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Do you want to start, grow and monetize a Facebook group?

Discover the strategies I personally use to maintain the engagement in my 11K members Facebook group and leverage it to grow my revenue.

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  • Anyone can start a Facebook group
  • Anyone can grow a Facebook group
  • Anyone can monetize a Facebook group


Facebook Groups Growth

My step-by-step mini-course for bloggers, marketers who want to have a successful Facebook group for their business.

Course Content

Here’s A Quick Overview Of What You’ll Learn in This Course…

  • Module 1: Welcome & Why Facebook Groups?
  • Module 2: Starting with Facebook Profile Funnel
  • Module 3: Designing Graphics Using Canva
  • Module 4: How To Add Cover Photo and Featured Image
  • Module 5: How to Create Facebook Group?
  • Module 6: Facebook Group Settings and Optimization
  • Module 7: Set Your Group Joining Questions And Rules
  • Module 8: Get unlimited FREE Content for your Group
  • Module 9: How to Get Targeted Members for Your Facebook Group?
  • Module 10: How Should You Approve New Members Request?
  • Module 11: How To Massively Boost Your Group's Growth?
  • Module 12: How To Convert Group Members into BOT Subscribers

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