unfortunately, there’s no way to cover all courses in Food Blogger Pro’s library without making this post extremely long. 

I’ll just have to cover the ones that I think highlights the Food Blogger Pro brand from an “eLearning” perspective. 

That reminds me — I prepared the graphic below for those who are curious about what Food Blogger Pro has to offer: 

Food Blogger Pro Things You'll Learn
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Learning the basics with the “Getting Started” course

Food Blogger Pro doesn’t mess around with their online food blogging courses. 

If they want to teach something, they make sure members get everything there is to know about a subject.

The “Getting Started” course exemplifies this. 

It begins with a series of short videos on the process of website creation. Completing this series will enable newbies to get their food blog online in no time. 

Getting Started Course
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What’s really impressive is the “WordPress Deep Dive” section, which explores every nook and cranny of the WordPress platform.

Every key section of WordPress — from the dashboard’s homepage to the “Permalinks” settings page — will be explained. 

WordPress Deep Dive Course
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The Getting Started course also has lessons about basic branding and essential Google apps, like Gmail and Google Docs. To ensure that your blogging career goes off to a running start, tit finishes with workflow and productivity management tips.

I love the last part because it can also benefit bloggers in other niches — not just food bloggers.

Time Management Course
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Okay — we now know that Food Blogger Pro’s video courses are elaborate. 

How about the value and quality of each video? 

Rest assured that, in each video, the host clearly explains the lesson with visuals and examples to match. 

Bjork himself hosts in plenty of the course videos, and he sometimes uses tools like Deskscribble to better deliver instructions.

How Bjork Uses Deskscribble
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While unlikely, some Food Blogger Pro members may have a hard time understanding what’s being discussed in the video. The good news is, they include a full transcription just below the page. 

Members can also find links to useful resources, such as the tools being discussed and the related forum. 

Course Video Transcription and Resources
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Improving your food photography skills 

Before you decided to become a food blogger, you’ve probably been to sites like Food52 and Minimalist Baker

What do these cream-of-the-crop food blogs have in common?

They all feature top-notch, mesmerizing food photos in their posts.

Minimalist Baker and Food52
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Ever wondered how food photography of this caliber is performed? 

With Food Blogger Pro’s “Food Photography” course, you can. 

The course’s scope extends from how to use a DSLR or Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera to using photo editing software.

Food Photography Course
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Advanced food photography techniques like lighting, photo angles, and props will also be discussed extensively. 

This particular video on styling with props, for example, is 30 minutes long with plenty of demos for inspiration. 

Styling with Props Video
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One drawback of this course is that you need to own a DSLR camera. If not, you simply won’t be able to make the most out of these lessons. 

If you don’t have the budget for one at the moment, you can look up food photography lessons with smartphones. They are relatively easy to find on platforms like YouTube.

Knowing how to make money with your food blog 

Food blog monetization may not be your priority right now, but it’s something you need to tackle sooner or later. 

The “Generating Income” course will equip you with the knowledge you need to reap the rewards of your hard work. 

I’m quite well-versed in this field myself, and I’m here to tell you that this course is 100% worth it. 

It’s not just another online course reiterating monetization ideas and general tips that can be found elsewhere for free. Bjork himself sees to it that students have a firm grasp of monetization concepts by utilizing real-world examples. 

Generating Income with Food Blog Videos
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Food Blogger Pro members will also understand what it’s like to run a blog like a proper business. They’ll learn the less-talked-about topics in blogging like buying insurance, bookkeeping, putting together media kits, and more.

Long story short, it’s the part of the online course where you’ll eventually make your investments back. 

Growing your food blogging skills with “Mini Courses” 

Do you know what I admire the most in online entrepreneurs? 

I don’t think it’s just the grit and savvy that bring them success. Rather, I personally believe it’s the willingness to go the extra mile for the sake of their audience.

Food Blogger Pro over-delivers by offering a “Mini Courses” section — the cherry on top of their eLearning program. 

In here, you’ll find supplementary lessons that will speed up the growth of your food blog.

Mini Courses Section
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Yes — I suspect that these lessons were an afterthought. In fact, most of them could’ve been included in other courses. 

But that’s exactly why I applaud the Food Blogger Pro crew. 

They didn’t need to create these videos about setting up a Gravatar account or using cloud-based tools for blogging teams. Still, they chose to do it because they want to give their students everything they can to help them succeed. 

It’s not like the mini courses feel rushed, either. 

Each video was treated with the same amount of care and attention to detail as the other ones. 

There’s a lot more to see in Food Blogger Pro’s vast collection of food blogging courses. Though I’m sure I’ve already made my point loud and clear:

What is Food Blogger Pro’s overall course value? 

Easy: five out of five.

Click here to experience Food Blogger Pro.

3. Website Usability (4/5)

I’ve reviewed a lot of tools and services in this blog. 

