Incredible Blogging Tips – Take Your Blog from Zero to Hero

You are new to Blogging.

Or you already have a blog, but not sure how to make money out of it.

Or maybe you are making decent money online but want to take your blog to the next level.

I could help you!

If you want to take your blog from Zero to Hero, I have some incredible blogging tips for you.

All the blogging tips mentioned here come from 8 years of my blogging experience so make sure to read carefully and implement them for best results.

I have divided this guide into 3 sections: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced bloggers.

You can read this guide according to your needs.

Shall we begin?

Blogging Tips For Beginners

These blogging tips are for new bloggers (newbies)

1. Before Starting Out, Think About How to Monetize Your Blog

One of the biggest mistakes most beginners make while starting a blog is they create content first, try few ways to increase their traffic and then they find ways to monetize their blog.

Let me be honest. If you follow the same path, you will eventually fail to build a blog that makes money. Why?

Without finding ways to monetize your blog before you even begin, you will hardly make any money online.

Begin with the end in mind. Always!

Analyze your top competitors and find out how they are monetizing their sites. Find out their traffic generation sources, how they are captivating their readers to buy their stuff and repeat the same.

You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. Spend time in carefully understand your competitors and you will find smart ways to monetize your blog.

2. Stand Out From The Crowd

You are not a Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga or Barak Obama to let people remember you.

There are literally a gazillion of blogs out there, and 99% of them are pure junk. There’s just too much competition going out there online.

It’s really hard to build a successful blog that makes money in 2019 because of heavy competition. If you are offering the same advice everyone else is offering, why would anyone follow you and buy what you recommend?

Observe any highly profitable blogger such as Darren Rowse, Pat Flynn, Seth Godin, Derek Halpern; you will notice that they have built million dollar blogs by focusing on one thing: standing out from the rest of their competitors.

  • If everyone else is writing short posts in your industry, create in-depth and gigantic posts. You will stand out.
  • If everyone else is creating blog posts, do videos or podcasts. You will surely stand out.
  • If everyone else in your industry is using AdSense to monetize their blogs, try email marketing! You will stand out.

3. Write in-depth Articles

Did you know that articles with over 2,000+ words always rank well in Google?

Gone are the days where you can simply increase your overall search traffic by posting daily with short articles of 500 words. Now the short articles won’t give you an edge.

They simply don’t help you in getting better search rankings.

Google wants to give the BEST information to its users, and it’s giving more importance to the sites that are publishing in-depth and evergreen articles.

So when you are just starting out, instead of writing 10 short articles in a month, write just 2 in-depth articles. It can really help you in the long run.

4. Write Lots of Posts… For Others

One of the common complaints I hear from new bloggers is that “I’m not getting enough traffic.

Well, how do you get more traffic if you are writing just for your own blog?

Write for other blogs, do guest blogging and increase your online reach. Build some quality links and increase your overall domain authority.

That’s how you get traffic. That’s how you improve your overall search rankings for any keywords you are targeting for.

Don’t make a mistake of writing just for your own blogs. That’s a biggest blogging mistake anyone can make especially in the beginning.

And before submitting your article to any quality site, make sure your content is top-notch, well-researched and well-written. Avoid making silly grammatical mistakes otherwise it will get rejected.

You can use tools like Grammarly to double check your content for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

5. Build Some Authority

In online, people simply don’t buy from strangers.

They only buy from those whom they trust or already have connections with. It all boils down to one thing: trust and authority.

Without building authority, trying to increase your blog traffic is just a waste of time. Even if you bring a lot of traffic, you will surely struggle to make sales online.

That’s the reason why you should start focusing on growing your online authority from day one. Here are few quick tips to build authority online.

  • Don’t recommend the products or services you personally don’t use. NEVER promote a product just for the sake of money. If you focus on your audience, they will take care of your business. It’s as simple as that.
  • Get testimonials from the experts. Do interviews with them. Ask them to tell few nice things about your content or site. It will all add up in the long run.
  • Write guest posts for top blogs and showcase the portfolio on your blog’s home page. If people see your guest posts landing on top blogs, they think you have some skills, so they don’t hesitate to read your stuff.

6. It’s Useless To Focus on SEO When You Are Just Starting Out

SEO is a HUGE ocean.

