23 Affiliate Marketing Tips to Massively Boost Sales

I regard affiliate marketing as one of my top blog monetization strategies of all time. 

It’s accessible, scalable, and has the potential to make heaps of passive income. 

However, we should not view affiliate marketing with rose-tinted glasses. 

The truth is, a lot of bloggers struggle to make affiliate marketing a sustainable business.

That’s why I decided to write this post — my complete guide to maximizing your affiliate marketing earnings.

But first, allow me to clarify a few things about affiliate marketing. 

What is Affiliate Marketing — Do You Need It?

What is Affiliate Marketing
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If you’re doing research on blog monetization strategies, chances are you’re already familiar with advertising. 

With programs like AdSense, you simply need to add a single piece of code to your website. Google will take it from there and automatically display ads that are optimized for your site’s layout.

This leads to the question: 

Do I really need affiliate marketing if I already earn money with ads? 

The answer is a resounding yes. 

Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting another company’s product through an affiliate link on your website. You then earn commissions whenever a sale is made from customers who used your affiliate link. 

Granted, affiliate marketing involves a lot more work than showing ads on your blog to generate revenue. But if you really want to carve your way to financial success with blogging, you just can’t rely on ads alone.

Affiliate marketing, along with selling your own products and services, is the way to go.

Here four reasons why affiliate marketing beats advertising: 

  • Affiliate marketing demands you to be value-oriented towards your audience — Let’s face it, ads rarely do something positive to the user’s experience. Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, requires you to prioritize valuable and informative content to your readers to be profitable.
  • You make more money with affiliate marketing — The profits you can make with a strategy is, of course, a deciding factor. Affiliate marketing yields bigger and more reliable returns if you play your cards right. 
  • Users tend to ignore ads anyway — Every now and then, you’ll find statistics on how internet users hate online advertisements. That’s why advertising isn’t ideal for the majority of bloggers who don’t get thousands of traffic per day. 
  • Affiliate marketing is beneficial for brand-building and networking — Lastly, affiliate marketing comes with the perk of building connections with relevant brands in your niche. Other than product manufacturers, they can also be other authoritative bloggers and influencers who developed their own products.

Now, ready for the awesome affiliate marketing tips that will bring your blogging income to new heights? 

Then let’s begin. 

How to Win in Affiliate Marketing — The Basics

When it comes to affiliate marketing success, there are five crucial tips you can’t afford to miss: 

1. Pick Your Niche With Absolute Care

It doesn’t matter if it takes you days or weeks to pick a blogging niche. Whatever you do, don’t rush your decision. 

In fact, it’s better to not start a blog at all than start one in the wrong niche. 

If you choose a blogging niche that doesn’t align with your expertise and passions, you’ll only waste time and money. Your blogging tasks will also get harder and harder to stick to while being less rewarding at the same time. 

You can learn more about the delicate art of niche picking from my previous post called How to Choose a Perfect Blog Niche.

2. Get To Know Your Audience

In marketing, you can never get to know your target audience too much. 

Understanding their pain points is a step in the right direction. From there, drill down to the fine details like preferred content types, social media channels, and search engine keywords.  

Leverage the information you have about your audience to formulate the perfect content development and distribution strategies. 

Remember, in content marketing, it’s all about building bridges between willing readers and the information they need and want. I explained the nitty-gritty of writing quality blog content in this post

3. Select The Right Affiliate

Want to know how to write brilliant content for affiliate marketing every single time? 

It’s simple: you need to believe in the affiliate products you’re promoting. 

An affiliate product worth selling is something you’re excited about. It must be an item that you genuinely want to talk about and recommend to your readers. 

If you’re ready to hunt for your first affiliate product, your next stop is a trustworthy affiliate network. And throughout the years, the following names consistently make it to the top list: 

You may discover affiliate programs being offered directly on a brand’s website. So, if you’ve been following a particular brand for some time, check if they offer an affiliate program. 

Alternatively, search for the brand you’re interested in on Google and add the phrase “affiliate program” or something similar. The resource page you want should pop right up in the top results. 

Grammarly Affiliate Program Google SERP
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4. Up Your Marketing Game 

To be an affiliate marketer, you need to get your hands dirty in several areas of online marketing. 

SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing — grab every opportunity you can get to garner readers.

If you haven’t yet, feel free to scan my website for guides that can help you hone these skills. I suggest starting with on-page SEO strategies that you can use on your website without any outside help. 

Being an expert online marketer isn’t something you can achieve overnight, which leads us to the next tip:

5. Be Patient

Even if you perfectly execute your marketing strategies, it’ll take some time before your blog starts to generate recurring traffic.

That said, don’t expect to start pulling in thousands of dollars a month anytime soon. 

Blogging, just like any traditional business, can take a long time before it becomes profitable. As I’ve mentioned in this post, it may take you six to twelve months before you make your first $1,000. 

Perhaps the only piece of advice I can impart at this stage is to never stop learning. 

You may think that you have everything figured out upon launching your blog, but you really don’t. 

Affiliate Marketing Best Practices

That’s about it for the affiliate marketing basics that every blogger needs to learn.

