5 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Make Money From Your Blog

Affiliate marketing has been one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money online.

Many webmasters feel that their earning potential has been going with pay per click programs and the revenue generated according to the traffic they generate is nowhere near satisfaction.

Hence, they are switching to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a way of making money by promoting others’ products or services and earning commissions whenever there is a sale.

You do not need to go into the details of buying and selling and neither have to set up a website selling a product.

You just promote or rather compel your readers into buying a product or service, and you make money whenever a sale is made.

Affiliate marketing works on a commission based referral system where you sign up in an affiliate program and earn through the sales.

Before I tell you how you can be a successful Affiliate, I should mention that just like any other professions of 9 to 5, you will have to work hard and a huge investment of time and efforts will be needed.

Why Affiliate when you have Adsense?

This question is the main reason of webmasters not going for affiliate programs. They have AdSense and they are receiving a check per month. They are earning somewhere between 0.5 – 1.5$ per thousand visitors and its fine for them (at least). But have you noticed the large drop in the Cost per clicks of these programs? The revenue is going down and you hardly see any clicks generated because of people’s banner blindness?

Moreover, you will always have a risk of getting your account banned – if at first place they approve you. One of my friends is having a well-maintained blog with more than 2k visitors per day mostly from search engines and Google denied his participation in AdSense program.

So, if you are banned, not earning much from CPC programs or you believe you should earn more revenue and not satisfied with current situation, maybe Affiliate marketing is for you.

How To Become A Successful Affiliate?

Successful Affiliate Marketing Tips
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1# Niche

Niche is the most important factor that will contribute to your success. Concentrating on one particular niche will be more profitable rather than selling everything. Target a particular audience and stick to specific products.

Evolve around the niche you have built and promote products and services related to it.

Just for example, if you are into Blogging niche, you can promote Hootsuite, WPengine, Genesis Themes etc.

2# Marketing

Just like other advertising services, you need traffic. You need to show your presence on social media and in search engines. You need to get targeted traffic and buying traffic won’t help you much. Search Engine traffic is considered highly targeted and you will have to go through search engine practices and optimization practices and market your blog. If your blog is discovered in search engine, that will itself prove that your blog is related to the search query.

3# Research your audience

Providing wrong products for your audience will ultimately lead to your failure in affiliate marketing. You need to know your audience. You should know which category the readers of your blog belong to. This is why selecting a particular niche helps. Someone searching information about XBOX games will have more interest in buying games rather than books and novels.

4# Choose the right affiliate

Webmasters have contrasting opinions about sticking to one particular affiliates. There are several affiliate services available like ShareASale, Commission Junction, Amazon Associates etc. Amazon is so vast that it has almost everything that can be bought.

The point is all these affiliates will work almost the same. Some have a better percentage commission as compared to others. You have to market research before getting into any affiliate program and decide which one is best for you.

5# It will take time

Don’t lose hope. It will take time in earning money from affiliate marketing. Did you have thousand visitors on the day you opened your blog? Certainly no. You will have to market yourself, build an audience, generate traffic and wait for the better results. There are people making five-figure income from affiliate marketing. You can also be one.

My opinion:

If you are AdSense publisher and you don’t really want to switch to affiliate marketing, you may give it a try in addition to AdSense. Monitor your statistics and improvise accordingly.

These are some of my affiliate marketing tips for beginners. Don’t sit relax after reading this article. Try yourself and do experiments. Sooner you’ll become a successful affiliate marketer. Good luck!

Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla

Hi, I'm Ankit Singla Founder of Master Blogging. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Facebook Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.

Ankit Singla

Hi, I'm Ankit Singla Founder of Master Blogging. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Facebook Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.

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50 thoughts on “5 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Make Money From Your Blog”

  1. Hi Ankit,
    I agree affiliate marketing is better monetization method for your blog but I always find it uncomfortable writing and promoting. I feel it really not working to write about something that I’ve never used. The ever harder thing is to promote. It’s truly a Mt. Everest task to rank affiliate posts. Hope you have some tips for that.

  2. Nice Affiliate marketing post Ankit 🙂

    I am thinking from long to do Affiliate marketing, as you told that I might thought of having Adsense and why AM.

    I wish to learn AM now and thanks for your tips.

