How To Find Low Competitive Keywords For Amazon Affiliate Sites

I’ve been in the SEO and Blogging game for as long as I can remember.

Earlier the process for keyword research was simple.

All you needed was Google Keyword Planner: find a bunch of medium-sized keywords, write an article about it and BOOM!

With little to no effort, you’d be ranking on Google, just like that.

Over the course of few years, things have changed, drastically!

I bet you’ll agree.

Even the biggest of SEO gurus nowadays are scouting for Low Competition Keywords because it helps jumpstart a new site and gives it the required push.

Keyword Research is the most basic, primary but important aspect in any site’s SEO journey; however many bloggers still fail in this department, which affects the site’s SEO performance and leads to failure or even lesser success than the site deserves.

Hence if you Struggle in Keyword Research…

Then this guide is for you because it will help you find ultra-low competitive keywords with minimal efforts.

I mostly use Ahrefs and SEMRush for my Keyword Research strategy and reverse-engineering competitors, but for this tutorial, Ahrefs is the perfect tool to perform Keyword Research for Ultra Low Competitive Keywords.

Note: Ahrefs earlier used to be a Backlink Checker tool, however, in the past couple of years, Ahrefs has turned into an SEO Swiss Knife that offers other tools like Batch Analyzer, Keyword Research, Content Research, Broken Links Checker and so on. Ahrefs is a paid tool and costs $99/month. However, you can buy its trial version (aff.) that costs only $7 for 7 days and is the best deal for someone’s who extremely tight on budget.

In this tutorial, I’m mainly targeting keyword research for an Amazon Affiliate Site because you are bound to find plenty of very low volume keywords to rank for and make money easily.

For Adsense-based sites too you can use this strategy, but you’ll need to find slightly higher volume keywords to move the needle with Adsense.

How to Find Ultra-Low Competitive Keywords for Amazon Niche Site

Before I start, I’m assuming that you’ve already fixated on the niche and now want to find ultra-low competitive keywords.

Otherwise first read: How To Choose A Perfect Niche for Your Blog (Bonus: 100+ Niche Ideas)

Let’s Dive in.

To get started with strategy, you’ll need a seed site(s):

What is a seed site?

The term seed site refers to a website that targets multiple products and categories listed on Amazon, is highly authoritative and ranks well on Google Search too.

We are going to use such sites as a reference to get started with our Ultra Low Competitive Keyword Research.

You don’t need to go looking elsewhere for seed sites as the sites mentioned below can be effectively used as one:


These are the type of sites that target any and all type of products listed on Amazon.

Hence if you have a niche in mind, you’ll find articles written about on any of these sites and since they rank for a large pool of keywords, finding ultra low competitive keywords will be easy.

Another thing to mention here is, while you’ll be finding various keywords, you’ll even find multiple competitor sites too that you can collect and do research on them too and find excellent keywords and backlinks opportunity.

The brilliant part about this strategy is, you will find the kind of keywords that you wouldn’t have imagined even in your best dreams.

For this tutorial, the niche I’ve selected is ‘Camera’ that is a fairly competitive yet effective niche, and you can find a bunch of keywords that will be very easy to rank with.

So here’s how to get started

Step 1: Enter the URL of any one of these 5 sites into Ahrefs Site Explorer, I’m using ‘’ for this demonstration.

TheWirecutter Ahrefs Stats
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As you can see, TheWirecutter has excellent stats. They rank for over 3 Million Keywords and rake in over 4 Million Organic Traffic.

Hence even if you’re not fixated on any niche, you can check the ‘Top Pages’ Section on the left side and find multiple niche ideas.

To move onto Step 2, click on ‘Organic Keywords’ link on the left sidebar or the Organics Keywords number too.

Step 2: As highlighted in picture below, type “Best, Camera” (without quotes) in the include section and “buy” in the exclude section.

