How To Drive and Increase Referral Traffic To Your Blog?

Increasing traffic on a website can be considered as both easy as well as tough task. It’s easy because if you plan a proper strategy and follow it then increasing your blog’s traffic won’t be a big problem but if you don’t plan anything and just do whatever you feel like doing then you won’t be seeing any improvement in your traffic numbers.

There are two main types of traffic sources – organic traffic and referral traffic. I am pretty sure you might have read a lot about organic traffic by now so we are not going to discuss that.

In this article, we are going to see some simple yet effective ways using which you can increase referral traffic on your blog.

But before getting into the article, we should see which traffic can be considered as referral traffic.

What is Referral Traffic?

In simple words, all the visitors that come from some other websites to your site can be considered as referral traffic. These sites can be other blogs, forums, social networking sites, directories etc.

Your website link is placed on these sites, which means they are referring your website to their readers and when more and more websites refer your site on their blog, you will be getting more and more referral traffic.

what is referral traffic
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It’s not a tough word so I hope that you now understand which traffic you should consider as referral traffic. If you still don’t understand then I will put it in another way.

The traffic that isn’t organic, which doesn’t come from search engines, can be considered as referral traffic.

Best Ways to Increase Referral Traffic

As there are lots of websites out there from where you can get traffic, there are a lot of different ways that you can implement to increase the referral traffic.

In this article, we are going to see different types of websites from where we can get traffic – blogs and websites, forums and social networks, YouTube – because these are the only ones capable of sending targeted visitors to your blog.

Referral Traffic From Other Blogs and Websites

I am pretty sure that you know about the methods that you can use to get referral traffic from various blogs in your niche.

If you are not familiar with these methods then they are blog commenting and guest posting. There is another one as well, but we will talk about it later.

1. Blog Commenting:

Commenting on other blogs has been considered to be the best way to build new relationships with other bloggers and get a lot of traffic and backlinks. But it’s not always that easy and not everyone is able to benefit from it.

If you are commenting on various blogs and you are not seeing any results then you are doing something wrong.

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Commenting is not something that you can do today and expect to start seeing results from tomorrow. It doesn’t work like that. It’s more of a long-term deal!

First of all, you should be looking for some real blogs that publishes great articles and get a lot of comments on them. When you find such blogs, start reading their posts and go through the comments and see if the comments are real and informative and whether the blog owner engage with other commentators or not.

If there are informative comments, bloggers engage with each other and the blog owner also actively participates in the conversation then you have found a winner.

Then for the next step, all you have to do is start reading their latest articles and share your honest opinions in the comments. Don’t post anything like “Amazing content” or “Thanks for the informative article” because that’s not going to benefit you in any way.

Write something that adds more value to the article, if you found something wrong with the post then don’t hesitate to point it out to the writer because that’s how you gain the blog owner’s attention.

The more comments you publish on their blog, the higher are your chances of getting traffic from that blog and at times, you might also get featured in one of the upcoming posts.

referral traffic from blog commenting
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Tip: When you find such blogs with a lot of comments and engagement, join their email list and see what type of emails they send out to their subscribers. If most of them are just affiliate offers or they are trying to sell something then I won’t suggest you to comment on that blog. The reason is simple, they are not giving important content to their subscribers so their blog popularity is going to decline pretty soon.

2. Guest posts:

Guest Posts are something that gives you amazing and long-term results. When you publish a guest post on an authority blog, you get referral traffic in the beginning and since you also get backlinks from authority blogs, you will see an increase in organic traffic in the long run.

But when you do guest blogging, you should keep certain things in mind. You cannot just go around publishing articles on any blog that you want. You should spend some time in finding the blogs that are relevant to your niche and the content of your article.

Make sure that the blog enjoys a high authority in search engines and has a large reader base. As long as you post the relevant article on relevant blogs, you won’t be penalized.

3. Third and a Superb Way:

Previously I said that there is another thing that we can do to increase referral traffic to our blog and now we are going to see which one is that.

This method won’t be giving you instant results but since you are a blogger, you should know this already that proper and long-lasting results can never be gained instantly.

When you create a high-quality content then I would recommend you to publish the article on your own blog. Make sure that the article has all the proper points for the topic you are covering, problems and solutions listed and proper resources mentioned wherever they are needed.

Then you should start contacting other bloggers through social media platforms or via their email and ask them to give your content a read. Don’t ask them to share the post or give a backlink to you, just ask them to go through it and share their feedback.

This way, not all, but some of those bloggers will read your article and if they are impressed, they might start recommending your blog to their own readers and share your posts frequently on social media.

Now since their reader base and followers count is much higher than yours, you can expect an increase in the referral traffic and you can also expect a lot of exposure and recognition in the blogosphere.