    Keep writing 🙂

  3. HI Ankit Brother,
    This is surely an ultimate guide to affiliate marketing. Thanks for pointing out these important uses Affiliate marketing is going to be a big deal for every blogger to earn money easily and fastly.

    And affiliate marketing deals with many ways as you listed above. As a example of hosting companies. An affiliate would be paid as soon as he earns some good amount. But what you said is really true. Its take time surely a long time to get a good affiliate marketer. Thanks for your post brother.

  4. Hello sir,
    Many many important your information.I am a new comer to affiliate marketing and i have no knowledge. please you send me short message of affiliate marketing. Because i am poor to English.
    thank you very much.

  5. Superb post bro. You again proved your blog is worthy to visit. Affiliate marketing is one of the popular method for making money online. But it is hard to find a suitable one. This tutorial post really help every bloggers to choose a suitable one.

  6. Hello Ankit,

    what’s the best niche to do the affiliates marketing?. and I read some blogs that affiliates marketing can get you more richer. If this true i’ll never ending search for this best techniques and your articles are the one of my favorite source..Thanks

  7. Hi Ankit,
    The method in which I’ve earned the FIRST money through my blog is Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing needs research as you said.
    The reason why I’m not earning much through affiliate marketing is I don’t have a proper blueprint or idea. I need your help on that.
    Thanks bro!

  8. HI Ankit,

    I agree with you but in affiliate marketing we will have a good traffic on our blog but i am a newbie blogger. i have not a good traffic than i will increasing my blog traffic. and great article bro.Thanks

  9. Its always hard to rank an affiliate post on a multi-niche blog like most of us run, i have ranked for some certain keywords and yet haven’t made a sale on them so i have decided to build a niche site for them and specifically rank for them.
    Thanks for the tips you have shared here and i believe if i can carefully apply all i have learnt i will surely do well in my new niche blogs.

    • If you promote your affiliate with on your multi-niche site with a valuable ethical bribe like an ebook, you will create a buzz about the post and get more eyes to see it. When search engines see that your post is revelant because of the number of people looking it up and reading it, they will begin to reward you with organic traffic.

      I hope you are also building a list of your subscribers. Your subscriber list is your online estate. You can make a fortune selling promoting your affiliate link by the relationship you have built with your list.

  10. Choose an opportunity that vibes with you to drive the biggest sales. Smart tips here!


  11. Hii Ankit Bro,

    Being successful in Affiliate Marketing is one tough job. You really need to be patient, persistent and hard working. Every person interested in affiliate marketing can learn a lot from top affiliate marketers like John Chow and Zac Johnson.

    Thanks for sharing these awesome tips. 🙂

  12. Awesome Write up Ankit,
    I am an affiliate with my hosting provider as well as Amazon.
    Although I have not made any money from these as yet!

    Anyway something else I like to throw in the mix is why not
    create your own product say an eBook and get others to
    promote it!

    having your own product especially if it’s on your own site
    will not only get your blog more traffic because people are
    promoting your product, But you will be earning the lions
    share of the money made!

    Just my little 2 pennies worth anyway!
    – Phillip

  13. Nice tips Ankit but it is really hard to earn from affiliate rather you know how to deal with it. Once you got the idea clicked on your mind then no one can stop to get good amount from affiliate.

  14. well said ankit, Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to make money online. if you have product site for selling then this is the best way to promote your business.

  15. Great TIps Ankit,

    Affiliate marketing is great to make money in short span of time. You only need few things a loyal readers and rabbit followings of subscribers or followers. Adsense is also good but if you compare adsense income vs affiliate income you feel that affiliate is best.

    Nikhil 🙂

  16. Muhammad Hussain

    Very nice article, I just loved it seriously. Choosing a niche is very important and you clearly mention that point nice.

  17. hi, like u said, if u hav a strong affiliate marketing potential it’s the best way to monetize your blog…..but to hav a strong backbone in affiliate marketing you must put a great effort unfortunately luck too depends on it.

  18. Thanks Ankit for sharing this post. In order to succeed in Affiliate marketing we need to have patience and persistence both because it is a time consuming process.

  19. Interesting points, Ankit.
    Having traffic is a must to earn with affiliate marketing.
    But have you tried “MBP Ninja Affiliate” plugin?
    It’s a great tool!

    Thanks for sharing at Klinkk!

