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  1. You wrote an amazing blog it is really very helpful for me and you have cleared my all the doubt.

  2. Hi Ankit,

    You’ve explained very well to use google trends for maximum benefits…

    No doubt, trend is very useful if you know how to use it the Right way!

  3. Thanks for sharing such useful information about Google Trends. I will definitely use the tricks and tips to get more traffic on my site. Traffic can be increased using SEO tricks. Thank you again for the post.

  4. Hey Ankit,

    You have completely explained about google trends. Now I understood how to use google trends for my research.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable article.

    Sagar Singh

  5. Hi Ankit, Thanks for sharing such an amazing blog post. You have covered almost everything. Google Trends is really a powerful tool, I have always skipped this but from now I’ll check it for sure.

    I wish I could have met you before I started my blogging career, I could have saved a ton of time. Thanks again.