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  1. Hello Ankit,

    Really nice Article.

    Yes, sometimes I get irritated when I don’t get good or enough feedback from readers. You write very great tips for beginner like us. I will follow these methods hope to succeed in making good blog community on my blog.

    Thanks for Sharing

  2. Hi Ankit,

    Your 8 points on building a comment community are awesome, this is a good tutorial that will benefits every blogger who desires success. Let me add here that we must know the reason for which we are building this community; comments alone in our blog does not fetch us the money we desire with our blog. We must therefore, be focused in what we need per-time.

  3. Hi Ankit

    I appreciate your doing extensive research for writing this post as it is evinced from the several unique points mentioned in this post.

    I think blog commenting has completely changed its shape after lot of changes in SEO. Earlier it was mostly done to get back links but now it has multiple objectives of:

    1) Reading a full post to remember it and develop your own point of view. As a result you learn a lot and become an expert blogger.

    2) To take part in a heated debate going on in comments section of a blog post to get confidence of taking part in real life debate and become virtually confident both offline and online.

    3) To read others point of view before expressing your own. If you don’t then your comments will give an impression as you simply meant to drop your comments over there and nothing else.

    4) To introduce yourself with the blog community of a given blog by sharing your views on a topic which they just discussed in their comments

    5) To attention of pro bloggers and influencer by mentioning an important point that adds value in a given post

    6) To be connected with those who and you think on same line on a given topic

    7) To debate more with those who differ with your point of view and ultimately you be connected with them despite being differing with each other as this is one of the beauties of blogging that difference of opinion opens new door of learning here.

    8) By commenting consistently you prove you are a serious blogger and have long term blogging plan.

    9) To improve your writing skills by writing more and more while commenting

    10) To develop patience in you of listening to others point of view and equally respecting them

    So this is pack of objectives for that people do blog commenting apart from just getting back links which may also help but now that is not as much important as it was considered previously. So the entire commenting style has changed now.

    It is not necessary to drop lengthy comments. Yes it is must to give relevant and value adding comments either they are just one sentence short or several sentences long. The ultimate aim should be to add value in the post and tell the writer how wonderful he done his job by writing the post and how you benefitted it and then say something more to prove how engaging that post is.

    Yes, the product of Adrienne is more than wonderful. I am declaring a secret here also which I have declared several at some other places. If someone is not getting even single comment at his each blog post he can several quite easily. Her product teaches practically how one can get several comments at his each blog post. The most impressive part of her product is exercises. She does not leave the user after teaching on a sub topic of how to build a community. She has given exercises to make the reader expert of each chapter of the course.

    Thanks a lot for sharing such an engaging post that influenced me to talk to you and your blog community in such a detail.

  4. Hello Ankit,
    This was a real guide to getting comments on your blog and that too relevant and real ones. How much had I wondered how to get comments from those visitors who did not even bother to share a post.
    For me I did the “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours” thing. I commented on other blogs and eventually they appreciated my presence and commented back.

    Again, this is a good strategy “using a CTA or a question in the conclusion”. This was what most fail to ytilise. The time when your reader is satisfied with what you have written and at that time you ask him your opinion, definitely he now has time to write one.

    Great strategies I must say.
    Merry Christmas 🙂

  5. Hi Ankit,

    Speaking overall, it is a great one! As we all are stepping into 2015, maintaining a great number of blog comments is becoming difficult as ever and since you’re the relationship star of Indian blogging, your techniques to make great sense and value. All of your points are really of great use, especially the #6 one! I would just like to tell you some more things; posts about your personal online experience like “How I improved my blog traffic”, or “How I doubled my earnings” do increase comments like hell! And another thing, you should edit the word Comments in your featured image.


  6. Akshay Naik says:

    Hi Friend,

    i really liked this article soon i will be sharing it on my facebook profile.
    You did with your level best and I advise you being my colleague to take every comment and suggestion especially the critical one very patiently and with open heart. When you try such strictly monitored topics you equally receive criticism so just receive it and take all the positive points from it.
    thanking you
    Keep up your good work!
    Have a good day
    Akshay Naik

  7. Hi Ankit,

    Awesome tips bro. Will try to implement it. I am glad you recommend Adrienne’s product. It is a wonderful product indeed.