  20. Himanshu Katiyar

    well said …
    comes first time on your blog really awesome blog..
    marketting needs marketters who we aree

  21. Hello Ankit bhai, I’m a newbie blogger, Affiliated Marketing is a totally new topic for me … I’m currently using Google Adsense Program for monetizing my site 🙂 Hope this article will help me in future 🙂

  22. Hi…………..

    Clean article Ankit. If we have a blog with good traffic definitely we can earn some extra money with Affiliates. I’m using Link Share affiliate program, its trust worthy and we can show right niche products that suitable for our blog. Wide range of products available.

    Expecting more articles from you…


  23. Hello Ankit

    It’s difficult to find experienced people about this subject, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  24. Hi Ankit,

    Yes! Personally I prefer Affiliate Marketing over all other method for monetizing site.But it requires a lot of patience and R&D. You have to spend some bucks to work on trial and error basis.

    So beside money, you required a lot of patience, hard work and psychological thinking about your readers. But when you get successful, no one can stop you earning high.

  25. Its true Buying traffic really do not helps . I also promoted a product from clickbank and paid 100$ to directcpv and u know what , my 100$ were wasted .. Search engine traffic gets us laser targeted visitors and those real visitors , make sales……
    After reading this article , i am feeling encouraged to again start my affiliate marketing business

  26. Adesanmi Adedotun

    Hi Ankit,

    I totally agreed with you that affiliated marketing pay the bill more that AdSense does. I was reading a post on bivori that was shared by Reginald on how he made $405 in a month from affiliated marketing yet he made less than $5 from his AdSense account that same month, meaning that he ventured more into affiliated marketing the more rather than AdSense, but the fact is traffic is the real back-born of a successful affiliated internet marketers and choosing the right niche.

  27. Hi, Ankit
    I love this post. I follow and read a lot of posts on your site and get many tips for me. I am also blogging but I have just started for several months. So, I do not have too much experience on this field. thanks for sharing. Hope that you will post many useful tips!

  28. Thanks bro. Its been a while i visited your blog. I am happy to see that you changed the theme. Now your blog looks awesome.. I think now you are pro in word press. Affiliate marketing is the toughest way of earning money as of my experience. Being an affiliate marketer you should have knowledge about the kind of visitors to your blog. One should be very much careful while using adsense because chances of getting banned are very much high. Getting an approved affiliate marketing account is something like sipping a cup of coffee. It’s not about getting approved its about how you work on affiliate marketing,

  29. Hi Ankit

    Your article is really useful for the newbies who are not much aware about the Affiliate Marketing, Personally i am also researching on the same first time and got some useful information from you and other sites as well, Thanks for the article.

  30. You are right Ankitther. we not just satisfy with adsense. I agree with all your points.
    Affiliating program is much better that other if we work hard and make relation with other. then we achieve our goal
    Thanks for sharing.

  31. Ujjwal Kumar Sen

    Hi Ankit,

    Very good article you have indeed but for becoming good affiliate marketer you need to know about the product and also where you can find best products, that’s why your blog readers ever your customers will be happy even after buying products.

    According to me for learning these things, we need to learn from pro.

    I don’t know what do you think?

  32. Nice way and right ankit its really very important to have patience because it takes time to excel affiliate marketing and one cannot expect to make thousands of dollars overnight you have to consistently keep on trying different products and write honest reviews about products which will tremendously increase your chances to get some quick sales

    Thanks for nice post and keep doing the good work ankit

  33. Hi Ankit, very good info. I am practicing the affiliate marketing and building the audience. Thanks for the valuable guidance.

  34. Great article man! Lots of great information here for beginners. Affiliate Marketing can be extremely profitable once you get good – but with more and more competition it’s becoming more & more about innovation.

    One of my favorite mentors is a 21-Year-Old affiliate out of New York who has some pretty eccentric tactics. If you’re looking for methods that OTHER people aren’t doing – he’s definantly worth a look. He just released “The Affiliate Playbook” not too long ago, and it’s got some ridiculously innovative stuff in there.

    You should check it out: affiliolabs.com

    Once again, great article Ankit, I’ll be subscribing for more!

    • Very true words Mark. Affiliate marketing is all about innovations.

