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  1. Ankit Jha says:

    hey bro google has indexed my blog archive of march, 2016. Therefore i followed your way & enable custom robots header tags. Now can you tell me the indexed archive of march, 2016 will be removed from google and google will no more index my archive pages ?

    1. Er. Manish Kuma says:

      Mr. Ankit Jha, it happened because you didn’t set custom header tags at inception of your blogging career.

      But don’t worry ! you have done it right now. It will take some time, nearly 2 months before google will erase your old copy ; and yes, your new entries will not be cached by Google under archives.

      Happy Blogging!

  2. Thanks for help bro ! I didn’t understand how to set up my blogger custom robot header tag. Very useful post. 🙂

  3. Good stuff, Ankit. I have Disallow /search in my robots.txt. But Archive and Tags are still showing up in my CSE results, as you can see if you do a search on my site. Should I also check Noindex, Nofollow in the Search and Archive section of the Custom Robots form? Will this get rid of Tags in my search results? Thanks!

  4. Hi Ankit,

    Can I use your tips for custom robots header tag settings for my custom domain which is hosted on blogger? Awaiting your reply.

  5. Thank you bro, this information is very useful for a starter blogger like mine. only doubt i do have here, why in archive and search pages , we have gotten to set to noindex and noodp ?.

  6. Thanks Ankit, I got it done in just about 3 minutes, although, I knew how to do this before I left blogger for wordpress. But now they have escaped the mind.