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  1. Good post and yes sometimes we struggle to find new keywords to target and this technique will help us to get new keyword ideas! Keep up the good work

  2. Hi Ankit,
    very detailed article, no doubt if you can analysis your competitors effectively then you can beat them easily as well but first of all you need to know their Strengths and Weaknesses.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Hi Ankit,

    Really a good way to track keywords of our competitors, I will surely give a try got to know about a new tool i.e Spyfu.
    I have never tried analyzing site of my competitors.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Thanks Ankit nice post and I think that we must not always think what you competitors are targeting but instead we must take that an as ideas but do your keyword research properly! Keep up the good work

  5. Hello Ankit !

    These tools are awesome . But the problem is that these tools can be useful only as a pro version . The free version do not provides much data .
    Thus these tools wont be helpful for new blogger who do not have any budget .
    Thus please write a post mentioning some free ways by which newbie bloggers can also spy on their competitors for free .

    Keep producing such wonderful content !

    Happy blogging

  6. Thank you for this very complete tutorial. I just checked out spyfu and it has very comprehensive data, even on the free version.

  7. Again a great post from you Ankit!

    Keeping an eye on competitor’s keywords is essential in blogging. I aware about checking the KWs we rank for through Google Webmaster and Analytics. I know that it can also be done with Opensiteexplorer.com and yes, I have Moz account.

    But Spyfu tool is new to me, I’ll have a look on it. Good to see that you’re using a content locker to grab more social cues. I use Alexa as you said but unaware of SimilarWeb.

    Thanks for presenting an helpful post for us. Keep doing the same, have a good day!

  8. Anneswan Adhwaryu says:

    Really a great article Ankit sir! And a useful one to find out the secrets of success of other blogs 😀

  9. Michael John says:

    Hey Ankit,
    This is really informative.
    I have started this new blog recently and I am trying to share as many tricks as I can too. This is really informative for all novice blogger.
    Thanks for the share

  10. Ankit, the above was a brilliant tips about keywords analyzing. I really love it..

    Actually, conducting keywords research and analyze the competitors rate is really important for search engine optimization. Choosing the right keyword phrase will helps your post listed on higher position on Google listing.

    You’ve added more value to your article by providing valuable tips of keyword monitoring here. I’d admit that researching for right keyword is really important, but optimization and monitor keywords ranking is really important for seo.

    It helps to understand why your article could rank or ranked on top. then how of solution will came after why..

    Thanks for sharing..

  11. NISHIGANDH says:

    Dear Aniket,
    Thanks for posting such a wonderful article. Its essential to find such a keywords. As per your last articles @ google webmaster and google analytical, it also help us a lot to find different keywords. Semrush is the best method.

  12. Chintan Panchal says:

    Hey Ankit,

    Really awesome and well written and described article. I am currently using spyfu and semrush to check my website’s stats. But i like to use this new tool. Thanks for share this.

    Chintan Panchal

  13. hey Ankit

    I read all blog post in a single week.intresting writing skill + good social promotion thanks for sharing.



  14. This is a very cool and interesting topic. Marketing and business world is cutthroat and competition is getting stronger. We live in this digital era where we can use tools and different tactics to spice up everything we have and by spying what our competitors are into etc.

    The list above is all great keyword tools to use to see what your competitors are up to.

    SEMRush is a tool that allows you to enter a domain and view ten of the top keywords that the website ranks for organically, showing the keyword and etc.

    All in all, thanks for sharing all of these tips and tools. I will keep in mind the important things and knowledge I’ve read here. Thank you for sharing your insight. It’s an awesome post!

  15. Hello Ankit,

    This is a well-written post with value to niche marketers.

    There is no doubt that understanding what the competition is ranking for will give a site an edge to profit from convertible keywords.

    It’s to get practical.

    Thanks for sharing the necessary tools to use.

  16. Hey Ankit,

    Great post on checking your competition and from your own site for keywords!

    Thats the one thing that’s going to help you get more search engine traffic. Having the right keywords that rank well so that your post can be found.

    I use SEMrush and also Buzzsumo’s site to find keywords and great titles that are getting a lot of shares. I also check Google Analytics for Landing pages, but I never checked the other metrics you mentioned here. I’m definitely going to take note of this and bookmark this post!

    Thanks for sharing Ankit! Have a great rest of the week!

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Hello Sherman,

      Welcome to my blog.

