ShareAsale Affiliate Program Review: Earn Affiliate Income

Do you want to earn from your blog from this very moment?

I am damn sure AdSense isn’t making up your coffee prices as well.

Are you looking for a blog revenue program better than AdSense?

If you just nodded your head to say “um hmm” all the three times, this post is for you.

In this post, I am going to show an effective blog monetization technique that is often under the radar because the big bloggers using this won’t want you to know this.

Blogging is for sure a passion for many of us. But let’s face it, you cannot stick to your passion and give it full time unless it is the source of your bread and butter.

But what if your blog has no decent traffic and or is not yet approved by AdSense?

Here is a source that accounted for almost 40% of my earnings in December 2014, an approx of 470$/ Rs.28,000.00 (I know it’s not huge but is enough for many.)

I don’t believe in eating up my blogs estate or in decreasing my readers UX with serving cheap ads. It’s when I started using this program.

Although I use various noticeable monetization programs to monetize BloggerTipsTricks that includes:

  • Direct ads (See advertise page)
  • Sponsored reviews
  • Blog Services
  • Affiliate Marketing etc.

But Affiliate marketing worked best for me last month. I don’t brag about my earnings in general, but I am showing my screenshots here because I know it can motivate someone reading this to make even more money.

I joined ShareASale after I saw the earnings report of a popular blogger.

Here are a few screenshots that prove my claims:

shareasale income proof
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Note: $155.98 is finalized payment of month November 2014 which I received on Dec 20th, 2014 and I made over $470 in Dec 2014 which I will receive this month i.e. Jan 2015.

How can you also make Money from your blog?

The program that accounted for 40% of my income in Dec 2014 is ShareAsale.

Shareasale is an affiliate program that pays you to promote the products registered with them.

It is a two-way program in which merchants register their products on the platform and affiliate marketers like me, and you sign up to promote these products and get paid for each sale made. Read these basics of affiliate marketing before you get started.

Why I recommend ShareASale?

There are many great marketplaces like Commission Junction, Clickbank, etc. from where internet marketers can pick and promote the products that suit to their blog audience but the reasons I recommend to use Shareasale are:

  • ShareASale has a very user-friendly and easy to use interface.
  • You can sign up for almost any product you want. Products range from Genesis themes to many fortunes 500 businesses.
  • Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Lead both type of programs are available there. Few programs pay 2 Tier commission too.
  • The main reason is I am using it and making a good amount of dollars, and I know you too can do it.

Who can join ShareASale Affiliate Program?

Anyone can join ShareASale; you only need to have a medium to reach your audience to sell them.

If you have a blog, no matter in which niche, you can join ShareASale.

ShareAsale has a wide range of products you can choose to promote.

Here is the list of few of the products/services you can start promoting right away based on your blog niche:

  • Technology: Alishell LLC
  • Blogging: StudioPress, WPEngine, Hootsuite
  • Clothing and fashion: Eczosplay, Mart of China
  • Food and fitness: Pregprep, World Genetics Nutrition
  • Dating: Quality blooms, cards
  • Books publishing: Blurb
  • Weddings: Ybridal etc.

How to use ShareASale: A complete user guide

While using ShareASale is not very cheesy, I am presenting you a guide to using ShareASale as easily as possible.

STEP 1: Signing up:

1. Go to Shareasale website by clicking here.

welcome to sharesale
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2. You will be guided through five steps that are pretty self-explanatory. After completion of the signup process, you will have to wait for confirmation and account approval.

shareasale affiliate signup
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3. If you use an email id from the domain of a site you are going to promote it (like, then it is approved fast. However, you can sign up with a simple email service like Gmail, or Outlook id.

4. If you have signed up from a normal email id, you need to confirm that you own your website.

STEP 2: Confirmation and account approval:

Confirming can be done easily by either clicking an approval link sent to the email address registered with the domain or by placing a custom text code between the <head> and </head> section of your website template.

STEP 3: The dashboard:

The dashboard is as easy to navigate as it could be.

