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  1. Hey Ankit!

    Backing up your entire WordPress blog regularly is very important. As you mentioned, you never know what could happen to your blog and getting hacked is always a risk.

    You don’t want to take any chances!

    I really like the VaultPress plugin. It is a great backup plugin for WordPress and it offers a good service. I’d also recommend it.

    Thank you for sharing this list!

    Best regards! 😀

  2. Hello Ankit,

    Thanks for the post, I’ve been using, WordPress Backup Plugin: WP Time Capsule and BackupBuddy on a number of sites for complete unattended backup and plugin updates.

    I really impressed by this Blog website and have read almost all the posts., Now, this my Bookmarked website. Loved the whole way you did this, amazing and cool Tips about WordPress Backup Plugin.

    Thanks for this Information with us. Happy Blogging 🙂

  3. Thanks, Ankit for sharing the backup plugins list. WPVivid is new to me. As of now, I use updraft plus. It’s good until you start using it for multiples sites.

  4. Mukesh Saini says:

    Thank you sharing such a great backup plugin of wordpress.
    i will also try.

  5. Good post Ankit, Backup is very important for every personal blogger. In case of any malware attack or accidentally deletion of data, you need a way to go back. I personally uses Jetpack plugin and so far very happy with it, It cost only $3.50/month (less than price of the coffee). You have to setup it once and it will keep on working in background.
    It is actually good that data is not stored on your server, as I have noticed in the past that if someone attacks on your web hosting, you still have your WordPress data secured.

  6. Hi Ankit, thank you for sharing this WordPress backup plugins list. I wanted to know, which plugin should I use to secure my site from hackers? Please advise.

  7. Thank you for all these plugins. I am a new blogger and quite confused about many things like which plugins to install , how to rank up in google.I am following your website and your articles has really been very helpful.I have got modest knowledge about many important things which concern my blog.This is the website which I have bookmarked and ardently following for augmenting my knowledge.

  8. Hey Ankit,
    Super Awesome post. Honestly saying the way you describe this post is really interesting to read. You explain every point in detail. It is beneficial for all the people who have a website and want’s to secure it.
    It is essential for everyone to secure their website because we don’t know when our site got hacked or start troubling us. Therefore backup our website regularly is the critical task.
    All of the above-listed plugins are very helpful, but personally, my favorite is BackUpWordPress. I use this plugin, and it is best for backup.
    At last thanks for the list. I appreciate your work. Keep sharing. You did a great job.

  9. thanks for the post n all in one migration plugin is also best <3

    works like charm

  10. Hello Ankit, Nice article. I personally Prefer Updraft Free Or Premium for my personal or client use. The best thing about this plugin is Easy to backup (Create Multiple Zip files for large backup So it’s easy and zip files do not get corrupt) also easy to restore. Personally, I like Their schedule backup feature. You must try and recommend it to the end-user.

  11. Hey Ankit, thanks for suggesting these backup plugins. I just got to know the importance of regular backup. Going to try out WPVivid because of its incremental backup feature. 🙂

  12. Backing up your entire WordPress blog regularly is very important. As you mentioned, you never know what could happen to your blog and getting hacked is always a risk.

  13. Ankit, is there any free WordPress blog backup plugin available? I’m under budget as of now.

  14. OMG, you are a lifesaver. I always fear losing my website and all its data. Actually, I have nightmares about it. These are a lot of great tools here. I think I may try out the WPVivid, I’ve heard many good think about it.


  15. Hi, I could see that your article is something unique. Thanks for this post. As far as my experience, I feel updraft works great.

  16. I must really mention that you did a great job. Such a clean and clear article. Will be helpful for people new to WordPress

  17. Have been using Updraft plus and really liked it.
    One of the best plugins for a daily backup of your website.
    Would surely refer it to others.

  18. Man I have been using updraft from 3 years and it is still on of the best backup plugin I have ever met. I have used wp-clone backup plugin but sometimes it breaks the website. I have to manually uploads the sql and uploads and have to change the wp-config.php file to manke it work better.