What comes next is the fun part: actual, repeatable tactics that can increase your affiliate marketing sales.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Write A Stellar Review 

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably come across a number of product reviews on the web.  

Chances are, the majority of those reviews include an affiliate link to the product in question.

Writing comprehensive product reviews is the go-to content strategy for most affiliate marketers. However, only a small percentage of those marketers know how to write a stellar review that compels readers to buy.

My number one rule for this is to heavily emphasize the problem that your target audience is trying to solve. More importantly, you need to explain how the product solves it. 

I do this in two ways: providing an introduction of the product and showing readers how to use it.

For example, in my Grammarly review, I started off by discussing how it can solve the reader’s problems: 

Grammarly Review Introduction
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As I delve into Grammarly’s features, I explained the step-by-step process of how users can take advantage of them. There’s no shortage of useful information that will help readers maximize their investments right away.

Grammarly Review Instructions
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How can you write all these details in a convincing manner? 

Easy — just use the product yourself.

A great product review is an honest one. Don’t make stuff up about a product you haven’t even tested yourself. 

At the same time, don’t forget to mention the advantages an affiliate product has over its competitors. 

Normally, I focus on three angles for this: usabilityprice, and features.

If you have firsthand experience with the product, it should be easy to identify and write about its strengths. 

2. Spice Up Your Review with Star Ratings

Star ratings do more than make your affiliate product reviews look cooler. 

With star ratings in place, it’s also easier to stand out in SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages. 

Here — let me show you what I’m talking about by Googling “HostGator review.”

Star Ratings in SERPs
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The best part is, you don’t need to do intensive coding to have a star ratings system on your blog. If you use WordPress, just slap on a plugin like Star Ratings and you’re done with most of the work.

Star Ratings Plugin
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3. Use Email Marketing Automation

A lot of bloggers nowadays underutilize email platforms in their affiliate marketing campaigns.

Sure, sending an email blast may send a spike of traffic to your affiliate marketing content in a snap. Email marketing platforms, however, have so much more to offer under the hood than content distribution tools. 

With email marketing automation, you can optimize the timing of your campaigns. 

This will allow you to send the right kind of content to subscribers — just when they need it.

For example, you can automate a “welcome” email that sends new subscribers links to your top recommended resources. Naturally, it should include links to content that contain your affiliate links, be it a review or an in-depth guide. 

Top-tier email marketing platforms like ActiveCampaign can help you configure a welcome email automation workflow within minutes. You can also utilize its site and event tracking features to re-engage visitors who lost interest in your content.

Let’s say you published a video review of your affiliate product on your website. With ActiveCampaign, you can automate a follow-up email to viewers who left your site after watching 75% of the video.

ActiveCampaign Event Tracking Features
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Other than welcome emails, here are other email automation workflows you can use for affiliate marketing:

  • Birthday emails 
  • Automated emails to users who tried to claim a coupon code
  • Upselling and cross-selling emails to recent customers
  • Follow-up emails to users who completed an online course module

4. Promote Two or More Affiliate Products in One Post

Want to maximize the ROI of your content? Try promoting multiple affiliate products in one post. 

It’s not a strategy you can always apply in your content development efforts. But when you can, it will not only reward you with more sales, but also more engaged and dedicated readers.

Here’s an example: suppose you are an affiliate of a hosting service provider, keyword research tool, and a premium theme.

Looking at these products, you can write about “improving your site’s SEO-friendliness” — a topic where all of them fit. 

You just need to structure your content logically and figure out the right way to introduce each affiliate product. 

If I had to decide, I’ll write a listicle of on-page optimization strategies. I’ll then add recommendations to important sections — that’s where the affiliate products come in.

It’s all about finding content ideas where your affiliate products can prove valuable to readers. 

5. Create A Comparison Post with Your Affiliate Product on Top

A crafty way to put affiliate products in the best possible light is to compare it against a competitor. 

Writing comparison posts is a great way to highlight the pros of any product. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to win customers who are considering a different brand. 

To create a killer comparison post, you need to focus on four things: 

  • Readers — Who will read your comparison post? Be sure to use a writing tone they will understand and enjoy. 
  • Their priorities — What do they want to accomplish? Explain how the affiliate product does it better than the competitor.
  • The products’ pricing — Which option is more cost-effective? If your affiliate product is more expensive, justify its cost by emphasizing unique features and benefits.
  • Results — How effective are the products in terms of delivering results? At this point, you can put up a side-by-side comparison of results and let your product speak for itself. 

If you can, use a transparent scoring system to make the comparison post as unbiased as possible. I did this in my post about the best keyword research tools, where I recapped the comparison with an infographic.  

Best Keyword Research Tools Infographic
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Another advantage of a comparison post is that it attracts potential customers who are already near a purchase decision.

In an average customer’s buying cycle, the evaluation of vendors and alternative brands come in last. A comparison post makes sure that the affiliate product is in their minds by then.

6. Use Pop-ups Smartly

A lot of negative things may have been said about pop-ups in the past. But with the right implementation, they are effective tools that can supercharge your lead generation and affiliate marketing campaigns. 