If you are just starting out, focusing on SEO to increase your traffic is a waste of time. Why?

You might get penalized by keyword stuffing or quickly building bad backlinks. You never know what SEO mistakes you are making unless you gain some basic SEO skills.

That’s the reason why you should forget about SEO in the beginning and just focus on writing engaging content for your readers.

Make your content so good that your readers share it on social media, and you will attract backlinks from other blogs naturally.

SEO is all about quality backlinks and proper keyword research. Unless you know those two factors very well, focusing on SEO doesn’t give you any good results.

Quick Note: Even if you don’t focus on SEO at all in the beginning, make sure to learn the SEO basics. That way you can nurture your SEO skills to use them later to bring more traffic from search engines to your blogs.

7. Connect With The Influencers

Having connections with the influencers and top bloggers in your industry can help you with the following things.

  • It can help you leverage their blog traffic
  • It can help you increase your sales (whenever they name drop you)
  • It can help you boost your expertise

And the above 3 factors are enough to build a highly successful blog really quickly.

Always find ways to network with the influencers in your field. Instead of seeking their help, think about how you can offer them help for free.

And always get in touch with them either via social media or email. Email outreach is really essential to take your blog from zero to hero.

8. Focus On Just #1 Website Traffic Source

Really, there are so many ways to increase traffic to a website or blog. Social media, email list, guest posting, videos, content marketing, blog commenting, email outreach and the list goes on and on and on.

And everyone loves traffic. That’s why most beginners spend their time on being everywhere to get more traffic to their sites.

But that’s a surefire way to burn out. What happens when you spend most of your time on every traffic source under the sun and don’t get good results as you expect?

You will assume that driving traffic to a blog is hard, and you will eventually quit.

That’s why focus on just 1 traffic source at a time. Be it social media, content marketing or SEO. Focus on one traffic source, spend all your time on it and you will eventually become so good at it that you will see better results.

Try every traffic source for a month or two. Then, focus on another one and so on. That’s how your site traffic will grow in less than a year.

9. Monetize Your Blog From Day 1

The best way to monetize your blog is to create content, drive traffic and then monetize that traffic, right?


Although blog monetization strategy differs from niche to niche, monetizing your blog from the beginning is often the most effective way to best define your target audience.

Once you clearly know what your target audience wants, you can create more laser focused content, drive more targeted visitors and attract more sales to your sites.

On the other hand, if you wait until you get a certain amount of traffic and then monetize, you may fail to grab the attention of right people.

What happens if you attract random website traffic?

You will struggle to make sales! So think about how to monetize your blog’s traffic from day one.

10. Build An Email List Before You Even Begin

If you are reading blogging related articles for a while, you might already have heard about the importance of building an email list.

If you ask any successful blogger or marketer to share their biggest blogging mistake, 90% of them will say “I did not start list building from day 1.

No, you shouldn’t build an email list from day one.

But you should rather consider doing it even before you launch a new blog.

Just imagine for a second, how great it would be to have at least 500 or 1000 email subscribers waiting for your first blog post?

That’s why you should consider growing your email list even before you even launch.

Here are few ways to do just that.

  • Email all your friends, blogging buddies, relatives about the launch of your new blog. Tell them, what you are going to blog about and ask them to subscribe to your email updates.
  • Conduct giveaways. They help you quickly boost your email subscribers.
  • Use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Spread your message. Ask people to subscribe to your new blog. Tell them you will offer freebie once the blog goes live. Meanwhile, you can create an eBook, video or something else to offer it for free.

Blogging Tips For Intermediate Bloggers

These blogging tips are for those who already have a blog and blogging for more than 6 months.

11. Think Twice Before Launching Another Blog

“The man who chases two rabbits catches neither.”

I personally saw so many of my blogging friends launching new blogs when their current blog is just started getting some momentum.

What happens when you focus on two blogs at a time? You can’t make profitable neither of them.

Unless and until you have build a blog so large that you don’t have to depend on it and once you start getting sales automatically without your interference, starting another blog is a waste of time.

This has been proven true in all the successful bloggers journeys from Pat Flynn to Darren Rowse to Neil Patel. They NEVER launched a new blog until their existing blog started growing on automation.

So, if you are craving to launch a new blog when your existing blog is just taking off, limit your temptations and focus on automation. Once it’s done, you can launch another blog. That’s how you build successful online business by focusing on ONE thing at a time.

