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  1. Hey, Ankit

    Amazing article. I personally like ubersuggest(free) and ahref(paid). But i think ubersuggest doing a great job as a free tool.

    What you think about it? Do let me know.

  2. Hi Ankit,

    Great post, with collective information of almost all the tools offered by some famous brands over the internet.
    All I knew was very little like Ubersuggest and MOZ. I tried making an account and using a little bit of all and found some few changes you can make to this post like;
    1.)For KW Finder: you have to at least sign in to see the results in a free account also.
    2.) Monitor Backlinks offers 30 days of free trial service.
    Rest is great.
    Since I am a beginner in this field, I’d love to learn new things and make new connections with veterans like you. I have already recommended a few of my friends, to go through your post.

    Thanks for this wonderful post with lots of insights.