You don’t need to be a marketing expert to know that pop-ups increase the visibility of any CTA or ad. 

What a lot of bloggers don’t know is how to increase the impact of pop-ups through proper timing. 

A practical use of pop-ups, for example, is to present an offer just when the user’s about to leave. These are called “exit-intent” pop-ups, which may promote a coupon code, freebie, or down-selling offer.

“Scroll” pop-ups, which only appear after users scroll to a certain point in your content, also help increase affiliate sales. These pop-ups are less intrusive while making sure that readers are engaged enough to receive whatever offer you have.

7. Leverage Opt-in Bribes To Generate More Sign-ups

Speaking of pop-ups, website owners also use them to ramp up subscriptions to their mailing list.

The game plan here is pretty straightforward: present an opt-in form as a pop-up to encourage users to sign up. 

Once you get users to subscribe, leverage your mailing list by broadcasting promotions and drip-feeding content. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the email marketing automation tactics I discussed earlier. 

To generate more conversions, provide an “opt-in bribe” like:

  • Free eBook
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Free month for subscription-based products
  • Access to an email-based course

8. Offer Discounts To Spur Sales

Behind every sale, there’s a customer who believes that they’re getting a worthwhile deal. 

You can convince your audience to think this way by offering special discounts. 

In the world of marketing, discounts work due to two principles: urgency and exclusivity.

The sense of urgency can be instilled by offering time-limited discounts. As for exclusivity, you can offer special coupon codes tied to your brand.

ProWritingAid Coupon Codes
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If you wish to use coupon codes, you can use a plugin like WP Coupons and Deals

Sharing coupon codes directly on your page also prevents customers from looking for codes elsewhere. 

Why is this an issue? 

Picture a customer clicking the “buy” button on your site and arriving at the affiliate product page. There, they find an empty coupon field — encouraging them to look for codes online.

After they find another site with the code, they may click on that site’s affiliate link and purchase from there. That means you’ve just lost the sale to a competitor. 

9. Don’t Forget To Target Keywords with Purchase Intent

Keyword research is one of the topics that I’ve covered in Master Blogging multiple times. 

The reason for this is simple: keyword research is just that important. 

Targeting the right keywords will make sure you’re getting the right kind of traffic for your goals. And if your goal is to make sales, you need to target keywords with purchase intent.

These are keywords with terms that customers use when they’re looking for products or services to buy. 

Some examples are:

  • Hire freelance photographer
  • Order shoes online Canada
  • Buy Grammarly premium account

However, adding words like “buy” and “for sale” isn’t the only thing to do when looking for profitable keywords. What you need is a keyword research tool that can dissect metrics, like SEO difficulty, average search volume, and CPC. 

To learn more about the best keyword research practices, I suggest you read this post.  

10. Observe How Your Top competitors Do it

Serious question: why would you spend hours doing research if your top competitors already have a proven marketing formula?

I’m not saying you should get lazy and straight-up copy everything your competitors do.

But if you’re given a chance to spy on your competitors’ tricks and borrow ideas, take it. Doing so will save you hours upon hours of your precious time on research.

Start by looking at their most effective content formats and topic ideas. Afterward, you need to dig deeper by spying on their target keywords. 

Here’s a full-length guide that will point you in the right direction.

11. Play with Your CTAs

You’ve probably read a number of guides when you made your first CTA or call-to-action.

If not, the rules are somewhat easy to remember:   

  • Be action-oriented — If you want the user to make a purchase, be upfront and insert the word “buy.” The same applies if you want them to download something, subscribe to your mailing list, and so on.
  • Capitalize on their fear of missing out — Just like when offering discounts, try to give potential customers a sense of urgency with your CTA. Start with phrases like “start your free trial today” as well as “reserve your spot now” and improvise along the way.
  • Understand colors — When creating CTA buttons, it’s imperative that you pick a color that contrasts well with the background. For example, if blue is the dominant color on your page, try an orange or yellow CTA button. 
  • Write persuasive supporting text — A CTA without any supporting text is nothing more than visual clutter. If you want to compel your audience to take the next step, concisely describe the benefits to them. 

With the rules above, creating a CTA that works should be easy-peasy, right? 

Unfortunately, a CTA is one of the things in marketing that requires trial and error. 

The only surefire strategy is to keep testing multiple versions of your CTA, measure their performance, and compare the results. Better yet, perform an A/B test or split test to evaluate the performance of different CTAs at the same time.

There are various testing tools you can use for this, which takes us to the next strategy:

12. Learn To Split Test Your Landing Pages

The best thing about split testing is that they can be used on things other than CTA buttons. 

With tools like VWO and AB Tasty, you can run split tests with multiple variations of entire pages. This allows you to determine the effect of every single page element on the user experience. 

VWO Testing
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These are the most important conversion elements you should watch out for when running split tests: 

  • Unique selling point or points
  • CTA buttons
  • Opt-in form 
  • Hero shot
  • Headlines
  • Subheadlines
  • Color combinations

When running split tests, pay close attention to the performance of individual elements as well as pages as a whole. 

