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  1. Ankit no doubt all onpage factors that you discussed are least mentioned on page factors by any guide except the title one. Surely I was not expecting the post title as one of the factors in this post. But the moz tool that you shared is really cool and I would suggest bloggers to use this tool before hitting the publish button on their blog posts.

  2. Very lengthy and descriptive article! The importance of on page SEO is more than just what many bloggers think it is!
    Great article Ankit.


  3. Ravi Patel says:

    Thank you Ankit for sharing on page techniques. As a blogger and seo person i must say that on page plays major role in ranking. Yes of course backlinks are also important for ranking but on page is the thing in which you don’t need to do such efforts that required for backlinks.

    Once again thank you for sharing on page tips.

  4. Gaurav Jaggi says:

    Well done Ankit. Quite a few points which are not on others blogs have been covered here in details, and yes doing the relationship blogging webinar with you was quite an experience! 🙂

  5. Ankit Saxena says:

    Bro you have written an excellent post but last one which is applied by Imran Bro is actually working. I have wrote some titles and i added some special symbols to it. After that my rankings becomes better within 2 weeks. Anyways excellent article bro.. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. 🙂

  6. Nikhil Agrawal says:

    Hello Ankit,

    First of all Thanks for sharing such an informative post with us. Reading out your post help me to understand the SEO and On-page optimization clearly. And I was really very much impressed with this post.

    Thanks & Regards,

  7. Harish Bali says:

    hello Ankit

    This is a nice piece of 5 lesser known on page SEO techniques. MY thumbs up for embedding video and comments, awesome examples shared to make your point. In fact you these two points create a lot of impact.

    I was reading a post on labnol, spent 2 minutes reading and 7 minutes video, from user’s perspective if you look – my chances of remembering labnol go higher because i saw a good video on his post.

    Well UGC ( user generated content rules) in 2014 and will trend will continue, same thing you emphasized through comments point.

    I really have a question for you – Does Google really use Title in 2014 for on page seo. By this i don’t mean “bot” doesn’t care at all but as per my knowledge it’s importance is going down. Title continues to be a CTR driver, which is a on page factor. Well what’s your view and opinion on this?

  8. Deepak patel says:

    Thats we called article and a Blog post which we Blogger always love to read. I have been gone through lots of articles about on-page optimization method but no one was described this much easier.

  9. gaurav vashisht says:

    I think what you have written is mostly used by many pro blogger. The sidebar that you have mentioned is really new and surprising. But there are many other things things that SEO needs to do. my question to you is that how to increase organic traffic to a new website in A week or two?

  10. Sahil Arora says:

    Hello, Ankit. The first thing I would like is to appreciate you for this article. This is my first post I am reading on your blog after that Relationship webinar on blogwithjags.com

    I have read the post throughly and believe me many bloggers will be helped with it. I sure one or two tricks would be less known or unknown to even pro-bloggers. I was not at all aware of Number 5 and 4 trick though I knew 1, 2 & 3 numbered on-page SEO tricks mentioned by you above but not as tricky and useful as you said here.

    I have read around 30-40 SEO related articles, most of which had same content differently written but here I found few totally different things.

    Once again,
    Thanks & Regards.
    Sahil Arora.

  11. supreeth bharaddwaj says:

    really impressive
    thanks to gaurav for conducting webinar on hangout, i really learnt a lot,and putting it on youtube was another great idea,coming to the point on page SEO is one of the factors where we have to look into and focus
    thanks for the webinar

  12. Yuvraj Zala says:

    What you have did here is, used an enticing title. No offence but none of these are lesser known techniques, they are very well known.

  13. Frankly speaking, I have gone through plenty of articles on On Page SEO. But I can honestly say that you have elaborated it amazingly. Though its a lengthy article, but people need to understand that the author of the post didn’t want to compromise with the essence of the article.
    This is where most of the bloggers lack, as they are usually in a hurry of completing the article and the real juice.

    Amazing facts compiled in a great article on SEO. Loved it.

