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  1. Ankit sir,
    You shared such an idea that create an interest to start my new journey in blogging

  2. Hi Ankit – I agree with your views in this blog. It is important for companies to blog on their website with the correct keywords to gain organic traffic and with the right keyword density as well. You have covered this topic in detail. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey Ankit,

    very long, detailed, and a well-written post.

    Nowadays, many companies have a blog associated with their website. They use the blog to market their products as well as to provide tutorials about using their products. It really contributes to their sales.

    In the coming days, I think, companies definitely will want to have a blog online.

    And this detailed guide will definitely help them.

    Keep it up.


  4. Hey Ankit i am your huge fan of blogs your website site is one of my favourite website where i learn new things.
    Here you again so amazed me by your writing skills…
    Keep sharing such an informative guide…

    Stay safe

  5. Thanks for sharing the importance of writing blogs. Now I am able to understand that writing a blog is simple and easy.

  6. Perfectly described article about company blog. Useful content with easy explanation with pictures.

  7. Perfectly described article about company blog. It is very difficult to cover each small detail in one article and you did it perfectly in this blog.

  8. Hey Ankit bhai,
    I am new to this world of blogging and it just have been 2 or 3 days to me here. I was really confused where I should start so at last I decided to make a blogspot blog first and try it for some time and try to make a little money out of it before I shift into the paid websites.
    So I am asking you that am I doing right? If not then plz help me.
    I am really a big fan of you after watching your interview on satishkvideos and hearing your thought on ecosystem creation.
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Hey Ankit – This is an insightful blog on the subject. You have provided detailed analysis and insights on how to create a company blog. Thank you for sharing this highly engaging blog.