12. Build A Sales Funnel

Have you observed any profitable blog that’s making millions of dollars in sales every year such as, Social Triggers or Smart Passive Income?

All these highly profitable blogs have one thing in common: “sales funnel”.

In simpler terms, a sales funnel is what helps you convert normal website visitors into subscribers into buyers into loyal customers.

If your blog doesn’t have a sales funnel yet, you should build one right away.

Here are 3 simple steps to build an effective sales funnel.

Step 1: Define your ideal customer. You should know everything about him. His needs and wants, age, place, where he usually hangs out online to solve his needs. EVERYTHING!

Step 2: Figure out how to help him with your products or services. Here’s where affiliate marketing or own product launch comes into place. Remember, your “target customer” is the key. If you forget to fulfill his needs and wants, you can never be able to sell anything. It’s as simple as that.

Step 3: Educate your audience about the products you promote or create. Creating awareness about the products you recommend is the surest way to boost sales.

13. Evaluate your Monetization Strategies

Tell me what’s your #1 source that’s helping you make more money from your blog? Is it AdSense? Selling ads? Affiliate marketing? Or something else?

Carefully reevaluate all your monetization strategies once. Find out if you can make “passive income” from your blog’s traffic.

If you are heavily depend on ONE monetization strategy (AdSense or affiliate marketing), find out one more way. You never know when your monetization source is going to hurt you so relying upon only one monetization strategy is never good.

My top tip here is to list out top 10 blogs in your field which are using multiple ways to make money from their traffic. Give a shot to all of them one by one to know which one works better for you to make more passive income every single month.

14. Find And Fix your Website Issues

Are you struggling to boost your search engine traffic even if you are posting good content regularly? The problem might be, then, your website has some crawling, SEO or compatibility issues.

Google always gives top priority to the sites that are both search engine and user-friendly. If your site is not browser-friendly or having lengthy article titles or meta description, it can do some serious damage to your overall search traffic.

So make sure to use tools like SEMrush to find and fix all your website issues. SEMrush has an incredible feature called “Site Audit” where you can create a project with your own domain name to find all the issues your site has.

There are also so many free tools out there such as Plugin SEO, SEO site checkup, Broken Link Checker, etc. to find if your site has any problems related to SEO.

15. Give #1 Priority To Growing Your Email List

I still see a lot of people spending most of their time on Facebook to grow their fan page likes or Twitter followers or Google+ circles.

None of them really counts. Then, what really matters in growing a profitable blog?

It’s your email list.

See, Facebook can take down your page if you violate their rules because you don’t own Facebook. Twitter can block your profile if you violate their rules. Same goes with other platforms such as Google+, Instagram, etc.

But it’s not the same case with your email list.

YOU are the owner of your email list. No one can take down your email list. You have the full control and authority over your list. And that’s why you should be spending most of your time growing your email subscribers not Facebook or Twitter followers.

16. Learn To Write For Readers, Not Google

One of the biggest reasons most bloggers don’t make enough money or sales even if they get massive traffic to their sites is because they lack of loyal audience.

If you write and optimize your blog’s content for Google crawlers, you will surely get more search engine traffic. But you will often fail to capture loyal readers by writing keyword rich contents.

So make sure to entice your blog audience with your writing style. Let them crave for your new posts. Let them leave lots of comments on your content every time you publish something new. Let them share it all over the social media sites just because of your writing style or content.

The more value you add to your readers with your content, the better results you will get in terms of more sales and revenue.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be optimizing your content for Google at all but make sure to give more priority to your audience first.

17. Start Growing Your Presence on Social Media

Whether you know it or not, social media is the new SEO.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. can help you in 3 incredible ways.

  1. They help you quickly boost your blog traffic. Create viral headlines. They always bring you instant traffic from social media sites.
  2. Use social media sites to build connections with the influencers.
  3. You can build your own tribe using your Facebook fan pages, groups or Twitter chats.

The pro tip here is NOT to spend all of your time on all the social media sites at once. Don’t grow your presence across Twitter, Google+, Instagram or Facebook all at once. You can never focus 100% of your energy or time if you do so.