1. The first thing you notice is a to-do-list that enables you to find what incomplete tasks you need to perform.

to do list
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2. In the given screenshot, I need to confirm my tax details as well as verify my website as I have signed up through my Gmail account that is no harm.

3. Shareasale supports direct transfer of balance to the banks of many countries including India, so if you are from one of the countries that comply with their payment norms you can get the affiliate commissions from ShareASale deposited directly to your bank account.

shareasale bank form
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4. ShareASale bank form In the above form you just have to insert your bank name, city, your IFSC code of the bank, and your account number that’s it.

5. The threshold payment for ShareASale is 50$ only. This is easily attainable by any blogger. Sometimes a single sale makes more than 100$ alone. The payment is made on 20th of each month.

6. You can check out your earnings daily.

STEP 4: Getting started with ShareASale Affiliate Network:

For new publishers (we, the affiliate marketers) we have the merchants section where you can hunt the top merchants (the companies whose products will be promoted by you).

search for merchants
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You can then sign up for the merchants individually; if their products interest you to promote them.

join program
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Some affiliate products require a confirmation from the merchant to enable you to promote it. For example - Hootsuite, Hootsuite pays a pretty good recurring commission on every signup, and I was interested and decided to join it. Now when I signed up for the product, I had to wait for a day to get approved by them before I could promote them.

After getting approval from merchants, you can get your affiliate links/banners from Links section to promote on your blog.

get a link banner
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Also, you can join the ShareASale “Aquarium”, the other name for the forum, where you can interact with other brands and find better merchants.

Some Tips to Get More Affiliate Sales:

Are you worried how to get more income from ShareASale? In this section, I will explain how I made money by promoting products through ShareASale affiliate network.

  • Promote products that pay you hugely for single sign ups. We cannot wait for a product that pays two cents per sale made, instead products like linktrackr, and Genesis, which pay a huge 331$ and 33% of the sales made respectively.
  • Choose products that fit your niche: I would say choose products that fit your niche and topic of blogging. After all, we do not want to harm our readers by promoting irrelevant items.
  • Promote products you use or have an idea of it. This will help you in serving any doubt that the buyer asks you before buying a product.
  • Hide that dirty, ugly link for God’s sake: Most affiliate links come with product code, publisher code and tracking units. Though these all are helpful and necessary, it will scare off the potential buyers who might think they are spam links. You can use WordPress plugins like Pretty Link Lite to cloak your affiliate links. For example: A link that looks like this:
    Becomes like this after using the above plugins:
  • Clear the doubts of your readers: Try clearing the doubts of your readers regarding the product. This is directly linked with the point 3 above. If you have used a product or have reviewed one on your blog, it can be useful for clearing the doubts regarding it.

Where to promote your product:

You can always promote your product on your blog, on a fan page, on landing pages, in forums that allow affiliate links.

You can be innovative as to where you can promote your product. Just be creative for promoting them on your blog, for example, write a review of the product (see a live example of a successful review post here), or make a list post including that product (see this example). You can also create a Toolbox page.

Over to you

I think promoting products that you have personally used and benefitted from is the most powerful secret to affiliate marketing. I have always practiced it.

If you want to make money from initial blog stage with less traffic, you can do it also with ShareASale.

It’s because though your audience is small you should keep it dedicated and promote the products that are a part of their niche.

So, what are you waiting for?

Are you all ready to make your first dollar online?

Sign up for a ShareASale account here and start earning online passively.

Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla

Hi, I'm Ankit Singla Founder of Master Blogging. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Facebook Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.

Ankit Singla

Hi, I'm Ankit Singla Founder of Master Blogging. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Facebook Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.

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  1. Great review…However I had never used sharesale but after reading this post I just want to try this website. Let’s check how much I can make from this website?
    Thanks for sharing

    • Wish you good luck Tirtha. Try to promote useful products and surely you’ll get affiliate sales.

      • Thanks for your wishes….
        Hey Anikit I recently joined shareasale but currently I am facing some issue in payment section.. Since I am from Nepal there is no any Direct Bank deposit option therefore can I use my Payoneer US payment service for direct deposit.

