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  1. I don’t think to change my primary email address in my blogger account. I have made some blogs in blogger.com but I use the same email address. I don’t know if I can change it for a certain purpose. This is a kind of good information for me. It is new thing for me, too.
    Thank you for this nice tips and tricks.

  2. Junaid Raza says:

    Great effort Ankit. You are always trying to give reasonable information. That’s why i like you. Sometimes, people do need to apply for adsense. If they have tried and got rejected. They might need to change their email account to apply from a fresh account. You article will surely help them.

  3. Vanshika Abroal says:

    I have followed all the steps.But in the 6th one it is not giving me option to switch to my 2nd id.Its not displaying my that one.

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Make sure to send the invitation to your new email address and accept that. Then it will show in your settings page.

      1. Suliman khan says:

        I send the invitation then accept but email is not showing in setting page.

        1. mamta balani says:

          I got the solution to this. Send invitation from one browser and accept invitation in other browser and again refresh the invitation one you will the page showing author to turn into admin.

  4. Thanks for the information Ankit.. I was having this issue where I had to manage the blogs from different e-mail address.

  5. Wellness Optima says:

    Many thanks for useful tips. I am a new blogger and just created a blog. I have sent invitation to my new gmail account in order to change the address but it is not showing on the blogger author section beven after accepting the invitation. What do I do?

  6. Hi Ankit! Thanks for all these information. However, my primary address is blocked and can’t have access on it.. Is there any other way I can add my new email address in my block? Thanks!

  7. Hi
    I have my blog attached to one email address, and now when I go into my blog to sign out and I change the email address for the blog -when I log back into the blog it will not let me edit my blog??

  8. Google seems to have changed this. They no longer allow a change in email address. Why do they want to make life difficult like this? Why do they care?

  9. Chaithanya says:

    Thank you Ankit Kumar.Actually I am looking forward to change my emailId into my blogger account.It really helped me

  10. Thank you so so much for the step by step of changing admin and address. I have had nonstop headaches because I created a blog many years ago with a non-Gmail address and it has been beyond difficult getting signed into this older blog. Each sign in was requiring various time consuming hoops to jump thru and verification codes and it was awful. Your instructions were very easy to follow and thank you so much !!!!!

  11. I have the same problem as Vanshika Abroal. It only linked my new email, which I’m using to mail you this, and it doesn’t show it under authors. It only shows my old email… and now I don’t know how to reverse that. But I can log in with the new email, but keeps showing the old one.

  12. mendoza maria says:

    sir, i successfully did this. But my problem is, that blog is associated with an adsense account. An adsense account also associated with the old email. Will the earnings/adsense account be affected?

  13. Ivor Vale says:

    Hello Anit Kumar

    I followed your steps to change my email address on Blogger but I got the following messages –

    The purpose of this message is to inform you that Ivor Vale has invited you to contribute to their blog “Secrets of Aging Younger:Fitter:Healthier:Longer.”. To accept this invitation, click on the button below.

    Click Here – Accept invitation

    But when I click Accept invitation I get this message –

    Blog Invitation Error

    We could not find the invitation you requested. Please confirm that you copied the exact URL that was sent to you by email.

    If you continue to have problems responding to invitations, please visit our Help Centre for more information.

    I have visited the Help Centre but had one reply suggesting try incognito mode with browser.But got same error messages.

    Thank you


  14. mamta balani says:

    I followed the same procedure but can see that author and admin option. Does it take time?

  15. Charles Ideho says:

    I have tried to change my primary email address for my blogger follwing your instructions, but it didn’t work out. Even though I accepted the invite, the new email address is not showing in the Blog Authors section. Why is it his so?

  16. Nice Article Ankit

    I have a question, is any issue on adsense account if i change admin of blogger blog. Now my current blog is run with disapproved account but ads served on blog by my approved adsense account. If i switch my blog to approved account then what will be the issues on adsense account.. Please reply