The best way to build audience across these platforms is to conquer one after the other. Once you start getting more comments and shares on your Facebook posts, move on to Twitter and connect with the influencers. Once you conquer Twitter, you can move on to the other. Now, you get the idea!

18. Conduct Interviews with the Influencers

Conducting interviews with other bloggers in your field helps you in two ways.

The first benefit is it can help you build strong relationships with the influencers in your industry, and the next benefit is they can increase your blog’s exposure really quickly.

Although connecting with the influencers to conduct interviews on your blog is hard but always possible even if you have zero connections.

Here are few quick tips to connect and conduct the interview with the top bloggers in your field.

  • Read all their previous interviews. Make notes. Don’t repeat the questions.
  • Don’t ask too many questions. As a rule of thumb, 5 to 10 questions are enough to make a compelling interview.
  • Most top bloggers are extremely busy. They usually don’t respond to all the emails that get into their inbox. So take time to follow them up again.
  • Learn to write magnetic emails. Email outreach is one of the most effective ways to build connections with anyone online.
  • Build prior relationships with the influencers. Leave comments, write guest posts, buy their products and do anything that provides a way for you to connect with them.

19. Trust is The Currency Online

If you are struggling to increase your online sales, it might be because you are doing “interruption marketing” not “permission marketing”.

You need to have people’s permission to make more sales. You can do that only if you have their trust. Therefore, trust is the new currency online.

If you are wondering how to build trust with the new audience, try implementing the following strategies.

  • Add social proof. Ask your readers to give testimonials about your blog or your products. If you showcase them on your blog’s landing pages, they will boost your conversions.
  • If you have landed on top blogs or major online portals with your guest posts, display them in logo format. This is the surest yet simple way to build trust among your audience really quickly.
  • Frequently interact with your audience and existing customers. Know their frustrations and try to solve them with your blog’s content, product or services.

20. Master The Art of Email Outreach

Did you know the most successful bloggers like Pat Flynn, Neil Patel, Brian Clark, Jon Morrow makes majority of their income from their email lists?

They all know how effective email marketing is. More than that, they also know how to write captivating emails that sell.

They all have used emails to build connections with the influencers in the marketing field. They all know how to get better and faster responses with emails.

If you want to be a profitable blogger just like them, you need to learn the art of email outreach. It is the most effective way to build strong connections with the authority bloggers and also to get better results with your blog’s traffic, sales and links.

Here are 3 simple ways to master this art.

  1. Write and send emails to at least one person a day. Every single day. Don’t expect any response. Try to add value with your emails. Tell them thanks for their content or product or the value they add to the blogging world. It all counts.
  2. Write clickable email subject lines. Make them crisp, sweet and short.
  3. Always keep your emails really short. Don’t use long paragraphs. Cut the crap and don’t tell your stories. No one really has time to read long and boring emails. The best way to get a response to your emails is keep them short.

Blogging Tips For Advanced Bloggers

These blogging tips are for those who are running a blog for more than one year and already making some money (or) struggling to make money from their blogs.

21. Don’t put all your Eggs in one Basket

If you are an advanced blogger who is blogging for a long time, you don’t have to invest all your time, money and efforts into only ONE of your blogs.

Diversify your income sources.

Diversify your traffic sources.

Find new ways to bring both traffic and sales to your blog(s).

You never know when Google is going to penalize you.

You never know what happens after 5 years in your niche.

So the smart move you can make today is to brainstorm all the ideas for making more money and building a solid email list who are eager to buy your products.

Automate the stuff (along with your content creation strategy) and work as less as possible on your current blog to build a new stream of business.

22. Building an Email List is Not Enough

99.9% of the marketers and bloggers say “the money is in the list.

Is it really in the list?

Seriously, building an email list is NOT enough.

You have to sell. You have to create engagement. You need to build trust. You have to find ways to sell your email list.

It can be anything from products to services to promoting affiliate products.

But the problem with most bloggers who build email lists is that they don’t make much money.

Do you know why?

They don’t create awareness about the products or services they promote to their audience.

What happens when you try to sell to someone who doesn’t know anything about your products?

Well, they DON’T buy!

They don’t even respond to your emails.

That’s why I said, building an email list is not enough.

You should look for ways to educate your subscribers, help them more and then find ways to make money from the list.

Only then, you can do justification to your email list.

Create an email autoresponder that automatically sends emails to the new subscribers.