        • I’m not sure what other payment options shareasale offer in your country. If there in an option for Payoneer, then you can use that for sure 🙂

  2. Hello,
    This is a nice review about shareasale. I have heard a lot about it . It is a nice affiliate network andone can earn good from it. I had already joined it and looking forward to earn from it by following the tips given by you in this post.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Good luck Simranjit.

  3. Hi,
    Nice post .And i think we have to give four pin for phone number while signup with shareasale . And for that we have to give 0091.Hope it avoid confusions.
    Thank you.

    • Thanks for your input. I look forward to hearing much more from you soon.

  4. Kushendra pratap singh

    Hi Ankit , After a long time I came to BTT and yes the article is awesome and informative with this (Shareasale) previous month I made some $110 with Shareasale affiliate program.
    I want to add some dose here that if someone don’t only want to get organic traffic for their reviews so they also use some FB ads to get the targeted traffic, formula is simple – FB ADS – Your affiliate product review – trust and Boom SELL. Thanks

    • Thanks for your helpful idea Kushendra bro. I wish you make passive income from shareasale. 🙂

      • Kushendra pratap singh

        Thanks Ankit, bring this type of article also add here some tips about product selections and process…

        • Do you mean, how to select the right products to promote?

          If it so, then I’ll try to write a detailed article on it. Thanks for the topic 🙂

          • Kushendra pratap singh

            Thanks Ankit….

  5. Is it Really Working / Not scam ??
    But whatever You Explained it Amazingly bro .
    Comment Back …

    • I must say, it’s not scam. 🙂

  6. Very interesting and informative article about affiliate marketing. I am already a member of this program and trying to make some sales with them. Your article will help me to achieve my goals.
    thanks to great sharing.

    • Glad to know that you are already using ShareAsale. Wish you good luck Kerry. Hope you’ll get good amount of affiliate sales very soon.

  7. Hello Ankit,
    superb article and great reviews…

    Does shareAsale has PPC kind of thing ? Or we only get paid when somebody buy or register for that product thru over recommended link ?

    • Yes, shareasale have PPC programs too, but right now there is no such merchant. They mainly have Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Lead programs.

  8. Hello Ankit,i want to know one thing.My blog is related to movie downloads and I am getting average traffic to my website.What products should I use for affiliate marketing ? Also which one is better ShareAsale or Amazon?

    • Hi Abhishek, you can try to find out movie related products there. Just do a quick search in find merchants option.
      Shareasale and Amazon both are well trusted affiliate networks. Use whatever fits to your niche well.

  9. I am a Hindi health blogger. Do they support Hindi language? Also want to know can we use other publishers ad banner on our blog with Adsense ads. Kindly Reply.

    • Language doesn’t matter. You just need to promote their products and you’ll get paid for each sale.
      Yes, you can use other ad networks with adsense like Infolinks. For other ad networks, I suggest you to read their terms before putting them on your blog.

  10. Its been a complete year for me in blogging but till now what i could attain is an AdSense account and one to two dollars nothing more than that this article seems to be promising will try if it works… 🙂

    • It works well for me. Give it a try. Good luck 🙂

  11. I am beginning Blogger can i apply affiliate marketing (i.e share sales). If i use affiliate marketing then will it affect on Google adsense! Please suggests me some good tips bro.

    • You can start affiliate marketing from the day 1. But to get sales, you need a trustworthy blog.

      So, better to first build up your blog’s readership and then promote affiliate products.

      No can promote affiliate products with Google adsense, no problem. But make your affiliate links nofollow, it will keep your blog safe from Google penalty.

      • How to make my affiliate links no follow?

        • Use Ultimate nofollow wordpress plugin or manually make them nofollow by adding rel=”nofollow” attribute.

  12. Hi Ankit,
    I agree with u, as you say in your last comment ‘get sales, you need a trustworthy blog’. Yes everyone first focus should be on blog building not on earning.

