46 Gift Ideas for Bloggers that will Knock Their Socks Off

What do you give a friend or a relative who’s into blogging?

Coming up with gift ideas for bloggers can be harder than it sounds. With so many options available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

But don’t worry. I’m here to help.

I’ve rounded up all the essential tools and services bloggers need and compiled them into one comprehensive list.

It doesn’t matter if it’s their work anniversary, birthday, or whatever important date they have in their calendar.

Here are 46 gifts for bloggers that they’ll remember throughout their career!

Let’s begin.

Elevate Their Productivity with Practical Blogging Gifts

Practical gift ideas for bloggers
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These are the essentials. Every blogger needs access to most (if not all) of the items in this section. If you really want to contribute toward your friend’s work goals, then gifting any of these would certainly go a long way.

1. Blogging Tools

It’s common for bloggers to manage more than one website. This means they always need access to domain, hosting, WordPress themes, site builders, online marketing tools, and other related services. So, buy some blogging tools from this list for your blogger friend and make his/her day.

2. Lifetime Deals

Lifetime deals give users access to premier tools by SaaS (software as a service) companies. Unlike subscription-based services, LTD companies only require a one-time payment to enjoy continuous service. Wondering where to start? Try sites like AppSumo.

3. Online Courses

The gift of education can help bloggers find success in life. Consider gifting courses that’ll steer bloggers toward blogging stardom. Popular courses include the Six Figure Blogger and Fat Stacks bundle.

4. Photo Editing Software Subscription

Subscription to photo editing software like the Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom and Photoshop (Photography pack) makes it easier to edit photos and graphics for blog posts.

5. Stock Photo Subscription

Bloggers are not free to use images they find online, especially if they were not granted permission by the owner. To avoid legal troubles, they should use stock photos instead. Be a great pal and give your friend access to stock photography sites like Shutterstock as a gift.

Make Their Life Easier with Gadgets for Bloggers

Tech gift ideas for bloggers
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To do their jobs properly and efficiently, bloggers need access to the best tech out there today. But what kind of tech do they need? Here are a few suggestions.

6. Laptop Stands

A good laptop stand can not only improve ergonomics, but it also prevents a laptop from overheating. It’s a necessity for bloggers, especially those who spend several hours writing long-form content.

7. Camera

Whether it’s a point-and-shoot, a DSLR, or a Mirrorless model, a good camera will make it possible to add compelling photos to a blog post. They’re ideal for documenting trips, taking photos of food, and sharing everyday experiences.

8. Microphone

While not an obvious choice as a gift for bloggers, there are bloggers who eventually shift to vlogging or podcasting. And to do that, they’ll need a solid, professional-grade microphone.

9. Earphones

Whether it’s for listening to music or conducting research, bloggers need earphones, headphones, or earbuds to keep outside noise away. If sound quality is important as with the case for music bloggers then consider gifting wired headphones. Otherwise, wireless headphones are much more convenient.

10. Lights

There are bloggers today who do their own photoshoots. And not just of models either. Product reviewers, for example, take photos of items all the time. For those people, you can give lightboxes to help with their photoshoots. Even better, you can give them a portable photo studio like this one from Amazon.

11. Keyboard and Mouse

A keyboard and mouse combo is probably one of the simplest gifts you could give your blogger friend. Wireless keyboards and mouse makes working offsite a more pleasant experience. And if you gift a high-quality mechanical keyboard, the typing experience is vastly improved.

12. Storage Device

While online storage solutions do exist, many bloggers still rely on physical devices for storing photos and other important files. You can never have too many file storage options. External storage devices are always welcome.

Help Them Get Organized with Office Supplies

Work tool ideas for bloggers
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These productivity enhancers will not only keep bloggers working at full capacity, but they will also keep them organized. And they’re also cheap, making them wonderful gifts for people who are on a budget.

13. Planners

It’s important for bloggers to get into the habit of planning out their blogs. From figuring out what type of content to publish down to making a content calendar, all of these factors play a role in a blog’s success. Give them a planner they can use to organize their plans for their blog.

14. Notebooks

Blogger notebooks are a combination of a planner and a good, old-fashioned notebook. This gives them room to jot down random thoughts but still have dedicated pages for to-do lists and a content calendar.

15. Books

Books also make great gifts for bloggers. These are great tools for learning about subject matters related to blogging like affiliate marketing and social media. Here are few book suggestions.

16. Pens

A personalized pen is a classic gift that’s well-suited for writers. Make sure you include refills so the pen lasts a really long time.

17. Gift Baskets or Care Package

What does a blogger care package look like? Well, it could include pretty much anything. The nice thing about this is that you can customize it to fit your friend’s needs. You can add snacks or any of the essentials mentioned in this list.

18. Business Cards

Bloggers are constantly making new connections. And to make the exchange of contact information easier, they’ll definitely need business cards. If you know your friend’s contact details, you can print them yourself or order cards from an online printing company.

19. Inspirational Wall Decor

Wall decors are an easy way to decorate a home office. But rather than buying random artwork, why not use inspirational quotes about writing instead? Not only are they great to look at, but they can also keep your friend going whenever they hit roadblocks.

Let Them Unwind with “Me Time” Gifts

Experience gift ideas for bloggers
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Experiencing new things is great for developing new content. The more bloggers explore the world around them, the more they’ll grow. It also gives them a chance to meet new people they could work with in the future.

20. Conference Passes

As far as gift ideas for bloggers go, conference passes might be unconventional. But old and new bloggers love attending conferences not only because they learn new things but they also get to meet their peers and make new friends.

