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  1. Hi, I just wanted to ask if it’s good to put many outbound links in my blog articles considering that we are a new blog and don’t have many backlinks till now?

  2. Hello Ankit and thank you for the article, really enjoyed reading it! I have a question: Do we need at least 1 outbound link in every of our sites blog posts?

  3. Then do follow is better then no follow backlink , means we don’t need to create no follow backlink.thanks

  4. I always add a minimum one outbound link with a do-follow tag. But the problem is, I need to always add links to certain types of authoritative sites in my niche since I do not find more relevant and authoritative sites (for example, in some cases, most of my links go to Wikipedia).

    Do you have any suggestions for this?

  5. Hi Ankit,
    You are right. According to a research of Brian Dean that outbound link will boast our website traffic if we place them at right place. By linking authority sites Google considers our website as a trust-building website and that is a good signal for SEO. By the way thanks for sharing this amazing piece of content.

  6. I always love your way writing Ankit SIr.Seriously telling I didn’t know what are outbound links and inbound links. I only know that only backlinks are important. Moreover, I didn’t build any outbound links until now to my posts. From today onwards I will also focus on outbound links.Thank you so much, sir