    I also did this mistake when I start blogging. 😛

    BTW thanks for sharing this awesome review.
    I’m going to try this affiliate program very soon…

    Have a nice day Ankit Bro.

    • Glad, you liked the review, Md. Hamim Mondal.

      I wish you good luck in your affiliate marketing journey 🙂

      Keep coming!

  13. Hey Ankit,

    Great Shareasale review indeed!

    I just started promoting sharesale products and made over $164.98. It’s Damn easy and highly converting. I recommend it to everyone.

    Thanks for this ultimate review Again! 🙂

    • Hi Nikhil,

      I’m glad to know that you are already making decent money from shareasale. Would you mind disclosing which products you mainly promote?

      BTW, congrats and wish you keep growing 🙂

  14. Hi Ankit,

    Nice post again bro 🙂

    Can you tell me which all forum allow affiliate links.


    • Hi Ashutosh,

      The right strategy is this, write detailed review about the product and share that review link in the forums where people are discussing about that product or that particular problem which your product can solve.

      It will give you more conversions.

  15. Kathula Santhosh

    Hii, Ankit Kumar Bro…
    Thanks for sharing this article. Till now i didn’t tried Affiliate Marketing. I’ll try it now. Hope i will get some decent earnings.

    • I wish you good luck Kathula 🙂

  16. Thank you for this review….

    I heard many times about shareasale but believed that all are FALTHU kaam… but after reading this complete clear article I decided to try it once. working now…

    • It’s not SCAM! Try it out and promote the right products related to your niche.

  17. Have choosed few niche done with landing page… Now time to promote it.

    • Good luck Shreya!

  18. Shiv Kumar Gupta

    Great Review posted! Now after reading this i will surely want to work over it.

    • Good luck, Shiv.

  19. Hello Ankit,

    Very nice post! actually i’m new to Affliate Marketing. By using Adsense i know that we can earn money for sure as it depends on C.P.C. But while coming to this Affliate Marketing we will get money only if the sale was made so the chances of earning money is less. So how can i use this Affliate marketing cleverly for making smart income?????

  20. great post man !! i am a also also cpa a marketer working with maxbounty and promoting some offers,

    hey, Ankit i need some that how can your redirect your affiliate link. let me know by email pls send some link

    thanks for your share.

  21. Hi Ankit,

    Never knew before about sharesale. And the earnings you show are really mind-boggling, all we need is to write some enticing content to compel the user to ‘click and go’. Many thanks for sharing this.

  22. I started using Shareasale 4 months ago before my adsense approval and making decent money through it. You can be able to earn more than adsense with share a sale with a little effort. It’s my personal experience.

  23. Hey Ankit,

    This article is a well explain one bro, I’ve tried ShareASale network and made around $1000 in total within few months.The challenging stuff is finding the best niche and getting approved for them and the best part “Leads” some companies pay around $5 per lead.

    They are the best bro, keep writing

  24. Anirudh Pulikonda

    Thanks for posting this article admin. I’ve recently got to know about this affiliate marketing and i’ts awesome. I’ve joined sites like network play and payoom but I’ve never heard this shareasale. From now on I’ll join this site

  25. supreeth bharadwaj

    of course it is my favorite affiliate program its been 2 years and i have earned so much from it! its so easy to signup and get accepted! especially the readymade banners are too awesome
    wonderfully explained Ankit!
    thanks for informing!

  26. Hello Ankit,
    Great post!
    Thanks a lot for sharing your real life experience with ShareASale. ShareASale is much important as various company run their affiliate programs via ShareASale. I applied for an affiliate account in ShareASale but not yet approved.

    Can you please tell me how I can be approved?
    Eagerly waiting for your answer with solution.

    • Hi MSI Sakib,

      You can’t do anything for approval. Shareasale will review your application for approval or rejection.

      Good luck 🙂

  27. Hey. Good post there. I am from India as well. I got one question. When you sign up for Shareasale’s affiliate program they ask for “valid tax id” such as social security number and all. Since we are Indians, what are we suppose to fill up there? Our PAN no or something?
    Thanks for reading.

