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  1. Checking keyword postion is a great way to monitor our own effort. All bloggers want to get better ranking on search engine ranking page in order to get good traffic and exposure to their blog. Thus, they check their own rank to defeat their competitors.

    I also use to check my keyword rank and generally I use Moonsy and Keyword Rank checker by SERPS to check my keyword ranking.

    The list of Keyword ranking checker tool you have listed here are awesome, I have used almost every of them excepted SEMRush and SEO Scores android apps. I will surely give a try to them.

    Thanks bro for such a great list and also for the offer of 14 days trial use of SEMRush

    Thanks a lot 🙂

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Hi Rabin,

      Checking keywords ranking is very important for all internet marketers or bloggers. I do check my keywords ranking to notice how my articles are performing in search engine rankings. If any one of my post don’t perform well, I do required changes and promote that article again and again over the time to boost its ranking in search results.

      Moonsy is a great tool to check keywords ranking. Recently I started using SEMrush and it’s also a great tool which I highly recommend. The best thing I love about SEMrush is it shows all the keywords for which our site in ranking. We can start working on those keywords to further improve their SERP. This is how we can easily increase our organic traffic and of course conversions too.

      Rabin, what you usually do after checking your keywords ranking? Do you work on them to boost their search engine rank position or just wait for more days to see them on top? If you further work on them, then which actions you take to improve your rankings?

      I mainly build more links from internal linking to those pages and improve their social signals. I also update those pages with fresh information and reshare them on social media. This is how I get more new comments and it helps me to further improve my rankings. Looking forward to hear from you what you do in that case?

      I’m glad that you liked the SEMrush offer. Do check it and don’t forget to share your experience with SEMrush here in coming future.


      1. Yes Ankit, I always try to boost my ranking and try to overcome my competitors in the search page. For boosting my rank I try to update my blog with new keyword and also share it on social sites for giving it boost. 🙂

        The building internal link that what I never tried and will try it now. Thanks for your wonderful suggestion. You are one of them from whom I am learning new things.

        And yes, I will surly use SEMrush and will also share my experience here with you.

        Thanks bro for your reply, I am glad that you shared some wonderful tips to get better ranking.

        Thanks a lot 🙂

        1. Ankit Singla says:

          Hi Rabin,

          Thanks for your revisit.

          This is really a cool idea. I also do the same. Whenever I find any of my post which is not performing well in search results, I do required editing and add more relevant content with few more LSI keywords.

          It keeps by content fresh, up-to-date and informative which I can share several times on social media and blogging communities. Other bloggers mention great content on their blogs and this is how you can easily get natural backlinks too. The more links you’ll receive the higher your ranking will be.

          Again, I would like to know from you, how you find new keywords to add in your content? If you ask me, I only use Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush tool to find some long tail keywords to include them into my articles. Several times I also consider Google suggestions because they are actually profitable keywords which people use to search.

          I appreciate your time and value adding comment, Rabin!


  2. Hi Ankit

    Very useful post with a list of wonderful resources.

    It is must to keep checking the position of keywords else one can develop a winning content strategy. In some cases it is not necessary that one use a highly searched and low competition keyword and must get a higher rank. It is possible certain other factors may stop it to move higher because Google is not bound to tell everything about the page ranking.

    So it is wise to keep vigil on keywords position and keep modifying the content strategy after observing the trends of the keyword position either they are moving higher, lower or stand still for a long time.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this very useful post.

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Hello Muba Sir,

      Thanks for your valuable comment.

      I couldn’t agree more with you that we can create winning content strategy after knowing our keywords ranking.

      We can optimize our articles, build more quality links and promote them even better to increase our blog posts ranking if we can know their rankings in Google. This way, blog traffic can easily be increased.

      I do check top landing pages in Google Analytics and work on those articles to improve and promote them. It really helps in increase blog traffic because those articles are already performing well in search engines. So we don’t have to work harder to improve their rankings.

      Again, thanks for your comment.

  3. Hello Ankit,
    What a great post. Most of the tools here are free. Though I have previously used the small SEO tools because they have a complete set of SEO tools from backlink checker to others like PR and alexa checker. I have used the rank checker but not that much because I rely on writing content that I think will provide value. May be I am a cave man but I don’t really SEO my articles except for the basic Yoast sett up. So far its been good but as you have shown in the SEMrush you can do more than just checking the rank I am thinking I need to try that out.