21. Gift Cards

If your blogger pals always find themselves working in coffee shops like Starbucks, then why not give them gift cards for those establishments? Or you can give them gift cards for office supplies or lessons.

22. Groupon

Don’t you think your friend deserves a once-in-a-lifetime adventure? If so, Groupon (or other experience-based marketplaces) are great sites to find gifts from. Not only will your friend have a great time, but it also gives the blogger at least one more post to write about.

23. Personal Service Providers

Sites like TaskRabbit makes it a breeze to find handymen or grocery shoppers so that bloggers can find time to focus on their work. Take a load of your friend’s mind and have someone come in and do the time-consuming errands for them. That way, they can go out, have fun, and develop new content.

24. Wine and Food Tasting

A great gift idea for foodies, wine and food tasting are now getting more and more popular. Especially in areas where food and wine products are not as diverse. Give them a chance to experience new cuisine to write about.

25. Shared Office or Coworking Membership

Is your friend tired of working out of coffee shops? Maybe a shared office space is right for them. Give them a membership subscription so they can finally enjoy working in an office setting. Check out Coworker to find a coworking space in your area.

26. Airbnb Gift Card

Is your friend a travel blogger? Give them an Airbnb Gift Card and make traveling much more convenient for them. Who knows? Maybe they’ll bring you along for the ride as a way of saying thanks.

Spice Up Their Home Office with New Furniture and Appliances

Furniture gift ideas for bloggers
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Working comfortably means having the right furniture and appliances in the home. If you have the budget and really care for your blogger friend, any of these gifts would work great.

27. Orthopedic Chair

Since bloggers are always sitting down, it’s best to buy them a chair that corrects their posture and prevents them from slouching. This will help them from a bad back.

28. Standing Desk

Working on your feet has its share of benefits. If your blogger friends like to work standing up, find a best standing desk that you could gift them.

29. Coffee Maker

Coffee is a blogger’s best friend. It’s the gas that keeps them going. Be a sweetheart and help your friend get his or her daily caffeine fix.

30. Gaming Console

Video game bloggers need gaming consoles to work, obviously. But with so many out there, there’s a good chance that they won’t have all of them. Add one more to their collection by gifting them a console. Alternatively, you can give them a new game title. Even if your friend isn’t into gaming, any kind of blogger can relax by playing games during their downtime.

31. Bluray Player

Movie bloggers need to watch movies in high-definition to really enjoy the viewing experience. And a Bluray player will help them accomplish just that.

32. TV

Giving away gaming consoles and Bluray players are great and all. But if your friend doesn’t have a good TV, then all of it would be for nothing.

33. Music Player

Give your friend the latest and greatest music player. It’s used for work (music review bloggers) or for relaxation.

Miscellaneous Gifts to Help Them Live the Blogging Life

Lifestyle gift ideas for bloggers
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Make a massive impact on your friend’s lifestyle by presenting him or her one of these neat gift ideas.

34. Laptop Bag

One of the best gifts you can give a blogger is a laptop bag. A good, heavy-duty laptop bag can hold everyday essentials along with the laptop itself.

35. Coffee Mug

Sure, you could gift your friend a coffee maker. But if that sounds a bit extreme, then why not give a coffee mug instead? You can never have too many mugs anyway plus it’s something bloggers use every day.

36. Meditation App

How about giving the gift of peace and relaxation? There are meditation apps out there that can help with the anxiety that some bloggers face every day. Try Buddhify or Calm.

37. Ambient Sound App

Noise is a writer’s worst enemy. They are unable to think and eventually lose all focus. But with ambient sound apps, they are able to get back to work minus the distractions.

38. Scented Candles

The best way to write is to eliminate all distractions. And that includes bad odor. Scented candles keep users relaxed and focused. Plus they’re cheap and easily accessible.

39. Inspiration Board

Give your friends the tools to build their own inspiration board. You can find inspiration boards like this one for sale on sites like Etsy.

Remind them that Health is Wealth

Health gift ideas for bloggers
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Health products are possibly the greatest gift you can give bloggers. Nothing else is as important as making sure that your friend’s mind and body are always in great shape.

40. Meal Planning

Bloggers have their hands full with all the content they have to produce. So they rarely have time to think about their eating habits. So here’s a unique gift suggestion: Sign them up to a meal plan to a meal subscription service.

41. Fitness Apps

A healthy lifestyle goes beyond eating healthy. Bloggers, like everyone else, need to exercise regularly. But that’s easier said than done. Fortunately, there are apps that can help motivate anyone to get moving.

42. Fitness Equipment

There are bloggers who do workout and find no need for fitness training apps. What they do need is home fitness equipment. For those people, give them home fitness equipment instead.

43. Lumbar Support Pillow

A lumbar support pillow is something you can put in an office chair to provide additional support to the spine. This makes it possible to sit comfortably for a number of hours without having to worry about the back giving out.

44. Back Brace

Sitting down for hours at a time can be harsh on the back. If lumbar support pillows are feeling inadequate, a back brace might be a better solution.

45. Gym Membership

Inspire your friend to go to the gym by giving them a gym membership. Health bloggers could use the experience to talk about the benefits of regularly working out.

46. Healthy Snacks

We all need to eat. But what to eat is the question. Give your friend a pack of healthy snacks that they can consume while working. This should keep their hands off junk food. It might even inspire them to try healthier meals.


These are just some of the blogger gift ideas we’ve come up with. When choosing a gift for bloggers, take into consideration what your friend or loved one truly needs.

For example, they might enjoy a ticket to one of the upcoming blogger conferences but they might have more use for a solid headphone.

In our experience, most bloggers are in need of an education so lean toward that direction if you’re unsure what to give.

Gifts for Bloggers
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