  28. Hello everyone.
    I tried singing up with Shareasale long time ago. But few things stopped me.
    1) What do you write in a box that says “VALID TAX ID”? I am Indian too, so don’t know what to fill up there? What did you guys write for that, PAN no?
    2) and do we need website for that? And what about traffic? Do we need a minimum traffic to get accepted for its affiliate program?. I just build a website few days ago. It got no backlinks and not much content as of yet.
    3) Is it possible to promote its products using google ad words by direct linking to merchant sites?
    Please help me out.

  29. Hello Ankit great post. I followed the steps given above but when i tried to verify code it is showing “The confirmation code provided was not found in your website head tag” .It is placed in the header tag but not being displayed. Can you help me out.

  30. ShareaSale is a good affiliate program and i have made over $125 with it in less than 10 days. The main mode of my traffic were YouTube Videos. I used to drive traffic on those videos and they convert them into a sale. For that you just have to learn How to rank YouTube Videos. There are some tricks for that. You only need 500 – 700 views to make one sale.
    Will try the methods which is suggested by you.

    Thank You

  31. Great Info Ankit, It motivated me a lot, So Please post an article related to the Comparision of pros and cons of ShareaSale and Commisssion junction.

    I am awaiting the your post!

  32. Hi Ankit Singla,
    Nice informative post.Especially genesis and hootsuite products.I got approval in shareasale recently and i hope optin monster is also a good product.At present i am working on clickbank products and got $.04 which took me 4 years to see in clickbank earnings page.Because i don’t where to start? And now made one sale ,waiting to see some dollars in click bank account next week.I am not yet started Share a sale but after reading your content definitely going to use shareasale in future.
    Thank you.

  33. I think the headline and body of this article are dissimilar, since its’ said “How I Made 470$ With ShareAsale Affiliate Program?” but there is no execution, authentic ways expressed exactly how to reach that point without noting some random points about Shareasale affiliate program.

    Please, people do want to know the hidden secrets about “how to make more money online” and it’s assumed they’re smart enough to begin nicely.

    Anyways thank you for valuable written up.

  34. HI ankit,
    Nice and informative article.
    just tell me one thing, is shareasale promoting indian products too ?

  35. Hi Ankit,

    I have done CJ before and it was good but I really needed something for a change and ShareAsale seemed to be a perfect alternative.

    Just signed up now, it will get approved in 1 business day I guess. Just came to your post to know all the basics of it and it really helped me.

    Thanks for the post.

  36. Hello Ankit!

    Now, first off I must say that this is an awesome website that you’ve got here. Also, I have to point off that I am certainly happy that I decided to stop by here.

    Your ShareASale review was definitely thorough and was exactly what I was looking for.

    Therefore, a big THANK YOU goes to you for taking the time to create and share this with everyone here, myself included.

    Continued success to you,

  37. I like Shareasale. I am affiliate here from two years. Is good and trusted. I agree totally with your article.

    • Glad to hear from you Mok.

  38. Hi Ankit,
    Thanks for this Awesome post.I have a question. Can i apply for adsense after using shareasale? And cai I apply on Shareasale with my new Blog ?

    • Hi Rahul,

      Yes, you can use both adsense and shareasale together.
      I recommend you to first build some traffic on your blog and then apply for any affiliate program. Without traffic you can not expect to generate any affiliate sale.

  39. I applied for shareAsale but they rejected my application…
    What to do now?

    • Hi Pawan,

      Try to contact ShareASale team and ask for application rejection reason. They might help.

  40. Hi Ankit,
    It’s very nice tips for beginner level bloggers. But I would like to know that what is the minimum blog requirement to apply this network.However, I have just started blogging. My blog age is only one month. So, can I apply my blog to Sharesell affiliate network?


  41. Hello Ankit, Nice Review and tips. Though I’m already using Shareasale from long time and not got a single problem till yet! but still I want to know what are some other alternatives you can think of Shareasale? (just curious) 🙂

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