Just because an element didn’t perform well in a page variation, doesn’t mean you should scrap it altogether. Try creating more page versions and pairing it up with other elements to see if conversions improve. 

13. Use Heatmaps 

Now that we talked about CTAs and landing pages, here’s an extra tip just for you:

Use heatmaps to skip the number crunching and dive into the actionable insights. 

Put simply, a heatmap is a visual representation of a page or interface’s “hot” and “cold” spots. Hot spots are where people tend to click stuff, whereas cold spots are areas they tend to ignore.

By generating your landing page’s heatmap, you can check if crucial conversion elements are getting the exposure they need. 

The experience optimization tools I mentioned earlier, namely AB Tasty and VWO, both have heatmap features baked in. However, it’s worth mentioning that heatmap platforms like CrazyEgg and Hotjar have more refined feature sets. 

Hotjar Heatmaps
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For instance, Hotjar features a couple of heatmap tools you can use to measure different user behavior. Regular “click heatmaps,” for example, measure the likelihood of clicks while “scroll heatmaps” measure how far users scroll on average. 

Use these insights to fine-tune the positioning of crucial conversion elements on your page.

14. Utilize Word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth marketing as numerous benefits for hopeful affiliate marketers such as yourself. 

For one, you don’t have to depend solely on your own authority to convince customers. 

According to statistics, 89 percent of millennials trust product recommendations from their family, friends, and peers. 

How do you utilize word-of-mouth as an affiliate marketer? 

These are the strategies that come to mind: 

  • Run a hashtag contest — A hashtag contest benefits an affiliate marketing campaign in two ways. Apart from boosting your presence with a branded hashtag, it will also strengthen your relationship with your existing community.
  • Run a sharing contest — Another social media contest you can run to multiply your reach is a “sharing contest.” The mechanics are simple: followers can join by sharing your post while you pick a winner at random.           
  • Work with an influencer — Social media influencers may be willing to promote your brand in exchange for money, free products, and so on. Just bear in mind that influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers may charge thousands of dollars per project. 

Bear in mind that you may not be able to promote your affiliate links directly with the strategies above. However, they will definitely have a positive impact on your site’s traffic, authority, and trustworthiness — thus, leading to more conversions.

Also, be careful if you plan to share an influencer’s testimonial about an affiliate product. Your readers might end up checking out their original post and clicking their affiliate link. 

By the way, an influencer’s testimonial is one of the many forms of UGC or User-Generated Content that marketers use. 

This brings us to the next affiliate marketing strategy: 

15. Leverage User-generated Content 

Leveraging UGC is another way to cash in on the popularity and reach of others. 

Customer reviews, Instagram posts, Twitter updates — any piece of content that involves brands is a form of UGC. 

The first thing I’d do is look for UGC already available. This includes customer reviews and social media posts about you and the affiliate products you’re promoting.

A tool like Brand24 can speed up your search and keep you informed whenever you get mentioned in the future. You just need to create a project and input your name as well as the affiliate product to find out what customers have to say. 

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Not ready to buy Brand24 yet? If your blog is relatively new, skip it and just use a social network’s internal search function.

After all, most users today already know how to tag brands in their social media posts. 

If you’re promoting an Amazon product, you may also use the reviews and star ratings already posted there. For non-Amazon affiliate products, try review websites like Consumer Reports and Trustpilot

Trustpilot SEMrush review sample
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As far as leveraging UGC goes, just feature their opinions or reviews in your affiliate marketing content. If they left comments on your site, respond to them to improve your relationship and encourage others to join in.

16. Improve The User Experience on your Website

User experience and sales go hand in hand. 

It’s not that complicated. If your website is riddled with ads, crashes often, or has confusing menus, you’ll have a tough time generating sales. 

For first-time bloggers, here are a few quick reminders on how you should build your website:

  • Focus on readability — Forget about fancy animations, colorful background images, and overly stylish fonts. To give users a meaningful experience, design a website that makes it easy to read and consume your content.
  • Optimize your website’s internal link structure — To ease the navigation experience on your website, use internal links that connect related pieces of content. While it sounds simple, there are internal linking pitfalls you should avoid like keyword over-optimization and inserting too many links.
  • Don’t keep your audience waiting — A slow website is one of the most notorious killers of user experience. Fortunately, there are plenty of loading speed optimization strategies you can do yourself, like code minification and image compression.
  • Think about mobile-friendliness — By now, every blogger should know how important it is to create an intuitive experience for mobile users. If you don’t know where to begin, I recommend using the Mobile-Friendly Test for actionable advice tailored to your website.

Ultimately, the best kind of online experience is an educational one. 

Everything you put on your site must be geared towards helping users gain the information they came for. Whenever you have to make design decisions, remember that your audience always comes first.

17. Offer Freebies and Perks

Special bonuses never fail to increase the perceived value of a sale. 

It’s entirely up to you to decide what to offer your audience. The only rule here is to make the item relevant to their purchase.

However, combining freebies with affiliate marketing requires a strategic approach. 

Since you’re selling affiliate products, offering physical products as freebies will be impractical. 

