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  1. I have been using cloudflare CDN for 6 months and with my experience I found it a great tool to increase my site speed as well as it also prevents other unwanted bots crawling my site, but I must say that today I learn something new here in this blog post i.e SwarmCDN, jsDelivr and Coral CDN.

  2. Tim McGill says:

    I use keycdn which is great for a WordPress site. The CDN offers great features and even better prices. Very happy with it.

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Thanks for letting me know about this CDN service, Tim 🙂

  3. Sunny Sharma says:

    I am using cloudflare from last 2 days. but now i am not able to open my site and cloudflare site. if you are not able to cloudflare, you cant open any site that are using cloudflare. read your post, going to swarmcdn.

  4. Hello Ankit,

    I have tried CloudFlare and sometimes my sites not working with CloudFlare. CloudFlare gives caching, loading etc errors. I don’t think it is good idea to use CloudFlare.

    Bhumi Shah

  5. Nice Post Ankit about free WordPress CDN services.

    Jetpack is lightweight and has very much a couple of great elements. It’s likewise upheld and sponsored by the creators of WordPress.com, so you can believe it. Jetpack is one of a chosen few plugins that I introduce on each site I fabricate. There are a couple of absolute necessities in this world, yet this plugin is one of them.


  6. Nice Post Ankit,
    I am using Cloudflare for my blog and I found it to be very user-friendly. This CDN provides plenty of useful features.

  7. Website speed plays a vital role to success in online business and search engine loves the speedy sites .. am using cloudinary and want to use other cdn also but my site was developed in asp.net , can i use this services … thanks in advance Ankit and appreciate your time to share your knowledge about content delivery network

  8. Hi Ankit,
    Have you tried KEYCDN? I think this one is also good as a free network. However I have not tried their PRO services yet.


    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Hello Muhammad,

      I haven’t tried KEYCDN. As of now, I’m using MaxCDN and it’s performing pretty well.

      Have you ever tried it?

      Share your experience with me 🙂

  9. Thanks for sharing this. Very Impressive.

    But among them from my point of view clodflare is the best. Still my website is running very fine with cloudflare cdn serviece. MaxCDN is also good for paid authors. You will also get lots of coupons for this.

  10. A blog is one of the great place to interact with all the peoples in the wide. And, thanks a lot for sharing your ideas on here 🙂


  11. Of course I will share, as a free user, Cloudflare and KeyCDN served the same performance. Will share their premium services experience soon. Thanks

  12. Is it beneficial to use Both Cloudflare and Jetpack?

  13. Thank you for great post. Very usefl information, after CDN implementation website got 98/100 in gtmetrix.com. I would like to add, that after registraton in CloudFare somebody has to change DNS zone by domain registrar (add DNS from CDN provider) + DNS zone by hosting provider (delete previous NS records and add new NS records from CDN provider).

  14. Hie Ankit, thanks for sharing this so useful Info.
    I don’t like cloudflare (Free plan) now and love the Jetpack Photon feature. A lot of bandwidth is saved coz of it,
    Just wanna know, Does using Photon in jetpack Affects our SEO?

    As the images are cashed and delivered from their server, So are that images also index in google, if so than it would be dpublicate in google search?

    Please help me through this..

  15. Nice, Article Ankit I’m currently using Cloudflare and have used MaxCDN both are good. Might be you’d heard about DDos attack on Cloudflare, which actually makes me believe in their protection too.

  16. Pramod Kumar says:

    Nice Article, CloudFlare is the best free CDN, but some times faces site loading problem. Good to know about others free CDN services.

  17. Ty, Although. I dont really understand the wrapping up section. What happens after 100k UV? Cloudflare says they give unlimited bandwidth. The user doesnt care and doesnt know how much you spend to run a website. So where is the drop off on Free CDNs? Are you saying that they throttle you at a certain UV limit without telling you what the limit is?

  18. Maisam Ali says:

    I was using cloudflare cdn but was having higher time to first byte issue. So i dropped the whole idea of using a cdn and used w3 total cache with fast velocity minify istead. My site is super duper fast now and honestly, there’s no need of a cdn now, apart from the ddos attack factor.