How To Stay Motivated When Your Blog is Dying?

I know:

you now don’t think of blogging the way you used to in the beginning.

Instead, you now think blogging is not a bed of rose (at least not for you!) and you don’t want to continue blogging.

If these lines strike a chord in your heart, read this post which will make you feel good and motivate you for blogging.

My questions:

  1. Why are you thinking so miserable?
  2. Why are you feeling so low of something that once excited you the most?
  3. Is blogging gloomy as a carrier?

The answer is NO.

Even you know blogging is fun.

You just need to re-invent your own game.

Here are seven of your blogging worries and the solution to motivate you:

1) There are already a million like me:

How to create an identity for yourself amidst so many other established bloggers?

Do you fear about losing your voice?

Think it this way:

What if J.K. Rowling thought, “Oh no there are already a LOT of fictions out there. Let me not write Harry Potter series.”

What if your favorite restaurant in your locality thought “Damn, too many hotels here! I can’t compete with the established restaurants. Let me give up on my idea.”

What if your favorite rock band did not debut fearing they might not be successful competing the already superstars.

The world would be devoid of Harry Potter and his amazing series.

You would have never got your favorite restaurant in your locality.

Music would not be so much music without your favorite rock band.

So, what is it that stops you?

Why do you fear of not creating a space for you?

You can definitely win.

Trust me, you have the potential and you will surely be the next blogging superstar.

2) It’s hard to carry on blogging:

Blogging definitely needs your best patience and will power.

It’s difficult to get a voice for yourself amidst this crowded place but tell me a battle that was easier.


you will need to work harder for the first few months.

You may have to post regularly without seeing the sun or going out for a vacation but…

…believe me you are doing a noble job as your post might bring a smile on someone’s lips and solve someone’s problem.

Your hard work will be paid off when people will start recognizing your work and become your fan.

3) I have no followers:

Yep, no one follows you.

But, tell me one thing:

what exceptional you have done to make people follow you?

If you were your potential reader, why would you follow your blog?

In order to get followers you need to produce epic content.

You need to network with others and create a name for you.

And the best thing to do that is to blog.

Blog as if this is the last profession in the world.

Write content that is class in itself.

Try to solve your readers’ problems.

Tell them a story.

Storytelling is the essence of blogging.

When your readers will start noticing your work they will definitely try to follow you.

So don’t concentrate on followers.

Focus on giving your readers epic experience reading your blog and they will definitely become your followers.

4) Nobody appreciates me:

For getting appreciation, you need to appreciate others.

Blogging is always a social game so you need to brush up your social skills too.

Try reading five blogs of others related to your niche daily.

This will give you the needed boost to write on your blog too.

In my starting years, I faced writers block frequently.

It is this technique that instilled a competitive spirit in me.

While I saw their blogs updating regularly I got motivated to write mine too.

This way I produced content worth appreciation.

5) I cannot grow this business:

Blogging is a full-time job for many.

Many pro bloggers are not only living life lavishly through blogging but also are a source of earning for other bloggers.

They hire content writers, moderators, editors, graphic designers, web designers and so on to enhance their blogging experience.

This way they also help these people earn a living.

Similarly, you too can live life with your conditions and also be a source of earning for others.

Blogging gives you all the opportunities to grow.

If you think money is a motivator for your growth, don’t worry and work towards making money from your blog.

Sign up to an affiliate program like shareasale (I earn almost 500$ per month only from shareasale). Or apply for AdSense or any other ad programs like infolinks.

Read: How I made $470 Through Shareasale Affiliate Program.

Once you build your blog a bit, you can get sponsored posts that pay you for writing reviews for products.


if you want you can sell your own product to your readers, provided you already have built an audience for your blog.

Imagine if your blog gets 1000 visits per day and only 2 of your readers buy your product (or eBook) worth $5 then you will make an additional $300 per month. And this is a great start.

6) I am getting no one to motivate me:

You are a fan of Chris Borgan?

Oh you love Guy Kawasaki?

Got it, I am your favorite blogger?

Great! Thanks.

Now how can your favorite blogger help you?

Get in touch with them.