  14. The related video techniques such works, yes you are right even a year’s old post can stand at top, need is just proper finish.

  15. Kidambi Badri says:

    You have researched well and composed an useful article. Picked up something new, especially about that SEO Moz tool. Deserves widespread sharing.

  16. Nitin mohan says:

    Hi Ankit
    Yep 2014 is something different we need something better to rank our posts with high quality content as well as proper on page SEO.

  17. Rabin Mistri says:

    Yeh, got to know something wonderfull 🙂 All the 5 on page seo techniques are really good and also new for me. The MOZ tool and Readability-Score.com are very unique.
    Thanks Ankit for sharing this.


    Rabin Mistri

  18. Wow! you have listed every thing that must be kept in mind!

    Putting curly brackets to attract readers is really good way to improve blog’s readership, as many are not familiar to it and they click the link to know about it.


  19. Kidambi Badri says:

    I just contributed to your site’s ranking because I spent more than 3 minutes! (Smile) You have said a few valid points to increase the spending time of visitors and thus reduce the bounce rate. Adding a video is a brilliant idea to achieve that.

    Regrading comments, how can Google distinguish blog post and comments? Considering it does, how is it possible again to differentiate the comments received and the replies to comments by the blog post author?

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Sanjay. Keep visiting 🙂

  20. Shiv Kumar Gupta says:

    I like video Embed part. This is surely will increase the time spent by a user. Will implement it soon….

  21. Great webinar Ankit and Gaurav.. i really appreciate your work.. and this is very helpful tips over on page seo..

  22. kulwinder says:

    Great post and also the webinar is really awesome learned a lots of new things !!
    Thanks bro 🙂

  23. Chintan Panchal says:

    Hey Ankit, this is very informative blog on ON-PAGE-SEO-TECHNIQUES. I am new on blogging and read many post on the internet but this is very satisfied post. I like it and my knowledge about on page seo techniques increase. Thank you very much.

  24. This was a really nice article , I am trying to apply all these stuff to my blog , moreover I really liked the part in which you told about moz tools , I din’t knew about that .

    Thank you , these articles are really helpful to new bloggers like me.

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Glad, you liked the article Stan. 🙂

  25. One more great post. Thanks Ankit for giving a spot light over these On Page SEO factors. All these factors especially title of page must be optimized very smartly because title of the page must be eye catching for internet users.

  26. Really great post Ankit,
    As being a newbie I found it to be a great place to learn much about Blogging and SEO.
    Well, I appreciate your writing skill here as you described every point in an easy manner.
    Thanks for updating such a nice information.

  27. Ohh wow Very Deft and Useful Stuff Discuss in this post, I Read This Post Two Time and Love To Read Again and Again.
    in Just Single Post You Share Very Informative and Useful Point And I Also Watch Your Relationship Webinar. It’s Awesome Webinar and I Learn Magical Thing in This Webinar. Ankit You Are Rock on Webinar.
    Thanks For Awesome Webinar and Also For This Article. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  28. Hi Ankit Bro,
    After a long time I am here to leave my comment. Really a nice post you have crafted.
    Coming to the post,
    Onpage is an essential part for improving the SERP. And without a perfect On page optimization, any can’t assume better ranking for their post or page.
    You have mentioned all the key point. So as a conclusion I would like to say that User experience and user satisfection is must for rank a website. Hope you are agree with my point.

    Thanks again for such a wonderful post.


  29. Abhishek Nale says:

    Hello Ankit !!
    First of all i would say thank you for all this SEO techniques that are lesser known.
    Technique No.1 Embed Interesting Content Related Videos​ which is SEO technique that I am using on my blog & I am telling you it works really fine for me.This is because google is giving more importance to user experience and this can be examine through HOW MUCH TIME USER SPENDING ON THE PARTICULAR BLOG POST & and even if you have less authority , 8 or 9 ranking in google ,but because of lower bounce rate you are going to rank higher. That set..
    This is also an SEO technique mentioned on BACKLINKO by Brain Dean.
    Thanks ankit for this informative blog post.

