11 Best WordPress Themes For Tech Blogs

Are you just kickstarting your tech blogging journey?

Then, you need a PROFESSIONAL theme that covers all the aspects in next section!

Before you zero down the tech theme, let me tell you what to expect from it..

Important Aspects Of A Tech Theme

What should the RIGHT tech theme contain?

1 The theme should have slider section on the home page featuring the top tech news because this is where your traffic originates.

2 You need a review premium plugin to review the tech products and leave star ratings accordingly. Most themes give at free of cost.

3 Your theme should let you embed videos of reviews without affecting load time.

In the next section of this article, I will be listing top 11 themes for your tech blog.

11 Best Tech Blog Themes of This Year:

1. My Blog

The key to invite more traffic to your tech blog is to have a beautiful UI and this theme does not disappoint on that aspect.

I suggest My Blog Tech for 3 interesting aspects:

1.Innovative slider options that will enhance the look of your site.

2.Infinite single post loading so your users spend more time on your blog.

3. Like and share option for each post and comment with NO COMPROMISE ON UI/LOAD TIME

4. HD options for all your videos

Doesn’t that sound interesting?

Check Demo

2. News Pro

This is a theme that fits for many domains but the reason I suggest for your tech blog is here.

All your hungry readers can take full charge of your blog as it lets you upload any multimedia format with NO COMPROMISE ON PIXELS.

The good news about this theme is you can run a full-fledged tech blog at a handy price! Isn’t that a pocket-friendly deal?

Oh, there is one more reason that caught my mind is SIMPLICITY. Though it looks very simple, the UX is just astounding.

It comes with child theme too so you can make changes without affecting the original theme!

Check Demo

3. World Plus

As I was surfing across a number of themes to choose the best one for you, I was instantly convinced with this gorgeous interface.

If you ask me why you should choose this, the top 4 reasons that I will list are here for you..

1. It has a drag and drop page builder so you can create designs on the go including sidebars.

2. There are smart content blocks that will throw light to your special/featured contents.

3. My favorite part is this – the integrated review system that you can instantly append to pages and posts and begin with your ratings.

4. Readily available ad blocks that only wanted you to maximize revenue from your tech blog.

Aren’t these just sufficient to keep your business up?

Check Demo

4. Barta

When you choose a tech theme, you need to evaluate if it will maximize your business results and your search stops here with Barta theme.

Let me tell you how this theme suits a tech domain despite being tagged as a magazine theme-

1. Instant visibility to all posts and categories displayed right on your home page

2. Did you know you can setup ads in a second? Sounds incredible but Barta lets you do!

3. And, the range of premium plugins you get along with this theme like Yoast SEO and Mailchimp can let your blogging business operate in flying colors.

Check Demo

5. Gutenmag

This is the most promising tech theme that I have found out so far.

Wait.. I have some more interesting points about this theme.

  • You see the site outlook as you edit a post and you don’t have to click that PREVIEW every time.
  • It accepts all multimedia layouts and as you upload a video, the output quality only gets better. This means your readers will stay glued to your blog.
  • The best part about this theme is it breaks the myth of ‘having too many plugins’ on your blog by automating the operations and having limited plugins.

So, your blog remains virus-free and stays just beautiful than you ever imagine.

Secret reason: Even professional designers will envy your blog UI if you use this theme!

Check Demo

6. Reviews

On the first look, this theme sounded to be a service oriented site but navigating it further proved it WRONG.

This theme is exclusively built for reviewing products.

If you have a plan to review digital products on your blog, then this theme’s home page will appear UNIQUE to everyone.

Well, there is more to this theme.

  • You can also add a list of stores where the product is available and that’s where you stand a class apart.
  • You can change the user ratings anytime in the future if you see the latest version of a product satisfactory. NO OTHER THEME LETS YOU DO THIS!
  • The quick search option lets your user navigate to the desired page in less than 30 seconds.

This is by far the best REVIEW SITE that will leave your users AWESTRUCK!

Check Demo

7. WP-Portal

Did you know this is a theme exclusively designed for tech blogs? This means all the features that you need are already there in the theme.

It is a fantastic, lightweight theme that has some attractive features too.

You can choose the layout of contents from n number of content blocks available. So, your layout is always unique and your reader will never feel that your blog is a replica of something else.

People call this theme ‘HOT’ and that’s due to the very interesting UI/UX along with the extremely high responsiveness.

Check Demo

8. GeekMag

After having a very good time navigating this theme, I am now going to share my wonderful experience.

1. Live search, review system, inbuilt Youtube video slider and like and dislike systems are few features that first let me spellbound.

2. With this theme, you can create your own social network or forum for no additional cost.

For the price of the theme, you get a chance to expand to more portals that you can integrate to your tech blog too and allow your readers to interact better.

3. You can perform live editing and the widget facilities are truly extraordinary.

Check Demo

9. Tez News

Running a full fledged tech news blog is no more a nightmare as this wonderful theme comes to your rescue.

Why am I suggesting this theme to you?

Clean! Yes, you can load the blog with as many contents as you want and your blog will still continue to stay CLEAN. Isn’t that a boon?

I also noticed the smart container widgets that are just apt to throw light on important articles.

If you want a minimal theme with NO FUSS in customization, this is perfect to go!

Check Demo

10. Mootheme

It is a tech exclusive theme!

No sophisticated features but still this theme stands apart on 3 aspects:

– No fussy home page design with too many posts

– Instant access to premium post layout options

– You can customize the widgets anytime

If you like to start your blog small and grow big, Mootheme is a wonderful option for you.

Check Demo

11. MagUp

So, there are many things that I liked about this theme and let me list them one by one for you.

  • The 100/100 page score from Google
  • Powerful and modern backend panel that will encourage you to create more interesting posts
  • Readily available guest post submission system with which you can double your earnings
  • Allows your reader to rate the posts and that’s super interesting!
  • You can manage ads on the go!

If you choose this theme, your blog undoubtedly has a modern and elegant look that will attract more readers!

Check Demo


The best part about my theme range for tech blogs is you have a solution for all your budgets.

And, one thing that is common in all the themes is they have excellent support system from the theme seller and all support cross compatibility.

If you are still confused with which one to buy, you can choose Barta or GeekMag! Trust me, you will never regret your choice!

You are just one step away from kickstarting your tech blog! Choose the theme that dazzled you in the list I shared with you..

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