As I said that this method can take some time before it gives you any results so be patient and keep on working on writing the best possible content on your blog.

Drive Referral Traffic From Social Media

For getting traffic from social media, I am going to cover only 3 networks – Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I know there are other amazing websites like LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and others but since I don’t have any experience with LinkedIn and the traffic from StumbleUpon has a high bounce rate, I am going to skip them.

1. Facebook

The simplest way to gain traffic from Facebook is to join some relevant and active groups and share your posts with them. I said, active groups because a majority of them are dead and you won’t be seeing any benefits by using them.

However, there are still some really awesome Facebook groups that you can join. No matter what your blog niche is, you will find a group on Facebook for it easily.

And to get maximum benefits from such groups, you need to stay active in the group. Like and share other people’s posts, comment on them – both articles and Facebook posts and be an active member of the group.

By doing this, you might get the attention of the admin of the group and if the articles you share are amazing, your post might get featured on the group.

Other simple thing to gain traffic from Facebook is to create multiple pages for your site. The reason I am saying multiple pages is because you need to share your content in different ways on different pages.

On one, share only the article links, on the other share photos and videos along with some article links and on the other, choose a different approach. Find out which one works the best, which page gets the most engagement and which one has the highest organic reach.

When you find the winning formula to bring the maximum traffic through Facebook pages, all you have to do is just merge those pages.

2. Twitter

Some of you might argue that you can’t get traffic from Twitter, but I should stop you right there. If you use Twitter properly then you can get highly targeted visitors from Twitter as well.

The reason why you are not getting any traffic from the social platform is that you neither have a high follower count nor do you share proper tweets or take part in the various chats.

Getting followers on Twitter isn’t hard at all because if you share amazing tweets, not just updates from your blog, but tweets about the latest news, some new launches, sarcastic comments etc. and also take part in the Twitter chats then you are bound to get more followers.

So I would suggest you to join JustRetweet to start sharing other people’s tweets. However, you are going to find article links only so you are going to have to do some work to share other types of tweets as well.

If you are not free all day to tweet then you need to check out either Buffer or HootSuite so that you can schedule the time to tweet and also see the analytics of the maximum activity on anytime.

As I mentioned about the various Twitter chats, I am going to tell you about some of the best ones. The best chats to join are #Blogchat, #SEOChat and others which you can easily find.

Here’s an amazing guide on Buffer blog on how to host or participate in a Twitter chat!

3. Google+

I have had some success with Google+ recently because I found out that if you share an article on Google+ with proper description and proper hashtags then you are going to get some really good traffic.

referral traffic from social networks
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To get traffic from Google+, all you have to do is join the biggest communities (groups on Google+) and be active there and share your articles – much like Facebook groups.

And you can also create a Google+ page for your blog. A Google+ page can be a great thing because when you share articles with proper hashtags on the page then it can also reach a lot of people giving you higher engagement and high traffic. You can connect with BloggerTipsTricks’s Google+ page here.

I will share some tips on getting high social shares from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in the upcoming posts, so stay tuned.

Drive Referral Traffic Using Forums

Being a part of an active and popular forum and engaging with other people’s posts can prove to be a lot beneficial to you in the long run.

Frankly speaking, I am not the right person to tell you how to use forums because I have never stayed active on any forums for a long time but I do know one thing, the forums are amazing source of traffic.

Whenever I decide to join a forum, I am going to follow all the below points and you should too:

  • Create the perfect profile page – add a perfect bio, profile picture, social accounts, previous work and provide a way so that others can contact me.
  • Stay active on the forums and utilize the signature space to add some relevant links.
  • Start new threads based on relevant and popular topics and if there are older threads open then try to share your views in them.
  • Always stay brief and to the point and always try to be helpful to others.
  • Follow up to all my old as well as new posts and make some real connections with other members.

If you like to watch a video on getting started on forums then I would recommend you to check out QuickSprout University’s video on building traffic through forums.

Get Referral Traffic From YouTube

YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform where you can not only just watch videos but upload your own videos as well.

The site gets billions of visitors each month and a lot of people are redirecting some of that traffic to their own websites by uploading new videos regularly.

If you too know how to create videos then you should start creating a small and brief video for each new article and publish it on your channel. Not only you can get a backlink from the video but you can also get lots of visitors if your video goes viral.

If you are not able to create videos then you can always hire someone by going to sites like Odesk or Elance.

Other Ways To Increase Referral Traffic

There are a lot of other ways as well to increase referral traffic for a blog. Blog commenting, guest posts, social media, forums and YouTube are just the best ones out there but that doesn’t mean you can’t use others.

