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  1. Dear Ankit,
    Great article on social proof with detailed explanation. No doubt social proofs are very important for all the bloggers. You really explained practically building of social proof very nicely. The actionable information is really valuable.

  2. Yes, I totally agree that social proofs have so much importance for bloggers. Thanks for this amazing post!

  3. Hi Ankit,
    Thanks for sharing a great post. The strategies that you have shared will be very much helpful for everyone to earn more popularity for the blog with quality content. Social proof is very much important for a blogger to grow.
    Thank you.

  4. Thank you for this awesome information on improving social proof. I find Social proof really can determine if people stick to you, buy from an individual, trust you.

  5. While social proof may not seem important, it is important for the outreach and reputation of the blog. It helps you get reliability & credibility from the outside.

  6. Thanks for the info. I’m working on building my blogs social proof slowly and surely. Seeing some movement so getting there. Now I’ve got some new strategies to try out.

  7. Hello Ankit!
    Thanks for this amazing post.
    This is something different & mind-blowing from others.
    Great Job…

  8. Amazing Job Ankit, I Agree All Your Points. Your Content Never Disappoint me. I Hope You Produce More Content Like This In Future Too. Thanks Ankit Bro.

  9. Mohit Chabria says:

    Ankit, I agree with you completely. I am going to use stats and social proof in the blog posts that I will write on My Blogging Ideas in the future. Social proof can make the readers understand that the blogger is not faking it. If I say that am a LinkedIn expert and my LinkedIn profile is not having enough engagement, then believing me would become hard. Social proof is definitely going to become one of the most important things for bloggers in the coming years. You’re definitely making use of social proof in the best way.