  8. Hi Ankit,

    I always get irritated when I saw there is no comment on my post. Comments give me pleasure that I am able to help someone which indirectly help me to get motivated.

    This post is very helpful to get comment for any blog post. All the points are really awesome and I will surely follow them.

    The comment related plugin that you suggested is also sounding good and I am going to try one of them

    Thanks and Regard

  9. Fatima Nayani says:

    Hi Ankit,

    This is a very helpful post for me as I don’t get much comments in my blog. I am following some basic things like CTA and blog commenting and yes my blog’s design is user-friendly but still I am not getting more comments.

    Now I am going to follow the tips you shared above and see if it helps. Also, that SEO plugin sounds good. I’ll defintely try it.

    Thanks for sharing.


  10. Nitish Dash says:

    Wow! A beautifully written article bro! I am from New Delhi too and I am an open-source electronics and software developer. The content laid out by you is truly marvelous.

    Keep up the good work and a very Happy New Year!

  11. Hey Ankit,
    Superb post. I’ve been using some of the tips that you’ve mentioned here. After every post I always ask question to readers and the turn out is very amazing.
    I do agree with you. Blog design play an important role to grab attention of readers towards comments.

    I gonna follow more tips that you’ve mentioned.

    Thanks for writing a lovely post!

  12. Awesome post Ankit 🙂

    Blog comments are more important which make our blog live forever. Yes, I’d like to get more comments for my blog posts. As you said, I spend quality time to craft my blog posts and always ask some questions to my visitors. I inspire them to engage with my post and show my gratitude through my reply comments.

    I agree with your every point to get more comments and yes, list posts do magic when compared to normal posts. Your tips and tools are very useful to grab the attention of the readers and encourage them to leave their views in comment section.

    Thanks for presenting this awesome post for us, keep writing 🙂

  13. Mrityunjay says:

    Thanks a lot. Soon I am going to switch up to WordPress from Blogger platform for my new site. I was in hope to find such a useful content your shared with me. 🙂 Now I can engage people more integratively for their best response possible.


  14. Hey Ankit,

    Building an blog community is very essential now a days as google is killing most of the blogs by its new panda and penguin update and for survival of blog one need to drive traffic. So blogging community also drive traffic as well as Comments sometime it also increase your Social Shares as well.
    As you said in the post adding proper commenting system like CommentLuv which offer reward in terms of backlink which make readers to drop a comment.

    Thanks for sharing

  15. CommentLuv encourages readers to post comments because of the associated benefits. It is really a helpful plugin which helps in building a community around your blog. That is how most of the bloggers exchange comments with each other which ultimately forms a community.

    Thanks for the other tips. Specially the cook a controversy.

  16. Shailendra says:

    Hi Ankit,

    Interesting point you have covered in this blog and I am agreed to you points. you have added the fresh points in you blog which gives new direction.

    Nice blog.


  17. Make a blog community is the greatest way to increase blog traffic

  18. Hi Ankit,

    I think all your tips here are good. I’d like to add just one more thing that I think will help. Let your audience know more about you. Include that on your blog and in your posts. When people read your post you want them to make that instant connection. It might be that they can relate to something you shared or you learned how to do something a particular way and that’s exactly what they needed to know. When they get the opportunity to feel like they know you to some extent that can only help you with forming a relationship with them in the future. They’ll be more eager to return to your blog time and time again if they not only enjoy what you’re sharing but feel like they are getting to know you as well.

    Hope that helped and thanks again for the lessons. It’s always greatly appreciated. You enjoy your weekend.


  19. Hello Ankit.. Great content! I can see you have got sooooooo many comments. This is the proof of what you have just said. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Hi Ankit,

    I am fully agreed with first two points of this post. To get comments on blog post we can raise a question at the end of the post and also the the content should add value to the readers so that they engaging in the post.