Here are some of the other ways you can use to generate referral traffic:

  • Blog Community Sites: Community sites like BlogEngage and BizSugar allows you to share your article links on their sites so that its other members can see, like it and comment on it. When you stay active on such sites, it is likely that your post will get featured and you might see a huge surge in traffic.
  • Infographics: This is probably one of the best but an expensive way to increase referral traffic. Even if you know how to create an Infographic, it will take hours or maybe days to come up with one because you not only have to design but you also need to get the best information and relevant sources to make it go viral.
  • Content Curation: This method can be a little time-consuming, but you will not only get high traffic but also get quality backlinks. You can curate content of your blog and other blogs and articles from the Internet by using sites like and Storify. Learn more about content curation from here.

So those were some of the best ways to increase referral traffic on your blog. I hope that you are going to try some of them right now and if you liked the article then do share the post with your friends. If you have something to say or you think that I missed something, then comment below to let me know about it.

Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla

Hi, I'm Ankit Singla Founder of Master Blogging. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Facebook Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.

Ankit Singla

Hi, I'm Ankit Singla Founder of Master Blogging. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Facebook Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.
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  1. Nwosu Desmond Mavtrevor

    These are really great referral traffic sources while i am conversant with most of them i also use content curation to drive more referral traffic than any of the mentioned sources above. thanks for sharing.

    • I am glad Nwosu Desmond Mavtrevor that you liked the sources I shared.

    • Yes, drive more traffic. Don’t depends on one traffic source and diversity other traffic methods also.

  2. Nice crispy article…..but I wanna add a great resource of referral traffic i.e the one and only Wikipedia…..its a great resource (No. 1)….start using it (editing it)…..But remember don’t spamming around it, that won’t help….try to help it by expanding articles…and you have some blog post relevant to an article over there, you can add your link in references…..Hope that helps

    • Thanks Aditya Dey for adding Wikipedia to the list. It will surely help readers here to get nice referral traffic.

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    • Hi Tiffanyfrye. Backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node. Backlinks help you in getting a good Page Rank for your website.

  5. I am uber partial to commenting myself.

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    Keep up your excellent work!


    • Hi Jyoti,

      Referral traffic is very important for blogs. It helps in the long run and the most engagement you’ll generate on your blog even via referral or social traffic, the higher your posts will rank in search engines.

      Email marketing, no doubt, is the best source of traffic. The most important thing about it is that we don’t have to worry about organic traffic. We can get instant traffic from our email subscribers.

      Thanks for your comment, Jyoti.


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    I am landing on your page for the first time. There is a lot of information for a new blogger, like me. I have already started commenting on some platforms where I also stay from formal ‘thank-you’s’. While commenting, I keep in mind to add value to the post because we can’t fool the author or readers. If we will comment for providing information, people will definitely visit our site

    I have started looking out for posting guest posts also. To me, this is the best way for getting referrals. By giving wonderful post, the site owner feels good, readers are happy. What else we want, isn’t?

    In this short span, I have realized that connection matters more than backlinks only. I know it will take some time because these connections are made with people, not the bots 😉
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    Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Scoop, Pinterest are some of the social media sites which provide me with good referral traffic.

    For getting more referral traffic regularly, we need to promote regularly and keep posting new informative posts at our blogs.

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    You get practiced to nail the post every time and this time too.

    Lovely post to get referral traffic! I do agree with all your views and like the 3rd tip.

    I know that I’m missing huge traffic from forums, infographics and YouTube. Will try to get traffic from those awesome ways.

    I would like to insist the importance of getting referral traffic to a blog. Yes, my beauty blog had excellent organic traffic (100%) and played well in search engines in the year 2008. But suddenly, I lost my traffic 🙁

    I came to know that this was due to my unawareness in getting traffic from social media and blogging communities.

    That was a great mistake! After that, I recognized that the referral traffic plays a vital role in blogging.

    So, I’m following most of the ways which you’ve listed here to obtain social media traffic and will try to execute the missed ideas.

    Many thanks for linking my content curation post here, means a lot.

    Keep writing your awesome tips 🙂

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    As always your articles & tips are really awesome to read and litlle hatke. I have learned a lot while working on referral traffic sources. I think Facebook, Quora, Yahoo answers are best places to share your knowledge and get get acknowledged by tons of traffic. But we should not promote as you said already. I am bit lucky couple of times as I receive some warning in initial days from those communities. But good part is I have rectified my mistake immediately and then follow the best practices. Thanks for sharing your experience and teaching many bloggers how to blog safe. 🙂

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    Hi Ankit
    What about Reddit and stumbleupon ? are those are so considered as Referral traffic ?

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    These are some great tips on getting referral traffic. I still find guest posting to be a good source of referral traffic. Other than guest posting, blog directories and communities are a reliable source of quality referral traffic. The advantage of using a blogging community is getting the type of visitors that you need for your niche. Based on your niche, you can target the appropriate blogging communities.

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