ProWritingAid Review – Write Better Content Using This Editing Tool

How do top performers in all fields get to be, well, top performers?

Is it because they have heaps of natural talent?

Sometimes, yes.

What about loads of money?


How about a lucky break?

Here and there.

When you really sit down and look at top performers across all industries, there’s one common thread between them: every single one of the top performers in the world has a coach.

Coaches help people get to the top of their game. As third-party experts, coaches offer advice, feedback, and guidance so that we can achieve at the highest possible level.

Writers need coaches too. Writing coaches help writers refine their work, whether that’s through editing grammar mistakes or making suggestions about how to smooth transitions between sections.

ProWritingAid, an online writing tool, is a grammar checker, style editor, and writing coach all rolled into one.

Today, I’m going to walk you through the basics of this program and offer an exclusive discount on how to use it.

What Is ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid offers grammar, spelling, and style checks, as well as coaching, for writers in all genres. Available as an online editor, add-on, or downloadable app, ProWritingAid allows user to seamlessly make changes to Microsoft Word, Scrivener, Google Docs, and other files.

ProWritingAid Grammar Checking Software
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Unlike other grammar checkers, ProWritingAid goes beyond simple spelling and comma checks to offer comprehensive in-depth reporting on a number of different facets of writing, including (of course) spelling and grammar, transitions, overused words, diction, sticky sentences, pacing, and more.

While ProWritingAid isn’t a human editor and can’t give advice on issues like plot consistency or characterization, it can offer suggestions a person reading your work simply doesn’t have the capability to do, such as instantly knowing the exact number of times the word “pineapple” appears in your novel, without judging whether or not you should have been writing about pineapples in the first place.

How To Use ProWritingAid

One of the best parts about ProWritingAid is its ease of use across a number of different platforms.

ProWritingAid offers its advanced editorial services as an online editor, desktop app, Word plug-in, Google Docs add-on and Chrome extension.

In short – nearly everyone can work with ProWritingAid.

ProWritingAid offers free, premium, and premium plus plans, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

For now, let’s focus on the various versions of the tool.

Web Editor

You can easily access ProWritingAid’s online editor by going to

From there, clicking on “Editing Tool” will bring you to the documents page, where you can choose to upload a document from your computer, create a brand new document on the tool itself, or work with an existing file.

Once you’ve selected your file, you’ll be taken to the online editor.

ProWritingAid online editor
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Across the top of the online editor, you’ll find the different reports available to you. Clicking on one of those buttons will run the corresponding report and leave you with a report summary that you can then use to make whatever changes you wish.

ProWritingAid Word Report Summary
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Desktop App

For Windows, Mac and Scrivener users, ProWritingAid offers a downloadable desktop app that allows you to seamlessly and easily edit Scrivener, Open Office, Microsoft Word, Rich Text, and Markdown documents.

ProWritingAid Desktop App
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Just like the online editor, the Desktop app allows you to run in-depth reporting on your work. You can also select features like autosave intervals to ensure you never lose your progress.

Microsoft Word

The ProWritingAid MS Word Add-in allows you to conveniently edit Word documents in Word itself.

Once you have installed the ProWritingAid Add-in, the software will appear as a toolbar in Word.

ProWritingAid MS Word Add in
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You can easily expand and collapse reports as you’re working to get feedback on ways to improve as you’re writing.

Chrome Extension

ProWritingAid’s browser extension lets you edit everywhere you write online. It integrates with Gmail, Facebook, WordPress and many other websites.

ProWritingAid Chrome Extension
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Google Docs

Similarly to the Microsoft Word Add-in, the Google Docs Add-on allows you edit and receive reports in Google Docs itself.

ProWritingAid Google Docs Report
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You can manage and make changes to your Google Docs Add-on by going to Add-ons > ProWritingAid.

ProWritingAid Google Docs Add on
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ProWritingAid Free Vs. Premium Vs. Premium Plus

ProWritingAid offers three different versions. You can find a comparison of each version below:

FreePremiumPremium Plus
  • Summary report of key issues
  • Access to all other in-depth reports EXCEPT plagiarism
  • Edit 500 words at a time
  • Can only use the online editor
  • All features from the free version
  • No word count limit
  • Desktop version
  • Integrations for: MS Word, Google Docs, Google Chrome, and Scrivener
  • All features from the premium version
  • 50 plagiarism checks per year
  • Perfect for academics

Pros and Cons of ProWritingAid

While ProWritingAid is an extremely powerful tool with a number of amazing features, it does have its limitations. Here are some pros and cons to consider when you think about purchasing ProWritingAid:


  • More in-depth reporting than any other grammar checker
  • Features more integrations and options for use than other popular grammar checkers
  • Acts more as a coach than a spellchecker
  • Offers the ability to check work for plagiarism


  • Requires an Internet connection to function
  • Only available in English at the moment

Try ProWritingAid Now!

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Final Words

We’d recommend ProWritingAid to every writer, whether you’re looking to improve your word choice or simply ensure you don’t have any errant commas.

The best part about ProWritingAid is that you’ll learn a ton about your writing and your common mistakes, as well as about how to fix them, from this remarkable program.

Have you used ProWritingAid before? Tell me in the comments.


Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla is a full-time blogger and founder of Master Blogging. You can learn more about him at Master Blogging about page. If you have any questions or comments for him, just send an email or leave a comment!

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