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  1. Hi Ankit, Wow you really gave us a lot of information in this one. I struggle with the speed and terminology like the large contentful paint. What exactly does that mean? I also deleted my plugin for social share buttons to save time on the site. I’m checking stats to see if that is a good thing or not if I will get fewer shares or traffic. Thanks for the info!

  2. Hi Ankit, I have a question please answer me, Does DA and PA increase the ranking. If no then why big SEO Tools Companies like Ahrefs uses this metric. I have searched this question but still i am getting mixed answers, some says yes and other says no. I value your Feedback.

    By the way your article was amazing. Love your content Bhai.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful share, As my website is dipping down after the last updates or so. Will seriously look Into optimizing all these elements and let you know the results.

  4. Hi Ankit Bhai,
    Very Informative. I am the person who is the read masterblogging regular, I am Inspired by you thanks Ankit bhai.

  5. Great to know about metrics, hopefully will help to reduce bounce rates of some of my blogs.