6 Easy Ways To Build Backlinks For A New Blog

Are you facing problem in doing link building for your new blog?

Building backlinks for new blog has always been a difficult task for every blogger in the blogosphere.

It is even worse for newbie bloggers who struggle a lot between time management issues, limited SEO knowledge, poor PR management etc.

If you are a starter blogger and want to strengthen your link profile here are some tips that will work wonders.

Important note: Your link profile must look natural to achieve greater results. I’ve written a very detailed guide on getting natural (safe) backlinks to any blog. Click here to read it.

How Will You Do Link Building For Your New Blog? Check Below Techniques!

link building tips
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Whenever I build a new blog, I follow a specific routine of backlink building.

My link building strategy helps me in building Google friendly links to my new blog.

Today, I reveal my link building formula that strengthens my SEO and will help you generate some decent amount of backlinks to your blog.

1) Expert round-ups:

Expert round-ups are when you ask questions regarding a topic related to your niche to a group of people (experts in your niche). Expert round-ups are easy ways of getting backlinks to your new blog. Here is how it works.

When you ask a question to experts, most will give a positive affirmation and would answer your question. This is because the expert would get a chance of showing his expertise and increase his reach.

Now most experts link to all the pages (that had quoted or interviewed them) on their about page. This way you get a link from them.

The method:

  1. Make a list of influencers in your field.
  2. Check out their about pages for finding out if they link to content they have been quoted on.
  3. Contact them for your next round up. And congrats you got your new backlink from an influencer.

See how I crafted this wonderful round-up post here on BloggerTipsTricks

round up posts links
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Links of interviews and round-ups I found on Erik’s About Page (NoPassiveIncome.com)

2) Through blog commenting:

Blog commenting is the genius solution to many of your blogging problems.

Commenting has been the key to my networking with other bloggers.

Apart from networking and creating brand awareness for your blog, you can also use blog commenting for quality link building purposes.

Read: How to Build A Community with Blog Commenting Strategy?

The method:

  1. For this, you have to search blogs with commentluv enabled. If you do not already know Commentluv is a plugin that tracks the latest post of the commenter and places it after his comment on the blog.
  2. For more added benefits, some blogs have the settings to give you a dofollow backlink after you have passed a certain number of relevant comments. Now this is something that can give a lot of link juice to your brand new blog.
  3. Leave relevant comments with appropriate length on those blogs.
  4. Try to add value to the post you are commenting on and you will get added benefits of attracting their readers to your blog too.

3) Link exchange can give you a LOT of dofollow links:

Want to get linked by fellow bloggers?

Who doesn’t want?

Linking from contemporary blogs can increase your rankings too because Google will see it as if your content is valuable.


How fellow bloggers will link to you even if you are a newbie?

This trick will help you get backlinks from fellow bloggers easily. But, nothing comes free.

If you want to get link backs, you have to be one that would get noticed.

For that, you have to create awesome content. Content that is epic and one that would tempt others to link to you. More on awesome content later.

The Method:

  1. Write content that is problem-solving and epic.
  2. Link out to fellow bloggers who have relevant posts on the topic.
  3. Beware to link only well-recognized sites, not just any newbie site like yours.
  4. Email them and let them know you have linked them. It’s not wise to wait for them to recognize you’re linking.
  5. After they see some good activity from you, they will also start linking to your site and this way you get link backs.

4) Use ‘Ask & Get’ Formula

There is nothing wrong in asking something.

Most bloggers will agree that asking for a backlink to a piece of epic content actually does result in backlinks to it.

At least I am a living example of it.

This method is called blogger outreach.

Blogger outreach is contacting other bloggers (both fellow bloggers and influencer bloggers) to check out a piece of content that you wrote. You can ask them to link to it in a future article they write.

Beware: Your content must be worth every word you speak in your outreach message or else the recipient might tag you a spammer and never would visit your emails whatsoever.

The method:

  1. Write an awesome piece of content.
  2. Find out bloggers or influencers who write about similar topics.
  3. Mail them telling them to read it and share the content with their peers and followers. Additionally, suggest them politely to link it in their next posts based on the subject.

