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If you think writing a blog post is over when you hit the publish button, Hello I think you should take a shower.

Blog posts, (no matter how epic they may be) are useless unless you promote the heck out of them.

If you don’t know how to manage time to promote blog posts, where to share your blog posts or are looking for ways to automatically share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc., this is the post you had been looking for.

This post tells you how to manage social media promotions the smart way.

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Writing the blog posts were always the mid-step to successful blogging, the other half includes sharing the post with other relevant people, and readers who would find it useful. Unless you are one of the kinds of sites John Morrow has or Darren Rowse has, it’s you who has to tell people that your blog is updated not the other way round.

Social media is no bad and is equally a blogging strategy like research or SEO. But, my point is why you should waste time on a thing that can be automated or left on auto-pilot. Here are some kickass tips on promoting your blog posts automatically as soon as they are published on auto-pilot.

Read mindfully the tips for social sharing of your blog post given and you will save hours in promoting your blog post on social media.

Auto Submission to Multiple Channels:

After writing a blog post, we have the tedious task of promoting our post to maximum social networks and other blogging communities. Here is what I use to get the hard work minimized. In this section, we will talk about how to submit posts without any work on our end, automatically as and when it is published.

1) Onlywire

Onlywire is an awesome tool for bookmarking your posts to nearly 30 sites simultaneously without even a single click. All you need to do it get an account on the platform and add your blog RSS to your profile.

Onlywire is probably the best free alternative to automated social posting. It is available as web form, a share button for your website and also as a browser extension and WordPress plugin. It posts up to thirty networks for free, and up to 50 networks, and three RSS feeds (that means three blogs) in paid mode. For 90% of us free mode is enough.

2) Twitterfeeds

Tweeterfeeds is a good service to make automated publications on social media. It can automatically publish blog posts to your selected social media channels as and when your posts happen. Twitterfeeds recognizes blog post through your blogs RSS feeds and then promotes them to either or all of your social media channels.

You can publish your blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages. The advanced settings of twitterfeed allow you to choose what is published post title + post description or only description. You can also have settings of posting specific posts or excluding them based on keywords.

3) Hootsuite

Hootsuite is just more than an auto poster to social networks. It does pretty more than just sharing and includes tasks like scheduling updates, monitoring social analytics, etc. You will read more about other awesome features of HootSuite later in the post.

For now the auto-posting feature of HootSuite is not as bad as twitterfeed. You have got more channels to promote your stuff like the Google plus pages, and LinkedIn company pages that twitterfeed doesn't allow.

Moreover, you can have separate settings for separate social media channels so that your tweets are different from your Facebook updates and vice versa.

4) Jetpack Publicize

Jetpack is a special plugin especially for WordPress bloggers that are yet to explore the rich functionalities of

Jetpack is like a backpack that has almost everything you need. The publicize feature of Jetpack allows you to automatically share your WordPress posts to various social media channels too.

Although it may seem lucrative but as they say all things that come free come with a hidden price. People using the jetpack plugin complain that they have been cheated by jetpack that uses your brand power to promote, which is its parent company.

Yes, when you post an update via jetpack the status appears as “Jack posted on WordPress” instead of “jack posted on”, the link also shows no sign that it is from your blog. So if you are okay compromising your brand with free stuff you can opt for jetpack otherwise as I said SNAP PRO has no substitute.

Publicity that initiates after a small social action:

Triggering on social action means you do a small deed and gets huge social shares by default. Though this is not essentially auto-posting but comes in the dimensions of automated social shares. There are many sites that are community-based, and you post each other’s stuff and in return they post yours. This can strategically use as an automated process by giving at least 15-20 minutes week time and gain auto shares and tweet through the week.

1) Triberr

Triberr is a social network/community for bloggers.

You can use it to get in touch and build relationships with influencers in your niche. Once you have a set tribe of your own or are a member of any tribe there, you have to invest as little as 10-20 minutes a week to interact and share the stuff of the tribemates.

This will bring you on their radar, and they will start sharing your posts as and when they are live.

Triberr is also RSS based so if someone has put you on auto post your posts get shared to their social networks (Twitter, Facebook) as it is caught by the RSS reader in triberr.

2) SocialAdr

SocialAdr is just like other tweeting services like Justretweet. Here you are expected to share other people stuff (as I said, never invest more than 20 minutes in this), and they will share your stuff. It is on a point basis where you are deducted with one point (you earned by sharing other people’s posts) for each share of your own post.

