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  1. Awesome post for the bloggers from you Ankit Bro 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your writing secrets with us.

    Agree with your views and am doing almost all as you told.

    Am a bit lazy in keyword research, I just used to write the posts with my familiar topics. But am sure, my posts are good quality and I’ve done the basic optimization.

    It is imperative for the bloggers to add an eye catchy title with appropriate information and pictures.

    Thanks Ankit for publishing this awesome post for us.

  2. Siraj Wahid says:

    Hey Ankit,

    It was worth reading. I’m still learning how to write quality content. I’m looking forward to write my own experiences in my articles as it makes the article more impressive. This guide really helped me. Thanks!

  3. Rana Irfan says:

    Hi Ankit,
    No doubt blog title is most important thing.
    You described very well “Titles are the door to blog posts on the big sphere. ”
    I like this line very much. Really heart touching line. Every point is best for writing Quality content.
    Anyway thanks dear for sharing such nice article here.

  4. Sahil Garg says:

    Hello Ankit
    That’s great Written Article, i Loved all Points, These are the Most Important Points to be considered when Writing a Articles. i Think i Miss 1-2 points while writing for my Blog Thanks for Sharing the Useful info 🙂

  5. Adesanmi Adedotun says:

    Hi Ankit,

    Creating quality content has to do with many attribute which you have mentioned here on this article most especially a magnetized post title that serve as the first reason why visitors click on our blog post and followed by a well optimized post for search engine which is off paramount important in getting search engine traffic. Thanks for sharing this buddy!

  6. Suresh Khanal says:

    Hi Ankit,

    I define quality articles as something that proves itself the one stop for reader’s queries. If it can satisfy them or solve their problem, if it is easily accessible and clearly comprehensive, the post stands on quality.

    You’ve netted this post very beautifully and successful to grab the reader’s attention till the end. Expecting more of you in coming days as well.

  7. Niraj Bhusal says:

    Hello Ankit
    I also think that title is one the great factor. I agree with you in all of your points. Using great images in post will surely make visitors and readers more attractive.
    Thanks for this post.

  8. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Ankit,

    Super points here!

    Write a resource if you are going to write at all. Quality content does a great job answering your target audience’s questions. Of course, you must answer the questions by using keywords in your post to target your audience in the first place.

    Like Nirmala noted above I do too get a bit lazy on the keyword side of things but I do usually use a few in each article. I need to power up my SEO game a bit, I know 😉

    Thanks again for the super helpful post. Well done buddy!


  9. Susan Velez says:

    Hi Ankit,

    Great tips on how to write quality content. I have to admit I’m still learning how to write great content. However the more that I continue writing the better I seem to be getting.

    I also think that the blog title plays a huge role on whether or not people will actually take the time to read what you wrote.

    As for keyword research well I don’t do that for all my posts. I know I should but sometimes I just don’t want to go through the hassle of doing all the work. I know if I want to improve my search engine rankings I need to spend more time on it.

    Thanks for sharing, have a great day.

  10. Sanket Patil says:

    Very well said Ankit,

    I also think that sometimes readers get disappointed when they come to the blog after clicking on those title which is catchy and sounds interesting. Due not related topic it is obvious to leave that blog. The title suggest something different and the actual content is for the different purpose is force to people leave the blog.

  11. Glad to see you Ankit. Truely an exceptional piece of writing buddy. This is a perfect example how to write a lucrative yet quality blog post. I hope this would be useful for everyone including me.

    Thank you so much.

  12. Muhammadsaleem says:

    Hi Ankit,
    Blog title play an important role in attracting the people towards your blog and when your are optimizing it too then you can get better results. Keyword research also matter for your blog niche. All other tips will give you plus point then your doing this. This is worth reading post to write better, better and better. Thanks for sharing it.

  13. Headings are indeed one of the most important part of a post. They can tempt a reader to read the article or force a reader to skip it. Catchy headings are really helpful in increasing the traffic. Additionally, the focus should be on writing content in such a way that it helps people. If we can help people in any way, it will be a win-win situation.
    Thanks and keep sharing.

  14. Shathyan Raja says:


    That was an amazing article which let me know how to attract the visitors. Yes, the title of the article is the one criteria which attracts visitors, so keeping it catchy will help us to drive more traffic. And also writing for people query and giving them a solutions will again add up to our visitors count.

    So always write for people and earn more loyal readers.

  15. Simply a Great Blog Post, I think that’s why your blog post get very good rank on search engines ranking pages, it will really help newbies, those have just started blogging.

    Great Blog Post.

    I would like to share one more thing about this blog post, great image you have used.