Since Food Blogger Pro is technically a service, it’s only fair to look at the usability factor in this review.

To look at this objectively, I’ll consider five specific facets when rating Food Blogger Pro’s usability: 

  • User interface design
  • Page loading speed
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Reliability 
  • Ease of navigation

User interface design

I have nothing but praise for Food Blogger Pro’s user interface design for desktop browsers. 

The site is kept clean with minimal visual clutter. Clearly, they knew that fewer distractions equate to a better learning experience. 

Food Blogger Pro User Interface
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There are also just enough visual cues to help members familiarize themselves with the site. 

Remember the forum sections I mentioned at the beginning of this review? 

Forum Section Simple Icons
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Moreover, Food Blogger Pro gets rid of needless ads or anything that resembles one. The only thing close to a self-promotion anywhere on the site is the newsletter opt-in form. 

Thankfully, it’s tucked away in the “Blog” and “Podcast” sections of the site. 

Food Blogger Pro Opt-In Form
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There is, however, the “Deals” section, which contains all of the affiliate products that Food Blogger Pro members may need. 

The reason I’m giving this a pass is that they’re all on the “Deals and Discounts” page. And if you went there on purpose, you should already know what’s coming. 

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Page loading speed

Let me have a quick word about a website’s performance before we rate Food Blogger Pro’s loading speed.

When it comes to a website’s page loading speed, your internet connection can’t be ignored. 

The important content on the site are videos, so users with slow internet may complain about their experience.

But if you have an average internet connection, Food Blogger Pro’s performance is just average.  

I confirmed this with the help of PageSpeed Insights — a free performance analysis tool by Google. 

PageSpeed Insights Food Blogger Pro Performance Report
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To be honest, I expected Food Blogger Pro to have a much higher score than 82. 

I never really experienced performance issues of any kind when browsing the site. However, it’s worth noting that PageSpeed Insights relies on the Chrome User Experience Report to grade a website’s performance.

Put simply, it utilizes metrics collected from Google Chrome users worldwide through the usage statistic reporting system. 

Just because Food Blogger Pro loads quickly on my end, doesn’t mean it does for everyone else.

In any case, you shouldn’t take the report from PageSpeed Insights at face value. 

There may be plenty of faster and better-optimized websites out there. But despite the average rating, navigating Food Blogger Pro’s website should feel fast and fluid — thanks to its minimalistic design. 

The same can be said for clean, well-designed sites with an average PageSpeed Insights score, like Facebook: 

Facebook Page Speed Report
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What should concern you is the user experience when Food Blogger Pro is accessed from a mobile device. 

Mobile friendliness

In a world that runs on the internet, being connected is more important than ever. 

You see, not everyone can stay at home for hours and watch Food Blogger Pro’s course videos. Some people, including myself on occasion, have no choice but watch them on the go.  

That’s where my only complaint about Food Blogger Pro stems from. 

Let me start with the website’s performance report. 

According to PageSpeed Insights, Food Blogger Pro’s performance score for mobile sits at only 36. 

Food Blogger Pro Mobile performance
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No matter how you look at it, the numbers don’t really paint a pretty picture for Food Blogger Pro. 

But even if Food Blogger Pro loads fast on your mobile device, the site’s optimization leaves much to be desired. 

To show you what I’m talking about, I used Chrome to preview the site on a mobile display.

In the screenshot below, you should be able to tell that mobile optimization isn’t their strongest suit.   

Food Blogger Pro Mobile View
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Even the menu looks stuck with some form of unoptimized responsive layout.

Food Blogger Pro Mobile Responsive Menu
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Food Blogger Pro also implements the same kind of somewhat clunky mobile responsiveness on other pages. Here’s another example of the “Courses,” wherein the sections appear too big for a mobile display. 

Mobile View Courses Page
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On the bright side, none of these issues should affect your video viewing experience. You may have to wait until you’re home on your computer before you head to the forums, though. 


Another important aspect of usability is the website’s stability. 

It doesn’t matter how fast or mobile-friendly a website is if it’s ridden with bugs and prone to crashes. 

Luckily, I never experienced such things in my time with Food Blogger Pro. All of the site’s features work as intended while every page I’ve visited has loaded without a hitch.

Now, I’m not saying it will never crash for you, especially if we consider the unlikely event of server downtimes. 

However, such an event has more to do with their hosting service than the integrity of the site’s infrastructure. More importantly, site downtimes usually get resolved within a few minutes. 

For now, it’s safe to say that Food Blogger Pro’s reliability and accessibility are rock solid.

Ease of navigation

The last ingredient of a perfectly usable website is intuitive navigation. 

Food Blogger Pro’s helpful internal links and streamlined menu system make browsing the site a pleasure. Crucial sections like the “Courses” page, forums, tools, and blog are just a click away — wherever are on the site. 