Though you can contact them via social channels I suggest emailing them would be appropriate.

Just speak out how much you appreciate their work and what you love about them.

Tell your favorite blogger that he has changed the way you blog.

All these should be genuine and not appear cheesy.

After this you will feel better.

Ask them for advice on how to be successful.

You can tell them your dilemma and ask them what they did to get motivated for blogging.

7) No one contacts me:

There is no blogger that does not have created a positive effect in the mind of a single blogger.

If your loyal reader doesn’t contact you, you contact him instead.

Break the ice.

Start an email newsletter.

Autoresponders like GetResponse are the best way to send timely emails to your readers.

The bonus is you don’t have to write messages to welcome or contact each blogger.

Use an autoresponder to set up a few timely email campaigns.

You can set it to deliver every 15 days each time a subscriber signs up till the next two months.

This way you don’t have to write emails each time one signs up.

Once you build a community your readers will contact you on their own and you will soon be the talk of the blogging town.

You should read:

The Importance Of A Mailing List – And How To Get Started?

Final words:

Blogging is much more fun than the easiest job.

You only have to keep patience.

What are your secrets to getting motivated? DO write in the comments section.

Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla

Hi, I'm Ankit Singla Founder of Master Blogging. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Facebook Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.

Ankit Singla

Hi, I'm Ankit Singla Founder of Master Blogging. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Facebook Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.
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62 thoughts on “How To Stay Motivated When Your Blog is Dying?”

  1. You were right Ankit.. Even many times i think about leave this blogging career and some how motivation from my mom and bro helped me to the journey from blogger to a entrepreneur and love the way yo blogging too.. <3

    • It’s great Miliee. Stay motivated and continue putting your best efforts. 🙂

      • Thanks for dropping response here.. bro .. <3

  2. You are right! Every Newbie needs encouragement to keep working. I do believe that new bloggers should see work of professionals. They must see if professionals has spent efforts and time to get this position. I wrote an article few days ago for new bloggers on t he same topic. I think new bloggers should try affiliate marketing at early ages. They might get good response for encouragement. Am I right Ankit?

    • Hey Junaid,

      Thanks for coming by.
      To be successful in Affiliate marketing, we first need to build readers’ trust. We should promote our name and should provide worth to the readers. Later they will buy products from our referral. A newly blog first need to focus on converting visitors into readers. Then we can think to make money out of it.

      • You are very right Ankit!
        But I think new bBloggers can promote authority links. If you are referring people on quality website. You are doing your job. You are earning and converting visitors into readers. One can get everything by promoting quality sites like Godaddy,etc. What you say?

  3. Really Helpful Article Ankit Today Everyone become Successful In Blogging But After 1 or 2 month not see any result and stop blogging or tired from this so before start blogging everyone must read your post 🙂
    Keep Writing 🙂

    • LOL! 😀 You are right Harsh. Thanks for appreciating my article.
      Thanks for stopping by and keep visiting. Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi Ankit,

    Motivation is important specially for newbies in order to push hard work and blast some bombs in blog-o-sphere. Sometimes, I also get disappointed but never give up and never lose hope. I just remember the God and start doing more and more whelpork.

    However, you’ve written really awesome article about blogging motivation as it will definitely help your readers to keep motivated.

    Keep it up bro! Have a nice day.
    Mohammed Yaqoob.

    • Keeping my goals in my mind always kept me motivated and inspire me to work hard.
      Thanks bro for stopping by 🙂

  5. Yes ankit, I really appreciate with point #1. It’s really hard to get success in blogging but I say it’s not impossible. We should always try to work hard and one day we will surely got success. So best of luck to you for your future in blogging. Happy Blogging 😀

  6. One way to motivate yourself is to admit that it(blogging) is hard. Is that it? Hmm. That’s interesting. But I find that counterproductive. How can you continue with what you do if you feel like what you’re doing is hard, difficult even?

    Anyway, the rest of the ways you mentioned seem reasonable. Nice post! 🙂

  7. Wow really helpful article for newbie like me who is demotivated by some stupid guys.And i want to add one point. 7) Don’t listen to other..

