SEMrush Free Trial Offer: Try SEMrush PRO or GURU Plan For 14 Days

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The number one secret behind my site's success goes to thorough analysis of search engine results.

Not only my site’s health but also analysing the strategies used by my competitors, spying (it’s ethical) on their keywords and utilising them to build my empire.

And, SEMrush has been one tool that single-handedly does all this and to perfection.

Your presence here shows you are already aware of how SEMrush can help you increase your rankings, uncover golden keywords, track the competitors for keyword and backlink strategies and ultimately rank your own site.

What are the Benefits of SEMrush and why you should choose it?

Here are some quick benefits of SEMrush for you.

Still, if you want to know how to get the most of SEMrush, you can read my detailed review here.

#1. Easy Keyword Research: SEMrush helps you find profitable keywords that are in the low competition range. You can enter your main keywords to get a range of new, potentially rankable keywords along with search counts and CPC data.

Even better, you can fire your competitor URL, and SEMrush will return all the keywords that are driving visitors to that site. An easy way to steal those keywords and make them your money keywords, I must say.

#2) Check Backlinks: Check your and your competitor’s backlink profile along with recent additions, anchor text data, page score and much more. All in no time.

#3. Site Audits: This one section of SEMrush will help you improve your site’s health by checking for any flaws in your site, content strategy and thus helping you to rectify them in time.

#4. Adwords Strategy Spying: This one is not for all but everyone should try to use this strategy if you have a small budget. With SEMrush’s PLA research tool (product listing ads) you can easily see the AdWords ad run for any keyword phrase. You can also track if a domain (possibly your competitor ever has done any paid ads) and then you can try bidding for those to get the benefits.

#5. Position Tracking: There is nothing worst than not knowing where your efforts are heading. With position tracking, you can keep track of your keywords and then analyze the rise and drop in their search rankings.

SEMrush Coupon Code: How to Get SEMrush for Free?

In case you don't know, I have partnered with SEMrush team, and we have an exclusive SEMrush discount code for all MasterBlogging readers.

With this discount, you can avail SEMrush Pro free for 14 days which is worth $99.95

Steps to Get SEMrush Free Trial:

#1: Select your plan and click the button below to go to the sign up page.

#2: Now click on register and create your account.

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#3: It will take you to the SEMrush billing page. Don’t worry this link already contains your special discount code. Enter your billing details.

NOTE: SEMrush will charge a small amount off your credit card to check your credit card validity. Stay relaxed since this will be refunded in no time. It’s only to confirm that your account is legal. You won’t be charged a penny till your trial period ends.

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#4: Now enjoy your SEMrush free trial courtesy of MasterBlogging.


#1: Can I cancel my SEMrush account after the free trial period to avoid charges?

Yes, why not. You will not be charged till 14 days, and if you want to continue, you can do so. In case you want to terminate your account, I suggest cancelling it some time prior to your end time to avoid last minute hiccups.

#2: Can I sign up for SEMrush PRO and SEMrush GURU both the offers?

Unfortunately not. SEMrush offers only single trial per user. So make sure you pick your plan wisely. If you are a blogger, SEMrush PRO is sufficient for you and for all the SEOs and Agency owners, I recommend SEMrush GURU as it offers additional features that they mostly need.

PRO TIP: Use this 14-day free trial to collect as many keywords, backlink data, and competitor research as you can.

Dive into the reports of the competitors and create a high resource data set that help you create a profitable site till you can purchase SEMrush for every month.

34 thoughts on “SEMrush Free Trial Offer: Try SEMrush PRO or GURU For 14 Days”

  1. SEMRUSH is a really good tool. I use it for researching competitors keywords using their free method of 10 queries. I think their monthly charges are still costly for people like us who make very less on internet. Secondly, part time bloggers don’t use the tool that much to justify the monthly or yearly charges. I did take some softwares of $300 but they had lifetime versions.

  2. Semrush is my best choice for keyword research. I have already used 30 days of trial. It was awesome experience. I got many keywords which get traffic but I don’t know.
    Now I m looking to upgrade my account.

    And Ankit, you taught very well. Thanks for details.

  3. SemRush is the best tool I have ever used. I recommend it to everyone as it is really a very beneficial tool for every blogger.