Organic Keywords - Include Exclude
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“Best” is the most popular keyword modifier when it comes to keyword research for Amazon Niche Site. Moreover, what we’ve included in the ‘Include’ section means, we want to find keywords that contain ‘best’ and ‘camera’ words in it.

While in the exclude section we’ve typed-in “Buy” because many keywords pop up with ”Best Buy” words in the end (related to, which we are not interested in.

Now let’s move onto Step 3 and 4

These two steps are very crucial to this strategy and my secret sauce too.

Step 3: Set the KD (Keyword Difficulty) filter to From “0” and To “0”.

Set Keyword Difficulty
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What this filter does is, it only displays keywords that have Keyword Difficulty as “0”. Now, this doesn’t mean that the keywords have no competition at all, but it gives us a fairly good idea that the keywords you get are not as competitive as others.

Note: Ahrefs Keyword Difficulty factor ranges from 0-100 and relies on how many backlinks you need to rank for a keyword on Google’s Page 1. Hence a keyword that shows KD as “0” technically means you can rank for this keyword without building a single backlink. However, from experience, I can tell that it’s not an accurate factor and should be taken with a pinch of salt. But it does help you differentiating keywords that have KD of 0 or 10 or 25 or over 50.

Step 4: This next step is essential, and you’ll need to perform it 2-3 times to get multiple of keywords to rank for.

Set Word Count as 7-Max
  • Save

Here set the ‘Word Count’ filter ‘From’ “7” and leave ‘To’ blank, and hit Apply.

Once you do this, you will see 17 keywords that are 7 words and longer. Now, these keywords are what I call Ultra Low Competitive Keywords.

Ahrefs Filtered Keywords
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I mean, no matter how many hours you’d put into keyword research and trying various Keyword Research method, these keywords would be tough to find.

Other valuable keywords you don’t see in the screenshot are:

  • “best way to carry camera while hiking”
  • “best canon camera with flip out screen”
  • “best digital camera for close up photography”
  • “best dslr with flip out screen”

But don’t get stuck on this:

There are other variations that you can use to implement this strategy.

Variation 1: Inside the ‘Include’ box, where you’ve inputted “best, camera” you can replace “camera” with “DSLR” or “Tripod” or other popular terms related to the niche


best tripod keywords
  • Save


best dslr keywords
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Another thing you can do is, you can change the Include input from “best, camera” to “how to, camera” and you’ll be surprised to see how many keywords this one edit puts out.

how to keywords
  • Save

You get around 55 keywords. Now apparently some of these keywords might not be related to the niche, but once you scroll down, you can find multiple keywords on which you can create different articles.

Similarly, you can replace “how to” with other modifiers like why, which, when, type(s), problem, size, get rid of, what, best way and so on.

These modifiers will not only help you find keywords for Amazon Affiliate Niche Site but also for Adsense-based sites.

Variation 2: To be completely honest, with the above strategy you can find a bunch of keywords on which you can work for an entire year and make easily above $500/month, with proper backlinking efforts.

However, if you’ve chosen a niche where you haven’t found any good keywords, or you want to find more keywords, we’ll make changes to the ‘Word Count’ filter.

In step 4, we set ‘Word Count’ to “7-Max”, however in this strategy we’ll backtrack and set ‘Word Count’ to “6-6” and “5-5” (See Image Below for Demonstration)

Word Count From-To “6-6”

Backtracking Word Count to 6-6
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With one simple change, we’ve found 60 extra keywords that you can go through and find the ones you can target.

Once that is done, you can change Word Count to “5-5” and you can find additional 74 keywords.

Hence with the above 4 steps and 2 variations you can easily bunch of 100-150 Ultra Low to Low Competitive Keywords that will suffice to write articles for your website for an entire year!

Simple and Straightforward, right?

Well no!

Now, what is a Story Good without a Twist?

And here comes the twist!

Just because these Keywords are Long Tail with Low Search Volume doesn’t mean they’re Low Competition

Hence we need to do Keyword Competition check as well!