PRO TIP: This trick works even better if you have linked a piece of content written by the influencer blogger in your article. Mentioning that your article has a link to their content can give a positive boost to their ego and they will approve your request as a sign of courtesy.

Not all bloggers you email will reply or act on your email, but something is better than nothing.

Here is a template you can use to email your influencers:

blogger outreach template
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As you can see the email contains an incentive for linking to the infographics in the article. You can also offer a free incentive to all those who link to your content.

This tactic will increase the rate of positive response to your email outreach campaign.

CAUTION: Do not include the incentive topic in the emails sent to pro bloggers or influencers. They are way above your small temptations and will only link or share based on your article.

5) Interview Pro Bloggers:

This method is similar to the one I wrote in the first point, except for the fact that it focuses on one single influencer. You can contact the blogger to check if he/she is free to answer a few topics based on your theme.

If he nods positively send him the questions else rinse and repeat.

The various working interview themes are:

  1. Ask the blogger to describe his journey so far.
  2. Ask the blogger to answer a few questions based on a topic in your niche.
  3. Ask the blogger his opinion on a trending topic in your niche.

PRO TIP: Here too you should look if the interviewee blogger does link to his previous interviews anywhere in his blog. If not you would want to consider someone who does.

The next trick will give you the most number of backlinks from all of these methods combined.

6) Master the art of writing nothing but awesome content:

Awesome content is said to be one that solves the reader’s problem, or gives a new perspective to something that has not yet been discussed in the community.

For example, my article on getting traffic from Google Plus solves the blog traffic problem of my readers and gives a new insight on content marketing. People writing about content marketing or driving traffic from social media would obviously like to link to my blog post.

linkable content example
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My article got a link from David’s Blog (http://outsourceblogcontent.com/this-month-in-traffic-march-2015-google/)

PRO TIP: You could also include infographics and other visuals to make your article branded. Then you can allow your readers to use that infographics in their blogs in exchange of a backlink.

Click the image below to read guide on writing content that actually attracts links.

Over to you:

So this was my post on how you can get quality backlinks to a brand new blog.

While there are other opportunities of building links like guest blogging, broken link editing from Wikipedia etc.

I have not included them as it requires time for you to learn and practice those methods.

I would suggest you to first focus on these link building strategies and then I will be writing about them in an upcoming post.

Share your link building techniques in comment section.

Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla

Hi, I'm Ankit Singla Founder of Master Blogging. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Facebook Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.

Ankit Singla

Hi, I'm Ankit Singla Founder of Master Blogging. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Facebook Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.
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101 thoughts on “6 Easy Ways To Build Backlinks For A New Blog”

  1. Hello Ankit,
    Glad to learn such amazing link building tricks from you. All your points are tremendously awesome but I can’t agree with LINK EXCHANGE. Google already said link exchange is extremely harmful. Besides in link exchange it provides equal value to both side and final value becomes bull. Hope I made my point clear.
    After all I must say you gifted an amazing article to new bloggers.

    Thanks and Cheers!
    MSI Sakib

    • Hi MSI,

      I’m glad you shared your thoughts with me.

      Actually it’s not like the old days link exchange technique. In old days, we used to add blogroll in sidebar.

      But here, we are sharing links from the content. If you add quality outbound link into your article, your article’s trust factor will increase and if you let the linked blogger know about the link, he/she will hopefully link to you as well from his/her new articles.

      I believe it’s totally safe and a natural way of getting super quality links.

      What do you think MSI? Are you agree with my point? I would love to hear from you again 🙂

      Thanks for your comment.


      • Hey Ankit,
        Yah, your this point is really clear to me and I agree with it. Backlinks from relevant and high quality content is always valuable asset.
        To get such backlinks we must approach for guest post. Another way to get such backlinks is inter-agreement. Am I right?

        Thanks for wonderful reply Ankit.
        Cheers! and Happy Blogging.

        • You are absolutely correct MSI Sakib.

          However, guest blogging is not for new bloggers. Good blogs don’t accept guest posts from unknown bloggers or bloggers who don’t have a nice looking blog. That’s why it’s not mentioned here in this article.