    Moreover SEMrush as you said gives you chance to outgrow your competitor which is really good and necessary if you wish to excel in your business. So The key takeaway from your post is that I am suing SEMrush as you have suggested its the best rank checker and a complete tool for SEO personnel and bloggers.

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Hi Swadhin, welcome back to my blog 🙂

      No doubt small SEO tools have some pretty interesting tools which every blogger must use. I mainly use Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO tools. It’s a great free tool available in the market.

      Writing great content really helps in getting higher rankings but one must be curious to know how his content is performing in search rankings and that’s why checking keywords ranking is must.

      For PR and Alexa rank checking, I use SEOQuake extension which shows many other matrices too like number of indexed pages, social signals etc.

      SEMrush is a great tool which I’m personally using for keyword research, backlink analysis, site Audit and full competition analysis. It helps me to make my plans and to do list based on the research. Later I can perform activities to reach my online business to the next level.

      BTW, what you think why knowing keywords ranking is important and how it can help a serious blogger?

      For me, it helps me to keep track of my activities. How I and my content is performing so that I can work to improve the quality by adding more value to it. I keep monitoring the rankings and if it still doesn’t rank, then I keep updating the article with more useful information. I keep sharing that article on various social networks to give it a social boost. It helps my articles to perform pretty cool in search rankings. Looking forward to hear from you, how and what exactly you do for the same?

      Thanks for your comment, Swadhin 🙂
      – Ankit

  4. Kalpesh Makwana says:

    Hello Ankit,

    Thanks for sharing these free rank checking tools. Actually I never used any tool for rank checking, I always check it manually. But now a days I am so much busy with my blog promotion and not able to check the keywords. While researching for some tool that can help me in rank checking, I found your post. Which is the best tool as per your both’s knowledge?

    And conversation between both of you helped me a lot.

    Kalpesh Makwana

  5. Very solid list Ankit. I am a big SEMRush fan. I use it to check keywords and other information for clients, because like you said, it’s one of the better sites out there. I find it to be super professional and just flat out about the best research site on the web. At least for bloggers who want to get their keywords and rankings down pat from a reputable source. Dude,thanks for sharing the list!


  6. Great tips Ankit. but the 1st tool SEO SERP Workbench was not worked for me. will try other tools for sure. is there any tool to check bulk keywords with country based google searches? I used some tools like small seo tools but there was not accuracy.

  7. Really it is very informative post for keyword rank checking tools. Usually I check manually incognito window in chrome. Thanks

  8. Mazid Umar says:


    It is a very informative post and there are lots of tools for Google keyword rank checker I really appreciate them. I check to out your all tools as you explain in this post like as small SEO tools, rank checker etc.I will try it.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this tools here.

  9. I am using Rank Checker Firefox extension and it was really helpful. But as of the moment, I rely more on Google Keyword Tool and checking the keywords on SERP to see the competition.

  10. I use SEMRush. It’s awesome. I had also tried using SEO serp workbench and Small SEO tools. I din’t find SEO serp workbench as attractive as Small SEO tools. Small Seo tools was very easy to use. But, now i have been using SEM rush from past couple of months. And I think it’s better compared to other tools.

  11. Hi Ankit Bro!

    Thanks for this informative and amazing post.

    SEO is an important part of blogging and also an solid source of traffic. Keyword research tools are what everybody is looking for. But sadly, most of these are damn costly to start off with.

    Thanks for these free tools, gonna help me and all the other bloggers too.


  12. Thanks for such practical useful things. I want to increase google position but I am not able to decide which keywords to use. I want to use long trail keywords as you suggested in previous posts. But whatever keywords I think has more competition.

    How to go further with that. Please suggest.

    Thank you.

  13. Agrawal Apoorv says:

    Woo nice post again this time it’s more uselful for me as it elaborates how to beat competitor getting clear idea on how to do.
    I wonder I was only aware of small seo tool but the rest of the tool mentioned does work well moreover I was not are of semrush and also about searching of keywords if it makes any sence but it does help to improve the site also helps to rank keywords too.

