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Presenting... MasterBlogging PRO - My Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Training Program!

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Hi, I am Ankit Singla!

A Professional Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, Trainer, Consultant, Public Speaker, founder of

I have been blogging for 10 years and running my own blogging community of more than 8,000 bloggers where I share my actionable strategies to grow a successful blog. I have been featured in news sites and magazines such as The Huffington Post, YourStory, NDTV Prime and many others.

I invite you to join MasterBlogging PRO (my Blogging Training course) to learn the exact process I and my students have used to build multiple profitable blogs that make a full-time income on autopilot. My process virtually guarantees blogging success even if you know nothing about Internet Marketing.

What is MasterBlogging PRO?

Back in 2018, I was running my LIVE training program where I used to train a group of people through Facebook Live including screen share.

But there were three problems:

  • Not most of you were aware about the training because I never openly promoted it.
  • It was not easily affordable by most bloggers especially for those who were just starting out because the fee was Rs.35,000 INR (around $500 USD)
  • I was teaching the same stuff again and again (to new batches) instead of adding new content in the training.

So, to solve all these issues, I have transformed MB PRO from a LIVE training program to a Blogging course where you'll get the recordings of my previously done live sessions along with so many extra benefits at a reduced and very affordable price.

Before I will you about the program, let me show you some real proofs of Master Blogging PRO graduates.

Here are some real results of Master Blogging PROs

Master Blogging Pro result 7
Master Blogging Pro result 6
Master Blogging Pro result 5
Master Blogging Pro result 4
Master Blogging Pro result 3
Master Blogging Pro result 2
Master Blogging Pro result 1
Master Blogging Pro result 8

Want to get the same results for your blog? Make sure you become a part of Master Blogging PRO community. Let's see what all you'll get as MB PRO member:

Here is What You'll Get in MasterBlogging PRO

This online training program provides everything that you need to become a successful blogger.

Here is a complete list of the modules that are already covered in MB PRO:

Module 1
Niche Research

You don't need to be an expert in a niche to start a blog. You need a niche that is perfect for YOU to start a blog and succeed.

In this module, you'll learn what to keep in mind during niche research and how to confirm if that niche is perfect for you or not.

Module 2
Domain Research

Picking a domain for a niche site and picking a domain for an AUTHORITY site, both are different.

In this module, you'll learn how I come up with brandable domain names for my blogs that instantly build my brand and authority.

Module 3
Competitors Analysis

Starting a blog without knowing with whom you are going to compete in the market could be risky.

In this module, I've laid down my all time favourite strategies to easily find 300+ competitors to piggyback their success.

Module 4
Keyword Research

Targeting the right keywords is extremely important if you want to rank your blog posts and make money online.

In this module, you'll learn my keyword research strategies (step-by-step) and how to leverage your competitors keywords.

Module 5
Site Structure

Anyone can make a blog these days but do you know how to plan your site architecture to rank all your articles without building backlinks to all of them?

In this module, you'll learn a deadly simple tactic for the same.

Module 6
Content Creation

No matter if you are a professional writer or a complete newbie, you need to know some content writing strategies.

In this module, you'll learn the way I write my content for MasterBlogging blog (everything from research to writing.)

Module 7
Affiliate Marketing

Want to convert your blog into a money making machine? Want to generate revenue without worrying about ton of traffic?

In this module, you'll learn about Affiliate Marketing that helps me make more than $10,000 every single month.

Module 8
On-Page SEO

You know what, writing content is not enough if you don't optimize it for search engines.

In this module, you'll learn some crucial steps you need to take to optimize your content for search engines and readers.

Module 9
Off-Page SEO

Do you want people to read your content? Do you want to increase your blog traffic and revenue?

In this module, you'll learn blog post promotion and my white-hat link building techniques to boost your search engine rankings.

Guest Trainer

To add more value in this course, I requested my friend and mentor, Facebook Marketing expert, Siddharth Pal to educate you on How to promote your blog posts with Facebook Ads. He charge for his training, but for you, this module is completely free.

