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  1. What to say? Just an awesome piece of content to reduce the bounce rate of a blog!

    Bro, I do accept all your ways of reducing bounce rate but one thing I wanna insist is that the readers should not get distracted through any way while reading the blog post. This will definitely ensure the low bounce rate. I’ve learned this great stuff from Adam Connell of Bloggingwizard.com.

    In some blogs, I’ve seen annoying pop-ups, forcing pages to follow social profiles/email-subscription, multiple ads in-between the posts and so on. I never visit such blogs again.

    Yes, as you specified, theme should have a easy navigation and fast loading feature. Making the external and internal links to open in a new tab is a good tactic to drop down the bounce rate.

    I feel good that I’m following most of the ways which you’ve listed here and yes, will make use of the beneficial plugins listed here. Thanks for presenting such a nice post for the bloggers, keep doing your good work 🙂

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Hello Nirmala mam,

      Thanks for your kind appreciation and yes Adam’s post was super informative. It was great to read.

      Glad to know that you are already doing well with your blog’s bounce rate. Keep rocking 😀

  2. I hope these tips will help me in my blogging carreer. Thanks to the author for providing such useful content. i was totally unaware of- Faulty web hosting & faulty theme can cause a higher bounce rate. So once again thanks for this post.

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Hi Swaniman,

      Yes theme and hosting have great value if you want to succeed with your blog. I must recommend don’t go with free themes and cheap hostings.

      Better to go with good quality services and you’ll surely get best results. Good luck!

  3. rakesh kumar says:

    Hi Ankit
    A good tutorial for all the new bloggers starting their journey using WordPress but it is not possible to reduce your website’s bounce rate below 40%. Though it seems to me that using applying all these can do some wonders for all the bloggers. Keep in touch 🙂 and thanks for posting this wonderful article.

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Hi Rakesh,

      Yes, it’s very true. Reducing bounce rate to 40% is damn tough and if we have 40-50% bounce rate then it’s super cool I guess 😀

      Thanks for sharing your views. Keep visiting.

  4. Hey man,

    Thanks for sharing this. I think the biggest problem is the loading speed. I could accept anything below 3 seconds. More than that, I would just give up on that page.

    A good hosting is important. I have 27 plugins and my loading speed is around 1.14sec without MaxCDN. With MaxCDN is around 700 ms.

    Moral of the story? Focus in speed. That’s important. Not the most important though but it is certainly good for the first great impression.

  5. Hi Bro,

    Bounce rate is just for our reference but as you have said working for this to reduce seems modifying our website like a pro. I love your tips you have shared.

  6. Ujjwal Kumar sen says:

    Hello, Ankit
    You have written a great in details article, but I want ask you a question which is regarding link building, I want to build quick links from high authority site, can you please tell me the way.

    I am waiting for your reply.

  7. Sourav Saha @ Blogaholic says:

    Wow! great post Ankit! Loved these top 20 tips. More specifically as you said treating external links with target=”_blank”.

    But high bounce rate isn’t always a bad thing. It mainly depends on what industry you are in. As an example of if you are looking your local restaurant phone number, you visit their site collect the info & leave. Think about Wikipedia, you search on Google “durga puja” visit the Wikipedia site, collect info & leave. These bounces doesn’t mean that the website wasn’t useful, it just means that the visitors could find all that they needed on one page.

  8. Hi Ankit,

    Bounce rate is a great stuff to think upon.

    Many bloggers face problem of high bounce. They need to know that they can lower it down by showing their recent posts, related posts widget. Inter linking in their blog posts and many more.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great week ahead.:)


  9. Really great tips, thanks for sharing it almost forced me to start making changes on my blog not only to improve bounce rate but to make it more user friendly. thank you

  10. Virtuo Rohit says:

    Hey Ankit,

    Bounce Rate is one of the main factors a blogger must think upon. Reducing Bounce Rate may sound hard but its no more hard if one follows the steps you mentioned in your article above.

    Nonetheless, Great post Ankit. I know you are a little less regular these days but you always come up with something new, something valuable and something what I like about your blog.

    Have a great sunday Ankit!


    – Rohit

  11. Hi Ankit,

    Great article for discussion!
    Bounce rate is one of the problems complained of by many bloggers, including me. I like the way you present these remedies, It’s great and useful for other bloggers. 🙂

    Indeed, pop-up ads will cause a bounce rate will rise sharply. Since many people don’t like something like that. For me, if I find a blog with pop up ads, I will close it and look for other blogs. It’s too bad.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Ankit.
    Keep up the hard work and have a nice day for you.


  12. Sam Barnes says:

    Amazing post Ankit.

    There’s so much good content here!

    I’ve written a few small tips in my recent post on the link between SEO and Bounce Rate.

    Although bounce rate isn’t a direct ranking factor, it does give a good indication of how the site is performing in general.

    Thanks again for the post – I’ll definitely be sharing these tips with a few sites I know are having problems with this at the moment.

  13. Hi Ankit,

    Such a beautiful content. You have shared some excellent ways to reduce the bounce rate. I will definitely try these methods to reduce my bounce rate. currently, I have an average no. Hope, I can improve more better soon.

    Reducing bounce rate can help us to boost the traffic and revenue too. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tips.

    Have a nice day!

  14. Vishal Maihdwan says:

    Hey Ankit ,

    Wow such a great post , like every time i love read your posts am totally inspired by you and apply lot of your tricks and suggestion’s to my blog and whenever am come to your blog , it gives me a unique experience of reading i don’t know about bounce rate like a but after reading your post am able to make such a great post’s in the SEO category of my blog soon going to interview you

    Your Bro Vishal Maihdwan

  15. Thanks Ankit for sharing this article… this looks interesting and i’m going to try the point you mentioned because my site is having HIGH bounce rate and m loosing lost of reader’s and also $$$… Keep sharing such informative content… cheers.