Food Blogger Pro Menu
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Let’s not forget the helpful footer links and “Recent Forum Activity” at the bottom of every page. These elements sometimes go underappreciated, but they’re most certainly useful to users who want to get to know the site. 

Footer Links and Resources
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From a usability standpoint, I can confidently say that Food Blogger Pro is great  

My only concern is the site’s mobile-friendliness, which can definitely use some improvements. 

For my final website usability score, Food Blogger Pro gets a score of four out of five.

Click here to experience Food Blogger Pro!

4. Extras (4/5)

We’ve already unboxed Food Blogger Pro’s main contents. 

The community? Excellent — five out of five. 

How about the value and quality of the online courses? Perfect score. 

The user experience wasn’t flawless due to the site’s mobile optimization issues. While it isn’t perfect, the overall usability of the site still gets four out of five stars. 

So far, Food Blogger Pro is shaping up to be a must-buy for hopeful food bloggers. But before I give my final recommendation, there are two more areas worth pondering over: 

The site’s extra features and pricing. 

Listening to the Food Blogger Pro Podcast

There are many reasons why a lot of people fail in the blogging business. 

Some run out of capital due to the lack of effective monetization strategies. Others get smothered by competitors because they didn’t do enough niche research. 

There are also bloggers who gain some traction but fail to maintain their momentum. 

Take note that blogging is a lifelong learning experience. To keep up with the industry’s ever-changing nature, you mustn’t stop pursuing opportunities to acquire new knowledge and remain competitive. 

Food Blogger Pro can help you with this in two ways.          

Firstly, the community section serves as an open-source repository of knowledge that helps food bloggers up their game. 

Secondly, Food Blogger Pro keeps your food blogging IQ topped up with new information through their podcasts. 

This can be accessed directly by clicking ‘Podcast’ in the main menu. 

Food Blogger Pro Podcast
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Looking at the dates of each upload, it’s clear that Food Blogger Pro publishes a podcast on a weekly basis. 

Apart from the audio clip itself, Food Blogger Pro also presents the transcript of the podcast along with useful links. 

Again, that’s just Food Blogger Pro proving that they care about the value their members get. 

Podcast Resource Links
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As for the podcasts’ quality, the audio is clear as crystal — plus, the episodes are genuinely fun to listen to. 

Just like with every other podcast, the hosts and guests tend to share their personal experiences. This stretches some episodes to up to an hour long, which isn’t bad since they’re still loaded with valuable information.

All in all, the podcast is perfect for when you’re on the road or doing a household chore. It’s also available for free on third-party listening platforms like iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify. 

Just search for “The Food Blogger Pro Podcast” and look for Bjork’s name. 

The Food Blogger Pro Podcast on Spotify
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Free eBooks

I wouldn’t exactly call this an extra feature, but I feel like I should mention it anyway.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Food Blogger Pro membership, I advise you to download their free eBooks first.

This one is called the “10 Mistakes that Bloggers Make and How to Fix Them” eBook.

Free eBook 10 Mistakes that Bloggers Make
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As the title suggests, it talks about the most common blogging pitfalls that you must avoid at all costs. And if you already fell into any of them, this eBook will show you how to claw your way back out. 

The next eBook is called “The #1 Thing,” which talks about the primary focus of the top 30 food bloggers

food blogger pro the number one thing ebook
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Some of the featured food bloggers in the eBook are: 

Why should you read these eBooks before deciding whether to buy a Food Blogger Pro membership or not?

Simple: it will help you get a taste — so to speak — of Food Blogger Pro’s content quality standards. 

Granted, the content in these eBooks is nothing compared to the information you can get from their course videos. Still, they will show you the communication style and writing tone you can expect from the Food Blogger Pro brand. 

In three words, I’d describe them as approachable, professional, and highly informative.

The Food Blogger Pro Affiliate Program 

There’s another perk of being a Food Blogger Pro member: 

You get to promote their value-packed course and earn 20-40% in commissions as an affiliate. 

Since Food Blogger Pro is a subscription-based service, that means you can make money each month — passively. 

Food Blogger Pro also supports affiliates with ready-made banners, creative text links, and a dedicated affiliate management team. You only need a membership and the initiative to sign up for their affiliate program. 

Food Blogger Pro Affiliate Program
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Looking at Food Blogger Pro’s tools 

To help turn information into action, Food Blogger Pro provides members with tools for specific tasks.

Just don’t expect a sophisticated, cloud-based app like a keyword research tool or social media scheduler. The truth is, they only offer a few trackers on the “Tools” page. 

