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  1. Ankit, I also want to start a blog this year and need your personalised support. Please add me to your Blogging group.

  2. Hi Ankit this is Muzafar from jk
    I find many difficulties in start blogging I am passionate and seen manys videos on YouTube.
    Thanks for sharing this

  3. Hello Ankit!
    I watched your youtube videos and then have came to your your website. I have a 3 month old website with 8 articles all having more than 3000 words. But the only issue is that I don’t get traffic for my blog. What can I do to drive traffic?

    Thanking You!

  4. Hello Ankit,

    Another well-research article and i too believe that finding a proper name for your travel blog is the first step toward your marketing campaign. It is the name of your brand that first comes in the mind of the customers and creates your identity. The tips you provided here are really superb for anyone who is looking towards choosing the blog name ..

    Ovais Mirza