  16. Ankur Upadhyay says:

    Very informative post indeed. Quality content is a must for every blogger and if that content is properly optimized for search engines, then it can do wonders. Optimizing your blog posts is very necessary for good search engine rankings but sometimes over optimization and excessive use of keywords results in a bad quality content. So, its better to strike a balance between post readability and optimization. Thanks for sharing this information Ankit.

  17. I think you need to write about a topic you have deep knowledge over and are passionate about. It reflects in your writing. Offer readers something they can’t find elsewhere and don’t offer the standard BS that is plastered all over the place.

  18. ALI MASHURI says:

    so far I have not been up to use it. I will try to use it, and thank you for your article, very useful for me.

  19. It taught me that i should be brief and simple with my ideas when it comes to sharing it with people.
    I thank you for sharing such stuff to attract users in a short span of time..

    Cheers .Keep up the fine work.:D

  20. Thanks for your tips showing exact way of writing quality content. worth spending time on this article

  21. I am becoming a blogger since april 2013. I am not yet writing better and give useful conten in my blog. I hope after I implement your tips, I can write post better than before. Thanks for your sharing 🙂

  22. Great Post Ankit,

    Your suggestion for writing a quality content is great. All points a re useful and beneficial for me. thank you for sharing this post with us.

    Nikhil 🙂

  23. Fakharuddin says:

    Hi Ankit,
    Great post indeed. You mention here some great points that every newbie to advance blogger should follow to get good ranking in SERPs and drive more traffic from search engines.
    Thanks for the great stuff.

  24. Really Useful Information Bro You Have mentioned Each n every point Briefly Finally Awesome Article keep Going Man !!

  25. Hi Ankit,
    Awesome post and very point is highly important. I have one question, should I repeat related keyword in meta description or should use one target keyword only?
    Waiting for your reply…………
    Thanks for sharing such great tips.

    1. bruceismail says:

      Hi Ankit,

      Even I have the same question. The Meta Description should be about 160 Characters, but how can we include relevant keyword along with the short description in those 160 characters. Is there any suggestions?? Or will it be fine if we didn’t add the targeted keyword in the Meta Description?
      Waiting for your reply….
      Thanks in advance…
      And also thanks for sharing this great post. Clearly explained in a well designed and step by step manner.

  26. Ankitther yet another amazing post by you. SEO is definitely the important thing for bloggers and that’s why we should always try to publish SEO optimized blog posts for getting the best result.

    Many bloggers make a mistake that they think about SEO so much that they don’t write blog posts naturally. Whenever I have came to your blog, I have seen that you write posts very naturally. This is definitely one of the reasons which makes your blog posts rank higher. If one wants to write naturally, then he should keep writing with the flow without getting disturbed.

    I always consider ALT tags very useful. By adding perfect ALT tags one can definitely achieve better search engine ranking for the targeted keywords.

    When it comes to description I always try to have an unique description and at the same time I try to include the keyword in the description. Internal linking is a very important thing. It takes time to develop the skill of interlinking blog posts properly. Yes, linking to the posts which are not related may not be considered good as per SEO perspective.

    Ankit I hope that you’ll keep writing in the same way as it motivates me too to work hard on my blog. Hope to see you at my blog.

  27. Apoorv Agrawal says:

    Hey Ankit I’ve been a reader of btt since it was on blogger and had 10-20 articles of blogging and it’s been growing since than. For this post I read full and without getting bored though i was aware of many think that you mentioned but one think that i mostly avoided was LSI even today i came to know what it actually means. A great seo post must read if you are a newbie.

  28. Hi Ankit,
    The post seems really helpful for me as I’am A Newbie Blogger Knowing these Tips were a must for me to optimize my blog in a right way and I got the right dose from this post,and I’m bagging great benefits from the keyword suggestion tool You’ve mentioned above i.e Ubersuggest.That’s frankly cool!
    Thanks for the share

  29. Hi Ankit,
    wonderful post on writing great posts that are SEO optimized. I couldn’t agree more on the “write naturally point”.

    I can also vouch for the use of LSI. They are going to have even more momentum in the coming SEO-years. 🙂

  30. Hi Ankit Bro!

    Thanks for this wonderful post. SEO is an great part of blogging, and helps to get constant flow of traffic over long periods of time. Both on page and off page optimization are equally important, but I have been trying to learn more and more about on page optimization. Learned quite a few rocking tips on how to write SEO optimized posts.

    Thanks bro.

  31. Hello Ankit
    Such a great post. Would you share a post for blogspot. How to write a seo friendly in blogspot. I’m a new in blogging, so i don’t know how to write seo optimized post in Blogspot. thanks

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Hi Salek,

      There is no big difference in WordPress and Blogger. The only thing is you can’t use plugins in blogger.
      You can follow all other steps in blogger too. Just write long and detailed blog posts with nice presentation, add images and external links. It will make your blog posts SEO friendly.