          For a quick start, starter bloggers can give link to each other from their content. As you said, inter-agreement must be there. Surely it helps.

          I remembered the days when I used to do this. Did you also use this technique? I believe you did, because you are aware with this technique.

          I appreciate you came back to share your thoughts 🙂


  2. Hello Ankit,

    Awesome tips to build backlinks for new blog. I’m already getting lots of newbies mails and they ask me “how to do link-building for new blogs” so now I’ll suggest your article to my readers who want this info.

    Thanks for sharing informative content with us.

    Vishal Fulwani

    • Hi Vishal,

      I know newbie bloggers face problem in building links for the blogs. This is a problem for all the starter bloggers and that’s why I tried to provide them some solutions.

      I’m glad you liked my efforts.

      Thanks for your comment!

      BTW, which link building techniques you use for your blog? Share few of them if you don’t mind sharing. 🙂

  3. Hey Ankit !

    How are you ?

    Nice post with useful link building tips. I don’t think these strategies are effective for new blogs only as this may be beneficial for well-established blogs also.

    However, I would suggest you if this would have been an odd digit tips post this would have been much beneficial. As it has worked in past and scientifically proven that when writing list posts like this including an odd number works much better as compared to even.

    So next time when you write such posts, instead of writing “6 Easy Ways” – try “7 Easy Ways” and analyze whether it works better or not – Just a Pro Tip. 😉

    I hope you won’t mind it. 🙂

    Thanks for share!

    With Best Regards,
    Rahul Dubey

    • Hi Rahul,

      I’m glad you shared your ‘Pro tip’ 😀

      I heard a lot about this technique in past but don’t know how I missed using it for this post.

      Thanks for the reminder and I appreciate your comment.

      Keep coming!
      ~ Ankit

      • Hello Ankit

        Well, is it really beneficial using odd numbers in tips !!!! I didn’t get the point what exactly @rahul wants to say. Please elaborate it.


        • Hi Saifi,

          I read somewhere about this in past but now I don’t remember how it works. Hopefully, I’ll let you know in coming days after checking some resources.

          BTW, do you liked these link building techniques? Which one you would like to implement first and why?

          I would love to hear again from you 🙂

          Thanks for your comment.

  4. Hello Ankit,

    Yes there are lots of link-building techniques but I suggest that first of all make quality article then drive referral traffic on your blog post to boost your ranking. I’m sharing some techniques that will give more traffic to your blog and your ranking will boost up to 200%.

    #1 Do social bookmarking
    #2 Submit you blog post on directories (make sure all are good)
    #3 Use Q&A site for getting more traffic.

    Now I’m sharing some good techniques which I didn’t find on blogger tips and tricks:

    #1) Find out dofollow bookmarking site and submit your blog there, also share your blog post on it.
    #2) You can also use page rank funnel techniques ( I can’t describe this technique here you can visit on my blog to see this technique 🙂
    #3) last but not the least – Do forum submission and make it your habit to help other bloggers who ask these questions in forums likes- http://www.warriorforum.com.

    Thanks and I hope above tips will make some sense here.

    Vishal Fulwani

    • Hi Vishal,

      Thanks for sharing your link building techniques.

      All are good techniques and starter bloggers can surely use them to build quality links.

      Thanks for coming back 🙂
      ~ Ankit

  5. actually i want to do the link building service in BHW. It’s helpful bro, but it does not rank my blog,

    • Hopefully it will work for you, Gopinath. Good luck 🙂

  6. Hi Ankit Bro,
    Great post indeed 🙂
    Link building is very helpful in improving your Google SERP but it should be in a perfect way. If you do spam through your link building practice, you will get a huge loss in your traffic and SERP.
    #Blog Commenting is the best and always my loved way to create backlinks. It helps a lot to get good link juice. We should keep in our mind some point when we are comments on any blog. You should provide a value to the blogpost. Its a big rule in blog comments and never spam any blog.
    I would include some more points here :
    #Use Article for Dofollow backlinks.
    #Submit Responses.
    #Use Inforgraphics to gain good links.
    #Use Social Bookmarking to get authority links.
    Thanks for your this post.


