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  1. Swadhin Agrawal says:

    Hi Ankit, this was more than a awesome post. I really liked the list of tools. I am not a SEO type guy but these tools are really handy and would help me in the near future. Analysis paralysis is a funny and scary thing at the same time. I never knew about it but would be careful too.

  2. Hi Ankit
    I always notice that your blog posts are so unique and well explained with deep information.

    Backlink checkers are the most important tools to analyze the backlinks of your competitors blog. But according to my experience, there are slight tools which I like most and love to use on the daily basis.

    As we know Afrefs is the best backlinks checker tool, they are always updated with the freshest backlinks but one thing about them which I don’t like is that they only allows 1 trial without registering the account and after register, you will only get one trial. That’s not good. It should be free of cost.

    But If you need to check complete backlinks of any website then you need to take premium subscription which every blogger can’t afford.

    But on the other side, there is a tool, sorry free tool which is much better for free use. I am talking about OPENLINKPROFILER, 🙂 I personally used it and it’s totally free of use. NO registration , No premium susbcription and full access to the competitors backlinks and they are also updated. You will get all the updated backlinks like Ahrefs by using OPENLINKPROFILER. It’s my personal experience with it and I also recommend it to you. Happy Blogging 😉

  3. Hi Ankit,

    Nice list of backlinks checker, but out of these Ahrefs is best, but sad thing is that, it is premium tool. Although I have heard about many of them but was unaware of google alerts that we can use it to check links too.

    Thanks again for the post.

  4. Some of the tools mentioned here only provides limited number of links i.e below 10. However I have been using majestic SEO for more then six months and I found it a great free tool to check the backlinks of a single website.

  5. Hi Ankit,
    This is really amazing post for everyone who wants to check backlinks for free. Till now i have already know only about 5 backlink checker tool. I don’t know about other 4 backlink checker tool which you mentioned here. But Now i’m going to try other 4 backlink checker tools too…Overall this post will be very helpful for newbies and even it would be helpful for experts too..Good work Ankit..Keep doing..

  6. Mukesh Joshi says:

    Very nice article dear.
    I am new to your blog. I am not so much good in link building so this post is five star post for me.


  7. Mrityunjay says:

    I love it but I think you missed some good other backlinks checker tools available online which are really effective in finding competitors backlinks with anchor texts. One of them is BuzzSumo.

    Kindly update your post and help others to learn more about them. In addition, I have some doubts regarding backlinks stealing from authority blogs and sites. Kindly, pay attention to my question if possible.

    Waiting for your kindest reply.


  8. Amul Sharma says:

    Hi Ankit,

    wow! very nice post…..nice list of backlinks checker……

    This post has very deep knowledge about check backlinks for free…..

    So this post is very important for me…..

    Very very thanks for sharing this………

    Thanks again!

    Amul Sharma

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Thanks for your feedback about content quality. Keep visiting, Amul.

  9. Hi Ankit,

    Recently I started blogging, I am very confused about back links, how to check the back links. This post is helping me. In those 9 checking tools, SEMRUSH and Ahref tools are showing very good results.

    Thanks for giving clear information.

  10. Anirudh Pulikonda says:

    Hey Ankit,

    This is another golden post by your knowledge ocean. I learned a few new things however I am a regular visitor of your blog. Every time I read a new post, it includes something new and attractive. I quickly bookmark every post to take fresh ideas for my post.

    Backlinks are one of the most searched things and these tools make it really very easy out work.

    Thanks again for such an amazing guide.


  11. Md Rashid Hasan Rahmani says:

    Thanks bro for sharing other tools. Currently I’m using openlinkprofiler but now i will try other tools also 🙂

  12. Hi Ankit,

    Wow! Thats great post like always. I know about 4-5 Tools and I’ll try your collection…
    Thanks for sharing the list.

    Thanks &
    ~Ajit Ray~

  13. i think this is the really great list..
    most commonly i use the MOz bar as it comes with browser extension and easy to use also..
    i want to about any on page plugin (browser extension) that points to on page score of the page…

  14. Romjan Dhayan says:

    Thank you very much Ankit for sharing others tools. From today i will try majestic free backlink checker tool. Thanks again.

  15. Awesome post. I personally use SEMRush for monitoring the backlinks of my site as well to keep an eye on the competitors site. Great to know that there are so many other options. Thanks for such a good list.