Make sure it has meaty emails that are filled with great content, not promotional related stuff.

23. More Website Traffic is NOT equal to More Sales

People pay you not page views.

Always remember to focus on the people and gaining their trust instead of getting more traffic.

Yes, I agree that more website traffic is good.


… what’s the point of getting a million page views a month and not making any sales?

So remember to focus on defining your target audience.

Find out what they truly want.

Figure out their needs and wants and provide solutions either by offering your services or recommending others products.

24. SEO is Not Exactly What You Think

SEO is all about giving top notch priority to your blog audience, not keyword stuffing.

If you are blogging for a while, you already know the fact that you need more links to make your content rank well in search engines.

Think of SEO as a long-term strategy (a marathon, not sprint).

You won’t get massive search results overnight unless you have unlimited budget or great domain authority.

SEO is social.

Social media isthe new SEO.

To get more out of SEO, you need to persuade your audience to share your blog posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. It’s not easy.

It takes time, consistent efforts and lots of trial and errors.

But once you get the initial traction, you will start getting more search rankings with the help of boost in your social shares.

25. Make Writing Your Regular Habit

Great bloggers are great writers.

Great writers create content that sells.

They know how to write powerful content that attracts the attention of anyone.

90% of the bloggers fail to get traction with their blogs just because they lack copywriting skills.

Again, I’m not saying that you should be a prolific writer to create captivating content.

All you need is to care about your audience.

You need to have a burning desire to write magical words.

How can you createcontent that sells then?

The simple tip is: write EVERY single day.

It doesn’t matter what day of the week is.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using a laptop or paper.

Just write every day.

That’s the only way you can improve your writing skills.

26. Take Your Social Media Efforts to the Next Level

One of the fastest ways to get more exposure and increase your website sales is to harness the power of social media.

It’s the quickest way to go viral online if done right.

Gangnam style, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga – all became famous because of social media.

They all have millions of followers, and their net worth is over billion dollars.

That’s the POWER of social media sites.

If you are not yet using it properly, this is the time to do it right.

Instead of focusing on all the social media sites at once, focus on ONE source at a time.

Give a try to Facebook.

Try all the strategies to get more attention (create memes, Infographics, try Facebook ads, create compelling headlines, connect with the influencers, etc.).

Then move on to Twitter.

Repeat the same.

27. Start Events/Webinars

Did you know the #1 list building strategy that has highest conversion rates?

It is creating webinars.

Jon Morrow, Neil Patel, Pat Flynn – every successful writer and marketer is using webinars just because of their conversion rates.

So give a try to creating webinars around the topics that solve your audience problems.

Try to tie up with the influencers in your niche.

Do interviews with them.

Ask people to join your list to watch your webinar recordings.

You can also consider using Google+ hangouts to you build and grow your lists.

Likewise, conducting or attending blogging related events can also be a huge help.

Not only you will find like minded people to connect but events will also help you grow your online business.

28. Automate Everything

When I say automate everything, it doesn’t mean you should start creating blog posts using automated tools.

It means hiring someone to write your posts, seeking SEO help from others, increasing your sales by hiring a marketer, etc.

We all know blogging means doing a lot of things from creating content to posting on social media to increase SEO traffic to boosting your sales.

If your blog starts generating money, you can spend up to 50% on hiring others to automate your blogging needs.

That way you can save a lot of time, and you can use that time to make more money online.

That’s what every successful marketer do to grow their businesses online.

29. Update Yourself with New Information

Did you know the BIGGEST mistake most bloggers make?

It’s rehashing content.

Why should anyone read your stuff if you are repeating what everyone else is saying?

To create a profitable blog that makes money and adds value to others, you need to research a lot.

Read often.

Write more.

Be creative.

And create problem-solving content that’s useful for your target audience.

To do that, you need to gain more knowledge.

Read books.

Watch TED talks.

Go through the answers on Quora (it’s a great platform for intellectuals).

Create Google Alerts for your targeted topics to get updates about the latest and trending news.

30. Don’t Give Up Just Yet

It really frustrates anyone who is blogging for several months or years and quitting just because of lack of sales or traffic.

I know you might have tried almost every single strategy to persuade your website visitors to buy your stuff.

But I suggest you NOT to quit.

Instead, read marketing and psychology related books.

