5 Best Free WordPress Hosting Providers of 2019

Let’s face the fact.

WordPress hosting services can be expensive, and with so many choices you can find in today’s world, we are often left wondering in the dark on which is the best value for money WordPress hosting.

If you are in that cloudy area, you are in luck!

Today’s article is all about free WordPress hosting.

And yes, you didn’t read it wrong.

There are still free WordPress hosting that is pretty decent.

Why Use Free WordPress Hosting? 

Most bloggers are often in the startup phase.

You heard about making money through blogging, or even becoming a full time, freelance writer.

The only challenge you face is to pay the hefty charges for a full year of WordPress hosting. With free WordPress hosting, you can get started instantly without actually spending any money.

Once you have stabilized (usually after several months), you can reconsider if blogging is your ultimate pathway and if the answer is yes, continue onwards to migrate to a better WordPress host such as BlueHost.

Free WordPress hosting is perfect for those who want to start blogging fast and minus the hassle.

With it, you can easily learn about WordPress and web hosting even before pouring investment into it.

One point to remember is that most free WordPress host would have a specific limitation on your traffic.

Advantages of Using Free WordPress Hosting 

There are many advantages of using free WordPress hosting.

  • For starters, it doesn’t cost you any money to start up. Therefore, the initial cost of starting a blog is zero.
  • Besides that free WordPress hosting services are easy to sign up for. The entire process usually involves registering your account with your email and you are pretty good (and ready) to go!
  • Free WordPress hosting services are often advisable for beginners or newbies as it would be a great stepping stone to understanding the entire blogging process. In most cases, you may find bloggers giving up within the first month of blogging! In this case, quit blogging would just lead to losses in the web hosting investment (which you would usually need to pay upfront for a whole year long).

Disadvantages of Free WordPress Hosting 

Every positive advantage has their disadvantages as well. In this case,

  • Free WordPress hosting usually does not come with proper security checks and good web hosting servers. This means that websites hosted on those servers would easily be affected either by hackers or having numerous challenges.
  • One of the common challenges is the website loads slower than most typical websites. As you are aware, loading speed is a part of Google algorithm which affects search ranking.
  • Besides that, these free WordPress hosting services would lock you out from your website if the website is constantly experiencing huge traffic spikes. In this case, your website may be shut out completely, and this is never good for branding.

Alternative To Free WordPress Hosting Services 

While free WordPress hosting services is a good way to start blogging, it is important to understand that there are many challenges which you will face once you start to experience more traffic growth.

If blogging is a serious business for you, you should avoid free WordPress hosting services and go for better ones such as BlueHost.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting BlueHost is used by influencers such as Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income and more importantly, BlueHost offers top notch support, performance, and extremely affordable hosting plans.

When you sign up for a paid WordPress hosting service like BlueHost, you are pretty much guaranteed with performance and security, as compared to the free services.

While it would require you to fork out more money, it is worth the time and effort!

List of Free WordPress Hosting Providers 

If you still insist on trying out free web hosting services, here are the top ones that you should be choosing from.

1. 000webhost.com 

000webhost free web hosting wordpress
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000webhost free web hosting wordpress 000webhost is one of the most popular free WordPress hosting services in the market.

With over 14 million users worldwide, it has constantly been providing free, ad-free web hosting services since 2007. 

Typically, each web hosting account would lead to unlimited free domain hosting and five email accounts.

At the same time, 000webhost also provides additional services such as statistics for website traffic, FTP accounts, MySQL and PHP support.

000webhost offers the following features:

  • 1.5 GB storage
  • Unlimited domains and subdomains
  • 100 GB bandwidth 
  • Five email accounts
  • Website builder

They are also the first to provide free SSL certificates which you can use to secure your website.

AwardSpace Free Shared Web Hosting
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AwardSpace Free Shared Web Hosting AwardSpace has been in the free web hosting service for over ten years.

Signing up for a free account would automatically provide you with:

  • 1 GB storage 
  • One domain and three subdomains 
  • 5 GB bandwidth 
  • One email account (with spam filter) 
  • Inbuilt website builder

Compared to most of the free web hosts, AwardSpace is both free to use and even ad free.

Freehostia Free Cloud Hosting
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Freehostia Free Cloud Hosting If you are looking for an awesome free cloud hosting for your WordPress website, Freehostia is pretty good, to be honest!

Typically, it has load balancers in its servers which produce up to 15 times better performance compared to traditional shared web hosting services.

As the performance of the servers will affect your website ranking, having your websites hosted on Freehostia would easily improve your search engine rankings.

Here are the features of Freehostia:

  • 250 MB storage 
  • 5 hosted domains 
  • 6 GB bandwidth 
  • Three email accounts 
  • eCommerce functions and integration possible

Free Web Hosting Area
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Free Web Hosting Area Most free WordPress hosting services are meant for beginners.

If you are looking for a much-advanced version of free hosting services, you should consider using Free Web Hosting Area instead.

Typically, it comes with advanced features which you can normally find in most standard, free WordPress hosting service.

A few of a unique feature of Free Web Hosting Area is having the mod_rewrite enabled (apache 2.2), full dot files support, reset accounts to fix ownership and SSI (Server Side Includes) support. 

Here are some other features of Free Web Hosting Area that you will enjoy when you sign up for an account with them:

  • 1.5 GB space 
  • Free domain and subdomain hosting
  • Unmetered traffic Free MySQL 5 database 
  • phpMyAdmin preinstalled 
  • Full FTP support

5gbfree Free Web Hosting
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5gbfree Free Web Hosting Last but not least, 5GBFree.com is one of the much newer free hosting service providers in the industry.