It has one benefit that you can add various social media channels and not only Twitter. SocialAdr as of now supports many channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ello to name a few.

3) Viral content buzz

Viral content buzz is co-founded by Ann Smarty, a household name for expert bloggers. Here you get the awesome service of getting shared by industry influencers alone.

It works on a point basis, and it gives you points based on the followers you have on a social network. If you have 25000 followers on Twitter, it will give you some 5 points (approx.).

4) Buffer

Buffer is a scheduling and bulk social posting tool that has both free and paid plans. You can manually add links and posts with only text or pictures on it or use its browser extension to share a web page directly on the social profile. Through buffer, you have to literally invest less than 60 seconds to schedule a page to be shared across different social channels and that too at different times for the week.

The new scheduler allows you to schedule updates as well as customize it according to your platform and that too at your preferred time of the week. Investing less than a minute can give you unlimited social sharing automatically for the time coming.

5) DOshare extension for Chrome

Doshare is a must-have tool for people concentrating on Google Chrome. This tool helps you to share and schedule your updates to Google Plus. These posts will then be shared automatically to your profile at the set time.

6) Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the undisputed king of automatic social sharing tools. It has a hugely user-friendly interface and has much better features than buffer has. You can publish to various channels with a single click and it also allows automated sharing via the RSS feeds as we discussed above. I love this feature that ensures automated post sharing plus scheduling plus analytics all under one hood.

Hootsuite allows you to promote blog posts across multiple social networks, empower your team by assigning tasks to each of your teammates, in-depth analysis of your shares, vanity URL and much more. Why don’t you try all these features for free for a full month by signing here?

Over to you

The ultimate list of social sharing tools (automated) goes on, what’s important is you should choose one that is power packed and value for money.

There is no point in wasting time in manual labor when investing a few bucks can get the task done automatically and that too in a very efficient way.

For me, I trust a tool that powers social management of brands like WWF, Virgin, etc. I suggest you to try Hootsuite and that too for free (for a full month).

How do you share your blog posts automatically?

Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla

Hi, I'm Ankit Singla Founder of Master Blogging. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Facebook Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.

Ankit Singla

Hi, I'm Ankit Singla Founder of Master Blogging. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Facebook Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.

37 thoughts on “Auto Share Blog Posts on Facebook and other Social Networks”

  1. Does this work for Google Plus profiles or only pages? I currently use Hootsuite to publish my blog posts automatically to my Google Plus page, but I’d love to be able to publish automatically to my profile. Thanks for the tutorial!

    • You can use other listed tools to share posts on your Google Plus profile too. In case, if you are a Blogspot user, than you can directly share your all posts while publishing. Simply connect your blog to either your Google plus page or Google plus profile from blogger dashboard under Google+ section.

      • Ankit, the above tools for kind of – link exchange, exchanging followers likes n shares n tweets, etc.

        Is it fine using these services or there are any chance of getting penalized on social network or seo.

        Pls guide . Thanks 🙂

  2. Can it like to a facebook page rather than a facebook personal profile? It asks permission for the my profile, but that’s not where I want to link it to, a page i created and write to that automatically sends it to Twitter I want to link to a blogger blog I have acquired.

  3. So it looks like if you want to automate posts to Google Plus for this you have to pay by upgrading packages? Does anyone know of a free way of doing it?

    • I was wondering this as well. Hootsuite, etc. all cost money to auto-post to Google Plus.

      Also, the list should include – another great option.

  4. I don’t think automatic sharing worth. i prefer to update my social media profiles manually.

  5. Ganesh Narayan Gupta

    Hello Ankit,

    Nice article bro. It seems a really cool method for bloggers to help in sharing their blog posts. I would like to use it. But, I would like to know one more thing about it, is it something like buffer. If yes then which one to prefer: Buffer, Hootsuite or

    Thanks for sharing it. Keep posting 🙂

  6. Apart from, is there any other service out there that can allow bloggers to automatically share their posts to many different social media networks immediately after publishing? The service may allow many more social media sites.

    • Thanks for letting me about these services. I’ll update the article with these 🙂

  7. Nice articles.
    Does it mean, once u posted some articles on your blog, hootsuite quickly posted it to all your social media added to the account?

    • Yes, it do!

  8. Nice Post Ankit, I have tried twitterfeed ,Triberr , Hootsuite and they are really wonderful. I have also tried Networkedblogs which you did not mention and it works fine.