    • Hi Naveen,

      I believe that one should write mini guest post while doing blog commenting. Blog owner and his readers would definitely want to check your site and it will increase your branding.

      I’m also a big fan of blog commenting, not just because of the links, also because it helps in building good relations with others bloggers.

      Thanks for sharing more link building tactics here. As per my knowledge, Responses submission is a blackhat technique, right?

      Do you use it for your long term blog? Do let me know which link building techniques you follow for your long term blog.

      Thanks for your comment, Naveen. I really appreciate it 🙂


      • I have used it for one of my blog but I dont use it to create bulk backlinks. I just use it to create one or two backlinks and that should not be count in black hat.

        • Alright, but as per my knowledge, Google don’t count them as quality links.

          Glad to hear again from you 🙂

    • Thanks issac 🙂

  7. Hi, Ankit I am totally against of link exchange which is formally known as reciprocal linking. I read a post and watched a video by lynda.com where it was clearly mentioned that link exchange can penalize your website. I am not saying that you are wrong instead I explained what I learned.

    • Hi Tirtha,

      I’m glad to hear from you and appreciate that you shared your knowledge here.

      However, I’m not talking about building reciprocal links. Have a look at this comment and let me know what you think after reading it.

      Thanks for your comment, Tirtha.

      Hope to hear more from you.


  8. Well, I was literally clueless on how to start making links for my blog untill I read this post of yours. I have a new blog which gets good social traffic but still struggling to get good organic traffic. Now I will try your methods and will revert back how it goes.

    • Hi Sarvesh,

      If you are already getting good traffic from social media, then chances are higher that you’ll attract some natural links.

      Also, social traffic helps a lot in organic ranking. What are your observations?

      BTW, which link building technique you think will be easy to follow for your blog. I would love to hear from you.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂


      • Thanks for replying back Ankit.

        I am planning to comment on relevant blogs to get some backlinks.

        The traffic that I am getting from social media is basically from groups related my site’s content. How can I get backlinks from it?

        • I’m glad to see you again here, Sarvesh.

          Yeah, blog commenting will be a good start for you.

          Actually what happens is, if you are getting good social traffic, then your posts will start ranking in Google top results and if your content have so much value, it will attract natural links itself.

          My top ranking articles keep generating links for me. You can even connect with other bloggers who write on same niche. Share links with each others from inside the content.

          That way you both guys will get good quality natural and safe link. But make sure to take only one link from same blog.

          I hope it will help you. Do let me know what you think about it?


  9. The roundup post is a brilliant idea Ankit. I guess it takes time to find out those ‘about’ pages that pass the filter. I believe most bloggers would only stick to blog commenting to build links because it is the easiest action. Keep up your excellent blogging.

    • Hello Kidambri Sir,

      I really appreciate your comment here. Thanks 🙂

      Yes, round-up post technique is time-consuming and no doubt most bloggers will ignore it.

      As you are experienced blogger, it will be great if you share your link building techniques here. It will help a lot of new bloggers.

      Thank you!
      ~ Ankit

  10. Hi Ankit,

    That was simply awesome article. Quality backlinks building is nowadays tough task in my view, as most of the sources of building backlinks now makes Google feel not so good. I like this strategy of yours to build Google friendly backlinks. I am going to experiment it, lets see whether it makes a good deal or not. 😀

    -Sagar T Rajan

    • Hi Sagar,

      Very true words. Link building is really not safe nowadays and even a single poor link can harm your blog badly.

      I tried to share some techniques to build Google safe links and I’m glad you liked them.

      So, which technique are you going to implement? I recommend you to try link exchange technique.

      Hopefully, you will get best results.

      Good luck and thanks for your comment.


  11. Jaidayal Saraswat

    An another beautiful article from your side 🙂

    • Thanks for your feedback, Jaidayal.

      So, which technique you are going to implement first?

      I would love to hear from you 🙂

      ~ Ankit

  12. Hi Ankit,

    You have provide some awesome tips to build backlinks for new blog. I have a new blog and will apply all these tips on that blog to build backlinks.


    • Hello Rahul,

      Thanks for your comment. I would love to hear from you which technique you like the most and why?