      Hope it will help you 🙂

  32. Great article. I always look for this kind of articles. Really it was useful. Sometimes it happens that I get no idea. This article will be helpful for me whenever I get no idea. Thansk for a great article.

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Glad, you liked the article.
      Keep visiting for more 🙂

  33. Sharad Gupta says:

    SEO is the requirement of every blog.
    If you are a blogger you need to concentrate on making every blog post SEO perfect if you really want to become a successful blogger…

  34. Varija tripathi says:


    Inputs are most important for make our blog success.You insert some points like Researching for a topic, Writing headlines, Writing the researched data into a well-formatted post etc give be best method of writing.I will follow your method.I like to see some other suggestions from this site.Keep sharing other information.

  35. Nice tips bro.
    Thnx for your tips.
    You can visit my blogger site about sms,jokes at sms34.blogspot.com and give me some more tips to make my posts more seo friendly.
    Best of luck for your future again…

  36. Hi Ankit,

    I would like to appreciate your post. May I know Is there any plugin that can help us make guest post..OR should we tick the guest post ‘registration tick’ inWordpress..I want to enable guest posting on my blog..Any Solutions?


  37. Naman Kumar says:

    Great post! I’m following all the points mentioned above in this post. But still not getting much traffic. I get about 50-60 page views per day on my blog. Please suggest me some improvement tips, to bring my blog on google search engine first page.

    Hope you’ll get some time to help me. Thank you in advance. Once again great post. 🙂

    Happy Blogging!

  38. hi ankit my name is jatinder
    first of all many congratulations for you blog ,excellent posts and writing.
    but i need your help ,i want to start a blog i tried creating one myself but my blog didnt appear on google search results plus i dont know how to make my blog posts searchable on google by their name

    so can you please help me?

      1. Ankit Singla says:

        Hi Niladri, thanks for adding comment 🙂

  39. Very informative post. Quality content is a must for every blogger and if that content is properly optimized for search engines, then it can do wonders.



    1. Ankit Singla says:

      True words. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  40. Hi Ankit,

    Awesome post, really informative and helpful to write quality content. Serioulsy, you shared a ultimate guide to write quality content on the blog. You covered all the points to develop a quality content.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Thanks Yavan for reading the article and leaving your comment. 🙂

  41. Swapnil Jagtap says:

    Hey Amit, i have tried writing the article before, now i came to know where i was going wrong after reading your post. I guess, before writing the article one should have all the plan about the content and the points to be covered. Also using various graphics, colors and font types can make the article as quality article and easy to understand. Looking for more updates, thanks for the share.

  42. Hy Ankit!
    You have done a great job. It was more than interesting and informative. Great tips to produce high quality content.
    Thanks for sharing with us this amazing post.

  43. Sunil K Chaira says:

    I think nothing can beat the quality content for a blog. All these tips will help me a lot because am looking for some great tips and tricks about writing the awesome blogs for my readers. Your website is the best destination for this. Thanks Ankit, you are always there for me.

  44. So Nice Article..
    it clear me about word algorithm, meta description.
    @Ankit, i am running a Hindi Site on topic of shayari, joke and hindi story.
    You know well, how many words are in shayari or jokes. then how can i improve in seo section with hindi site??

  45. This article gives a great insight on how to make posts actually effective for the SEO of your site. Quality is always important and ensuring the technical aspects is the other point to focus.

  46. Bright Joe says:

    Hi Ankit,

    I’m 14 and I’m greatly interested in blogging and SEO. I started blogging at the age of 12 and so say the truth, I’m an active reader of your blog where I’m able to learn new things everyday. My blog is also on blogging and SEO so your blog posts are a great referrence for me to manage my blog.

    This post which was on writing more SEO friendly articles opened my eyes about content creation. Basically, it made me realize that I wasn’t doing everything perfect, in fact it is quite okay. But I believe, I will write a better post next time using those check points and tips.

    Just wanted to say thanks for your great referrence on blogging.

    Thanks bro!

  47. A really nice blog post. My keyword was how to write SEO friendly blog posts; and got this link on 2nd page, but somethings there in your link that pulled me to your article.
    I congrats you for giving such a clear article about SEO 🙂

  48. Ankit!!!!! Thnk you for ONPAGE Optimization tips…Let me add another highlighting keywords included text with bold,italic and underline at necessary places will help in increasing rankings!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Well, you have asked us to write longer content which ranks better. But, wouldn’t it increase bounce rate as people tend to like shorter and specific contents?

    Waiting for your constructive reply.

  50. wajid ali says:

    Content great is also the number one discipline to focus on if you are to hinder Google Panda demotion. Panda, we have been instructed, is part of Google’s core website first-rate score algorithms in 2016.