  4. Sathish Arumugam

    One of the great tools I have ever seen is SEMRUSH. Keyword research, competitor analysis, Backlink analysis, Google AdWords keywords, site audit everything in one platform.
    Thought their monthly cost is quite significant but if we sign up for the first time they are offering one day free and bulk download for 24 hours. We can make use of it for our complete backlink collection and competitor keywords collection.
    I have enjoyed this services and downloaded a lot of competitor backlinks file, and I have used it for more than one month of quality backlink building
    But now I will try out with this free trail too. Thanks for this coupon code.

  5. Hello Ankit, Thanks for sharing this coupon code and special deal, I am going to subscribe again to get benefits of this deal.
    Also, planed to purchased premium account after using trial version.
    M Imran

  6. I got charged for 100$ (pro package). Help me.
    I already use 30 days free trail from another blog.
    But i clear all browsing cache and then use this blog for 30 days trail from same account which I use earlier in semrush.

  7. Hi Ankit,

    Thanks for the info, I was recently looking for a SEMrush trial. I am about to sign up with your link as you offer 30 days trial as opposed some others who have lower such as 7 and 14 etc.

    One thing I will note though is, it seems the pricing has now been increased since you made this post.

    It seems to of increased from the $69.95 per month after the trial to $119…. just something to keep in mind.

    I’ll still likely be signing up under your link anyway, thanks again!


  8. Hey, Ankit
    Thanks for providing this 30 days free pro account access of Semrush. No doubt it’s one of the best keyword research tool available on the internet.

  9. Semrush is really one of its kind.
    When it comes to keyword research if you don’t use semrush you are really missing out on huge organic search traffic. Also use it to know what keyword your competitors are ranking for and beat themtthem to rank high.
    Thanks to the developers.

  10. Ankit this your post is really awesome for bloggers who are going to use Power full tool SEMrush. I used this tool and i have very great experience with this but for now i really want to terminate SEMrush account due to some reasons. please guide me how i terminate SEMrush account its very urgent. Thank you

  11. thank you ankit…i was looking for this trail…i think it is the best keyword tool to find keywords for any blog…!!!

  12. When it comes to keyword research semrush is pretty much good at finding a gold

    Thanks for sharing the discount coupon Ankit

  13. I have used SEM rush, amazing tool ever used in my life. All Information with errors. Loved to use it.

  14. SemRush is the best tool. It really helped me a lot. Thanks for sharing 30 trial Ankit. 🙂

  15. Thanks for sharing, i have get trial of 30 days, and get many keyword ideas.

  16. Hi Ankit,
    So if I sign up for the free trial and cancel it before the free trial period, say on the 25th day, I will not be charged? I only started blogging and have not made any money so I can’t afford it yet; it’s pretty pricey. Also, is canceling easy? Thanks!

  17. It’s really very helpful. Thanks for sharing this discount offer.

  18. Thanks for the exclusive free trial. This really helps me a lot since I’m on a tight budget.

  19. Semrash is best tools for SEO. Personally I use this tools. Thanks for sharing this great article.

  20. Semrush is totally new for me and I am trying to understand the tool. Thanks for this post and free one month trial of semrush account.

  21. Thanks for sharing, i get many keyword ideas.

  22. SEMrush is really a good tool. I am using it now. I think this iz best tool to find Golden Keywords. Thanks for giving us 30 days free trial bro.


  23. Hi Ankit!

    Thanks for the offer, but Semrush says something about not enough funds on my card so I can’t register. Do you have any idea how much it charges for card confirmation?

  24. Thanks for free one month semrush trial offer. Its really helpful 😉

  25. Semrush is a good tool for keyword research and thanks to inform us 1 month free offer. Now I will take a 1 month trial for free. Thanks for writing the article and it is a very good article. 😉

    • Enjoy, Reitesh 🙂

  26. Hi Ankit,
    Thanks for a very clear explanation to get 30-days free trial offer from SemRush. All readers avail this benefit.

  27. Jithendar Dharmapuri

    Thanks for sharing. I got 30days trail. I must sahre this article to my friends.

    • Cheers! 🙂

  28. Hi,
    Hi Ankit. First Of all, I want to thanks for this informatic article. But I have a question. If in any case, I want to reject the subscription after using trial period, is there any issue arise for my bank credit card.

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