Let me go over them real quick:

  • Course Tracker — To better monitor your progress, it’s preferable to use the course tracker and view the lessons from there. For some people, checking off an entire course also induces a sense of accomplishment.
  • SEO Checklist — The SEO checklist is basically a list of content writing guidelines that can improve the organic searchability of your posts. Of course, the idea is to eventually stop relying on this checklist, but it will surely be great for beginners. 
  • Social Media Checklist — Similar to the SEO checklist, the social media checklist contains reminders for your next social media content promotion. If you want, you can also download their social media strategic planning worksheet — perfect if you promote on multiple platforms. 
Food Blogger Pro Tools Section
  • Save

That about sums up Food Blogger Pro’s handy, albeit small, toolbox. 

What’s that — you were expecting more?

Sure, it may not be enough to impress some people who are expecting tools with a tad more firepower. But for members like me who only care about the education, I’ll get from the program, it’s more than enough. 

Either way, that justification isn’t enough to reward Food Blogger Pro with another perfect score. In terms of extra features, it gets a four out of five.

5. Food Blogger Pro Price (5/5)

Finally, it’s time to address the question that has been in the back of your mind when you clicked on this review: 

“How much does Food Blogger Pro cost?”

The answer is $35 per month — $29.17 if you choose the annual billing plan. That’s the cost of a Food Blogger Pro membership.

Food Blogger Pro Pricing
  • Save

Is it worth it?

To put things into perspective, Udemy courses that offer the same lessons have higher upfront costs. 

Udemy Online Course Prices
  • Save

Yikes — those prices are certainly more frightening than the $35 you’ll spend on Food Blogger Pro. 

Those courses don’t even cover half of what Food Blogger Pro does on their site. Not to mention its ever-growing community that will help you learn information based on the experience of other food bloggers. 

But won’t Food Blogger Pro cost more in the long run?

True, Udemy courses only require a one-time payment whereas Food Blogger Pro only offers a subscription. In time, you may end up spending more than you would if you purchase a Udemy course. 

It’s understandable for new bloggers to be reluctant when buying into a service that requires a monthly fee. 

I get it, you want to make every penny count and would prefer free whenever possible.

I’ve been there before. 

But think about it, how many months do you really need to complete Food Blogger Pro’s online course?  

As it stands, Food Blogger Pro has over 350 videos in its online course. If you watch three videos a day, you can finish the entire course in approximately four to five months tops. 

That’s like only $175 for a holistic, superior food blogging education. 

What about a Food Blogger Pro refund?

Ultimately, I’m confident to tell all my readers this: 

The Food Blogger Pro course? Go for it. 

Their pricing gets a score of five out of five.

Give their program your time, dedication, and utmost effort — you won’t be disappointed. 

But if, for any reason, you aren’t happy with your membership, you can always request a cancellation. 

Food Blogger Pro offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, which you probably won’t need since it’s a rock-hard investment. 

What Do Other Members Say?

Before investing in anything, it’s always a good idea to get a second, third, or fourth opinion.

Remember this as the stability of your blogging endeavor could depend on it: 

Whatever you do, don’t make decisions with your money just by reading one guy’s review. 

Don’t worry — I did some digging and found a couple of Food Blogger Pro testimonials from members. 

Here’s one from Nelson Cardoso, which he posted on Quora as a response to “how do people get good at blogging?”

Food Blogger Pro Testimonial on Quora
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This is another, good review posted on Food Blogger Pro’s podcast page on iTunes:

Food Blogger Pro Podcast Testimonial
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For a more in-depth review, check out this video uploaded by Clotilde Dusoulier on her YouTube channel:

Of course, there’s also no shortage of member testimonials on Food Blogger Pro’s website itself. 

Food Blogger Pro Testimonials Page
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Believe it or not, I actually tried to find negative reviews of Food Blogger Pro everywhere.

I’ve been to Quora, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the comment sections of all the positive online reviews I’ve found.

Nope — everyone seems happy with the program, and that includes me. 

If you happen to find anything negative about Food Blogger Pro, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments below. I’m inviting you to do this because I’m sure there are readers who’ll appreciate it.  

Click here to join Food Blogger Pro membership!

Food Blogger Pro Frequently Asked Questions

What is Food Blogger Pro?

Food Blogger Pro is an online course program built for aspiring food bloggers who don’t know where to start. Some of the lessons you’ll learn are WordPress website development, food photography, video editing, and social media marketing.

Who started Food Blogger Pro?

Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom, owners of Pinch of Yum, started the site for those who were inspired by their success. 

How much does Food Blogger Pro cost? 

The monthly price of a Food Blogger Pro membership is $35. This can be reduced to $29.17 per month if you opt for annual billing. 

Is Food Blogger Pro worth it?

The answer is a resounding yes. It’s among the best food blogging online courses on the web today — and it’s worth every penny.

Final Recommendation (23/25)

Overall, you should know by now that I have a sparkling opinion of this online course. 

You barely even read anything negative, but that’s because there are very few Food Blogger Pro cons to write about.

Go ahead and give Food Blogger Pro a shot. If you already did, share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Good luck!

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Food Blogger Pro Review
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