As I said earlier, Ahrefs Keyword Difficulty factor gives us a rough idea about Keyword Competition, but by no means, it’s 100% accurate.

Hence we need to do Keyword Competition check manually.

Now multiple tools help you to check Keyword Competition like Keyword Revealer.

However, I like to do competition check on my own using two different strategies.

Strategy 1: Checking Keyword SERPs Manually

If you’re using Ahrefs, then you don’t need to copy paste each keyword into Google. You can check the SERP for any keyword right into Ahrefs.

Let’s take into account our initial filter set that contains KD “0-0”, Word Count “7-Max” and Include “best, camera”.

Here we have an excellent keyword: “best action camera with long battery life”

Towards the keyword’s right side you can see “SERP” button, click on it and it displays Top 10 SERP results with few additional information too.

best action camera SERPs
  • Save

Here we can see most sites are Highly Authoritative Sites, and you might think are hard to rank, but, they’re not.

Because you can see none of the sites have targeted that exact keyword or keywords similar to it.

Hence you have a chance to write an article and rank for the keyword albeit you do other things right.

Another best part about this strategy is that you can find bunch of other websites that are related to your niche.

This way, you can check them out on Ahrefs and copy their keywords too with the above-mentioned Steps and Variations.

In above example, these two sites happen to be “” and “”

Additionally, you can also check their backlink profile and note down pages where you can get backlinks for your own site easily or with little efforts.

Apply this strategy to most of the keywords, this will give you a fair bit idea about the competition, and you’ll find bunch of competitor sites too.

Note: Ahrefs gives you the option to check not only Top 10 but Top 100 Search Results for a single keyword.

IMPORTANT: If you find a keyword that has High Authority Sites ranking on 1st page for partially matching keywords and other Amazon Affiliates Sites on 2nd and 3rd pages and so on with exact matching keywords, then make sure to avoid that keyword altogether.

Besides that, if the 1st page contains bunch of forums ranking, then it’s an ideal keyword to target because Google treats most forums as low-authoritative sites because of the user-generated content.

To make most of your Keyword Research, you can club the Strategy 1 with Strategy 2 that I’ve mentioned below.

Strategy 2: Keyword Golden Ratio

Keyword Golden Ratio” is a strategy and term coined by Doug Cunnington of “”

You can learn in extreme detail about this strategy by clicking here.

However, I’ll still go through an overview about “Keyword Golden Ratio”

Basically what this strategy means is, you search a keyword with “allintitle” modifier on Google and divide the search results number with Local Monthly Search Volume of that Keyword.

If the ratio is less than “0.25” then the keyword is very easy to rank for, whereas if it’s between “0.25-1” then you’ll need to put a tad bit additional efforts to rank for the keyword.

Let’s take for example, the previous keyword I mentioned.

Search “allintitle:best action camera with long battery life” (without quotes) on Google.

Here’s the result I got.

Keyword Golden Ratio Allintitle
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4 results for the keyword.

To find Keyword Golden Ratio, Divide Search Result with Keyword Volume

That is 4/10, which turns out to be 0.4. This is less than what we require “0.25” hence this is where Strategy 1 comes into play and lets you know that it’s a rankable keyword.

Another example is: “allintitle:best way to carry camera while hiking” that shows 7 results and has search volume of 40, which results in KGR of 0.175 that is under our “0.25” mark.

Additionally, Doug claims that KGR is only applicable for keywords that have search volume less than 250/month. However, you should visit Doug’s site to learn this strategy in extreme detail.


I’ve poured my heart out and tried to explain this strategy of finding Ultra Low Competitive Keywords for Amazon Niche Site.

Almost everything is explained in extreme detail as far as I can tell. However, if there’s something you don’t understand, then please don’t hesitate to ask about it in the comment section.

If you enjoyed this article, then a simple share on Facebook or Twitter from your side would mean a lot to me.

Learn how to find low competitive keywords for Amazon Niche sites. Best Keyword research tutorial for blogging beginners.
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