    Thanks a lot for this awesome post

  21. Yeerla Phavvan says:

    Hi Ankit 🙂

    It is really Great Stuff. I am also a blogger, I really wanted to know the feedback of my readers. For that comments are the only source. But When I work hard for hours and produce an article but if i wont receive any comments I feel like pissed off.Comments are way of energy for a writer/blogger.

    So I do drop comments for every article I read.

    By the way you wrote awesome and it is really good to be one of your reader and also comment’er.

    Thanks for everything.

  22. Hi Ankit,
    This was an article which gave answers to all my question i was frustrated in not getting enough comments and feedbacks even after improving the content quality.
    Thanks a lot

  23. Hey Ankit,

    Great collection of tips for getting blog comments.

    But simply getting blog comments is not important you must engage with your readers. You should reply to their comments, answer their questions and best of all give them valuable information.

  24. Hi Ankit,

    Got to agree with Ankit on this. Blog commenting is a great way to engage with people, and that is what the comment section is ultimately for. I know people get a golden, albeit weak backlink but the main reason should be to add thought to the conversation. I hate the names such as “cheap latops” etc, I think my personal favourite I once had was something like “german hoover supplies” – I mean come on. Do you think I am going to accept a comment with a name like that…….

    Thank god for the various plugins now available that help wiith this now.

    Ovais Mirza

  25. Hay Ankit..!!

    I just hit your blog now. Its really has awesome contents. It is one of the most popular blog in the country (By alexa Rank 938) . Will regularly checks new posts..!!

    Keep Going..!!

    Thank you.

  26. Hi Ankit,
    Thanks a lot for sharing this guide with us.
    There are many blogger including me who are struggling for engagement on their blogs but always fail to get.
    Actually they did not figure out where they are wrong.
    In this post you have make a clear point to where we are wrong. In my case, I am using blogger platform, and cant use any plugin as you mention. But Inspite of this, I am getting an average amount of comments on my blog post.
    I am following all the ways you describe in the post.
    Sharing tips and trick and interacting with your commentator encourage them to come back to your blog.
    All the tips are awesome.
    Again a big thanks,

  27. Rohan Chaubey says:

    Hi Ankit,

    This is epic! At the end, no matter what, it is content which gets sell. Controversies does attract people, I must agree on that.

    Reality shows can thrive on controversies but blogs cannot always look for cooking up controversies. Tho sometimes it is alright and they must be planned more strategically.

    I use Disqus and it is the BEST because the moderation panel is very carefully planned. Further, as you mentioned, it allows logging in using Google, Twitter, Facebook and Disqus account.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    P.S. I guess it is “Bigg Boss”, ‘Bigg’ with a double ‘g’.

  28. Hai Ankit!

    The article is helpful and worth reading. Thanks for the tips. Your blog always made a positive difference in my blogging journey. 🙂


  29. Hello Ankit , the post is amazing to see and I can say that you have covered almost every point to get comments to the blog. I’m pleased to read all those tips and from now onwards I should implement those tips in my blog. Thank you very much for sharing such a wonderful article…

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Glad, you liked the article.

      Do let me know if you know any other strategy or technique to increase comments on a blog.

  30. Good list of tips for getting more engagement on blog posts. I’ve always found that asking a question at the end or offering some sort of freebie gets the most comments on my blog.

    1. We all like freebies, and questions at the end of the article is a weapon to start conversation. It increases total number of blog comments.
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  31. Thanks, Ankit for sharing your valuable ways to get comments. I think just publishing is not a way to get comments. We need to promote our blog to get comment for our published content. Every blog needs a different strategy to search for readers and social media is just one way.

    1. One more thing you should do is leave meaningful comments on others’ blog. They will more likely to do the same for you.