    The only problem I had was with Hootsuite, it takes time or delays before it shares your post. it is a nice tool if you want to share to some many groups at once on facebook but you will have to pay for that. Networkedblogs is faster and goes immediately.


    • Thanks for your value adding comment, Linjust. I look forward to hearing much more from you.

  9. Hey Ankit!

    How are you man? Great list you got there and VCB is really good. But in order to have more points, you got to be active there.

    Overall, good job listing them down and have an awesome week!

    • I’m good Regi and hope you are also doing great.

      Surely we need to be active there to get more points and more social shares. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  10. Hello Ankit,

    You’ve come with a nice and valuable post for the bloggers. Yes, promoting the blog posts is indeed needed to gain more exposure. We bloggers are always busy with writing, publishing and so many hectic tasks, so it would be good to use the tools to cross promote our blog posts in multiple platforms.

    I use very few tools like Buffer, Doshare extension for G+, Triberr and hootsuite. But I wish to be active on VCB to get some social cues and new visitors for my posts. Thanks for contributing this helpful post for us, I’d always suggest you to write for us 🙂

    • Hello Nirmala Mam,

      Promoting articles on multiple networks/profiles is a tedious task and these tools make our job easier.

      I’m still not very much comfortable is using Triberr. It would be great if you share some tips on how to use Triberr to get traffic.

      Thanks for your comment!

  11. Hello Ankit,

    Thanks for the awesome list of auto-sharing tools. I am already using some of these such as Triberr, Buffer and Hootsuite and experiencing better. Thanks for introducing other tools too.

    I would definitely try these others too.

    Have a nice day!

    • Hi Nisha,

      Glad to know that you are already using few of these tools and getting exposure. I’m still not very much comfortable in using Triberr. It would be great if you share some of your tips of using Triberr.


  12. Ankit this is yet again an informative post from you. Many bloggers get bored sharing posts on social networking sites. You have mentioned different tools which allow to automate social sharing. These tools can definitely be very useful for many bloggers. Good to see that you have listed out some of the best communities too. Ankit keep coming up with the same type of posts.

    • Thanks Mohit for your appreciation. Glad you liked the content.

      I look forward to hearing much more from you 🙂

  13. Great Share bro, Hootsuite is my one of the most favorite auto sharer tool, using from long time. Thanks again for these worth tools 🙂

  14. it is difficult to choose the best one among these but i started with OnlyWire hope this works for me….thanks for sharing

  15. Reginald Morrison

    you just did a nice post here, hootsuit working for me

    • Thanks 🙂

  16. Hi Ankit.
    Actually I am looking for a solution to autopost my worpress articles to bloagspot as soon as they get published.
    Do you have any on your list??

  17. Hi Ankit,

    I check your blog frequently to get insights about blogging. This is a great article, where I learnt quite a few things. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    In you blogs right hand side, sidebar -> Tools That I Use
    Here you have hyperliked 2 images – RESOURCES & DEALS N COUPONS

    Can you please tell me how you have made such images?

    Thanks 🙂

  18. Hi, I like to write and post blogs and funny messages. I want to make money for my pocket and I don’t have another work.

    So please suggest me, what should I do make some money with my blog and to be stable in blogging.

    I have a blog website, please take a look what should I do.

    thanks and regards.

  19. Hi Ankit, I have a question which is a little different. When I am sharing my post on facebook the title of the blogpost is not coming in my shared post. It just comes with the basic excerpt and no heading of the blogpost.

    Could you help me with identifying the issue behind this.

  20. This is a good list of tools that will share your content to website. I was wondering if OnlyWire was a really good tool and would be powerful enough to replace HootSuite or Buffer. As you said, it’s the best alternative. Maybe I’ll give it a try. Thanks for this good list again.

  21. I love the plugins that you mention but right now I think I am going to use the first one as it is free too… And being a newbie it’s always the first preference to go for a free thing

  22. Hello Ankit,

    Thanks for sharing such a resourceful article. However, I want to know about wordpress plugin to help auto share of the posts after I publish it. I installed jetpack publicize plugin, but for some reasons, it got disconnected.

    Your help is much appreciated.

  23. Hello Ankit, I am a regular visitor of your blog, one of the best fresh blogging site that I found on Internet till now. And your article is really helpful, thanks for sharing it and keep writing.

  24. I think Jetpack is an awesome free plugin to to share blog post automatically. Besides that this plugin is helpful in many way. Among paid tools, I think hootsuite is an awesome one and mostly used by bloggers.

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