According to its website, it uses cutting-edge technology and security features to ensure that clients (such as you) are getting the best service available to them.

According to several current users, the service from 5GBFree.com is rather good because it is using a top-US based data center and at the same time, using CloudLinux operating system for better performance.​

While 5GBFree.com offers limited support on their forum, you would not need to sign a contract for the free WordPress hosting plan.

Here are some other features of 5GBFree.com:

  • 5GB storage space
  • One addon and one parked domain 
  • eCoomerce ready for Joomla, PHPShop, and ZenCart
  • 20 GB bandwidth 
  • No email services
  • check-circle-o
    Website builder


There are many free WordPress hosting plans that you can choose from in today’s world.

However, it is important to understand that if you are serious about creating a website, it is always recommended to sign up for a paid web hosting plan such as BlueHost

With a paid web hosting plan on BlueHost, you will get top notch support via phone and email, as well as high-performance servers which you can scale up as your website gets more traffic.

Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla

Hi, I'm Ankit Singla Founder of Master Blogging. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Facebook Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.

Ankit Singla

Hi, I'm Ankit Singla Founder of Master Blogging. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Facebook Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.

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  1. Hi Ankit,

    I came straight from the Email I received. It is quite interesting for starters. You did good job buddy.


  2. Much appreciated post regarding free hosting. AS NEWBIE wont afford the paid hosting at the start.

    Good job sir.

    Highly recommended for newbies.

  3. Everyone says Bluehost is great. But that’s if you live in USA. What is recommended for bloggers in India?

  4. Hi Ankit. Same with Yasar Ali, I came here from your email I received. I think the 5gbfree dot com will be nice to try (according to their storage and bandwidth offer). Hope they can give us a chance to run one or two heavy plugins.

  5. Free hosting service supports google adsense?

  6. Hey, Ankit.

    This really an interesting article. WordPress is the best and most popular blogging platform. The performance of your WordPress site mainly depends on hosting service. So I think using the best hosting is perfect for you. Free hosting has some limitations. So paid hosting is better. I am using Namecheap, one of the leading services.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. This post will work for the beginners who do not want to invest in the very beginning. This is a real solution. Thanks!!

  8. Abdul Wajid C K

    I don’t in anyway support those who start their blogging journey through free hosting. It is an easy way to waste time.
    Google won’t rank you anywhere in the top 30.
    Facebook may flag your website. And hence the result is total waste. Rather I would suggest you to go for cheap plans from good webhosts.

    Cheers, about.me/abdulwajidck

  9. Manoranjan Paul

    Thanks Ankit.
    It is a great post for me.

    But I am in confusion after reading the disadvantages you have mentioned.

    Now, should I transfer my blogger blog to one of the above hosting company.

  10. Hi Ankit,

    Thanks for your list.

    They are all good free hosting providers. Free hosting is also good when you are in flipping services (E.g.: You build website and then sell it). This not only reduces the cost but also helps you transfer the site to new owner quickly.

    Personally, I still prefer paid hosting like Bluehost you recommended if you are really serious in your business because the starter price is really really low


  11. There’s another two which i wud lyk to add Hostinger and Byet Host.Byet is the fastest.

  12. When I started blogging 2 years back, I too started with a free hosting from Hostinger, and from my experience, I can say that they’re very reliable for people who’re just starting out and looking for a free hosting.

    Though, 000webhost too looks promising. Thanks for putting this list down.

  13. Everything ok but is it possible to monetizing by adsense apply in this free hosting websites

    • Abdul Wajid C K

      It is possible,

      But you have to understand that google accepts only those websites with good contents for adsense. If you are just starting out and doesn’t have good traffic. Adsense is just waste of time and efforts.

      If you need to make some earning through adsense, you need traffic and these free web hosts cannot survive huge traffic loads.

  14. I was shocked and thought its a hoax when I got your mail. I am surprised now as its a good platform for beginners.

    Awesome post.

    Thanks for sharing

  15. Hey Ankit, You did an amazing post for beginners. Even everyone wants to host their WordPress blog for free! SO, this post will help.

    I tested various free WordPress hosting services but they crashed.

  16. I don’t recommend free WordPress hosting. They are not optimized for speed. instead in comparison you can go with Blogger blog.

  17. Great list of free wordpress hosting Companies!

    I started writing Online( or I can say Learning) from Squidoo, then Blogger Blog and Today my own Niche Site, which is making good amount of money monthly.


  18. Hi, Ankit sir, I follow you, on blogger tips tricks.com, this site Finally i got some good information about Free WordPress hosting. Because we can use this for testing purpose, and then we can move to expansive hosting, thanks– helped a lot…….. 🙂

  19. Thanks for this post , This was really helpful , I Always wanted to move to WordPress , But money was one of my major problem . Anyway thanks…

  20. Nice post on wordpress for newbies.

    Would you advise I migrate from blogger platform to any of these free WordPress hosting?

    Your response would be highly appreciated.

  21. Do they accept sites that were on premium hosting before?

  22. olabanji isreal

    nice one. You have give we that is using blogger a good reason to migrate to worldpress

  23. These are great for beginners indeed. I haven’t tried any of them, but I’m sure they will provide the best starting platform for new bloggers. Personally, I am more a fan of SiteGround. I’ve been with them for a few months now and I had 0 issues with my blogs. Not even once were they down! I don’t know about other providers but I assume they are also good in terms of service. I encourage all serious bloggers to get a paid hosting service as they are pretty much better than free ones.

    • SiteGroud is, of course, a good paid hosting solution. 🙂

  24. Hi, On this site Finally i got some good information about Free WordPress hosting. Because we can use this for testing purpose. Thank you so much.

    • Yes, these are good for creating a demo or test site. 😀

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