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  1. harish Bali says:

    Ebay, impact radius – i was not aware that that they run affiliate program. i have not used anything other than amazon.

    I remember scanning through- sharea sale once some time back. I think after reading this post i need to give it some quality time and may be start with fresh thoughts. good draft

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      ShareASale and ImpactRadius I use the most. These are great affiliate platforms. I suggest you join them and find some good products to promote on your blog. 🙂

  2. Obialor Chinomnso Henrietta says:

    Thanks alot…..I just joined eBay. But I dont understand how I will start promoting their services on my blog. Pls explain better.

  3. Ankit, Thanks for your this valuable post about Affiliate Networks. I had joined Commission Junction few months ago. But they frequently declining my some Affiliate program joining requests. And I am not understanding a reason behind it.

    Avangate and eBay Affiliates are good in conversion.

  4. I am not aware about affiliate platforms. Please tell me, can i use affiliate program along with google adsense in my website – healthnuskhe.com ? If i use with any problem. Please answered me shortly #ankit singla Sir

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Sonu, you first need to join any affiliate network like ShareASale. Then find a good product/service that you can promote on your blog. Create content around it, put your affiliate links and promote your content. If your content is good, people will buy from your affiliate link and you’ll make money.

  5. Rahul Yadav says:

    Awesome list of affiliate programs for bloggers. I am a newbie in blogging, I will surely use some of them to earn some money through affiliate marketing.
    Really Nice share. Thanks

  6. You have made your blog more stylish ankit,
    keep it UP!

  7. Great list of Affiliate Programs. But the key in affiliate marketing according to me is target 2-3 affiliate programs , then go for others.
    What’s your view?

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Yes, it’s a right approach.

  8. Great Ankit Singla,

    But my opinion Amazon Associates & ShareASale both are great for me. Also affiliate marketing is one of the best method to earn online but earning through only affiliate marketing your blog must have huge traffic on daily basis. Thanks for the best topic.

  9. Ankit Singh says:

    Joined share a sale and got approved thanks for the information.

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Congrats, Ankit 🙂

  10. I have an account at click bank and got 2 sales. But they need 5 sales from different payment method. Is it right bro?

  11. Hello Ankit,

    I am using Shareasale and CJ to monetize my blog and Shareasale is one of the best network I have ever joined. I highly recommend it to others. However I haven’t tried impact radius but will definitely join them. Thanks for this great list.

  12. Yash Patel says:

    Hi.. Ankit sir.. I am daily reading of your blog from many days. I have started yesterday my new blog. I am decide to use affiliate program for my blog. But i my blog is not popular so no one buy from my affiliate links. So give me some tips and aslo publish article on “how to rank fast your blog on google” for help for me and other new bloggers. Thank you

  13. Yash Patel says:

    Hello,sir..i am daily reading your blog post. i start my own blog after reading this post but i have some question
    1.free hosting is good or not
    2.how to increase website speed.
    3.which hosting is cheap and good.

    Plz give answer as soon as possible. Thank you. This article is really useful for me.

  14. Vishal Fulwani says:

    Hey Ankit,

    Great list of affiliate networks 🙂 Few of them i know already but Impact Radius is new for me. I found lost of good product which i’ll promote on my site. Thanks for sharing this list with us.