    And from your all above points i like 6th point earn invest and grow.And i use this strategy on my blog also by organizing some giveaway and contest…

    Thanks Ankit for superb article….

  8. Nice to read your real experiences and thanks for your great suggestions.

    Yeah, blogging is fun but we should admit smartness to get monetary benefits from it.

    As you said, we need followers, encouragement and investment to take out blog to next level. I feel building a supporting community for is more important than all as it would let us to grow more when we feel down. I experienced it many times and got motivated by my followers.

    Thanks for the nice post bro, it is good to know about your earnings.

    Never give up, keep writing. Will support you always 🙂

  9. Yes brother the main purpose to make blog is earn some money. and giving great tips to reader.
    but without earn money it’s very hard to continue writing.
    relationship is very very important to success in blogging.
    my one friend tell me, If you want to success in blogging. make relation with other people. and this is the reason of your success.

  10. Anneswan Adhwaryu

    Thanks for the articles bro..awesome post and very helpful for newbies…

  11. Ankit…!

    It will not wrong if I say blogging is hard. Sometime we get no inspiration and motivations to grow in the field. That moments are are very difficult to deal, but if we want to get success then we will have to beat the situation and proceed to the next level.

    I like the point earn, Invest and grow. Today blogging has become as a business and if you want to stand up with a well running business, you will always require to invest in it. As Money attracts money 🙂

    However, the other points are essential. What is the benefit of the product if you are not able to make people aware about it, and thats the marketing. I really appreciate your points listed here.

    Well, this is my small feedback for the post 😉 . And I guess I am a little bit late to congratulate you on completing the one year with this blog.
    I wish you achieve more heights of success in blogging 🙂

    Ravi Verma

  12. Great this post. These are very basics and essentials, every blogger need to follow more engaging content. I agree with you that don’t just write for search engines, write for people. It’s important to write from the heart. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more interesting information from you. Great job!

  13. I beleive those are the best motivational tips!! Growth is the thing which comes bit by bits. Even we humans grow the same way. New in this blogging field and surely by your words will look for new and great friends. 🙂

  14. Great tips Ankit. Would love to share the tips with my Blog’s readers. Tqvm!!

  15. In fairness, your blog is true because those experiences happens to me. I already allotted 2 moths in blogging and I can see progress. I keep on being open minded on my blog comments and tries to help. But you know, there were some bloggers who are selfish; only wants to receive and don’t wanna give. I know those… tsk tsk, Anyway, I love blogging for my own development not for making myself FAMOUS to the eyes of everyone. Keep up, we love blogging as it is sharing and we keep our self humble.

  16. Yaa You are saying right but some times specially for new blogger like me its hard to get motivated,
    because when we don’t get any traffic for our best posts then its become hard to work for next posts,
    Hope you are understanding me, please write for new bloggers also to keep motivated !!!!!!! 🙁

  17. That is the challenge of blogging life, most especially to newbies in view of the fact that starting is always complex. Well, this share will prompt them and me, or all of us to be exact.

    If you will not fight back to build your readership, you will not gain followers, traffic, subscribers, customer loyalty, and so much more that you need to earn in blogging business.

    Nice and powerful share Ankit! Thanks!

  18. Hi Ankit,

    your articles it’s very very useful keep on writing this great articles;

    With Regards Sami AL-Naw .

  19. Motivation is very important . Without motivation , a person cannot become successful . Its true that its hard to continue blogging for the first few months as we have no followers . when i made my edu blog >> gkspread .. I gathered so many followers from the upsc group on facebook . This is how every blogger can gather loyal readers .

    Everyone likes appreciation . Appreciating others work helps to make deep relations with other bloggers . And having good relations with other bloggers is very important for success in blogging .. At the end ..all i can say is .. all the points were relevant and This was one of the best piece of content ..
    Keep blogging And Stay Motivated

  20. Hi Ankit,

    Nice tips for being successful blogger!
    What keeps me motivated is potential money which can be earn with hard work. If I sometimes feel lazy, I always tell myself: After 30 days (or more/less) I will regret I didn’t start today! Because time is money. As soon as you start working, sooner you’ll earn money!

