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  1. Hey Ankit!

    This is smart blogging.

    By looking at how your competition is doing when it comes to SEO you can then improve your strategies in order to get better results.If you want to beat the competition it only makes sense to follow such advice.

    There are many helpful SEO tools that we can use for this. I also like using a tool called Traffic Travis, I’d also recommend it.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Best regards! 😀

  2. Hi Ankit,

    As usual, great post. You keep amazing me with your content design and layout.

    And thanks for sharing this awesome piece. I am still struggling with building quality backlinks. I’ve got some good ideas.

    Have a nice day!

  3. Sumit Gupta says:

    Hi Ankit,

    I saw many Facebook groups of blogging and most asked question is How to outrank the competitor.

    This is blog post is best for them. I will be sharing it when Necessary

  4. Hey Ankit,

    Great post for people who are struggling for rankings in Google.

    This will definitely help them.

    Have a Nice Day!

  5. Hi Ankit,

    You have created such a great article and the thing which I like most is “Backlink Gap” I have read many articles about backlinks but this thing I have never seen. You have explained all these things very simply which newbie also able to understand.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  6. Hi Ankit,

    This article is really amazing I loved it you shared a lot of things in this article this post will help all the newbie bloggers to beat their cimpetitiors if they took serious your post.

    Piyush Yadav

  7. Hello Ankit,

    Nice hacks on spying your competitor’s backlinks and use them to build quality backlinks. Backlinks always play a vital role in ranking a site and many bloggers are struggling to get quality backlinks. Thanks for elaborating everything.


  8. Emmanuel Joshua says:

    That was an awesome with intricate values and insights.

    I have had to struggle with link building for sometime, but this can proof useful anyway.

  9. Ankit, What A Post ? I liked it so much and thanks for giving me such an awesome tips i will implement this and send you results 😛

  10. Hello ankit,

    Yes you right said, backlink is not merely SEO task. It shapes the path of SEO strategy. But finding competitor’s backlinks is bit difficult due to high competition and tools offer small reports and paid versions are too costly. Even if they offer little data but they are still useful to ensure our link building is right or wrong.

    Any way your writing does always fascinate me.

    Thanks for this listicle article.

  11. Does it really improve blog ranking. Let’s say I do an audit and found out they have 4 back links created as a result of commenting.

    If I do same will it boost my own page ranking?

  12. Hi Ankit,
    This is a really great post. I am a big fan of ripping off competitor backlinks when launching a project (it’s just too much of a quick win not to).

    For those new to SEO it teaches what makes a good profile and gives them actions that they can follow to actually start getting off their arse and building links!!

  13. Hi Ankit,

    Informative article on hacking the competitor backlinks to build high quality links.

    Relevant and authority links plays an important role in the matter of SEO rankings. I use SEMrush & ahrefs tools for it and seeing some pretty results.

    Once again, this is master piece article. Keep writing such.

  14. You are indeed a Master Blogger, Ankit! 🙂

    You really did so much justice to this post… I mean your points were well expressed and you gave so much value.

    A really great way to steal into the competition’s backlink and get the kind of authority and link juices they are getting for their blogs.

    Thanks for sharing this great resource with us man.

    You are the best!

    Do have a lovely day ahead.


  15. Hi Ankit,
    I single word, its awesome post. You have done the complete anatomy about the spying of competitors backlinks. And I feel, with the launch of Neil’s tool Ubersuggest, this has been easier.
    What do you say about this?


  16. Hello Ankit,

    This is the great informative post.
    There is the lot of burden for me that how to crearte quality backlink.
    Thanks to share. Keep sharing…

  17. Thanks for sharing a valuable blog post. I’m really glad you share the best techniques to spy the backlines of competitors. Backlinks play a very important role to rank high on the goole search engine. Great Work!

  18. Ankit really this post is awesome . and it’s helpful for me.
    but I have a question.
    when I build good backlink as compare to my competitors. and I get result .but what happened when my competitors again build best good amount and quality backlink as compare to my backlink.
    so can I reduce my keyword rank?
    I hope to give me an answer.

  19. Hey Ankit,
    I started blogging just 3 months back and found you randomly. But happy to land here. It was a really useful and nicely narrated article for a newbie like me.

    It really helped a lot to understand how the thing works.

    Thanks a lot.

    Please also make an awesome article like this on keyword research and site ranking factors.

  20. Hey Ankit

    Really a great post for newbie bloggers like me.

    I am gonna implement these tips.

    Thanks for the sharing