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  1. Hey Ankit,

    Just amazing Guide Bro!

    You shared very interesting and helpful ways to to find the right Products to Promote As An Affiliate. Now, i am feeling confidant to dive in Affiliate program. Thank you so much for this great share. Keep helping 🙂

  2. Rahul Jain says:

    Great post Ankit…I am new to affiliate marketing and was searching for a good article to start on and luckily found your useful article..Thanks a lot..Will try my luck..

  3. Before promoting a ClickBank product or other digital product through the affiliate program, buy a product first then read the product entirely. So you can write better review for the product and get better conversion rate.

    Gravity of a ClickBank product in range between 15 – 30 usually considered as good to promoted.

  4. Thanks Ankit for your helpful post !

    How can i sign up Shareasale. i tried 3 times but every time they declined.

    Pls give little Solutions about that. pls mail me !

  5. Hello Ankit,

    The Guide was very good. The three mistakes which you have told are the major mistakes done by most affiliate marketers. At beginning of their affiliate marketing career, on the zeal of making bucks faster, they promote irrelevant products and lose their trust in the customers.
    Thank you for sharing the post.

    Ravi Teja

  6. rakesh kumar says:

    Hi Ankit, If you are able to know what type of visitor you are getting on your blog then it is super easy to find out right kind of product for that kind of visitor. Thanks for posting this wonderful idea for us.

  7. Awesome content Ankit!

    In the past, I’ve had success driving solo ad traffic to affiliate offers, but my ‘bread and butter’ is writing reviews about different affiliate offers on my blog.

  8. Sunilwakode says:

    Hi good piece article keep doing good work, I had applied for clickbank affliate marketing but they rejected as these service not available in India

  9. Do we need to use a product before writing a review and selling it or can we simply recommend any product based on all the information that we gather online?

  10. Lakhani Darshan says:

    Great, and nice collection brother and thanks for sharing this most valuable information. That’s really helpful for new bloggers and affiliate marketers.