    Nice words and post, keep it up 🙂

    Best regards,

  21. i thing pro bloggers are the best motivation for newbies.when i think to quit blogging i remember some pro blogger who started blogging as a hobby and then i think if i am not earning, i should keep blogging as a hobby because money is not every thing and you can get many other countless benefits from blogging as well.

  22. You are right Ankit. Freshers always need some motivation in themselves to stay behind blogging.Even if they lost their first chance from adsense and all.Else they risk are useless .Hope for something priceless will get few to pick up.Any way nice impressive article.. Keep blogging bro..

  23. Hi Ankit,

    Nice tips, Everyday many bloggers come to blogging world and leave it after spending some time they want instant money. You shared great post for all newbie bloggers. Motivation is the key of success.


  24. Adesanmi Adedotun

    Hi Ankit,

    Right on point, blogging is one of the most stressful journey in internet world. Blogging is all about encouragement that really need mentor who can motivate fellow blogger that blogging is not a day dream that can be easily achieveable.

  25. Krishna Moorhty D

    Please Don’t say anymore that Your Writing Skills is Bad.This is Super Cool Ankit saying from my Heart.Now I know why you are killer blogger 😛 .

    The Articles is very helpful for Newbie’s and They have to take care of these stuffs.All the guys are coming to make money and if they feel it hard they get reflected back its so crazy and it should not happen anymore .I liked the #5 Especially because readers are our Gems More Gems more money 😛

    – Krishna Moorthy 🙂

  26. Blogging cannot be completed with self motivation. You need to get inspiration from other bloggers. I’m running my own blog. Sometime i feel like by stoping it. But after looking at the other bloggers i actually get power. 🙂

    Happy Blogging

  27. Yes, I really do think that the suggestion/points given by you are really important as a blogger. Though, HARD WORK and Patience is much important than other I would say inspiring and getting inspiration is too a great deal. Yet, I am really glad that you have sum up so nicely, keep the hard work – Ankit Singla.

    Thanks & Have A Great Weekend,
    Bishal Biswas

  28. Indeed, I agree!

    What I liked the most is this phrase ‘don’t forget your existing readers’, because they are the ones who are going to stay on your blog and promote 🙂

    Mostly, I feel, its the stress which is always blocking our way back to glory and that is where we turn lazy on writing good articles. Reading articles from other Blogs can help you ease the stress as for a change you take a break from writing.

    And its a well-known fact that motivation is very important for any blogger at some point of time. And its some one experienced like you who has to take it up and start motivating others with such motivating posts.

    Thanks for such a post Dude 🙂

  29. Seriously bro, a lot of times you think like there is no one reading your articles but now I have slowly realized that patience is must…someday efforts are gonna prove fruitful…they never go in vain…

  30. Hey bro,

    You are so right about that #1 point. It’s hard…. but no impossible.

    Once you find a way that works then all you have to do is duplicate that step and things will be fun for you.

    For example, if you find that writing is challenging all you have to do is find some things to make it easier. You don’t necessarily have to publish each day, but practice writing a little everyday and then in a short time you can become a better writer.

    Duplicate that writing step and then it will help to make writing much easier if practiced everyday.

    Thanks for the awesome article pal.

  31. Hello Ankit,
    Very useful tips to motivate ourselves in blogging. Generally all newbies face fear of not getting visibility. Even you and me have also faced it. Right? We should always believe in intrinsic motivation that is to blog with interest not keeping any money thought in mind. I liked your idea of getting in touch with each other. I helps a lot as I have experienced it. Thanks for sharing these useful tips 🙂

    Have a great da y 🙂

  32. Ankit Singla Happy Holi <3
    This is really a motivational articles for newbies like ME. I suggest newbies first of all they have to improve their writing skills. After two year blogging I reached the stage No English No Blogging

  33. Hey Ankit!
    First of all, amazing blog! Secondly, helpful article. I am new in the blogosphere and these tips were much needed. Thanks a lot for posting this.

  34. Nice ViralNova style headline 🙂

    I see you’re using GetResponse for email. How’d you find them comparing to MailChinp and Aweber?