  32. Hey Ankit,
    These are all actionable tips I must say. It only comes from an expert

    I’m just from Mi’s blog where he shared important points on this same subject. Like Adrienne, let me add this…

    Commenting on other blogs can help you get more comments too. Given that so many bloggers reciprocate, once you drop a comment on their blogs, they will be around to reciprocate. That means you get more comments by commenting on other blogs.

    Recently, I have been so busy on my apps and offline stuffs. This reduced my blogging and commenting activities and let to a drop of comments on my blog. That means the more you comment on other blogs, the more comments you get.

    Thanks for discussing this topic bro

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Hello Enstine,

      Thanks for sharing your views here. Definitely, we should comment on others’ blogs and they will more likely to reciprocate.

      Your comment here is also a result of my comment on Mi Muba’s blog. If I’m not wrong.

      Glad to hear from you.

  33. Getting comments on a blog is part of what is in a blogger’s Wishlist. In my own opinion, one of what can easily attract comment is the type of comment box. Is it easier to comment or a pain in the neck ‘n’ thumb before a reader could?
    I also tried to install disqus on my blog which is on the blogger platform but its not working(am not sure if am the one doing it in the wrong way or disqus is just not working for blogger blog).

  34. Thanks Ankit for sharing your valuable ways to get comments. Blog commenting is a great way to engage with people, and that is what the comment section is ultimately for. But simply getting blog comments is not important you must engage with your readers. You should reply to their comments, answer their questions and best of all give them valuable information.

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Agree with your words, Tom.

      Starting a conversation in comment section is also a great way to build readers’ trust and blog engagement.

      Readers are the only ones who support our blog. So, giving them importance is must.

      Thanks for your comment and I appreciate your presence here.

  35. Sampath Kumar says:

    This is a very good post .Thanks for letting us know some good tips . I like your many articles it will help not only me and also many newbie and pro bloggers. ☻

  36. Hi Ankit, valuable piece of information here. You should consider adding social sharing buttons on your mobile site. No, I’m not a bot. 🙂

  37. @Ankit Singla

    i am regular reader of your blog I read many post of your blog your post is very nice.

  38. VIKASH KUMAR says:

    Hi Ankit sir! This one is awesome guide to get more comment on blog post. You have mentioned all the best tips to get comments to blog. I am sure that after applying all these tips on my blog, I will also get more comments, and that will be very helpful for me.
    One question to you sir.. is a comment or comments effects on ranking?? I mean it increase ranking in search engines??

  39. Hi Ankit,
    Definitely these are actionable tips to get more comment on blog.
    Yes. we need to engage our blog readers by providing valuable content. And encourage them to make comment on our blog. It is also a good idea to reward them for commenting on blog. I always try to be positive with my blog commentators and thus way i think increasing more comment on my blog too.

    Anyway, very informative article you shared with us. Keep it up.

    Have a nice day!

  40. Ahmad Sayeed says:

    I am following you from 2015 and found Another Well explained article. Thank you for sharing.

  41. This is a very helpful post for me as I don’t get many comments on my blog. I am following some basic things like CTA and blog commenting and yes my blog’s design is user-friendly but still I am not getting more comments.

  42. Getting more comments have helped me rank the content many times. Comments should not be deindexed. So, the steps that you have mentioned, if followed correctly will get us great results.

  43. Rahul Tyagi says:

    This is a very good post .Thanks for letting us know some good tips . I like your many articles it will help not only me and also many newbie and pro bloggers.

  44. Hello Ankit,
    Really appreciate your blog and points mentioned above.I personally faced many comments those are irrelevant and Spammy in my blog. So regular moderation is needed.These are superb techniques to avoid unnecessary comments.

  45. Hi Ankit,
    I’m glad I found your blog today, I make a check list from your tips that will help me to get a few some more comments on my blog.
    Thanks for sharing some helpful tips to improve my blogging!

  46. Hey Ankit, I do read the comments that people leave on your post, and I can see that the comments make the blog live forever; and also readers are who make our posts fresh; I realize that I need to reply more on people’s comments, it’s not in my strategy so far.

    but thanks to your post, will add it in my workflow!!

    Thanks for sharing!!