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Good luck with your site, Rajni. 🙂

  16. Hi Ankit, After a long time I had gone through your articles. The way of writing style, presentation is really inspirational for me.

    Well, I was not is touch with blogging since about a year.. but yes I will start soon with all the points, posts you published in this era.

    selection of theme internal linking external linking and all guidelines really make a sense to me.

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Hi Umesh,

      Glad to hear from you again. 🙂

      Hope to see you back in blogging very soon. Good luck and thanks for your comment.

      Yes, theme selection and adding relevant links into the content helps a lot to decrease the bounce rate. Glad you liked the post.

  17. Sharad Gupta says:

    Blog bounce rate is the toughest problem to solve..

    Bloggers must work to get engaged every visitor for a long while by creating quality content and intrenal linking of posts ..

    Low bounce rate is the real key of success..

  18. Saif Ullah says:

    Hi Kumar, I think a 40-50 % bounce rate is acceptably a good bounce rate for a site. Have below 40 % and that’s excellent! and even the 60-70 % interval is, although not good, it’s not “the end of the World”, but above 75 %, above 80 % is terrible.Anything above 80-85 % leaves a terribly negative footprint and is a bad signal in the SERPs.

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      I agree with you Saif. Thanks for your comment.

      I shared everything I know about reducing bounce rate. What do you recommend for the same?

      I would love to hear more from you.

      ~ Ankit

  19. Chetan Gupta says:

    Hi Ankit

    It’s really a fact, Nowadays many bloggers are getting high bounce rates on their blog which is really a head ache for them.
    Due to high bounce rate, they aren’t able to generate sales. I am also one of them.

    Since last 4 months, I have been noticing that my blog is getting high bounce rate and my visitors are leaving my site so frequently.
    They aren’t engaged with my content.

    So to solve this issue, I was doing research on it and searching for some best ways which I can implement to reduce bounce of my blog.
    While doing research, I have learn’t below points which can help to reduce bounce rate of the blog.

    1. Fresh & Helpful Content

    During the research, I was noticing few blog content and I found a big difference in them.
    I have seen two blogs and one of them writing content just to sell their product and to drive traffic. The writer of that blog just writing articles based on keywords and their articles aren’t enough informative.

    On that blog, I only seen content which aren’t helpful to me.
    On the other side, the second blog is filled with awesome content.

    Articles on the second blog is completely eye catchy and even after reading their titles, I wasn’t able to resist myself from reading those articles. I read almost 4-5 articles there and they all are hub of helpful information.

    Difference which I noticed in between these two blogs is, 1st blog is only writing for sales and traffic But 2nd blog is writing just to help their readers.

    2nd blog was focusing on creating high quality content which can solve issue, which can create results.

    The writer of 2nd blog was giving brilliant solutions and writing in-depth articles.
    He was focusing on readership and building relationship with their readers.

    This was the big difference in these 2 blogs. & I learnt that content should be of such kind which can create results and solve issues. 😀

    2. Updating Old Articles

    2nd thing which I learnt is, Updating old articles.
    I have learnt If we will not update old articles with fresh information then there would be high chances, the reader will surely leave our blog because they might not be getting what they really want.

    So updating articles with fresh information would be a technique to hold them and engage them on our blog. Right? 😀

    3. Content Readability

    I myself never read those articles which have so long and thick paragraphs. I have seen some websites which writes so long and thick paragraphs which scare readers to read them.
    I also scare when I see such long paragraphs and I don’t read them.
    I always love to read short and clean paragraphs.

    So we should must improve our content readability so that readers can find it interesting and helpful. 😀

    There are also some other points like improving blog design etc etc But I can’t mention all of them in a single comment. 😀

    Your article is really helpful to me and I learned so many points from you.
    Thanks Ankit for sharing such a great piece of content with us.
    Happy Blogging 😉

  20. Gaurav Kumar says:

    This is quite helpful, when it comes to rank higher in Alexa and also when it get counts as the user friendly website or blog. Right now my bounce rate is 55% and it is the right time to work on it. Thanks for your tips.

  21. Hey Ankit,
    Excellent stuff again!!
    Great useful post for me as well as who are not aware of website bounce rate. I was searching to get to know about website bounce rate. I found your article very useful as you well-defined bounce rate and also let us know the statistics of bounce rate. I read all these steps and understand now. I really want to give you warm thanks.

  22. Very informative blog, Ankit. I really liked it and you have mentioned almost all the possible ways, will try it and hope to lower my site’s bounce rate.

  23. Hey ankit

    Great content as expected

    A short question :

    which plugin you use to make this table of content?

  24. Very helpful info. ..
    I just want to ask one question , when I start my website my bounce rate is 0.12 % +- it’s continue for week but when I change theme and it suddenly goes 82% . What was wrong with that ?

  25. Great post! These are some great tips, keeping your audience on your site longer is a great way to turn readers into clients.

  26. Hi Ankit,

    Great post as always. I accept your point that popups do work but I think bloggers should use them after gaining some online reputation and having loyal readers. This will also help in list growth and one will also not lose his/her readers.

    I stopped using popups becuase of this reason. My first goal is to have loyal readers to my website, then add popups and see what happens.

    Moreover one question I need to ask (if you don’t mind), is using zero bounce rate safe? I have seen many good bloggers posting about it but I have not personally used it. What are your thoughts on it?


    1. Hey Henry,

      Zero bounce rate is a good plugin to use. It works extremely well but I’m not how safe it is.