    Have a greatblogging time

  14. Hi Ankit,

    I generally use serp rank checker and GWT to check the rankings of my keyword, and I think they are enough for me at the he starting point of my blog. But after reading your post, I think I have to go with SEO scores android app. It looks more beneficial for me, coz I am addicted user of android phone 🙂
    Thanks for sharing details of the android app to check keywords ranking.

  15. sai charan says:

    Hey bro,

    I thought to buy Magic rank tracker and while stumbling upon i found this post 🙂 Now i guess i dont need to get that tool because your post helped me 🙂
    Thanks for the post

  16. SEO Scores Android App..!! Finally making use of my Android device for some good purpose..Thanks a lot Ankit for this Awesome App 🙂

  17. Hi Ankit,

    Great article as always. Liked it very much.I also use many rank checker tools like SEO SERP Workbench but After getting your post,I got lots of different-different Google keyword rank checker tools.It is very useful for me all blogger. I will pass it with my all follower.

    Thanks so much for putting together this useful post!

    Keep writing.

    Pinki Chaurasia

  18. Keyword is one of the most important factor in today’s Seo Strategy. I am also continuously check my keyword rank. You have listed number of keyword checker tool, these very use full to me and i think this is also very use full for everyone who want check his keyword position.

    Thanks for sharing the list.

  19. keyword position checker tool show your effort in search engine ranking terms. sometimes when we see our keyword position lower then we work hard to improve its ranking.

  20. Hi, thanks for sharing such an aweosme information and yes keyword means a lot when it comes to SEO and you have provided a great value here. because keyword checking tools are neccassary for every webmaster if they are Serious about their Blogging Business ! Thanks Again !

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Tools make the task lot easier. Thanks for commenting Syed 🙂

  21. Hey Ankit Great Post and i Mostly like to Use Semrush or Small SEO tools to Check Keywords Ranking these both Tools are Great.

  22. The SERP Snippet Preview Tool is a simple, up-to-date tool that we’ve created to help you write optimized Title Tags and Meta Descriptions. Helping you to increase your organic click-through rate.

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Thanks John. I’ll check this tool.

  23. All these tools are very nice, but I’m looking for a free tool to check a lot of keywords for a website.I used to use MOZ free trial but ended and now I use semalt but I don’t know how good it is yet. Anyone tried semalt? I registered with them for free and it seems a good tool, can I count on its results?

  24. Hi @Ankit
    Its really great article about keyword checker tools. You have mentioned the tools that are most popular and best for checking keyword rank. I am using Small SEO tool for keyword rank checking, the important thing about this tool is that this is free to use.
    Thanks 🙂

  25. Chetan Gupta says:

    Hi Ankit

    Thanks for sharing such a great article with us.

    Checking keyword ranking is the most important part of SEO because It tell us that how much we are growing. Right?

    Imagine, we are working hard to rank for a keyword and we don’t have any tool to track our rankings.

    It would be something like Shooting arrow in the air. Right? 😀

    So keyword rank tracker is the most important part of SEO.

    And I’ll definitely try these tools. Generally I use SERPs.com rank checker tool. It is much more accurate than any other keyword rank checker tool.

    Generally most of the tools allow us to check rankings in a particular country But though this tool, I can easily check keyword rankings in all other countries.

    So, Thanks once again.

    Happy Blogging 😉

  26. Hey Ankit, I have tried SEO SERP Workbench (version 1.2.1) but it always show No results.
    Try adding some of the sites below.

    However When I search same keyword directly on google (incognito mode), my website is on 5 number. Can you please check if SERP Workbench work or not?

  27. robert connor says:

    Hello Ankit,
    Very nice site with some tips i can use. I have a question- is there a way to check keyword rank checking from google search bar?

  28. Bhargav Karlapudi says:

    Hey Ankit Great Post and i Mostly like to Use ahrefs to Check Keywords Ranking their Tools are Great.

  29. Priya Singh says:

    Hello Ankit,

    Awesome post as always. Liked it very much. I also use many rank checker tools like Ahref, Woorank but After getting your post, I got lots of different-different Google keyword rank checker tools. It is very useful for me all blogger. I will pass it with my all follower.

    Thanks so much for putting together this useful post!

    Keep writing.

    Thanks & Regards!

  30. Thanks a lot, Ankit for sharing this article, It really helped me choose the best tool for tracking my keywords ranking on SERPs.