What you need to do is develop your own, digital bonus product that can be easily distributed at zero cost. 

For example, imagine you’re promoting a marketing analytics tool as an affiliate. You can offer a free, in-depth eBook about the marketing metrics they should watch and how to improve them.

What’s the easiest way to know if someone purchases the affiliate products you’re promoting?

There are many ways to reward freebies to new customers as an affiliate marketer. You can automate a “thank you” email with the bonus or build a private resources section on your website. 

An old-school strategy is to ask new customers to forward their receipts to you via email. You can then send them their bonuses yourself — tedious, I know, but it works. 

18. Try Embedding Your Affiliate Links on Images

As a blogger, you will experience several wake-up calls. 

One of which is the realization that more traffic doesn’t automatically equate to more sales. 

You may have split testing and heatmap tools to help you make adjustments over time. But if you just can’t seem to get readers to click your affiliate links, here’s something different you can try.

Here’s the thing: we all know that images are naturally more eye-catching than text. So, why are you depending solely on in-text affiliate links to push sales?

With an image affiliate link, you can significantly increase its exposure and, in turn, chances of getting clicked. 

There are just three things to remember when using this strategy:

  • Disclose the fact that the image contains an affiliate link — I’m not encouraging you to use image affiliate links to be deceitful. That said, inform your audience beforehand or on the image itself. 
  • Embed affiliate links in images that make sense — Websites like Amazon allow their affiliates to download and use their product photos for promotion purposes. Use them in your content to have better spots for your affiliate links. 
  • Promote image affiliate links on Pinterest — Unlike Instagram, Pinterest allows brands to attach links directly to images. If you’re in the beauty, food, fashion, or crafts niche, you may want to consider creating a Pinterest business account.

19. Start with Free Tools, But Use The Best Ones

Money saved is money earned. 

If you’re new to blogging, you’re not obliged to buy all the premium tools and services that other websites recommend. 

Yes — that includes the tools that I’ve recommended in countless posts here in Master Blogging. 

Use free tools and trials as much as possible to help you understand how certain strategies must be implemented. 

The good news is, plenty of tools out there, even the top-tier ones, have “free” plans. There’s no shame in relying on them for the time being while you wait for your efforts to bear fruit. 

Only once you start seeing results should you consider upgrading to a premium solution.

20. Keep Natural, Free Content Coming 

I get it — blogging takes a lot of work and it’s sometimes discouraging to produce content without promoting something.

But if you think about it, that’s the reason why people who are genuinely passionate about writing succeed in blogging. 

Even if they don’t have a product to promote, they are still excited to write and publish their next piece. 

That’s what blogging is all about. 

21. Master Your Content Distribution Channels

Don’t believe every inspirational quote you see online.

In blogging and affiliate marketing, the quote “build it and they will come” isn’t true. 

After you build quality content on your blog, you don’t just sit there and wait for readers to arrive. You must put in the extra work and promote your content like crazy on various content distribution channels. 

We already covered most of them in this post — from email to social media. What I haven’t mentioned yet, however, is a Q&A website like Quora. 

Previously in this blog, I wrote about the steps involved in generating traffic from Quora

The information there can be condensed into three key steps: 

  • Make your Quora profile authentic — Use your own name, pick the right interests, and fill out your profile. 
  • Start looking for relevant questions — Look for questions or problems that can be solved by the affiliate product. 
  • Write an answer that includes a link to your content — Lastly, write a comprehensive answer that has a link to your affiliate marketing content. 

Promoting your website on social media groups follows the same principle as promoting them on Quora. All you have to do is to look for Facebook groups in your niche and answer questions posted there. 

22. Promote Affiliate Links on Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is another content distribution channel used by high-budget bloggers. 

Remember that YouTube is already a crowded platform. 

You may be able to garner some views and perhaps a handful of sales on a budget setup. But if you want to make YouTube a practical content distribution channel, you should invest in professional video recording equipment. 

How exactly can you promote affiliate products via YouTube?

A popular tactic is to upload product review videos with affiliate links in the description. 

YouTube creator Dave Lee is among the top channels I follow for tech reviews and advice. You can check out his channel and observe his videos for inspiration. 

He also occasionally promotes time-limited discounts to boost conversions. 

Dave Lee Affiliate Links
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Here’s one more YouTube marketing tip for the road: 

Never underestimate the effectiveness of sharing your videos — be it on your blog, social media accounts, or mailing list.

As a brand-new YouTube channel, you simply can’t count on the site’s internal search engine for views. You need to get the ball rolling by relentlessly promoting your videos to every other distribution channel you have.

23. Build and Sell Your Own Premium Content and Recommend Affiliate Products

Before I discuss the final tip, I’d like to congratulate you for reaching this part of this article. 

It takes a blogger with patience, dedication, and learning desire like yours to make it big in this industry. 

Nevertheless, the final affiliate marketing tip involves a ton of work — just like building a YouTube channel. 

To put it briefly, you need to develop your own premium content and endorse affiliate products to your loyal audience. It can be an eBook, audiobook, or a whole online course.