    Abhishek Nale.

  30. Great tips!
    I particularly like the video embedding tip in the content to increase the average time spent on the site. I will surely try that in my next posts.

  31. Very good article Ankit, increasing the CTR will always help to rank better.
    Adding background audio will also help to increase CTR . Infographics and gif animations are also helped me to get better ranking.
    Keywords in titles are also very important from my experience.

  32. Very Informative blog post. Page load time plays a vital role to make your SEO performance better. Your website load time should be less than 3 sec to rank high on google search engine.

  33. Hey Ankit Singla,

    Great post with Helpful on-page seo techniques. I really like the points that you have listed out. I truly like your writing skills, as you have described each and every point in a easy way which is easy to understand. On-page is a necessary part for improving the SERP, and a better ranking of a page and past can’t be assumed. The video embedding tip to increase the time spent and internal linking tips are great. Avoid spamming the external links, keeping the titles and sentences short are really a good idea.

    Very helpful post and thanks for sharing.

  34. On Page SEO is one of the factors behind every website Success. You represented this is very amazing way Ankit, I loved it.

  35. Hi Ankit,

    Thanks For Sharing Great Information Regarding On Page Seo. Because Many Newbies Don’t Optimize Their Content With Proper On Page Techniques But After Reading This Complete Post They are Able To Implement All These Things. But According to me, Page Title is Not Ranking Factor We Need to Make it Clickable Ready With Intension Words With Placing Primary Keyword.

    And Also Need to Add Lsi keywords On Right Place in The Article So Article Will Also Rank On These Keywords.

    Thanks Again,

  36. Hello Ankit,

    ON page SEO is a game changer and many newbie bloggers do not focus on this. A Proper ON page SEO can help to optimize your blog and its content to rank well in search engines. In my early days of blogging, I didn’t focus on page SEO Which cost me a lot and now I know how to optimize a blog post. You have covered everything about On Page SEO that’s gonna help bloggers to optimize their post. Keep Posting helpful content.

    Thanks and Regards,

  37. After reading this blog, I realize that I have to do some changes in my blog. You explain all things in details. Hope all these things will help me to rank my website. Can you please tell me how much time it will take to come on first page?
    Is there also any benefit of backlinks?

    1. Hi Lionel,

      I wait for at least 6 months after publishing any article. If my article doesn’t rank in these 6 months, I try to optimize the article for better ranking. Yes, backlinks help a lot in ranking.

      Hope it helps!

  38. Ankit brother you have provided an amazing article about on page SEO. Great brother! Thanks for publishing this content on your blog.

  39. Thanks for this very informative article, Ankit.
    Compared to off-page SEO, on-page SEO is much easier to do.

    Yes, keyword stuffing is not at all preferable.
    It not only annoys Google but also readers.

    Absolutely, having a short URL is helpful as it also helps the users to manually type them in search engines.

    Can you tell some keyboard shortcuts to add H3 or H4 tags?

    I have a doubt, is adding meta description to categories a good idea?
    Because when I added them, Ubersuggest showed them as duplicate meta descriptions.

    For creating meta descriptions, RankMath is a good alternative to Yoast.

    I have noticed that in many cases, Google displays a meta description on its own, even if I choose one.

    Yes, we should name our images, it would also help the users who download them onto their computers.

    The World’s Worst Website Ever is very hilarious, it took a long time to load and has funny text and images.

    I experienced content wider than screen issue for images in WordPress classic editor but this issue is not present in Gutenberg editor.

  40. Hi Ankit,

    This is a very informative and detailed article. You have covered almost all the necessary points. This on-page SEO techniques will surely help to rank and improve the website’s quality. I was aware of most of the methods, but after reading this article many of the tips have added to my knowledge list. You definitely have put so much effort, and time to write such a long article. Thanks for sharing. Keep spreading knowledge.