  16. Thank to introducing these great tools. I like most open link profiler. This is an awesome tools. But after complete your review I would like to use others 😛

  17. Mohd Faiz Aalam says:

    Thanks for the review. In my opinion, SEMRush and Ahrefs are the best tools to check for backlinks. However, they both are too expensive (60$/month) 🙁

  18. Ha… Awesome list! I especially like how u listed them in order of awesomeness… Thanks a lot Ankit.

    PS- Spyglass is actually not a new tool. Been around a while.

  19. hey ankit.
    Great list of tools, I tried every one of them and overall semrush and ahrefs is best.

  20. Hi Ankit,

    Your article’s really useful. I’ve already used 5 tools of your list but I like Openlinkprofiler. It’s so great and also for newbie with many backlinks you can check for free version.

    Thanks so much and hope next your article!


  21. Umer Prince says:

    Every tool shows different data and they are all just crap with little and old data.

    The best tool for SEO is your own mind, we should use it to explore more tactics for our projects.

    Thanks for the list.

  22. Awesome post sir. I personally used SEMRush, Ahrefs and Majestic SEO. Thank to introducing new tools.

  23. Thank you for this list. Personally, I use backlink checker by SE Ranking. It’s easy to use and pretty cheap. Based on the data you can get from the software, you can learn your competitors’ strategy and create your own.

  24. Thanks for sharing this amazing post bro, Ahrefs.com is one of the versatile and updated the tool. Recent changes in the tool are making it even more useful for content discovery and keyword explorer.

  25. Hey Ankit,

    You suggest amazing SEO backlinks checker tools. As per my experience, Ahrefs and SEMRush are the best-updated tools, to find competitor’s backlinks and much more.

    Hope your next article shows more featured free tools.


  26. Hey Ankit,

    Thanks for your efforts of putting helpful list of free and paid backlink checker tools together.

    From paid options, I like SEMrush and Ahrefs the most and from free options, Linkody, SmallSEOTools backlink checker and UberSuggest are the best bet.

    Once again, thanks for the list.


  27. Hi, Ankit
    That’s great post like always. I know about 4-5 Tools and I’ll try your collection…
    I personally used SEMRush, Ahrefs, and Majestic.

  28. Thank you for letting me know about SEMrush, it has about the highest free trial days, keep up the good work.

  29. No backlink checker tools work, they give you the wrong idea they don’t index links like google does, in fact, I have 30 referring domains to my website and all the backlink checkers say there are only nine at most. So what this means is that all other data derived from these backink checkers is wrong, like anchor text ratios.

  30. Hey Ankit,

    How are you?

    I’d like to add that Neil Patel, Moz, SEMrush tools still shows the same old data, I wonder how frequent they update new data.

    Spying on competitor backlinks is a smart way to build backlinks but we have to make sure we are building on the right web pages. Quality of the blog/website, niche relevancy, and traffic factors of the web page play a potential role to make the most out of backlink building.

    Great compilation about backlink checker tools, buddy! This is definitely a helpful guide for beginners.

  31. Hi Ankit,
    This is a very useful article, I use Moz and ahrefs for backlinks checker. I’ll definitely check the other tools you mentioned here. I never knew some of the tools you mentioned here. this is a very helpful article and thank you for providing this valuable information.

  32. Hi Ankit
    Thank you for this valuable content you shared here. I’m into SEO recently and this information is very helpful for me.I’ll Definitely will go through these tools. I use Ahrefs for checking Backlinks. And again Thank you for introducing these tools.

  33. Hi Ankit,

    A ‘backlink’ is the most used word in search engine optimization (SEO).

    A page with lots of backlinks seems to rank than a page with fewer backlinks.
    It is important to have backlinks from quality sites.

    Is it true that automatic website submissions will cause a blog to appear as spam? and it cost a lot in terms of domain authority or even the complete removal of blog from search engines?

    Jeangam Kahmei

  34. Hi Ankit,

    All are good backlink checkers but Ahrefs and SEMrush are my favorite.

    Thanks for the list.

  35. Hey Ankit,

    This is another golden post by your knowledge ocean. I learned a few new things however I am a regular visitor of your blog. Every time I read a new post, it includes something new and attractive. I quickly bookmark every post to take fresh ideas for my post.

    Backlinks are one of the most searched things and these tools make it really very easy out work.

    Thanks again for such an amazing guide.

  36. These backlink tools are really amazing. Thank you so much for providing beautiful article.