Developing your own premium product may sound daunting, but it does come with a couple of great benefits: 

  • Profits — Building and selling your own product is an excellent monetization strategy by itself. Being able to squeeze more affiliate sales on the side is just a bonus. 
  • You’re selling to your most dedicated audience — Affiliate product promotions on your online course or eBooks are guaranteed to reach your most engaged readers. By purchasing your product, they’ve already shown some level of trust in you — don’t miss out.
  • A foundation to sell more products — Selling something like an online course allows you to amass a large audience base and establish your credibility. Both of which can be used as a springboard to sell other products in the future. 

Affiliate Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

How do bloggers make money online with affiliate marketing?

Bloggers get paid in commissions whenever a customer uses their affiliate link to make a purchase.

How much money can I make with affiliate marketing?

When it comes to your potential income as an affiliate marketer, the sky is the limit. If you want concrete figures, there are polls online that reveal income brackets up to over $2,000,000 a year.

Do affiliate networks have special requirements for bloggers?

Yes, although the requirements may vary from site to site. Affiliate marketing networks and businesses should mention their terms on their site.

4. Do I have to pay anything to be an affiliate marketer?

No — affiliate networks and businesses don’t normally charge bloggers to become affiliates.

5. What are some of the best affiliate networks?

The reputable affiliate networks you should check out are: Amazon Affiliates, Commission Junction, ShareASale, Impact Radius, Rakuten, and eBay Partners.


Ready to take your affiliate marketing to the next level?

With the tips above, I’d say you’re more than ready. 

But as with everything else in blogging, you need to take one step at a time. Don’t rush, stay focused, and remember to shoot for the stars. 

Finally, don’t forget to leave a comment below if you have any feedback, questions, or experiences to share. 

Thank you and good luck!

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Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla is a full-time blogger and founder of Master Blogging. You can learn more about him at Master Blogging about page. If you have any questions or comments for him, just send an email or leave a comment!

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54 thoughts on “23 Affiliate Marketing Tips to Massively Boost Sales”

  1. Hi Ankit,
    I agree affiliate marketing is better monetization method for your blog but I always find it uncomfortable writing and promoting. I feel it really not working to write about something that I’ve never used. The ever harder thing is to promote. It’s truly a Mt. Everest task to rank affiliate posts. Hope you have some tips for that.

  2. Nice Affiliate marketing post Ankit 🙂

    I am thinking from long to do Affiliate marketing, as you told that I might thought of having Adsense and why AM.

    I wish to learn AM now and thanks for your tips.

    Keep writing 🙂

  3. HI Ankit Brother,
    This is surely an ultimate guide to affiliate marketing. Thanks for pointing out these important uses Affiliate marketing is going to be a big deal for every blogger to earn money easily and fastly.

    And affiliate marketing deals with many ways as you listed above. As a example of hosting companies. An affiliate would be paid as soon as he earns some good amount. But what you said is really true. Its take time surely a long time to get a good affiliate marketer. Thanks for your post brother.

  4. Hello sir,
    Many many important your information.I am a new comer to affiliate marketing and i have no knowledge. please you send me short message of affiliate marketing. Because i am poor to English.
    thank you very much.

  5. Superb post bro. You again proved your blog is worthy to visit. Affiliate marketing is one of the popular method for making money online. But it is hard to find a suitable one. This tutorial post really help every bloggers to choose a suitable one.

  6. Hello Ankit,

    what’s the best niche to do the affiliates marketing?. and I read some blogs that affiliates marketing can get you more richer. If this true i’ll never ending search for this best techniques and your articles are the one of my favorite source..Thanks

  7. Hi Ankit,
    The method in which I’ve earned the FIRST money through my blog is Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing needs research as you said.
    The reason why I’m not earning much through affiliate marketing is I don’t have a proper blueprint or idea. I need your help on that.
    Thanks bro!

  8. HI Ankit,

    I agree with you but in affiliate marketing we will have a good traffic on our blog but i am a newbie blogger. i have not a good traffic than i will increasing my blog traffic. and great article bro.Thanks

  9. Its always hard to rank an affiliate post on a multi-niche blog like most of us run, i have ranked for some certain keywords and yet haven’t made a sale on them so i have decided to build a niche site for them and specifically rank for them.
    Thanks for the tips you have shared here and i believe if i can carefully apply all i have learnt i will surely do well in my new niche blogs.

    • If you promote your affiliate with on your multi-niche site with a valuable ethical bribe like an ebook, you will create a buzz about the post and get more eyes to see it. When search engines see that your post is revelant because of the number of people looking it up and reading it, they will begin to reward you with organic traffic.

      I hope you are also building a list of your subscribers. Your subscriber list is your online estate. You can make a fortune selling promoting your affiliate link by the relationship you have built with your list.

  10. Hii Ankit Bro,

    Being successful in Affiliate Marketing is one tough job. You really need to be patient, persistent and hard working. Every person interested in affiliate marketing can learn a lot from top affiliate marketers like John Chow and Zac Johnson.

    Thanks for sharing these awesome tips. 🙂

  11. Awesome Write up Ankit,
    I am an affiliate with my hosting provider as well as Amazon.
    Although I have not made any money from these as yet!