    Not tried GR before.

  35. Hello Ankit Bro,
    It is really hard to maintain the pace of Blogging now a days specially when you are new . It is the job of patience where earning comes slowly and gradually and when it starts you can enjoy. But still the question remaining will I keep it on track.
    BTW nice article.

  36. Motivation is vital specially for newbies so as to push diligence and blast some bombs in blog-o-sphere. Sometimes, I conjointly get discomfited however never quit and never lose hope. I simply bear in mind the God and begin doing additional and additional help.

  37. Miracle Ayodele

    These are really motivating tips. There are several things that demotivates one from blogging, the most common thing is traffic, comments and money.

    But when one builds relationship with other bloggers, they will motivate, blogging is fun but hard like you said, one just need to be persistent.

    Appreciating other people’s work also helps and really beneficial. Thanks for Sharing

  38. Niladri Chatterjee

    Thanks Ankit for sharing your experiences with us. It would surely inspire me in the future to dig my crafts and continue blogging. And lastly, the same suggestion to you, keep writing 🙂

  39. Hello Ankit,

    I don’t how many times I feel to quite the blogging.. But my target was in mind.. So I doesn’t quite it. All I wanted to say is “Never give up”

    It was good to read this article, thanks for sharing

  40. Since JAN 2013, I’m struggling to become a successful blogger.It’s too hard but I had never gave up ! Sometimes I think of to leave this complex work.. but bloggers like you keeps me motivated..
    Thank you Ankit… I really appreciate your post 🙂

  41. Hey ankit
    Excellent efforts you put in article to motivate your fellow bloggers.
    Your points really worked for newbies in IM. keep posting such kind of stuff.

    Best regards

  42. Jaidayal Saraswat

    Hello bro 🙂

    Awesome article and in my view your article in enough to get motivated for blogging 0

    • Thanks for your words Jaidayal. Glad you liked my article 🙂

  43. This is a wonderful post and written exactly step by step life a stepping stone of blogging. I never seen a blog full of motivation and technical details about blogging simultaneously on a single place. I think this is the best blog post I have read in last week.

    Mohinder Paul Verma

  44. Wonderful motivation words Ankit. It really motivate all bloggers….

  45. Nice post Ankit, I am glad to read and surely I am more motivated now.
    Its very true that blogging needs lots and lots of patience,
    Success doesn’t come fast,
    and Blogging is not so easy also as earlier, as Every Smart kid thinks to launch a blog :p

    The Old proverb says “Time is Money, patience is Gold”

    This post will motivate lots of new bloggers, and the ones also who are thinking to it blogging will not after reading this..

    great article, Keep it up Bro 🙂

  46. The efforts you put for writing this article is enough to motivate dying bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing such a good informative Article

  47. Hi Ankit,

    I have an another issue. I am a blogger cum content writer. So basically what happens is when I start writing for other sites for money, I loose the motivation of writing for my own blog.

    How do I get rid of this?

  48. I was feeling really low and then I came across your article. Thanks a lot for this. Energy seems to be up now.

    • Stay energetic, stay motivated 🙂

  49. Great motivation tips. The main quality needed for a blogger is patience. It is really important. To make a blog into success takes a lot of time. We will face many obstacles in our path but we have to over come it.

  50. Hello Sir,
    It’s actually a great and useful piece of info. I’m happy that you just shared this useful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  51. Hi Ankit! You can’t imagine how much you boost my self-confidence. I’m a new blogger and struggling with increasing the visitors. I found your article in a moment when I was just thinking to quit writing. In the time of deep frustrations, you just light up my hope. Thanks a lot.

  52. I am so frustrated about my blogging career, I don’t know why people are not liking my posts. Your motivation is really great. I work again and again.

  53. Just like an athlete, a blogger / writer needs practice, patience, persistence and pain…yes pain. The pain and

    disappointment of not getting comments, of not feeling like you’re making a difference, of questioning oneself, and of

    finally realizing: I am the best me that I can be, and I have something of value to share with the world. That’s gold-medal

    thinking and gold-medal results. Cheers

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