      Also, if you follow any other link building technique, you can share it here 🙂


  13. Well explained article Bro @Ankit,

    From past few months, i have applied these two methods – “Expert round-ups” and “Through blog commenting” for link building. And the result is just superb, i am getting several top domain back links and blog ranking are being better day by day.

    Thank you so much for sharing this awesome tutorial with us.

    • Hi Amit,

      No doubt both the techniques are awesome.. Also I like the link exchange technique.
      If you have good relations with other bloggers, you can easily get really powerful backlinks to your blog.

      What do you think about this technique? Also, would you like to share any of your link building technique here just to add value in my article?

      I would love to hear from you again 🙂


  14. Hello Ankit, Thanks for your complete guideline. To be honest as a new comer blogger i am reading a lot’s of blogs every day to learn about SEO and mostly Link building as well this is the biggest Part of SEO. I have read more then 50+ Article on this same title. And yes i got a lot’s of tips example as:

    50 Ways to build back links, 100 ways to build back links, but i really enjoy and find helpful by reading your this article. And i am going to follow your this methods/tips for my own blog. Really Great job indeed.


    • Hi Tonmoy,

      I’m glad you liked the content.

      So, which technique you liked the most and why? For absolute starter bloggers, I believe blog commenting is the easiest way to build quality links. What do you think?

      Do let me know your views.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂
      ~ Ankit

      • thanks for your quick response and ask me this question. To be honest i wanna go with 5) Interview Pro Bloggers. Caz, i see this a lot’s of blogs. But, i am confused how to offer PRO Bloggers. Would you please like to share this in your next article?

        • Hi Tonmoy,

          I’m glad you choose this technique. It will help you a lot.

          There are already so many guides available on the net. I believe you’ll get some really interesting content if you do a quick search.

          Thanks for coming back 🙂

          • OK, sure let me do a quick search 🙂 Hope, you will also one of them Guest Interviews on my Blog


  15. Hii Ankit
    i am a big fan of yours…
    i have a new site , so can u tell me how can i build backling for my new site….

    • Just try any of these link building methods. All are applicable for new site 😀

        • Glad, I could help 🙂

          Do let me know which link building strategy you are going to implement first and why?

          I would love to hear your thoughts.

          Thanks for coming back!

          • i use Directory Submission, Article Submission, Blog Commenting, Pr Submission, Blog Posting, Yahoo Answer etc…
            i think this is a good link building tactics…
            if u share anything
            ur opinion so plzz tell me Ankit

  16. I am new in blogging and this part is most difficult for me and after reading your post it now looks little easy.

    • I mainly wrote this article for new bloggers only. Glad you liked the content. 🙂

  17. You’ve nailed the topic Ankit.

    Enjoyed reading your awesome post till the end. I m agreeing with your every point and yes, they will work for newbies and the bloggers like me as well.

    Creating striking content is the best way to get linked to others. So, it is essential to spend quality time to craft the blog post. Blog commenting, round up & interview posts are the easiest ways to build reliable links.

    I really like your “Ask & Get” idea and I know very well that you’re an expert link builder in that way!

    I’d say that your worthy blogging tips will always work in driving traffic to the blogs. I really appreciate your great work and feeling jealous on your image creating skill.

    Keep you good work, have a peaceful weekend.

    • Hello Nirmala Mam,

      Thanks for your appreciation. I’m glad that you like my link building strategy 😀

      Ahh… you can also design such images easily. Just spend some quality time and work on ideas to make your images catchy and attractive. Such images really help to drive traffic from social media and also readers love to spend more time reading the blog because of these nice looking images.

      I know you also follow some link building strategies. It would be great if you can share few of them here with my readers.

      I really would love to hear more from you, mam 🙂

      Thanks for your wonderful comment.


  18. Hi Ankit,

    Thanks for your valuable tips….I follow some of your old tricks….but I never tried this one. But, Now I will also it.
    Apart from this post…..Did you see the post by John Mueller(https://plus.google.com/u/0/+JohnMueller/posts/9iUvGZ9c7nF) ” Alright, who’s playing with links again?”
    Seems that there will be next update related to Link Penalty come very soon.
    What’s your view on this?