      Finding the right keywords is the game. Find potential keywords, write awesome content that is worth sharing and linking, promote it massively and you are done. Your ranking and traffic will automatically increase with time. This is what I follow all the time.

      Yes, I also use SEMrush and Buzzsumo. Both the tools are so awesome and we can easily leverage them for our benefits.

      Thanks for reading the article and commenting on it. I appreciate your presence here. 🙂

  17. Hi Ankit,

    These tips are powerful ways to find out the keywords of our competitors, step by step guide is excellent in explaining the message, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, I too use SEMrush and Google planner for keyword research but I never heard of Spyfu, thanks for sharing the information, see you soon.

  18. Hi Ankit,

    Loved the post title, it drew me in to read.

    BTW, I really like the way your Blog site is laid out. It’s got clean lines and a great readable font. Awesome.

    Like so many others, I’m always curious about what Keywords the competition is ranking for and why (if I can figure that out).

    You’ve provided great details on how to use Google Analytics and/or GWM tools to check keywords a site is ranking for. The screen grabs are really readable and well documented as well.

    How to Check Competitors’ Keywords was nicely explained. I’ve been using Open site explorer for some time now and I’m pretty happy with the results delivered.

    I’ve often noticed that while SEM Rush is a recommended tool to use, it used to give a whole lot of problems, including Google getting annoyed with its use on occasion. This is why I discontinued to use SEM Rush. I wonder if those issues have been resolved? I shall take another look at SEM Rush immediately.

    Spyfu is really great for checking out competitor site information, including keywords. While Spyfu seems a tad costly the value that it delivers in return if used properly can have the most awesome effect on boosting the SERP ranking of your website as well as affiliate income.

    You have beautifully rounded up this post by explaining what to do after getting access to interesting keywords list. There is a ton of real valuable content here Ankit. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Thanks for sharing another lucrative online tool which is very useful for finding your competitors keywords.
    In fact I never heard this spectacular tool before. But I definitely try this tool in future.
    Thanks for sharing such a fantastic post

  20. Hi Ankit!

    Great and informative article on finding competitors keyword!
    I have one question, do allintitle and allinurl still effective to know how many competing pages on the SERPs?
    I hope you will give answer!

  21. Hi Ankit
    Thanks to provides very good information about various tools, I m using semrush since 1 year and I deserve semrush is good for Competitor analysis.

  22. SEMrush is the great tool when it comes to keywords. Yes, spyfu is alsi a great tool. thanks for nice post

  23. Thanks Ankit nice post and I think that we must not always think what you competitors are targeting but instead we must take that an as ideas but do your keyword research properly! Keep up the good work

  24. Hi Ankit,

    I have one website and last month my 5 to 10 keywords are on the top of the googles first page. But now i don’t know what happen they all are disappear from first page of the google search results. Please suggest me some tips. Is their reason a keywords competition ?
    Please answer

  25. Dear Sir, Good Info overall and useful too.
    I have been using Opensiteexplorer free version since new to this blogging Industry.

    Your post has helped me out to find some essential keywords as per competitive search tutorials on Google Analytics.

    Can you post an upcoming article in detail on finding competitors keywords – either “free” or “low-cost paid” tools so that it can be helpful for new bloggers like me.

    Thank You !

  26. So far good. But we need more about free tools information – because for paid one we get directly help from them.

  27. Why would you need to check it again on Google Keyword Planner to check the search volume? SEMRUSH already did it for you, and you can check it again on SEMRUSH? Also, nowdays Keyword Planner won’t show exact monthly search, only a ranged volume, unless you’re a big advertiser. Is this article outdated?

  28. Hello Ankit,

    I love this post as well as writing skill too. You well described to find competitors keywords. Thanks for sharing with us.

    This is priceless post, I learned a lot from it.

  29. You did a very good job here man, I look forward to seeing how these tips will help me grow my blog.
    Glad I found your guide.

  30. Hello Ankit,

    You have shared such a great technique with us to find competitors keyword with great tools.

    I have never used SpyFu but now I will definitely try it.

    Thank you so much for this great informative article.

  31. Hi Ankit, As a newbie, Am familiar with ubersuggest I never knew about KWfinder by mangools tool. Helpful information to find competitors in the right way. Also, thanks for sharing different tools… I need to implement in this way to get traffic and increase ranking to website Keep sharing..!