      Thanks for sharing your views about affiliolabs.com. 🙂

  35. Your article is really useful for the newbies who are not much aware about the Affiliate Marketing .thanks for sharing

  36. Overall nice article. This article proves that affiliates are somehow digital marketing strategists and they also have to research on online marketing to get good leads on their affiliate products.

    Here I would like to motivate our affiliates by saying that affiliate marketing platform is now RESPONSIVE to get the referrals, active banners and check your referral earning growth.

    It is a decade of responsive so now you can check your status and earn from even your mobile and tap. B3NET Affiliate Program made their responsive platform to get the touch of more affiliates.

  37. Shahnawaz Sadique

    Interesting article – What found best in this show is that you must treat your buyers as human. I have seen people are working to get buyer list as much as they can but than they start to send affiliate offer only.

    This is not right approach I can say that because your buyers will not buy every time from you, they ll unsubscribe you . So it is always better to treat them as HUMAN and dont just send affiliate offer to them always.

    Note – Money IS In THE LIST 🙂

  38. Hi Ankit,

    Excellent article.

    Yes, I agree on many points you shared, especially on promotion and doing market/niche research properly, WITHOUT affiliates could be wasting a lot of their time and energy.

    No clicks on ads means no income!

    There are many ways to promote one’s site – publish articles on a regular basis and post on their website and also to external article directories and let Google find them and rank …

    Of course, the content has to be useful and relevant otherwise it will turn off a lot of people who land on one’s affiliate site.

    Others make the mistake of not promoting their on a regular basis. They do the legwork for a week or so and then stop. Google will see this as unnatural and stop rankings the site…

    Remember, no rankings means no sale …

    So, in addition to all these tips, I also recommend affiliates to promote their affiliate sites on a regular basis.

  39. Hi All,

    I would like to tell one thing here for Indian Adsens bloggers ,

    Every one Indian have mindset of not buying the things from internet by clicking the ads ,so the Adsense click rates are very low.

    So if you are in the middle of Adsense/Affilate marketing the right point is the Affilate marketing .

    If you are struggle to market the multi niche same time better focus on the single affilate
    Example :reachargeaddict website

    I wish every one should reach your goals .

    Last but not least Ankit post is the best tips.

  40. Hello Ankit.
    This is another masterpiece from you. Great tips with a lot of information. I am doing affiliate marketing. I am promoting web hosting products such as Bluehost and Hostgator.
    I think almost all the bloggers try to promote this type of products. Can I earn enough from this hosting affiliate?
    I hope I will get a perfect answer from you. Thanks for your excellent artcile.

  41. Hi Ankit really this is a very very valuable post for a blogger who has started new blog. thank you very much.

  42. Thanks for sharing these success tips in affiliate marketing. I am looking to explore affiliate marketing on my blog but I am little doubtful mainly because I am not having enough traffic on my blog at present. Once I have enough traffic as well as targeted traffic, I can then focus on affiliate marketing.

  43. Thanks for reigniting my spirit bro. Affiliate marketing is the game changer when it comes to making money on your blog.I neglected it at the start but now i really see it as a necessity. In 5 months i have earned twice waht i made with PPC(Adsense) to be precise. Selling poducts and getting commisions brings the highest cash. Will be around some other time to check out your write ups. Hope to see you on my blig some day too. Cheers.

  44. Hey, Ankit.
    Really an inspirational article. Simple but rich article. Especially, the newbies get strength to become a successful affiliate marketer. This article help us a lot.
    Affiliate marketing is not very much easy. You must build your authority, build your audience. It takes time, so patience is also important. Thanks for sharing with us.

  45. Hi Ankit,

    Everything is okay but how to create links for niche sites. I mean how to hide a blog from leaking.

    Best Regards,
    S Prabhat.

  46. Excellent Ankit,
    Affiliate marketing is really very helpful and in my opinion affiliate marketing is an appropriate choice to make money from your blog or website.Thanks for the information.

  47. Hey Ankit,
    I suppose the niche and the product really matters a lot. Even more than the affiliate. If the product provides some value and benefits to the user for that particular niche, we are bound to make some sales and thus commissions. However, you are right in saying that it does take time. patience and hard work, rather smart work is the key. Thanks for sharing this.
    Vineet Saxena

  48. Hi Ankit,

    This is a great article! Thank you very much for sharing your ideas about affiliate marketing. It helped me a lot in improving my website to make it effective. Thanks again!

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