    • Hi Diwakar,

      No update will harm your blog if you work on building safe links.

      All these techniques are totally safe and you’ll get quality natural links with them.

      Do you feel any of these backlink building techniques can harm your blog?

      Do let me know your views on it.

      Thanks for your comment!

      • Hi Ankit,

        Of course not, I do believe that your techniques are absolutely genuine and effective.
        But, My concern was that what do you think about John Muelller’s post?

        And It would be plus point If, you list some wrong backlink building techniques that really affect my websites. So, my websites have not affected by Google If any Link Penalty updates come.


      • Hi Ankit,

        Of course not, I do believe that your techniques are absolutely genuine and effective.
        But, My concern was that what do you think about John Muelller’s post?

        And It would be plus point If, you list some wrong backlink building techniques that can harm my website reputation and ranking.


  19. Sure Ankit, will try to make the images like you.

    Like other bloggers, I’m doing guest blogging and interview posts for effective link building. These help me to get a good relationship with fellow and expert bloggers as well.

    I wanna try with web 2.0 sites to build links. I’m gonna try it for sure.

    • Thanks for coming back mam 🙂

      I know you are an active guest blogger and have built really good connections with expert bloggers. It’s really great.

      As per your experience, which links are most powerful? I trust on contextual links the most, and you?

      I would love to hear more from you.

      Thanks again.

  20. Hi Ankit,

    These are some advanced strategies which are very useful to the new bloggers as well experienced bloggers, along with crafting unique content you need these strategies to get high authority quality backlinks to our blog.

    I will definitely going to use these strategies to get quality backlinks for my blog, thanks for sharing the information.

    • Hi Siddaiah,

      Welcome to my blog.

      I’m glad you liked the article. Definitely crafting quality content is not enough to attract links. We also have to work on building quality links by doing guest blogging, blog commenting, blogger outreach etc.

      Which link building technique do you use the most? Also, do let me know which of these techniques you loved the most and why?

      I would love to hear from you again 🙂

      Thanks for your value adding comment.


  21. This is a great collection Ankit.

    Fully enriched article worth sharing,

    Good that i met it fresh and healthy. . But truly i’m lacking far behind on few of the above mentions due to my few time i have for blogging.

    Glad I’m back from College

    My new goal was to key in fully unto Guest posting before coming back to update my own blog? Is that a good idea or should i do something else first

  22. Nice Guide Ankit Bro 🙂
    Actually you always gives something special or amazing guide for blogging . So thins time i found this another helpful guide related to link building . Actually as you here shared link building is important so i got it and agree with you .

    By the way Thanks for Share your Experience with Link building it will give me New Way to link building for my blog .

    ~Sanu Siddharth

  23. Hi Ankit,

    This is another great article today I found here, inside this article you cover some cool tips like ho we can easily get roundup links and link exchange techniques, both technique through we can easily get dofollow links for our website and can get targeted traffic on our blog.. great work bro..

    Mohd Arif

  24. Hello Ankit,

    You have written a informative post about link building.I have seen many bloggers recommending guest blogging,But google says that guest blogging is dead.So what is your opinion on guest blogging?

  25. Really nice tips to create backlinks to a blog. Thanks ankit for your such a nice article, I will apply these and try to get backlinks and I hope this will work for me..

  26. I think blogger outreach strategy is the perfect way to build backlinks. This strategy not only helps you build better links, but it improves your overall traffic, leads and relationships.

    Great insights in the post Ankit!

  27. Hello Ankit,

    Awesome tips to build backlinks, really helpful for the newbies. I also need this tips to build backlinks for my blog. I think these tips will help me to increase my referring domains too.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post with us 🙂

  28. Hi Ankit,

    Whenever i’m here, i find something unique. That’s why i love this blog. When i was a newbie i had tried to build back links just by commenting on other blogs. It had surely helped me. But i never tried blogger outreach method. I was not confident enough. But, i will surely try that soon. Thanks for the advice 🙂

  29. Thanks for sharing, these all above are really awesome article about getting more backlinks to our blog.

    Sure, I love what you mentioned about roundup post. I found a lot of pro bloggers such as Enstine, Adrienne, Halenna, and Ryan Buddish are using roundup post.

