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  1. Hello Ankit,

    Great Post. Checking a website traffic is very important to take vital and important decision on our promotion strategies. It also gives us a detailed report on how our website is performing. I am a big Fan of Google Analytics and SEMrush. You simply cannot ignore these tools if you are serious about your website. Thanks again for sharing informative tips along with tools.


  2. Hello Ankit

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s quite beneficial as getting traffic is very important for any website. So, really helpful. Keep sharing such knowledge. Thanks 🙂

  3. Hey Ankit,

    Thanks for sharing your detailed process of checking any website traffic. Although these tools give estimated traffic data but this data is extremely helpful to plan our own blogging strategies.

    Again, thanks for your valuable article.

    ~ Divya

  4. Hey Ankit, Thanks for the strategies. I have been using Ahrefs and Semrush for some time now and they get the job done. I will definitely look at the other tools you mentioned.

    1. Hi Kenneth,

      I enjoy using both the tools as well. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  5. I use tools like Alexa and ahrefs. Both accurate most of the time.

  6. Hello Ankit
    nice post. Please suggest me which is best for beginner wordpress or blogger.

    1. Both are good to begin with, but for professional blogging, I recommend WordPress.

  7. Hey Ankit,
    I read your blog post once a week and it is 100% sure that you give me some information that I can use in my blog. I am a new blogger and writes on education.
    Today I learnt about “AnswerThePublic” website. Really, It will solve my big problem.
    Thanks a lot. keep sharing

  8. Its always pivotal to know about website traffic then you build your strategies according to the data . you describe it in a brief way and give valuable information about the new tools we can used to see the website visitors and traffic . Thanks .

  9. To get a crowd on a good website, we have to pay attention to the performance of the site, if our site is good and fast, then the crowd of users will be more.
    Very informative blog post.

  10. Thank you, Ankit, another good post. I love the content and detailed article from you. This is the most important part of every blogger. Your content size should be more than 2000-3000+ words.
    Semrush is still the best method to find relevant keyword and trending topic which we can write. But I still think it is costly and beyond the reach of new bloggers.
    Thank you again


  11. Hello Ankit,
    Personally, I am using Ahrefs right now Ahrefs has a lot of great features and I am much satisfied with this tool, All these SEO tools are much useful to follow, to get website traffic report easily. Have not checked Semrush and Alexa but will try soon.

  12. Hi Ankit,
    Nice article on ways to analyze website traffic…Answer the public is good website to get idea of long tail keywords. Thanks for writing this article