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  1. Hi Ankit,

    KW finder seems to be a much better and easier tool to find suitable keywords. I really like its design and the way it displays the keywords with all the useful data. But the only thing that I don’t like is the LIMIT! Every KW Finder Plan has a limit. So, It’s not unlimited like Ahrefs or Semrush. Anyways, For me KW finder is the best SEO tool.

    Thanks a lot for providing this detailed review.

  2. Hi sir,

    It is really amazing tool that helps me find better keywords in my niche. It is great having such tool in hand. I using it which makes my site rank in better place. Nice deal from your side.

  3. Another great article Ankit.I am using Kwfinder from quite sometime. I love its feature of finding me low competitive keyword on which I can create to rank better. I also love to find keyword specific to a country or a city. I would love to see a video tutorial Ankit. Please start your Youtube channel soon.

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Hi Ravi, glad you liked my KWFinder review. I’m planning to start my YouTube channel. Hope it will go live soon. 🙂

  4. Fahad Mirza says:

    I really love KWFinder because it makes the KW Research very easy and simple. I am thinking to buy it but not sure which plan should I buy because I am a big user. Can you suggest me any plan as well as give me the discount.

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Hi Fahad, I have already provided 30% KWFinder Discount in the article. Try KWFinder with the basic plan first and later you can upgrade to higher plans. 🙂

  5. Hi Ankit Sir,
    Thank you for writing this detailed review it’s very helpful for choosing new kw tool.

  6. good article!!! using kw since 10days awsm exp. yet

  7. KWFinder is a really helpful tool. But sometimes the difficulties it shows make no sense. It would say that a Keyword is difficult to rank for. But when you analyse its serp — the first 10 results are all from youtube.

    In my opinion if you see YouTube taking first 4-5 spots for any keyword, then its incredibly easy to rank for.

  8. Wow! Great post Ankit Sir. You have explained very well. Really kwfinder is great keyword research tool. I love it. I do keyword research with it very easily. Thank you so much for this review.

  9. Hey Ankit
    I hope you will be doing great.. Just purchased The agency License for my office use with the help of your Coupon link.
    Thank you for sharing the valuable information and offcourse Discount code.

  10. Yes I like KWfinder very much.

    Unfortunately your discount isn’t working.

  11. Hey Ankit,

    I’ve been planning to purchase KWFinder subscription for a few months now. I’m torn between its value compared to ahrefs or SEMRush. Do we have all of the features that are offered by ahrefs/SEMRush in KWFinder?

  12. Hey Ankit Do Google keyword Planner Show Real Data??plzzz reply me ASAP or I should use KWfinder??

  13. Hey Ankit …
    You have told everything in the article how to use it.
    But do you use the same tool?
    I am asking this because all pro bloggers call ahref the best.
    Can you advise me which tool I should use?

    Best luck with your next Goal

    Vishal Meena.

    1. Hey Vishal, As a blogger, I review different tools to help my audience pick the tool that they find best fit for them.

      Personally, I use SEMrush and Ahrefs 🙂