    Another, wonderful technique that you have mention is blog comment. Actually, it is the my most favorite way for link building. You know..? Blog commenting is just only for link building, but we could build relationship with other blogger in the same time.

    I also, love link exchange because it free and we could build quality backlinks by partnering other.

    Thanks for sharing, I love what you write here..! 🙂

  30. Hello Ankit,
    Great Post Learn new thing about link Building Thanks for sharing your experience keep up it.
    Have a nice Week

  31. I liked the “Ask & Get” and “Link Exchange” technique and will surely try this at least for once.
    I used social bookmarking, forum posting, blog commenting but never tried most of in your list.
    Thanks for sharing, they really worth trying.
    Awesome Share!

  32. Very useful tips to generate back links!!! I will recommend your blog on “link-building for new blogs” to all my friends from now on.

    Thanks for posting such a informative Articles , Always !

  33. just write the unique and best content….. people will make your backlinks instead of you.
    These will be dofollow and will pass more juice..

  34. This is the best ever post for me. I’m a new in blogging field. After 6 month i’ve noticed that my blog traffic are really poor. I’ve tired my best but not working yet. From this post I will get a proper idea. Now may be i will be able to promote my new blog. Thank you very much
    Ankit !!!

  35. Great, Advanced link building strategies. Thanks for Sharing !

    But the impressed link building strategy is for me is Experts round up. Sure Free way to get high quality niche based backlinks. But problem to the kind heart experts who agrees.

    Again Thanks for this post, Back with the bang ideas !

  36. Hi Rahul,

    +1 like. Very useful post. This post will be more useful to me for increase positive blog traffic and rankings !

    Thanks for shairing !

  37. Hello ankit,
    As every post of your blog, i like this post too. but i am not understanding your 4th point which is ask and get, is it like guest post ? and if yes, then should we exchange our links too with the post ??? please explain this backlink strategy….
    Thank you in advance..

  38. Hi Ankit Bro,
    link building help us to improve blog ranking and increase traffic very helpful and advance strategies you share.
    Great post indeed 🙂
    keep up it

  39. Hi Ankit,

    Thanks for the another good article from you. I have to implement these techniques on my blog.
    I have a query.
    Will commenting on blog posts will count as backlink?

  40. The tips are very good, but i dont think all bloggers will accept a post from as a newbie for backlink building without ask for some bucks.

    • You can always test different methods. You already have the NO, why not take the risk of getting the YES.

  41. hello,
    This is a wonderful article.I was using blog commenting on my blog and in weeks backlinks came in thousands. However for the last two weeks I have not been able to post anything using my website url Do you have an idea where the website url is flagged.?

  42. Though building links is very important, yet building them in a natural way is equally important. A mistake that many novice bloggers do is they try to make huge number of backlinks from the first day itself. I am not saying that it’s a bad idea to build backlinks from day one, but one must make sure that the backlinking process is continued over a good amount of time so that everything seems natural to Google.

    What are your inputs on this Ankit?

  43. Hello Ankit,

    This was a very nice post and I should say that it some kind of benefited me. I’ve been reading your blog for many times from many months. I like your blogging passion and your professionalism of writing.

    I here at your platform want to say that I’m too a new blogger and yes still struggling to get organic traffic but getting a good amount of Social traffic for my blog. I would be glad if you review my site here at thefirewoods.blogspot.in and suggest me some methods to optimize my Blog.

    With Regards
    Himanshu Singh

  44. I believe that i can get that just it might be a little bit hard, dont know if i can send a guest post to you then since i also blog on tech on my blog.

    • Hi Oworock,

      If you have something valuable to share with my readers, feel free to submit your guest post.

  45. Hi Ankit,

    Very Useful Article, Being new in the world of blogging and getting good results is something very difficult. Thank You for sharing, this is something useful for me . 🙂

  46. Hello Ankit!
    Social bookmarking,blogger outreach strategy and more importantly writing high qualtiy articles can bring natural links in coming time for newbies.