  51. Priyam Baksi says:

    Hello Ankit,

    I read your whole article and find the information best among all, and I love the Long tail keyword technique. It helps you to find the weak competition ground and to write a unique content.

    Thank you very much!

  52. Hello Ankit,
    Thanks for your great illustrations regarding content and proper way of optimizations.
    By profession, i am web developer.According to my experienced, i found that , if you do proper on page stuff and have user friendly, natural, informative content with copy right images or video, you do not need to worry about ranking.

    Google is very smart nowadays. Their RankBrain can read quality and user-friendly article.

    Any way, keep sharing new idea and views.
    Ben William

  53. Lorent James says:

    Thanksfor this post! Writing for SEO without sounding like an SEO is easier these days. Ridiculous keyword stuffing is redundant and luckily Google is better penalizing for it. I’m generating ideas on my next piece of content with keyword tools. I like search suggestion tools like Answerthepublic.com or sg.serpstat.com but being organic in your writing isn’t something you can acquire with a tool)

  54. This article helped me a lot in etablishing my own writing strategy for my blog. In the end I’ve created my own strategy that will get me to the first page of Google on certain keywords.

    Thank you for sharing this great piece of content !

    P.S : You can see the analyzis of this article on my blog !

    Good luck !

  55. Hi Ankit,
    Many thanks for the great post published. The post is full of valuable information on writing SEO blog. Can you please advise something more on how to put “Meta Description” in the post. Please advise considering WordPress Platform.

  56. Hi Ankitther
    with this post i am able to rank up my post to the third page of google search with search keywords. I’ve just started my blogging journey. I intend t o follow your lead, and man you’re really teaching the proper thing. Thanks a lot

  57. Hi Ankit,

    First of all thank you for this great post. I have some doubt about title tags plz help me.

    If i want to show 10 exercises and their short description then what should be the title tag ?

    1. Can i use h2 tag for all “top 10 exercises——-”
    2. Or h2 for subheading title and h3 for “top 10 exercises——–”
    2. How many h2 and h3 tags we can use ?
    3. Using more h2 or h3 tag is bad for seo?
    4. I am using wordpress so h1 is already there.
    5. Is it harmful for seo if i will change heading tags my post again?

    Plz help me. I m confused. Waiting for your reply.

  58. Thank you for this post. I am recently starting with blogging so this is an excellent checklist I can use to make my blog SEO friendly. A lot of information is given so it is a great reference for taking tips. There are few new things I learnt which will be very handy when I start publishing my blog.

  59. I agree with Mohit’s comment that ” SEO is definitely the important thing for bloggers and that’s why we should always try to publish SEO optimized blog posts for getting the best result.”

    I find your post to be very informative and true. I would also like to add to your point about title tags. They are very crucial because they improve the readability of your post. When used to divide the post into sections via subheadings, it makes your work more comprehensive for almost all age groups and educational levels.

    Finally, there are other factor that affect readability (such as transition words – like ‘and’, ‘because’, ‘so’, etc. -, a limited use of passive voice, paragraph lengths – max of about 150 words – and so on). All of these matter. so, one should pay close attention to them.

  60. Rupendra Kumar says:

    nice post ankit. you are my fevorite blogger. You always write useful contant. thanks for sharing brother

  61. Asking question to oneself and searching for the right answer is the best way to achieve what you want. Great points you have taken Rand. I have a question Rand related choosing blogging platform. Does it make any difference to use free domain (sub domain) in case of ranking?

    Well thanks for another helpful WBF.

  62. Hi Ankit,

    You have written a very valuable content, though I don’t have enough idea about SEO I have learned a lot of new things by reading this article. Btw I have a question for you, Would you please tell me what is AMP? Please explain if you have some time.

  63. Hello Ankit
    Such a great post. Would you share a post for blogspot. How to write a seo friendly in blogspot. I’m a new in blogging, so i don’t know how to write seo optimized post in Blogspot. thanks

  64. There are truly many free SEO tools and services out there, so we need to concentrate on simply the best and most valuable to add to your tool stash.

    Thank you btw!

  65. hello sir,
    i was going through your page all these while. i went reading on. You drew a very clear picture regarding the blogs. I am a newbie student, and you gave me lovely highlighted ABC’s. You made it easy with all different heads like of title tags, the in and out links, the mete description and be natural each time. It is my good luck to get you. Sir i must say that you are considered to be a real Mentor in the art of Master Blogging.
    I made you as favorite in my bookmark … simply just to follow your preaching.

  66. Pankaj Sharma says:

    Hello Ankit can we rank our articles in a highly competitive niche like Digital Marketing? Because now there is very high competition in all the niches.