    Anyway something else I like to throw in the mix is why not
    create your own product say an eBook and get others to
    promote it!

    having your own product especially if it’s on your own site
    will not only get your blog more traffic because people are
    promoting your product, But you will be earning the lions
    share of the money made!

    Just my little 2 pennies worth anyway!
    – Phillip

  12. Nice tips Ankit but it is really hard to earn from affiliate rather you know how to deal with it. Once you got the idea clicked on your mind then no one can stop to get good amount from affiliate.

  13. well said ankit, Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to make money online. if you have product site for selling then this is the best way to promote your business.

  14. Great TIps Ankit,

    Affiliate marketing is great to make money in short span of time. You only need few things a loyal readers and rabbit followings of subscribers or followers. Adsense is also good but if you compare adsense income vs affiliate income you feel that affiliate is best.

    Nikhil 🙂

  15. Very nice article, I just loved it seriously. Choosing a niche is very important and you clearly mention that point nice.

  16. hi, like u said, if u hav a strong affiliate marketing potential it’s the best way to monetize your blog…..but to hav a strong backbone in affiliate marketing you must put a great effort unfortunately luck too depends on it.

  17. Thanks Ankit for sharing this post. In order to succeed in Affiliate marketing we need to have patience and persistence both because it is a time consuming process.

  18. Interesting points, Ankit.
    Having traffic is a must to earn with affiliate marketing.
    But have you tried “MBP Ninja Affiliate” plugin?
    It’s a great tool!

    Thanks for sharing at Klinkk!

  19. Hello Ankit bhai, I’m a newbie blogger, Affiliated Marketing is a totally new topic for me … I’m currently using Google Adsense Program for monetizing my site 🙂 Hope this article will help me in future 🙂

  20. Hi…………..

    Clean article Ankit. If we have a blog with good traffic definitely we can earn some extra money with Affiliates. I’m using Link Share affiliate program, its trust worthy and we can show right niche products that suitable for our blog. Wide range of products available.

    Expecting more articles from you…


  21. Hello Ankit

    It’s difficult to find experienced people about this subject, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  22. Hi Ankit,

    Yes! Personally I prefer Affiliate Marketing over all other method for monetizing site.But it requires a lot of patience and R&D. You have to spend some bucks to work on trial and error basis.

    So beside money, you required a lot of patience, hard work and psychological thinking about your readers. But when you get successful, no one can stop you earning high.

  23. Its true Buying traffic really do not helps . I also promoted a product from clickbank and paid 100$ to directcpv and u know what , my 100$ were wasted .. Search engine traffic gets us laser targeted visitors and those real visitors , make sales……
    After reading this article , i am feeling encouraged to again start my affiliate marketing business

  24. Hi Ankit,

    I totally agreed with you that affiliated marketing pay the bill more that AdSense does. I was reading a post on bivori that was shared by Reginald on how he made $405 in a month from affiliated marketing yet he made less than $5 from his AdSense account that same month, meaning that he ventured more into affiliated marketing the more rather than AdSense, but the fact is traffic is the real back-born of a successful affiliated internet marketers and choosing the right niche.

  25. Hi, Ankit
    I love this post. I follow and read a lot of posts on your site and get many tips for me. I am also blogging but I have just started for several months. So, I do not have too much experience on this field. thanks for sharing. Hope that you will post many useful tips!

  26. Thanks bro. Its been a while i visited your blog. I am happy to see that you changed the theme. Now your blog looks awesome.. I think now you are pro in word press. Affiliate marketing is the toughest way of earning money as of my experience. Being an affiliate marketer you should have knowledge about the kind of visitors to your blog. One should be very much careful while using adsense because chances of getting banned are very much high. Getting an approved affiliate marketing account is something like sipping a cup of coffee. It’s not about getting approved its about how you work on affiliate marketing,

  27. Hi Ankit

    Your article is really useful for the newbies who are not much aware about the Affiliate Marketing, Personally i am also researching on the same first time and got some useful information from you and other sites as well, Thanks for the article.

  28. You are right Ankitther. we not just satisfy with adsense. I agree with all your points.
    Affiliating program is much better that other if we work hard and make relation with other. then we achieve our goal
    Thanks for sharing.

  29. Hi Ankit,

    Very good article you have indeed but for becoming good affiliate marketer you need to know about the product and also where you can find best products, that’s why your blog readers ever your customers will be happy even after buying products.

    According to me for learning these things, we need to learn from pro.

    I don’t know what do you think?

  30. Nice way and right ankit its really very important to have patience because it takes time to excel affiliate marketing and one cannot expect to make thousands of dollars overnight you have to consistently keep on trying different products and write honest reviews about products which will tremendously increase your chances to get some quick sales

    Thanks for nice post and keep doing the good work ankit

  31. Hi Ankit, very good info. I am practicing the affiliate marketing and building the audience. Thanks for the valuable guidance.

  32. Great article man! Lots of great information here for beginners. Affiliate Marketing can be extremely profitable once you get good – but with more and more competition it’s becoming more & more about innovation.