  47. Hi Ankit Singla,
    I have read all of this blog post. To be honest, I have read a lot of posts of “link-building” topics on the internet and some of them also give the same ones like yours. Yet, not all of them give detailed and explain the steps like yours. And, the most interesting thing I discovered from your post is the no.1 – “round-ups”. This is the first time I have heard about it, and it inspires me a lot. Yet, really, I have trouble finding influencers in my niche “Health” – this sounds ridiculous but it does happen to me. Feel a little ashamed but it is true. I am trying to do my link building at my best. Anyway, thanks for your post.
    One more idea: your internal linking method is good. I click on many of internal links. Keep moving!!!
    Vanessa Tan

  48. You are right Ankit, writing great content is the key to get relevant, trustful and quality backlinks. It’s essential to learn copywriting.

  49. Hi Ankit,

    Wonderful post, Infact you have shared some lucrative tips though which one can create backlinks for their new blogs. All the ways that you have mentioned in your article are very significant in this scenario.

    Thanks for nice sharing 🙂

  50. Hello Ankit,
    Simply a nice post mate. It’s truth when it comes about backlinks, we have to play very safe especially with our long term blogs.

  51. Another excellent post Ankit. As always, a great value being provided. Currently, I am working on a new Project where I am in process of Interviewing industry experts and also working on roundups, probably contact you for the same soon 😉

    Got some new to do list from this article 😉

  52. Hi Ankit,

    This is my first visit on your blog. I was searching for backlinks techniques for new blogs, though don’t remember the exact keyword but fortunately I have found this awesome blog that showered some positive rays on me. I am happy and really got inspired by you, your tricks to get original traffic.
    I am blogging since last one year but did not reach to that level and when I read such blogs, this time your blog, I really start feeling like I can also achieve this with the hard work and that positive passion.
    I will look forward to apply these tricks on my new blog.
    There’s a lot of things to learn from blogger like you and I’m glad that you’re achieving those heights.

    Thanks and Regards

  53. Himanshu Sharma

    Backlinks play a great role in search engine rankings. If your website is linked from authority websites then it will be seen as a good managed website.

  54. Hey, Ankit. Link building is the biggest problem of every newbie. Actually some newbies don’t know the value of link building and some of us want to get back links but hey don’t know how they can start link building.

    All the strategies are well written. I know you are one of the best blogger from india but I’m not agree with interview of pro bloggers. I know this is the best way to get link backs from their websites if they add a link on his blog about his/her interview but according to me a pro blogger never give interview to a newbie ( This is my personal view bro. Don’t mind 🙂 ).

    Hope you will reply soon. 🙂

    Thank You! Happy Blogging.

  55. Hi Ankit ,

    First of all thnxx for the awesome post , secondly can you tell me the frequency of creating backlinks per week , ( i.e how many back links should i create in a day or a week .. is there any limit ?? )

    Third .. if we talk about creating backlinks through blog commenting , can we just create back links on any blog ?? ( regardless of their niche … ) Suppose if i have a travel blog /site can i create back link on a IT Site ??

    Also is there any trick to find blogs related to your niche, that allows blog comment ??

    Thnxx Please let me know

    Regards 🙂

  56. Hi! Ankit,

    What about getting dofollow backlinks from Blog Directories?

    Is it good to get backlinks from them?

    I’m little confused as I don’t want my blog to get penalized from Google updates.

    Thank you for the article.

  57. Nice post. I want to know something about Expert round-ups.

    Why those people linked posts on about me page. Let’s say, I created a post for what top bloggers say and how those bloggers will link my post? Should I tell them to link blog post?


  58. Hello sir, I want to increase traffic to my blog. How i increase traffic on my blog.

  59. Hello Ankit. I love how detailed this article is. But I really need to know about blog commenting tips. Do you have any other articles that concentrate on that topic? Thank you!

  60. Hi Ankit. Loved your content.

    Actually I had just launched my own blog which I’m trying to promote aggressively. And your articles are helping a lot.

    Thanks for sharing all the good stuff!

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    This is vidhu,
    Such a nice and informative post. Your post will help a lot for those who are new in this field.
    Doing a great job, keep writing and posting.

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