Each and every module is nicely organised within the Facebook group as Units.

Once you join MB PRO, go to our Facebook group, click on Units and start watching the training videos. It is as simple as that.

MasterBlogging PRO Modules

Apart from the recordings, you'll also get:

  • Timely new video tutorials based on your or other students need.
  • Access to my secret Facebook group for life so that you can get help from me any time your site gets stuck. This membership gives you lifetime access to me for FREE. (worth $1,999 offered for FREE)
  • Weekly live calls in the group where I'll go live and answer your questions and share new strategies to help you succeed in blogging.

All for just Rs.14,999 INR (or $227 USD)

PS: Don't want to pay all at once? You can pay for the course in easy EMI payments with a valid credit card. Check the EMI Options on the payment page.

Would you like to get access to the first module of the course for FREE?

If you are hesitate to join the course and want to see my teaching style, then signup to get instant access to Module 1 of the course for FREE.

Decide yourself if you want to learn from me or not.

Niche Research

PS: This is an edited version of the recording to shorten the length. Once you join the course, you will get access to the non-edited video so that you don't miss even a single second of the live session.

Here’s What MasterBlogging Pro Graduates Are Saying…

Gurvinder Kaur

Gurvinder Kaur

Ankit is amazing and well versed at what he teaches. Not only does he share new techniques, but also explains already known strategies in depth. It's great to have him provide a solution at a one on one level which is very rare to find.

K Vinod Kumar

K Vinod Kumar

Ankit is an exception. He is right mix of brain and heart. His subject matter expertise amazed me. His insight and his knowledge about Blogging and affiliate marketing made me look up to Ankit. I had a wonderful learning experience with his mentorship. Thanks Ankit Singla for your patience and helping nature.

Mario Nunes Analla

Mario Nunes Analla

Ankit is an example of a true mentor. He really knows what he is doing cause he have had amazing results already. But what I like more is his attention with me as his student he takes by hand showing details so that we don't have the "guess work" and when I'm doubt I can schedule a meeting in Skype with him and this is true valuable. I'm Already getting results so suffice to say his mentorship works.

kartik ahuja

Kartik Ahuja

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants." - Isaac Newton

Ankit is one of those giants in the Blogging Industry. Even if you learn 10% of what Ankit teaches in this mentorship program, you can build a Sustainable Blogging Income.

First I wasn’t so sure if I would learn the secrets or not, but by taking a leap of faith, I realised I am getting insider tips from Ankit on blogging and affiliate marketing secrets.

The access to the pro community is worth more than the Master Blogging’s mentorship program.

Is This Course Right For You?

This course is not for you if…

  • You believe in easy get rich quick schemes. The techniques I teach in this course will take some work on your part. If you aren’t willing to put in the work to build a stable blog, you shouldn’t sign up for this course.
  • You want everything done for you. Although I will advise you and guide you through every step of your blogging journey, it is up to you to get the work done. If you don’t follow through the strategies I teach, you won’t get any success from this course.
  • You want to use these techniques to scam people. Just go away, freak!

What if This Course Doesn’t Work in My Niche?

I haven’t yet found any niche where these techniques and strategies don’t work.

I have created successful blogs in many different niches and industries using these strategies. Not only that, my students have collectively created blogs in literally hundreds of industries and niches using these techniques.

If you take action and do whatever I've suggested in this course, you'll definitely get results.

Plus, you'll get access to my Facebook group where I'll always be there to support you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get all recordings on your LIVE training?

What's the course duration?

Will I get support after the training ends?

Will this training help a complete beginner with no previous knowledge of Blogging or Affiliate Marketing?

Is there any discount for me?

I want to learn a few things only. Can I get a heavy discount?

What if I get stuck somewhere?

What is your refund policy?

P.S. The course is being offered at a discounted price only for limited time only. Enroll now and save money!

Let me help you build your online business. Done?

Thank you

For just Rs.14,999 INR (or $227 USD)

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