    One of my favorite mentors is a 21-Year-Old affiliate out of New York who has some pretty eccentric tactics. If you’re looking for methods that OTHER people aren’t doing – he’s definantly worth a look. He just released “The Affiliate Playbook” not too long ago, and it’s got some ridiculously innovative stuff in there.

    You should check it out: affiliolabs.com

    Once again, great article Ankit, I’ll be subscribing for more!

    • Very true words Mark. Affiliate marketing is all about innovations.

      Thanks for sharing your views about affiliolabs.com. 🙂

  33. Your article is really useful for the newbies who are not much aware about the Affiliate Marketing .thanks for sharing

  34. Overall nice article. This article proves that affiliates are somehow digital marketing strategists and they also have to research on online marketing to get good leads on their affiliate products.

    Here I would like to motivate our affiliates by saying that affiliate marketing platform is now RESPONSIVE to get the referrals, active banners and check your referral earning growth.

    It is a decade of responsive so now you can check your status and earn from even your mobile and tap. B3NET Affiliate Program made their responsive platform to get the touch of more affiliates.

  35. Interesting article – What found best in this show is that you must treat your buyers as human. I have seen people are working to get buyer list as much as they can but than they start to send affiliate offer only.

    This is not right approach I can say that because your buyers will not buy every time from you, they ll unsubscribe you . So it is always better to treat them as HUMAN and dont just send affiliate offer to them always.

    Note – Money IS In THE LIST 🙂

  36. Hi Ankit,

    Excellent article.

    Yes, I agree on many points you shared, especially on promotion and doing market/niche research properly, WITHOUT affiliates could be wasting a lot of their time and energy.

    No clicks on ads means no income!

    There are many ways to promote one’s site – publish articles on a regular basis and post on their website and also to external article directories and let Google find them and rank …

    Of course, the content has to be useful and relevant otherwise it will turn off a lot of people who land on one’s affiliate site.

    Others make the mistake of not promoting their on a regular basis. They do the legwork for a week or so and then stop. Google will see this as unnatural and stop rankings the site…

    Remember, no rankings means no sale …

    So, in addition to all these tips, I also recommend affiliates to promote their affiliate sites on a regular basis.

  37. Hi All,

    I would like to tell one thing here for Indian Adsens bloggers ,

    Every one Indian have mindset of not buying the things from internet by clicking the ads ,so the Adsense click rates are very low.

    So if you are in the middle of Adsense/Affilate marketing the right point is the Affilate marketing .

    If you are struggle to market the multi niche same time better focus on the single affilate
    Example :reachargeaddict website

    I wish every one should reach your goals .

    Last but not least Ankit post is the best tips.

  38. Hello Ankit.
    This is another masterpiece from you. Great tips with a lot of information. I am doing affiliate marketing. I am promoting web hosting products such as Bluehost and Hostgator.
    I think almost all the bloggers try to promote this type of products. Can I earn enough from this hosting affiliate?
    I hope I will get a perfect answer from you. Thanks for your excellent artcile.

  39. Thanks for sharing these success tips in affiliate marketing. I am looking to explore affiliate marketing on my blog but I am little doubtful mainly because I am not having enough traffic on my blog at present. Once I have enough traffic as well as targeted traffic, I can then focus on affiliate marketing.

  40. Thanks for reigniting my spirit bro. Affiliate marketing is the game changer when it comes to making money on your blog.I neglected it at the start but now i really see it as a necessity. In 5 months i have earned twice waht i made with PPC(Adsense) to be precise. Selling poducts and getting commisions brings the highest cash. Will be around some other time to check out your write ups. Hope to see you on my blig some day too. Cheers.

  41. Hey, Ankit.
    Really an inspirational article. Simple but rich article. Especially, the newbies get strength to become a successful affiliate marketer. This article help us a lot.
    Affiliate marketing is not very much easy. You must build your authority, build your audience. It takes time, so patience is also important. Thanks for sharing with us.

  42. Hi Ankit,

    Everything is okay but how to create links for niche sites. I mean how to hide a blog from leaking.

    Best Regards,
    S Prabhat.

  43. Excellent Ankit,
    Affiliate marketing is really very helpful and in my opinion affiliate marketing is an appropriate choice to make money from your blog or website.Thanks for the information.

  44. Hey Ankit,
    I suppose the niche and the product really matters a lot. Even more than the affiliate. If the product provides some value and benefits to the user for that particular niche, we are bound to make some sales and thus commissions. However, you are right in saying that it does take time. patience and hard work, rather smart work is the key. Thanks for sharing this.
    Vineet Saxena

  45. Hey Ankit,

    I agree that affiliate marketing is a great way of monetizing a blog. Since I’ve just started a new blog, these tips will really help me out. Thanks for the valuable content!

  46. Hey Ankit,
    You have shared great ideas about affiliate marketing. As I am new in blogging and affiliate marketing field the information you have shared is gonna help me so much. Thank you so much for sharing this useful and helpful information.

  47. Hello Ankit,
    This is very nice post. I have been searching this type of posts. I have learned a lot from your blogs! Very rich and informative. Is there a way to promote affiliate product through Facebook ads?


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