I highly recommend Influence, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Think and Grow Rich books if you are starting out.

You will get plenty of ideas on how to sell without sounding like a sales guy.

Always remember why you started in the first place when you are thinking about quitting.

Motivate yourself to continue and focus on the next step, not on the final result.

You will surely get rewarding results in the long run for being persistent.

Final Thoughts

Building a highly profitable blog is not a sprint.

It’s a marathon.

Darren Rowse (the founder of didn’t build a million dollar within a month.

It took him a lot of time to REALLY make huge money from it, and it’s now making millions EVERY single year.

You should remember the same while growing your blog.

It takes time to create a highly informative, engaging and profitable blog.

Once your blog starts making money, think about various ways to automate it without sacrificing its quality.

Use your time to grow it bigger and launch other products or services to boost your overall income.

So what are your thoughts about all the blogging tips shared here?

Did you like them?

If yes, make sure to share it with your friends so they can benefit.

Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla

Hi, I'm Ankit Singla Founder of Master Blogging. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Facebook Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.

Ankit Singla

Hi, I'm Ankit Singla Founder of Master Blogging. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Facebook Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.
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    • Hey, Virat!1

      In the webinar, HE says that focus on making the Authority Blog!

      Well, that should be applicable for the niches like Blogging, Content Marketing, SEO, and some other highly competitive niches.

      Even though you monetize that kind of Blogs, nothing will happen in its initial days. So, that was a waste of effort.

      When it comes to some other niches, How to Blogs, health, and Tech niches, you can monetize your Blog right from its very first day to earn some buck. Is something better than nothing, right?

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      Traffic is not Money. Conversion is important.

      Also, here “Monetising your blog from day 1” means, plan your monetization strategy carefully before launching your blog.

      Make a list of all the sites you find under the same niche you are planning to start a blog, and then make a list of all the monetization methods they are using to make money. If you don’t find much monetization methods under your niche, then pick that niche carefully.

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    I am a new blogger and at the onset I must disclose that I have also done the cardinal mistake of starting the blog without thinking about monetizing it first! The next mistake I have done is not thinking about building e-mail list!! Oh God why didn’t I see your blog first!!
    Anyway, I promise you that I will make up the lost time and ensure higher ranking of my blog and make a hero out of my next blog by following all your advice. Thank you so much!!

    • Even I did the same mistake when I started, Gautam. But we all learn with time. So focus on building your email list and plan your monetization strategy. Hope it will give you fruitful results. Best wishes. 🙂

  144. Hey Ankit,
    You share lot of valuable information every time. And
    After read this blog….I learn one thing…
    That is
    “if you want to be a professional blogger, You need to think & work professionally.” – iTsKs
    i m right…?

    Thanks Again

    • Absolutely 🙂

  145. Hey Ankit,
    I am your biggest fan brother. Keep sharing these type of outstanding article. MasterBlogging is my one of favorite blogging go to resource.

    • Thanks, Kulwant. 🙂

  146. Hi Ankit,

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful content. I am a new blogger and I found all the information related to blogging in MasterBlogging and that’s helped me a lot..

    Thank you once again Ankit..

    • Thanks Siva.

  147. Manisha Makvana

    Hello, love to read your article and get so much information through your blog and learn new things. You write very well, am amazed with your blogging,Your article is helpful and interested .it provides lots of knowledge. Great Post Information For Everyone ,Thank you.

    • Thanks, Manisha.

  148. Best Guide for Newbie, there are so many tips I learn today.

    • Glad you liked them, Rohit. 🙂

  149. Hello Ankit,
    Great set of tips for a blogging noob.
    I will surely return here to get my daily fix of useful information for the day.

    thanx for share this topic

  150. Hey Ankit,

    Thanks for the great informative material. Ankit, Please let me know one thing that I’m going to made a email list but don’t have email addresses… you have source to find out the active email list to promote a blog?

  151. Great blog for every new blogger,

    Thanks Ankit for sharing all the important stuff with us.

  152. Hello Ankit,
    Great set of tips for a blogging noob.
    I will surely return here to get my daily fix of useful information for the day.

    thanx for share this topic..

  153. Hi, Ankit
    These are really helpful tips for bloggers to get more productive. I also belives more traffic doesn’t mean you can make more sales out of a blog. you need targetted quality audiences.

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